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Premier 6m Multi Action L.E.D. Rope Light

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Manufacturer: Premier / A multi-colour L.E.D. rope light

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    2 Reviews
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      08.11.2012 22:22
      Very helpful
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      These are fantastic.

      ~*~*~ Premier 6M Multi Action LED Rope Light ~*~*~

      ~ What is it? ~

      This is a rope right that comes to you in a large rectangular cardboard box, inside you will find the rope light wrapped around a black plastic reel. On the end of the light you will find a long black cable leading to the plug, on this wire is a black box with a button to change the light mode.

      ~ Where to use them ~

      These can be used indoors or outdoors. They can be wrapped around your tree, placed along your fence, around the windows or along the guttering of your house - how I use them.

      ~ Overall ~

      What with Christmas fast approaching I thought now would be as good a time as any to add a nice Christmasy review.
      I bought these lights a good few years ago and whilst they can be used indoors I choose to use them outdoors. I use them outdoors as they can give off a strong rubbery scent when on and this can fast fill your home with a not so nice aroma!

      In my last home I had a large outside porch area, this was constructed of metal and had two posts coming down the front and a large roof bit. I always go a little OTT (over the top!) with my Christmas lights and I hang icicle lights from the guttering and then I used this rope light to wrap around the poles of my porch.

      I bought in in clear, I am not overly fussed on multi coloured lights and I like all my lights to be matching so these of course were no different.

      When I bought them in a local Christmas warehouse they had lots of different colours available, there was the clear/white, multi coloured, red, blue, green etc. They were selling at £9.99 a set or two for £15 so I bought two sets. Whilst there I also bought a large rope light star, a lantern and two santas but they are for other reviews!

      These lights are constructed of a long, clear, strong, plastic, flexible tubing, inside the tubing is a string of LED lights, mine of course are clear. At the one end is a long black wire, on the end of said wire is a plug and inbetween is the controller box. The box and plug need to be plugged in indoors but the rest is safe to be outdoors.

      You may think me a little crazy, I have already set my lights up outdoors. In my current home I don't have a porch like I did so these lights now travel around my kitchen extension roof, I bought little plastic clips in Wilko's last year and these clip onto the guttering and then there's another hole which you can clip the rope lights into. The plug and wire come through my kitchen window and then the black wire is traveling up the corner of my house and then the rope light is clipped around the guttering.
      Even after four maybe five years of use these are still in perfect working order and each and every light still lights up.

      On the controller box you have a little button and a list of eight different light features that you can choose from these are -

      * Combination
      * In Waves
      * Sequential
      * Slo-Glo
      * Chasing/Flash
      * Slow Fade
      * Twinkle/Flash
      * Steady On

      As you can see you can choose just how you want the light to perform, I usually choose Twinkle/Flash as I find this the twinkly most Christmasy effect. Slo-Glo is my least favourite, this one just fades in and out all the time.

      I like these lights, I know other brands are available but these Premier ones have been perfect for me. The long 6M or 18ft length is excellent but they are also available in longer lengths too.

      My Christmas lights go on early November - This weekend this year actually but I have tested them and they are still in perfect working order even the plastic tube is still in one secure piece. I am sure these will still be in use for a good few years yet, they have lasted much better than some of the hanging icicle lights I have bought previously and have had to replace.

      I have been and still am very impressed with these lights. Every January I simply take them down and give them a quick wipe over before winding them back around the reel, popping them back in their box and placing them back in the attic until next time!

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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        16.12.2009 21:32
        Very helpful



        Bright lights!

        Christmas is on it's way, so I was after some Christmas lights that would look good and the cats wouldn't try to chew. I decided I wanted some multi-colour rope lights. Could I find what I wanted? Nope! Everyone seemed to have red rope lights or blue rope lights, but not multi-colour rope lights. Then finally, while shopping in my local supermarket, Tuffins, I found these multi-colour rope lights.

        Premier 6m L.E.D. Multi-colour Rope Lights are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, but I just wanted to use them inside to make the place look a bit more Christmassy (we never have many decorations up). The L.E.D. lights are incased in a clear tube and, quite obviously, have a similar look to a rope. The rope light itself is 6 metres long (though they are also available in longer lengths) and is quite flexible, so it can be manipulated in to different shapes and designs. However, I wasn't being that adventurous, I just thought I'd put them around the window!

        The rope light comes in a square box which simply contains the rope light, its control box and its plug. As the lights are available in different colours, a sticker on the side of the box marks which colour lights are in the box... As I've said, I've got the multi-colour lights, but they are also available in amber, blue, green, white, pink and red.

        Apparently, the L.E.D. bulbs inside the rope light are blue, green, white and pink, but I'm sat here watching them as I san see amber, blue, red, green coming up on this particular light sequence! There are 144 bulbs in this light rope, but there's one problem... Should 1 bulb die then the whole light chain will cease to work (the rope light consists of 2 chains of bulbs within 1 rope). However, L.E.D. lights do last much longer than normal Christmas light bulbs, so this shouldn't be too much of a problem.

        The control box attached to the lights enables you to control the light sequence... There are a number of different options including fading colours in & out and flashing quite manically! To change the sequence you simply press the button to move it on to the next sequence (this can be a bit annoying when trying to find the sequence you like).

        The rope light must have adequate airflor around it, however I've felt the rope light after it being on for a couple of hours and I couldn't feel any heat at all.

        So where did I put my multi-colour rope light? Well, my original thought was to put it around the window, however the suction hooks I'd bought from Wilkinsons wouldn't hold the lights up. So I ended up resting the rope light across the top of the curtain rail above the patio window/sliding door and then across to the next window, with one end hooked around a wall fitting. There is approximatetly 3 metres of cable from the plug to the rope light, which I found was more than ample.

        I bought my lights from Tuffins (my local supermarket) for £12.49, which I thought was reasonable. I would certainly recommend them!

        These rope lights can be used for more than just decoration at Christmas, they can also be used for lighting up parties, gardens, signs, window displays and more!


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