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Fireangel ECO 1 Year Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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Manufacturer: Fireangel / Type: Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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    1 Review
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      18.05.2012 22:28
      Very helpful



      An essential item for me

      When we first moved into our house one of the things that was on our list was a carbon monoxide alarm, the house came with a fire alarm already fitted but no carbon monoxide alarms so we purchased one to fit in our kitchen where the boiler is. A few weeks ago our carbon monoxide alarm decided it was going to stop working properly and kept beeping at us, a little worried it could be a problem with the boiler I checked the instructions and discovered that the beeping it was doing was a sign of a fault. Not wanting to risk being without a carbon monoxide alarm we went out a purchased a new one that day. After having a look around at what was available we decided that the Fireangle Carbon Monoxide alarm was ideal for what we needed, we didn't want anything too expensive, and some of them were very expensive to buy, and we didn't want anything too complicated and fancy, just a basic carbon monoxide alarm that would tell us if there was a leak from the boiler, the Fireangel was ideal for this.

      The Fireangel Carbon Monoxide alarm came in a plain basic plastic style box which allowed you to clearly see the whole of the carbon monoxide alarm inside. Sat behind the alarm was the instruction booklet which also informed you of the name of the product, that was basically it for the packaging, it was very minimal, not that that bothered me. The alarm was held in place by being sat inside a clear plastic tray made from the same material as the box.

      The Alarm
      When it came to choosing a new carbon monoxide alarm we didn't want anything too bulky, our old alarm was quite big (slightly larger than a smoke alarm) but it sat quite flat to the wall so ideally we wanted something of a similar size or a little smaller. The Fireangel Alarm is made from plain white plastic, it is rectangle and measure approximately a couple of inches in length and about an inch in height, the alarm is a little wider at the bottom, this is because it is designed so that you can either fix the alarm to the wall (it comes with fixings to do this) or you can stand the alarm up on a surface, at the moment we just have our standing on the side as we have not got round to mounting it on the wall, we have found that it stands up easily and does not keep falling over.
      The front of the carbon monoxide alarm has a large round button on the left hand side, this doubles up as a sort of speaker for when the alarm goes off, this is the test button so that you can check the alarm periodically, next to this are 2 LED lights, one is the power light which flashes every minute, this tells you the alarm is working and the other has the word alarm written next to it and flashes when the alarm goes off, the only other detail on the front of the alarm is the word Fireangel written in a dark grey writing. The Fireangel Alarm is battery operated, the battery compartment is on the back of the alarm and simply slides off and clicks back in place, the alarm takes two AA batteries. On the back of the alarm is where the two hooks are in order to mount the alarm on the wall. Other features of the Fireangel Carbon Monoxide Alarm include
      * An advanced sensor which detects low levels of carbon monoxide, this means that an early warning will be given should there be carbon monoxide in your home
      * Continuously detects carbon monoxide
      * The alarm is said to be resistant to false alarms which can be caused by normal household activities
      * The alarm sounds at 85db

      Setting up the Fireangel Carbon Monoxide Alarm couldn't be more simple, you just insert the two AA batteries into the back of the alarm (I think these came with it) and then perform a test by pressing the test/ reset button on the front of the alarm, this will sound the alarm and the LED next to the work Alarm on the front will flash red for a short amount of time to indicate that the alarm is working correctly, it literally took a few seconds to set up the alarm and really wasn't complicated at all. It is recommended that you test the alarm every now and then to check that it is still working correctly and that the batteries do not need replacing, if there is a fault with the carbon monoxide detector or the batteries are low then it will give off one audible chirp every minute for up to 30 days. Other ways to keep your Fireangel alarm working correctly is to keep it clean of dust and dirt, the vents are on the sides of the alarm and it is recommended that you vacuum them with a soft brush attachment on your hoover, you should not use wipes or cleaning products on the alarm.

      Price & Availability
      We purchased our Fireangel Carbon Monoxide Alarm from our local Tesco and it cost us about £15.00, personally I thought this was a very good price for this item, we had looked at similar products in other shops and they were being sold for £20.00 upwards and that was just the basic alarms, anything fancy with a few more features were extremely expensive. All we wanted was a basic alarm that would let us know if there was a problem with our boiler so this was perfect, I would certainly say it was well worth the money.

      My Opinion
      I am very pleased with my Fireangel Carbon Monoxide Alarm, firstly I like the design of it, it is small and compact meaning it does not stand out or look silly in my kitchen, I also like that fact that you have the choice of having it mounted on the wall or standing on the side, this also means that the alarm is portable so you could even take it if you went on holiday, the small size means that you could easily pack it in your luggage. The alarm is made of a tough plastic making it very durable. I found the alarm very easy to set up and it took no time at all, the alarm does come with an instruction booklet which is worth having a quite read through but I did not need this in order to set the alarm up, I have since read through the booklet at it does contain some useful information about how to care for your alarm and what it check to ensure it is working correctly. The other main thing which drew me to this product was the cheap price, compared to similar products this is very reasonably priced and was the cheapest we found when looking around and works in exactly the same way as some of the more expensive brands. Should I have to purchase another carbon monoxide in the future I would definitely consider buying another Fireangel and would certainly recommend it to anyone else.


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