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Wickes Wired Alarm

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Brand: Wickes / Product Type: Wired Alarm

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    1 Review
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      04.05.2008 13:48
      Very helpful



      The best burglar alarm in its price range.

      Last year there was a spate of burglaries in the village where I live. I had not long ago moved into my bungalow and did not know anyone in the area so it frightened me a little bit because I heard about all the trouble but didn't know if it was the norm or not. It turned out we have one of the lowest crime rates in the country so I needn't have worried but I still wanted the added security of a burglar alarm. My son in law gets a discount in Wickes so that was the first place he took me to have a look at the alarms and the first one we saw was the one I eventually came back and bought after lots of trips around other shops.

      This usually costs £60 but with his discount it came down to £47 and for that price it was definitely offered me the best features with just the right amount of infra red sensors and contact detectors to fully enclose my small bungalow.

      The instruction sheet that came with my alarm was very simply laid out and easy to understand. I hired a qualified electrician to install the alarm system as it has to be wired up to my mains electric supply - he cost me almost as much again as the alarm so if you are confident with electrics then it may be worth having a go yourself. The console panel fits snugly on my wall and is sturdy once fitted.

      The installation over with I was ready to tackle learning how to work my new alarm system. The external alarm is over 100 decibels so I was sure if anyone tried to get into my home my neighbours would hear the alarm going off and would hopefully call the police. The outside part of the alarm is white and blue and it is obvious to any would be burglar that I have an alarm installed and I think this is a good deterrent in itself. There is also an interior alarm which is much quieter and alerts me inside the bungalow if my alarm is going off, or indeed if it is about to start sounding.

      The first thing I did was choose a pin number for the system that is easy for me to remember and also quick to punch into the console to disarm the alarm when I am coming in and set the alarm when I am on the way out. I set this and then set the entry and exit delay timer for 30 seconds. This means if I do not punch in my pin number within 30 seconds of opening my front door then the alarm will start going off and for this reason it is important to install your console near to the main entrance to your home. This was very easy to do by following the easy step by step instructions that came with my alarm system.

      The 3 infra red motion sensors are located in my lounge, bedroom and hallway because I feel these are the most vulnerable rooms in my house. We made sure they were fitted in a good position to pick up movement as someone comes through the door into these rooms and the one in the hallway we pointed straight down the corridor as it would be hard for anyone to creep along the walls to avoid the eye of the detectors. These were also easy to fit to the walls, but make sure you fit them securely because I found my alarm kept going off in the early days for no reason and my son in law realised it was because the sensor in my bedroom was very loose and the breeze from the window was confusing it and setting off the alarm. Once he had fixed a final screw into the sensor everything went well and the alarm stopped going off at funny times.

      The only problem is that when I set the alarm I have to remember to throw my 3 cats out because their wandering through the bungalow will obviously trigger the alarm. This is annoying for them but I only really set my alarm when I am going to be out for more than an hour or so and so the cats will have to put up with it because I think they would be as upset as me if we were broken into!

      The alarm is perfect for me. I can easily set which zones I want covered (a zone is a room) using the control panel on the wall, I usually set my burglar alarm to just cover the lounge and kitchen when I go to bed and then I can freely move around in my bedroom and also go along the hallway to the bathroom without triggering the alarm. My cats sleep in the back porch so they also have the freedom at night to come in through the cat flap and walk down the hallway if they want to, but they are usually too busy wandering around my village looking for mice and food.

      I have not been broken into luckily but when I forgot my keys a few weeks ago my son in law broke a window to let me back in and the alarm sounded instantly as he climbed in through the window so I know this alarm would definitely pick up an intruder. Before you ask why I did not get a locksmith to let me in, the extortionate prices of their services means the window was much cheaper to replace than paying for new locks.

      I am very happy with my alarm system. I have had it in my bungalow for about 6 months now and have learned over this time exactly how it works and it is almost second nature now to set the alarm and change the zones I want covered. It has a back up battery for if I was to have a power cut and also does not lose it's 'memory' if the electric power fails so I do not have to go through all the settings again to get it set up just right for me. For the price I think it is the best alarm on the market and even if you were to spend the full £60 on this alarm then I do not think you would be disappointed.


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