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Trident Crackle Glass Vase Table Lamp

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Trident

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    2 Reviews
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      11.05.2010 23:32
      Very helpful



      An ideal lamp for your living room or bedroom.

      This pretty lamp first came to my attention a few months ago when I read a review about it. I headed off to Amazon and promptly stuck one in my wish list, where it remained until a few weeks ago when I at last got round to ordering one.

      The lamp arrived two days later, very well packed. Which is just as well given its rather delicate nature, due to being 'Crackle Glass'.
      For anyone who doesn't know, crackle glass basically looks like cracked glass. It is also known as craquelle glass, overshot glass, and ice glass. The process of making crackle glass dates back to the 16th century and is formed by submersing a hot piece of glass into cold water. This process causes fine cracks to form, then the glass is reheated which smooths the surface and seals the cracks.
      The production of crackle glass initially came about as a way of covering up imperfections and therefore is considered to be a process and not an actual style of glass.

      On unpacking the lamp, I personally thought it appeared more robust than I thought it would be. I think it looks more delicate than it actually is, but of course any glass item can be fragile, so I did handle it carefully.

      Standing at 24.5cm high, with a diameter of 10cm, it looks like a medium sized round vase. Packed separately is a string of incandescent lights and a 24v adaptor. There is a hole in the back of the vase and after placing the bundle of bulbs inside, you thread the cable through the hole and plug it into the adaptor.

      A good thing about this lamp is the lengthy cable attached to the lights, which ensures you can place this lamp quite a way away from your electric sockets. I was particularly pleased with this, as the only way I could have a lamp where I have placed this, would be to use an extension cable.

      The vase with its crackled glass does look very pretty, but the best effect of course is when you actually switch it on. I was really pleased how lovely this looks as the crackle glass creates a decorative light spill pattern on the wall behind the lamp. It gives a cosy feel to the room as well as looking contemporary.
      I would imagine these lamps would also look very pretty as bedside lamps - I might just have to buy some more!
      The bulbs glow very brightly inside the vase but I don't think the overall effect may be strong enough to use as a reading lamp. It is really just a decorative lamp which gives off a cosy glow.

      I also think these lamps would make an ideal gift. I can't imagine anyone not being charmed by one of these. At £15.99 you may be forgiven for wondering if these are cheap tat, but I can assure you they are not.

      I have no idea how long the bulbs will last, but I do have some twig lights similar to these bulbs, if not the same, which I have had well over a year now. I am told they are long lasting, but I suppose that depends on your definition of what long lasting actually is. When they do expire, it means you have to buy another set of lights as you cannot replace individual bulbs.

      Overall I am really pleased with this lamp, though I would recommend you place it somewhere it is not likely to get knocked over.
      I know if I did accidentally break mine, I would be rushing off to get another one, I like it that much!

      Manufactured by Trident, this crackle glass vase table lamp is available from Amazon.co.uk priced at £15.99 with free delivery.


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        14.12.2009 14:37
        Very helpful



        Love it.

        Recently it was my sister-in-law's birthday and I know that like me she has a love of all things fairy lights. I debated on some twig lights but as she and my brother were about to move house I had no idea what colour scheme they would choose for any of the rooms so I didn't know which colour to buy her so in the end I found this Crackle Glass Vase Table Lamp. I bought it from Amazon for £14.99 with free delivery.

        When the vase arrived it was packed in a plastic box with the plug in a separate box underneath it. I was a bit worried initially because when I shook it it rattled but of course that's just the LED lights inside rattling against the glass. I checked it without taking it out of the box as you can see through the plastic and it all looked lovely and seemed fine.

        The vase is made of crackle effect glass which means it looks like it's been shattered, apparently this makes it very delicate because it is more likely to break. The effect is achieved by taking the glass when it is hot and immersing it in cold water which does actually shatter the glass then it is reheated and shaped as desired. The effect is stunning and if light passes through crackle glass items it takes on a patterned effect.

        The vase is about 30cm high and the lights inside are a cream rather than a bright white. There is a hole at the back of the glass where the cable passes through and this cable is plugged into the plug and that's it for putting it together.

        My sister-in-law had no idea what I'd bought her and when she opened it she was thrilled. We left the menfolk talking about nonsense and took this vase into the kitchen where we attached the plug and plugged it in. The effect was beautiful, the lights glow through the glass and create the crackle pattern all around the vase but the lights can still be seen as very definite fairy lights so it is something that is very appropriate for this time of year but also would look lovely all year round. We turned off the lights for the full effect and it is such a soothing and pretty vase lamp I immediately regretted not keeping it! In fact I mentioned right away when my birthday rolls around in June I'd rather like one too!

        It's bright enough to create a warm glow in a room so for quiet evenings in with the television it would be a perfect form of lighting but it isn't bright enough to read by unless you are sitting close to it. However it isn't really designed to be a practical lamp, it's a decorative item that just adds to any room. My sister-in-law immediately said she wanted several for various rooms because it is so versatile it could be used in any room.

        The only downside I could see was how delicate this item is, it isn't especially thin glass and is a few millimetres thick but it's the crackle effect that makes it more prone to breaking. I worried she wouldn't like it because the kids could easily break it but she wasn't too concerned about that as she plans to put it in the bedroom out of their reach until they are older.

        Overall it is simply a gorgeous item for anyone who likes soft lighting and in particular fairy lights. The lights do not have bulbs that can be replaced so eventually when the bulbs stop lighting up a new strip of lights will have to be placed inside but you can put any LED lights in there and they should last for a few years anyway before that point is reached.

        I loved this vase lamp and so did my sister-in-law, I really do want one for my birthday and think it is a gorgeous item. I'm giving it a full 5 stars for being so pretty and at £14.99 it is very reasonably priced compared with similar items I've seen for much more. Highly recommended.


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