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John Lewis Helium Touch Lamp

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Manufacturer: John Lewis / Type: Table Lamp

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    1 Review
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      10.01.2012 18:25
      Very helpful



      An excellent buy

      When touch lamps first came into vogue, I quickly classified them as gimmicks and something that I would never buy. Then a friend bought me my first touch lamp from John Lewis, and I finally understood how useful they can be.

      I put my touch lamp next to my bed, and I soon found that my days of waking up in the middle of the night and groping short sightedly for the on switch for my bedside lamp were over. Now, all I had to do was to reach out my hand in the dark and I could instantly see what I was doing. Since that time I have used touch lamps as bedside lamps, and have found the John Lewis selection the best choice of all.


      The Helium touch lamp is one of the more elegant of the lamps that I have owned. It has a very small footprint on my bedside table, which is an enormous advantage as books, tissues, brushes, etc, all jostle for space next to my bed.

      This lamp has three settings; the first touch switches on the lamp, giving a very low light which is ideal for nighttime use. If I wake up in the middle of the night, this low light is enough for me to see the time or my way to the door without waking up my husband. The second and third touch increase the levels of light, until the full 40W illumination is achieved.

      The lamp has a circular base of 10cm, and it rises up to a height of 28cm. The arm of the lamp is made of thin brushed steel and it arcs over the table in a beautiful half circle, topped off at the end by a small white spherical shade, made from opaque glass.

      The design is both elegant and futuristic, as the lamp seems to be almost cantilevered in the way that the shade hangs over the table, stretching far beyond the reach of the tiny base.
      The entire lamp apart from the shade is made from brushed steel.

      The light that the lamp casts is a very warm light, mainly due to the white opaque shade, and there are no sharp shadows. There is no harsh central spot of light cast, which makes it ideal to read a book. Generally I have found it to be an ideal and relaxing light to have in the bedroom as it softly illuminates the corner by my bed.

      ~~Assembly and cleaning~~

      The lamp arrives with the shade and bulb wrapped up separately. A rather strange black tool comes with the lamp, looking a lot like the plunger for a cartoon dynamite bomb. This tool is ingenious as it enables you to reach inside the tiny lampshade to tighten the fixings. The entrance to the glass lampshade is far too small for any fingers, so you click the grooved tool onto the shade fixing and push it inside the lampshade. The T shaped handle then enables you to turn the fixing and secure the lampshade to the arm of the lamp.

      A 40 W G9 bulb is included with the lamp and this can be inserted and removed without removing the shade. The maximum wattage for this lamp is 40W and I have found this to be more than enough light to read by at night.

      As the plug is ready attached to the lamp, the lamp is now ready to go.

      Cleaning can be carried out with a damp cloth and this is more than enough to keep my lamp gleaming. The brushed steel means that fingerprints do not show up. From time to time dust will gather inside the lip of the ball shaped shade and I have removed the shade to wash it in warm soapy water from time to time.


      I have now had the lamp for over 2 years, and it has remained in perfect working order. The brushed steel looks as new as it did the day I acquired the lamp.

      The shade does sometimes become a bit loose but this is easily remedied by tightening the fixing with the tool provided.

      The only problem I have had was when my husband pinged his watch across the room by accident. It hit the glass shade, taking out a neat little triangle of glass from the side and leaving it cracked but still intact. A call to John Lewis allowed me to order a new shade by phone, and for £9 a brand new shade came by post, packaged securely and arriving very quickly. This was obviously a much better option than spending another £35 on a new lamp and I was extremely pleased that I had bought my lamp at John Lewis, with their brilliant customer service.


      My Helium lamp has been a very good buy, in terms of both style and durability. It has been an ideal bedside lamp but I would also happily have it in my lounge or study.
      The only negative aspect of this light when used as a bedside lamp is that I have to go through the whole cycle before I can switch it off; one touch in the middle of the night provides a low ambient light, but I then have to touch again, going through middle and full lighting before it turns off. This can sometimes be annoying, but is only a minor disadvantage.

      I can always rely on John Lewis to provide reliable, quality products and once again they have fully met all of my expectations.

      The John Lewis Helium Touch Lamp is available online and in store for £35


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