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Bach Flower Remedies Wild Oat

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    2 Reviews
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      19.07.2010 05:51
      Very helpful



      Nasty taste if taken directly on tongue, but worked for me so worth it.

      Dr Bach created a range of 38 homeopathic remedies over 75 years ago, which use natural extracts from flowers. The Wild Oats version, according to Dr Bach is said to be good for those who are ambitious and want to live life to their potential, but don't know how to do this - they can't decide which occupation to choose and have not felt a 'calling' to certain activities.

      I paid £4 online for a 20ml bottle of Wild Oats flower remedy and the internet is one of the best places to buy them I find as you can't always find the full range on the high street. You can also buy smaller 10ml bottles if you don't think you'll need much.

      The remedy is made by mixing flower infusions with spring water and grape brandy preservative, but the preservative does give the flower remedy a nasty taste (more on this later!)

      The remedy comes in a glass bottle with a pipette top, like an eye dropper, so you can give yourself tiny doses of this if you feel you suffer from the symptoms I mentioned above.

      To take the remedy, you can either drop 3 or 4 drops directly onto your tongue, or put them into a glass of water for sipping. I usually use the glass of water method, as I can't stand the taste of the alcohol preservative in the flower remedy. It's horrible, so I very rarely put the drops directly onto my tongue these days.

      Although it doesn't seem to work for everyone, the remedies including this Wild Oats one, works really well for me. After about half an hour after taking it, I feel more confident and when I first used this after a few weeks I found the motivation to change jobs and I now work in an area that's much more to my liking.

      I would really recommend the Wild Oats flower remedy because it worked for me! I gained more direction in my life from using this, and whether it's just in my head or not, who cares? It only cost me £4 a bottle and the outcome has been good, so give it a try!


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      29.11.2009 14:29
      Very helpful



      A great product!

      Being a fan of all things Bach this I bought after looking on the Bach website for ideas of herbal remedies to help with particular issues I want help with and this appeared to be one that could really help me so off I doddled to Boots to grab it!

      The Packaging:

      I have only seen this in 20ml size and the bottle is dark brown with a light cream coloured label on it. To the top of it there is a black twist on/off lid/cap and in the bottle and attached to that there is a glass tube and you get the liquid into that by gently pinching the light pink rubber piece at the top. On the front of the label I'm told it is Bach Original Flower Remedies, Wild Oat (Bromus Ramosus). Other information on the bottle tells me how to use this product and contact details for Bach are listed. That's about it on the information stakes and that's one thing that annoys me about Bach remedies in general and that is that if your in a shop perusing them it's hard to work out what you should be looking for and there are loads of remedies available too. Like I say though no clue is given on the bottles as to what they are meant to help with and you do need to investigate what is suitable for you prior to purchase online or something!

      A Bit About The Product:

      Are you uncertain as to the correct path in life, dissatisfied with current lifestyle, or can't decide which path to follow a little Wild Oat could be your key.

      Wild Oat is one of Edward Bach's Original Flower Remedies homoeopathically prepared from plant flower extract.

      Wild Oat Bach Flower Remedy is made from a 5x dilution of Bromus ramosus in a grape alcohol solution.

      Take Wild Oat by diluting 2 drops in a glass of water and sip at intervals. You can also apply directly to the skin, by rubbing onto the lips, behind the ears, or on the temples and wrists.

      So that information I found on the Bach website prior to purchase and yep it sounded like it could really help me out. I have been down in the dumps lately and a bit uncertain about things which has led to me feeling a little raw and edgy and this sounded perfect and me, well I like to blend Bach remedies up myself and I own a few too and make up blends of like for like to help me.

      This I have used in several ways and once again with a Bach product I really do like it and at about £5.29 a bottle I think this it's a great complimentary medicine really and it's one I have used often and I like it due to it's versatility. I can blend this, drink it on it's own and sip it and I can also rub it on my pressure points and if need be and I really do feel bad I can use it directly into my mouth and pop a couple of drops on to my tongue when I want to.

      Mixed with water you can't taste this really and it's invisible but what I do love about this is that it's actually pleasant tasting to pop onto the tongue and the taste vanishes fast and if you rub it onto the skin it is none oily and doesn't smell one bit.

      Does It Help?:

      For me yes, I feel that it does. Like I said earlier I use this regularly and I can blend this with up to another 6 remedies if I want to or have it alone. It doesn't taste or smell awful and for me what this does is gives me a little bit more clarity and a less confused feeling and of course being herbal you can use it as often as you wish to without overdosing yourself or anything awful like that!

      I wouldn't say it turns me into Shira or owt like that but it does help towards giving me a more positive attitude! Worth a go I think!

      Available in all good supermarkets and chemists etc and if you look online for this you could get it very cheaply indeed!

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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