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Yale M888 Tubular Mortice Latches 64mm

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    1 Review
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      22.08.2016 12:46


      • "Good brand"


      • "Not cheap"

      Yale keeps out a gale

      The other day a middle aged lady came around me mums and asked for three quid on behalf of an elderly neighbor in the street who needed emergency cash for the electric meter. My mum is no more gullible than any other pensioner but handed over the money anyway as it seemed plausible and only a small amount. The lady said she would pop the money back later that day. She didn’t, of course, a bog standard doorstep scam as old as time itself. Men are not so trusting and far more cynical and would never hand over money like that. The woman knows that people would not call the cops over three quid and she could target a few houses in the area in that time. The problem with my mom is she will fill in these junk mail competitions and doesn’t realize the sole purpose of those competitions is to amass a database of gullible pensioners, often with dementia, to target hem for scams by selling on the database to the unscrupulous. I’m not saying the lady that knocked the door had a list of addresses but it’s not uncommon. 75% of all internet scams snare older people, losing, on average, 6 grand. Although most fraud is online these days and gets into your house down a fiber optic cable it can still be at your doorstep. If you do have elderly parents living on their own it’s not a bad idea to fit a secure lock to shut their doors on people with bad intentions. Because doorstep thieves are very confident and plausible and only take small amounts then, as I say, few report it. There is a lot of this type of fraud going on unreported. You have to keep the old folks safe.

      To put our minds at rest me and my brother went around mums and fitted one of these locks. The current lock on her front door (our old family home) is as old as mother and could be kicked through easily. Yale is the big name in locks, of course, and good quality kit and so first pick. This is a British 5 Lever Sashlock and top of the range stuff and as many of you know the state of your house security affects your house insurance payouts if you get robbed. You can’t argue with this brand name and even Jason Bourne couldn’t pick it. If you buy a cheap one from Wilko you may get hassle from the man from the Pru when you want your money. It’s ‘Insurance approved’, apparently. This lock is more suited to the backdoor as it has along handle key but mom is always losing small keys so not a bad idea in the end.

      Fitting them can be a pain as the casing may not be standard and so you need to chisel out a bit of your door to get it to fit smug. Make sure it’s about the right size as any wobble in the door frame and it maybe useless. Ours was a snug fit and easy to get the old lock out and slot this in the new space. The five lever bit I am confused about but guessing it has five bits inside that need to be in place for it to open with the right key. You get two keys with it and always best to get two more cut just in case. When you first buy a lock that’s the best time to buy a spare cut key as its more suited to the internal mechanism that will get worn over time. A new key is more likely to work snugly into an older lock mechanism, apparently. You don’t get a door handle with this kit and so best to fit it just below the old handle but leaving enough gap not interfere with the handles mechanism in the doorframe. The lock cost around £35 but cheaper if you shop around. I paid £29.99.

      On the whole a decent sturdy lock for a fair price. We are around mums a lot and so far no problems. I am actually quite pleased with my handiwork. It’s held in place by screws so best to tighten them when you feel any sort of give as these locks need to be aligned or they sometimes trip and you cant open them because the lock is designed not to work if it feels forced. No one wants to be climbing through windows at our age as it defeats the object of the exercise somewhat.


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  • Product Details

    Door Security & Furniture > Mortice Latches / The Yale M888 tubular mortice latches are suitable internal doors where no locking is required. The latch bolt withdrawn by spring lever handle from either side but they are not suitable for unsprung lever handles. Size:64mm 2.5in Finish: Chrome Finish Pack: Trade Pack of 20