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Philips LivingColours

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2 Reviews

Light Accessories / Colour changing mood lamp.

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    2 Reviews
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      29.04.2012 15:37
      Very helpful



      Philips Livingcolors

      Light in a certain color can give a bedroom or other room in a house a different look. From the color red or orange gives the room more a warmer atmosphere. I noticed recently that a light color really gives a good addition to a room when I was visiting someone who used this lamp. Hence I myself went looking for a Philips Living Colors.

      There are different versions of the Philips Living Colors. For example, there are large and small lamps, light bulbs with a remote control and without a remote control, lights in a spherical shape, and the lamps in form of a scale and they are also in different colors. It is even possible to opt for a transparent lamp. Personally I find the Philips Living colors on the pricey side, but I thought it was just worth it.

      You get the following components:
      - Living Colors (Black)
      - Power cable
      - Manual
      - Carrying Case

      The Living Colors Mini is available in several colors shiny and matte. I have the shiny black version which I think really suits in any interior. The lamp has the shape of a sphere with a flattened portion of the light and a flat piece at the bottom, making the Mini Living Colors upright. The design is very nice and the product is well finished.

      The lamp has a color circle on the back with in the middle two buttons, one with a line and one with a circle. By moving your finger to touch the line, the lamp goes on. Subsequently you can choose a color on the color circle by touching it. It all works very easy.

      The lamp actually has two functions:

      One color - this can be a color on the color palette chosen for the lamp. Multiple colors - When you hold on the button with the line for a few seconds then all colors are shown in succession in a fixed order. This is repeated until the lamp is turned off.

      I am very pleased with this lamp from Philips. I have the lamp on a small distance from a white wall (with the lamp facing the wall) and the light gives my bedroom a different color. I think this lamp would also be suited for a larger room like the living room.

      The lamp looks good; the colors give a really different atmosphere in the room. In addition the lamp is easy to operate. I can definitely recommend the Living Colors lamp and also give it four stars. I have the mini version which you can buy for around £50.


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      21.11.2008 20:11
      Very helpful



      A great product

      I have always loved Philips products. Philips make some great innovative products with great designs and this has always attracted me to choose their products over others.
      I first saw Philips Living Colours being shown on The Gadget Show on Five and i loved it. Well actually this is not quite true, i had actually seen this light earlier but not in any sort of detail so i did not know anything about it.

      After seeing it on The Gadget Show, i decided to look more into it and did some research. I visited Philips website and then looked at several different sites to compare prices.
      At the time i bought it, Living Colours was quite expensive, around £100. Yes this sound extremely expensive for a lamp, but firstly this lamp can product thousands, if not millions of different colours using the 4 different colour bright LED lights.

      I bought my Living Colours from drinkstuff.com for £99.95 but i'm sure you can get it a bit cheaper now. They also sent a free pack of drinkstuff playing cards and a little keyring. It was delivered for free and arrived within about 3 days time so i was very pleased.

      The main lamp consists of a large clear plastic bowl with a flat part where it sits. On the top are several rings (where you see the light coming from). These rings somehow radiate the light and make it spread and cover the room the lamp is in. I can't really describe it much better as i do not really know how it worked much myself. Behind this surface are the four LED lights. These four lights turn on and off, and change brightness depending on the colour you choose.
      To choose the colour, you use the included remote. In the picture above you can see a while remote with a colour circle on. The whole remote is touch sensitive. You just press your finger on the area of the colour circle you want. So if you want a red, you touch the part of the circle which becomes red. The circle changed colour in a rainbow type pattern running through different shades of blue to purple to red to orange to yellow to light green to dark green and back to blue. As well as just touching a certain spot to select the colour, you can also circle your finger round the colour wheel to move through all the colours until you find the colour you want.
      I'm not sure how the remote works, but it does not use infra-red so you do not need to point the remote towards the light for it to work.
      Also on the remote is a power button. Then a brightness control, and a contrast type control which allows you to add and remove colour e.g. if you have green but the green is a bit too strong, you can press this contrast button and the green will fade, if you keep hold of it, the colour will fade to almost white.
      All these buttons are also touch sensitive so you just press the surface to work it.

      The light is mains powered and the white wire plugs into the back just above the base so it is hidden from view.
      You can put the light almost anywhere you like, its best to experiment with where to put it to get the best light from it.
      Another thing you get is a small base stand, this is just for if the surface you're sitting the lamp on is not perfect for the lamps own base but i do not use this.

      Philips have recently brought out some more designs of Living Colours. They have brought out one with a black dome rather than clear like this one. I'm not sure what thats for, i suppose its to radiate the light back out the front or something but i can't be sure. They have also designed a smaller lamp, as this current one is quite large. The smaller one looks similar but the colour wheel, power button etc is on the lamp itself rather than having a separate remote. If you want to know more just do a little research on them. Most big stores seem to sell them.

      I love Living Colours and i'm glad i bought it. It adds atmosphere to a room and is great for watching movies or parties as you can change the colour to suit the event, so if you are watching a horror, select a deep red, whereas if you are watching a comedy you could select a warm orange etc. Basically its like painting your whole room a different colour each time but without all the time needed.

      I know many people are struggling with money at this time so i understand if people wouldn't want to spend such a lot of money on something like this, but for people who can afford to splash out give it a try, but make sure you buy it from someone reliable and who accepts returns just in case you do not like it like i do.


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    • Product Details

      Welcome to a new world of Light and Colour from Philips. Philips LivingColors is an innovative LED light with an intuitive remote control that enables you to create your own ambience through the use of colour and light.

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