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Do It All Smoke Detector

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Brand: Other Brands / Product Type: Smoke Detector

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    1 Review
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      15.01.2002 01:06
      Very helpful



      Having seen a moving advert on TV about smoke detectors it made me think about having one installed. You never know what can happen and they are life savers so in a way it does make sense to have one. I know people say that they can be very sensitive but it’s better than not being sensitive. And with the added bonus of having no-one smoking in our house I decided to get a smoke detector. I have a local DIY store near my house so off I went. I didn’t really expect them to be that expensive since I have seen them in the advertisement advertised for under £5. So, when I saw one for £7 I was very happy with. Installing it was easy and it’s not as sensitive as people make out to be. You hear about people having smoke detectors but not changing the batteries or forgetting to. Well, on this smoke detector there’s a battery chart which shows the strength of the batteries so you when you need to change. We have fitted the smoke alarm near the stairs so it’s near the bedrooms but also can detect smoke from the kitchen and the living room. Test the smoke alarm regularly to check it’s working, we normally have ours tested for us when a friend who comes round as a smoke. The only time we don’t mind having someone smoking in the house! I really do smoke detectors are under –rated they are so cheap yet few people actually have one. They cost so little and lets’ say someone gets hurt in a fire, it’s like saying their life wasn’t worth £7. Having a smoke detector does give me piece of mind because we have so many electrical appliances, in the kitchen we could leave the cooker on and go to sleep, an innocent mistake could cost us our lives. The fact that fires, smoke inhalation can kill should never be under-estimated because they can. Do you want to take a chance on your life? The DIY smoke detector is very good and will last me quite a while, I do check it often to see
      if it is working. When it does go off the noise can be enough to give you a ear ache but in the middle of night when your fast a sleep I do think a loud whistle like noise will be the only thing that will wake me. I hope I have persuaded anyone who hasn’t got a smoke alarm to get one. They are life savers and one day you may need. So don’t take the chance because your life is to precious for that.


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