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Littlewoods RM5412M Touch Lamps

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Brand: Littlewoods / Type: Desk

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    1 Review
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      11.10.2013 08:11
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      A really good pair of touch lamps!

      When I split up with my husband I didn't leave with a lot and needed to set up a new house pretty much from scratch for my son and I and so I made do with a lot of basic items for a while. When the lamp in my bedroom broke though a couple of years ago I knew immediately it was a must replace item because I do often sit with just the lamp on in my room and read before bed or whatever. I looked to my Littlewoods catalogue where I saw a two pack of touch lamps and figured both my son and I could have one in our rooms and so I bought them straight away. This is my review of the product.

      The lamps came packed in a cardboard box which was plain and didn't have a picture of the lamps on or anything. I find this is often the case with items like this from the catalogue and it wasn't an issue for me. I suppose if you were presenting these lamps as a gift though it may look a bit rubbish. The lamps were nicely protected inside the box with polystyrene and plastic around them and so they arrived with me in perfect condition.

      There is a little bit of assembly to be done in terms of attaching the shade to the actual lamp but this is really easy to do and took a matter of seconds! In fact it took me longer to take off the plastic from the shade than it did to actually assemble the lamp. Once assembled I was so pleased with the look of the lamp. It features a silver coloured shiny chrome base which is quite rounded and chunky and then the shade is an average sized one made from polycotton. I chose black which compliments the silver well. The lamp looks really modern and effective in my opinion and would look great in any bedroom. You can actually choose the shade in various colours including red, ivory, moonrock, fuchsia and plum and so as I said there is probably one that is going to suit your decor and needs.

      The height of the lamp when assembled is 26cm whilst the base diameter is 14cm and so it isn't too large and obtrusive. In my room it stands on a thin storage unit away from my bed but in my son's room his sits on his bedside table and in both places it looks fine. The cable on the lamp is plenty long enough to be plugged in to the socket and not look tight or pulled in both our cases but obviously it depends on where your plug sockets are!

      Now this lamp is a touch lamp which is something that I really wanted for my room. I wanted the ability to have various light settings in my room and this lamp allows me to do that. You touch it once and it will give off a very dim light and I actually find that my son leaves his lamp on this setting whilst he goes to sleep (and then I come along and switch it off later on!) You couldn't read by this light in my opinion but I sometimes like to just have it on low whilst I lay in bed and chill listening to music or whatever. I suppose it would give off a nice romantic glow as well if you were entertaining! Touch it again and you get the medium setting which is a little brighter but not so much so. The third setting is the highest and it gives my large bedroom a good amount of soft light which is most suitable for when I want to read. Even on the highest setting I think there is something soft and romantic about the glow from this lamp as opposed to when you have the main light on in the room. When you touch the lamp for a fourth time it switches off. The touch element of the lamp is activated by just touching the base of the lamp. I find that it is really responsive and I never have issues with it not coming on, if anything I press too much and miss the setting I want and so have to go through it again more slowly. I like that with this lamp my son can just touch it by his bed and it will give some light if he wakes to go to the toilet in the night or whatever because unlike me he doesn't amble around in the pitch black at night!

      The lamp needs a 40w E14 bulb and the bulbs seem to last really well. Apparently some energy saving lightbulbs don't work well with touch lamps and so this is something to consider should you be interested in buying these lamps.

      Now on to the price. Well a pack of two touch lamps from Littlewoods costs you £24.00. I think this is actually excellent value for money and I think the lamps look as though they have cost more than that anyway! I was expecting to pay around £20 for one lamp given that I was ordering from a catalogue and they are notoriously more expensive than the high street but I got a nice surprise when I spotted these. I love the modern yet classic look of the lamps and I have found them really easy to maintain. The only slight annoyance is the dust really does seem to be attracted to the base and being so shiny it is noticeable and so I need to give it a wipe every day or two but it is not a massive deal when I am cleaning anyway.

      I would absolutely recommend this set of two touch lamps from Littlewoods. I think they look good, work perfectly and offer good value for money. Should I need more lamps I would not hesitate to reorder these ones.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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