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Yale Narrow Night Latch Grey 40mm Backset

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Manufacturer: Yale / Product Type: Night Latches

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    1 Review
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      21.02.2013 13:32
      Very helpful



      A great safety feature

      Two heavy garbage bags in hand I slipped out the back door. The freezing cold winter wind was biting! Brrrr! I walked as quickly as I could to the gate, turned the little handle and dumped the bags into the bin. As I turned to walk back a large gust of wind blew and banged the gate shut behind me. In that instant I realized my keys were on the hook in the kitchen and I was officially locked out. I climbed up onto the bins and waved like crazy at my youngest who was watching Shrek but he couldn't hear or see me. I could see the shadow of my eldest in his bedroom and my hope was that he didn't have his earphones on. I ran in my slippers to the front of the house and knocked on the front door. A few knocks later I'm on my knees shouting through the letter slot for some one to let their freezing mother back in. My eldest walked across the landing and shouted to me that some one was at the door ... "Yea me ya monkey, come open the damn door!"

      Note to self: Take two seconds to put the latch on hold next time and avoid this whole saga repeating! Or just always wear trainers so I can climb on the bins, jump over the gate (probably injure my rear!) and then make a sympathy coffee.

      We bought the Yale lock when we first bought the house as the rear gate only had a latch and the kids play in the garden alone. The lock required a key to enter from the parking area out back and the turning of a little handle if leaving the garden so I liked the feeling of safety if gave me. It's nice to be able to do things around the house and know that your children are safely playing in the garden. We live in a lovely area but all the same I like to keep an eye on them.

      Fixing the lock was relatively easy. I handed the packaging to my husband and said get on with it! Normally I am very handy but I don't do locks. I have made too many mistakes lining up locks that I refuse to do them any more. My husband took a couple of hours to get the lock in place because the gate is slightly off centre and caused a heap of drama.

      The fact that this lock comes in a matt grey colour is great because I didn't really want a bright gold or silver lock looking out of place on the gate. This one blends in well even with our brown gate so definite bonus for me.

      The pack comes with everything you need to install the lock and two keys.

      Suitable for Timber & Glass-Panelled Doors
      Suitable for doors 32-57mm thick. Case W x D x H: 62 x 70 x 41mm

      £23.66 from ScrewFix
      £24 from Amazon

      (C) oioiyou 2013

      4-3-2013 >>> Done it again! grr! This time bare foot! Honestly I never learn!


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    • Product Details

      Door Lock / Night Latch Type: Traditional Latches / Medium security lock, non-BS approved. Suitable for external applications. Supplied with 2 keys and fixings. Grey finish. Features: Suitable for Timber & Glass-Panelled Doors / For Doors 32 -57mm Thick. Specifications: Suitable for doors 32-57mm thick. Case W x D x H: 62 x 70 x 41mm.

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