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Anatomicals The Bender Mender Herbal Remedy

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/ Type: Homeopathic Medicines & Remedies

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    1 Review
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      22.08.2010 15:57
      Very helpful



      A Brill Product That Will Help You Feel Like Yourself Again The Morning After!

      These little sachets are brill, I'm not one of them people who drink every day but when I go out or whatever I suppose I'm one of them binge drinkers you hear about all the time on the news. I ALWAYS have a bender when I go to Walkabout in Birmingham because the drinks are so cheap and they've always got promotions on..... the trouble is the next day I always regret it because even though hangovers don't HURT for me they leave me feeling knackered for a couple of days after with no energy.

      They're made by Anatomicals are come in boxes of 6 sachets, all you have to do is mix a sachet in a glass of water and swig it back. It's a herbal remedy but is really just a mixture of powdered vitamins that work together to help you start feeling better, there's no medicine in them so they're not going to help with headaches or anything like that but they actually DO start making me feel better quite quick after I've taken one.

      The best way I think is the way Anatomicals recommend that you use the sachets, one when you get in after your night out and then another as soon as you get up. I know you're probably not going to remember when you get in if you've had a skin full but try because you can see a big time difference compared to if you just have the morning sachet. I think the vitamins get time to work overnight so that as soon as you get up you're feeling a bit better than you would have.

      The sachets have got a lovely lemony flavour so even if you're feeling worse than usual the next morning it's not the sort of taste that's going to make you want to puke! The powder mixes into the water nice so you haven't got to mess about for ages trying to get any lumps out of the bottom of your glass..... and that's one thing that WOULD make me puke so that god for that!

      It's hard to explain what they do for a hangover because everyone is different and it can even depend on what you've been drinking the night before. I can pretty much drink anything but it's normally the spirits that leave me feeling bad the next day, if I remember to have a sachet before I go to bed then at least I don't have so much of that disgusting spinning stomach the next day. It settles my nerves as well, one of the things I HATE about having a hangover is that I get a horrible shaky feeling inside like I'm on the edge of a nervous breakdown or something.... I'm glad this remedy is something that can help that because that's one feeling that makes me feel like a bit of a wino!

      These don't help any aches or pains that I get after I have had a drink but a couple of paracetamol will get rid of my headache or whatever, it's just good to have something that will help with the inside grotty feeling I get when I've overdone it the night before.



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      Relieve your upset stomach and headache with the bender mender.

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