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Kguard 500GB CCTV Security System

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Brand: Kguard / Type: CCTV

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    1 Review
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      06.09.2012 18:29
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      A good security feature

      Where I live currently there have been some issues with damage to vehicles and unfortunately you cannot get anything done due to no witnesses. Wheel trims would disappear and window wipers touched and rude images drawn on some vehicles with permanent markers.

      I decided I had to try and protect my car and also assist my neighbours so I went out and brought some protection in the form of CCTV cameras.

      ~~ The Setup ~~

      This set has four cameras which are light in weight and all have leads to assist you. I found the set up in terms of where to place the cameras simple because you just need to connect wires and you do this via extension cables and conduit to protect the cables.

      You are given some cables which you will need but you might need to go out and purchase more cables depending how big your home is and where your television is situated so it does depend solely on where everything is placed.

      I found the box you get more complicated as was the controls when it came to viewing the various cameras. You usually have one channel on your television which will show you all the footage you have acquired. The footage is saved to the memory on the box you get with this set.

      However, when it comes to trying to watch and record footage the control and the box are not exactly that fantastic when it comes to synchronising between the two. You need to seriously press the control many times to get the box to respond so the setup there is a problem.

      In terms of sorting out the cables and information you require your given help on the leaflets but online there is help should people need that assistance as well.

      ~~ What This Set Has ~~

      This set has four cameras so this is a good thing for me. You can buy other sets from this company which give you eight cameras but to be honest unless you intend to use them all then I would settle for the four cameras.

      This set has night vision which some security sets fail to offer and the reason this is good is because when you're sat at night time and hear a noise you can view the particular television channel you have tuned your set into and view the darkness and see people. This feature has really helped me because it gives you an insight into what people might be doing.

      You can use your mobile phone and iPad if you have the Kguard app on your phone. With this you can actually go around your daily routine and then connect to your cameras and keep an eye on what is going on outside and even inside depending where you put the cameras.

      You can use many features on this set such as playback and you can do this by selecting a date and time and picking cameras you want to view and go back to see what actually was happening at a particular time. This is very helpful if you know something happened on a set time and date and you can go back to view footage to see how accurate this truly was.

      The cameras are waterproof so if you're worried that you might end up with water getting through the lens perhaps and disturbing footage this will not happen. My cameras have been out in all winds and weather and have currently stayed very accurate on the mounts and not got any damage to them.

      This box also has 1TB memory which is huge and I am not sure how much it can store on the system because so far I can go back up to two weeks' worth of footage and view contents so this is a huge amount of memory to have for these cameras.

      You can slow down the speed of the camera if you wish because it means you can focus on an event more slowly in case you miss something. You can also speed past various events but sometimes you can accidentally skip past various events.

      ~~ Footage ~~

      The footage is hard to explain at times. You get 100 frames per second and it can show colour very well. You have four cameras so you need to think where you want to put them.

      If you put the cameras outside like I have done with a couple watching my car park and one for the front and one for the back garden. The problem is that although you get decent footage you cannot zoom into various places.

      If you have a camera watching the car you might see someone nearby and you can see their gender and stuff but you cannot zoom into them to view there face and even viewing car license plates is difficult so you have to wonder where you can put the cameras.

      You do not want them to be situated half way down a home where people could try and steal them so you need to try and put them high up so the footage can be difficult to view if you're after something specific.

      In terms of what you can see you get plenty of colours and you can view cars, people, what the weather is doing and make out trees in good colour. There is perhaps another issue at night time.

      I like the night time viewing because you can see if someone is outside because they light up in white like you see on those police videos which is kind of cool. You can see white like ghost figures walking around and make out if a car is on the move due to the heat.

      I think his is good but the biggest issue is again you cannot zoom into particular areas. The camera can be tilted on a 75 degree angle so it means you can sort of put the camera facing a set direction but you cannot at all zoom in which is the major fault with this product.

      ~~ Using Smart Phone and iPad ~~

      I never knew this was a feature until after I purchased this product from Maplin. The idea is that you download the application which is free of charge and when you get this you're given help on how to set everything up.

      You need to first of all get a cable from your modem or broadband directly into the box which has a cable at the back you can use. You're then given an IP address for this box and more information which you put into the application.

      You need a password and the identity of the box you have and eventually you can view footage of your security cameras at home. There is a slight delay in terms of time and if you want the best footage you need to use a Wi-Fi connection because 3G connection offers little in terms of speed and accuracy.

      The reason this feature is so handy is because if you're out for the day and are worried about your property you can find a Wi-Fi hotspot and locate where you want to view and look at various cameras and this proves to be a very valuable assistance method.

      ~~ Problems ~~

      There are a few problems in my view which people might face with the entire process of using these cameras. Your given 4 cameras and yet you might need to go out and buy more cables which is annoying and makes you go out to spend more money so for me that is a problem you're not told about.

      The box when you have it all set up and everything is ready has so many lights flashing and on all the time your home can seem like you have a party taking place and unfortunately you need these lights on to make sure everything is working alright.

      You have got potential issues with the zoom feature you're not told on some websites or the box you get with this set that you cannot zoom in and out of various areas which for me are another issue and it is something which people should know before they make the purchase.

      I think another issue is when you want to play back any footage you have a booklet which is meant to assist you but it actually does the opposite. This booklet has keys to press on the control but as mentioned above sometimes the control and the box fail to notice you have issued a command so it results in you have problems watching footage back.

      ~~ Final Thoughts ~~

      If you want to view your home, car or even garden this is an exceptional item to own. It acts as a safety barrier because people will notice you have them and some people will tempt fate and think that they are fake and do something silly.

      Most people will want to go elsewhere to do there petty crimes and this is a great way to make them disappear. They are not cheap either they are priced around £300 and more and you get just the four cameras.

      The memory is great and you have plenty there to look back on so that is something I do enjoy doing which is viewing footage back to see if anything occurred. Setup is quite simple and easy to do but be warned you might need to buy additional cabling.

      One thing people should know is read the laws and regulations regarding cameras.

      I have mine facing and viewing just my garden and my vehicle. You cannot view other peoples properties especially gardens and children so be warned there is rules.

      My overall feeling is this is a good set but has a few problems which might influence someone whether this is a viable option or not.


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      A CCTV kit to assist monitoring and protecting your home.

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