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Bach Rescue Remedy

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Bach / Rescue Remedy

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    4 Reviews
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      06.02.2014 08:24
      Very helpful
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      A natural remedy which I am happy to take - and it works!

      I have been buying Bach products for many years now as I will choose natural remedies wherever possible. I have used Bach Rescue Remedy for a number of purposes such as, before flying or a job interview, and for when I have felt particularly stressful due to personal circumstances.

      Bach do a wide range of products as well as the original rescue remedy including pastilles, lozenges or a spray. The dropper comes in 10ml or 20ml sizes which are widely available from chemists, supermarkets and online and cost around £6 to £7 for the 10ml size and around £9 for the 20ml, so the larger one is by far the best value. The last time I bought it I got the 20ml size for £7 from a local chemist so I was very pleased with this price.

      Bach products are easily identifiable as they are a bright yellow colour which is usually associated with being a 'happy colour' and which I think is meant to suggest that the product will make you feel better about yourself. The natural ingredients are rock rose, impatiens, cherry plum, clematis and Star of Bethlehem which all have their unique qualities to help to bring back your balance and can help you to manage your stress levels.

      The bottle is in cellophane inside the box which is easy to remove before use. You can either add four drops of the liquid into a glass of water or you can drop it directly onto your tongue. I have always used it direct rather than drink it with water but this is just personal choice. To dispel the liquid I will hold the bottle upside down above my tongue and then squeeze the rubber part which is around the top of the bottle. It does smell a bit perfumed and floral but it doesn't taste that much in your mouth apart from maybe a slight taste of alcohol.

      You can use this rescue remedy at any time during the day or night, although it does relax you it does not make you drowsy so you can still drive or operate machinery if you use it. I would say that I use this on average once a month or even less so it will last me a long time but there is still three years on the use by date so I have no worries about it going off or being past its best. It is suitable for vegans and all the family however I would think it really is aimed at adults or teenagers maybe if they have exams. You can use it as often as you need to and there is no maximum dose stated.

      It is a small bottle so it is easy slipped into your pocket or handbag if you know you are going into a stressful situation or just if you like to keep it on your person with the knowledge that you always have it with you just in case you need it. Some people won't like natural remedies but I think if it works for you then carry on using it.


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        05.02.2014 23:41
        Very helpful
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        A comforting and calming helping hand

        I first became aware of the Bach's Rescue Remedy products whilst learning to drive - I could drive beautifully until you put an examiner beside me and nerves would get the better of me. My driving instructor suggested trying Bach's Rescue Remedy before my driving test to see if this helped- as a couple of previous pupils had found it really helped them stay calm. I was very sceptical but willing to try anything- after all neither lessons nor driving tests are cheap, and I wanted the freedom that being able to drive would give me so I quickly paid a visit to Boots.

        ~What is it?~

        Bachs Rescue Remedy is a combination of 5 of the original Bach Flower remedies and is supposed to help to restore calm.

        ~In Use~

        To use you can either apply 4 drops directly to the tongue or you can add 4 drops to water and sip. It has an usual and difficult to describe taste and whilst not unpleasant I have always preferred to simply add the drops to my tongue and get it over with.

        I do find that when I am stressful situations that it helps to calm me, or if taken in advance to keep me calm. I have never been sure whether this is simply because I have an expectation that it will work and so it does, or if it really does calm. However either way I do find this helpful and always have some in the cupboard, I do not use it often, but like to have some ready just in case. Until writing this review I was not aware of the Star Gummies version and will buy these in future as it would be handy to carry in my handbag and more discreet than using the dropper.

        ~Price & Availability~

        Bachs Rescue Remedy Dropper is widely available both from shops, chemists and online. It can currently be purchased on the Boots website for £9.99 for 20ml. It is also available as Gummy stars or as a spray.


        I do recommend Bach's Rescue Remedy for situations where a little help to stay calm is required. However I am a long term sufferer of Anxiety and whilst this can be helpful it does not take the place of proper support and if required medication from a GP, it is simply a comforting helping hand.

        This review also appears on CIAO under the same username.


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          04.02.2014 14:27
          Very helpful
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          Highly recommended for stressful situations.

          Bach Rescue Remedy Drops

          The first time I used these drops was before my band's first-ever gig! I was incredibly nervous, and knew that drinking alcohol before the performance could well backfire, so I decided to give this product a try. Since then, I've taken a few of these drops before job interviews and a whole host of other stressful life situations.

          Rescue Remedy is a Flower Remedy made from natural flower essences. These are:
          -- Rock Rose: for terror and panic
          -- Impatiens: for irritation and impatience
          -- Star of Bethlehem: for shock
          -- Clematis: for inattentiveness
          -- Cherry Plum for irrational thoughts

          Rescue Remedy can be taken in two ways. You can either add some drops to a glass of water or apply the drops directly on to your tongue using the 'dropper'. I've always chosen to apply the drops straight on to my tongue. You don't need to swallow it - just let it absorb into your mouth. The taste is actually quite harsh, and tastes a lot like brandy. The only downside to taking this is that it can leave your mouth feeling a bit dry. If you're doing some public speaking it might be worth having some water on hand after taking this so you don't get a croaky voice.

          Taking this product is perfectly safe. It's non-addictive and you should suffer no side effects. The packing states that it 'works in harmony with our own body, helping us to ‎release our potential to stay calm and in control ‎when faced with demanding situations‎'.

          The 'dropper' bottle is available in 10ml and 20ml sizes. There's now a whole range of Rescue Remedy products including sprays, pastilles, gums and pearls... you can even get a pet version to give to your dog to help calm them before a long car journey for instance.

          I have a lot of faith in Rescue Remedy and it definitely helps to ease anxiety and nerves prior to a stressful situation like an exam or a job interview. I've recommended it to a lot of my friends and they too have experienced its benefits.

          If you suffer from nerves and anxiety then this product is worth a try. It might not work for everyone, but it certainly works for me, and as long as they keep making it I'll keep using it.

          This product is widely available. A 10ml bottle costs around £5 and I've seen the 20ml bottles online for as little as £6.50! This represents great value in my opinion.

          Five out of five stars.



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            01.02.2014 09:34
            Very helpful



            Give it a go!


            Bachs Flower Remedies: Rescue Remedy

            Size: 10ml and 20ml

            I cannot remember exactly when or why I first became interested in Flower Remedies. I think it may have been a magazine article that sparked my initial interest. I do remember my need to find out more and I enrolled on a course to become a Flower Remedy Practitioner. Now, some of you reading this may be sceptical whilst hopefully the majority will be eager and open minded.

            The reason I cannot remember the exact moment, time of day, date, year - is because it was a long time ago, before even the WWW, let alone emails, forums or review sites. I passed my course with distinction and my initial spark of interest and personal proof that the remedies do work, led me to thinking about setting up as a practitioner when initially I had embarked on the course for self interest and purely hobbyist reasons. I was intrigued and keen to learn more and see how and why the remedies worked. My building dream however was quashed, whilst beginning to build a customer base and seeking out premises and so on, the management at Bachs Flower Remedies changed and they decided to market their product in a less inclusive way. Bachs were going retail and became available in Boots Chemists. The general public could consult a simple graph and choose their own remedies.

            This review is about the most popular of those remedies a simple little bottle that became synonymous with exams, driving tests and wedding nerves.

            I know, without a doubt that Flower Remedies work. How can I be so certain? You ask. Well, most of my patients were animals. Animals are not open to the placebo or the power of suggestion. Trials on animals were conclusive. Choose the right remedy and it would work. However, with animals the problem was establishing how the patient was feeling, it is much harder to get into the psyche of a rabbit or a horse that a human patient who can answer questions and explain their emotional state.

            In smaller stores as well as the larger department style stores Boots were stocking the Rescue Remedy, even if it was all they stocked. Due to word of mouth its popularity spread and the general public were discovering for themselves the amazing results of a couple of drops of the remedy onto the tongue. Of course for teenagers too was the added excitement that the remedy contained alcohol. Something illicit and not normally allowed. There are many people who will advocate the value of the remedy and put a pass or good pass or lack of a stress headache down to using the remedy.

            Personal Use/Experience:

            As a practitioner, I could blend remedies to suit my needs, I did not need the generic one size fits all of the Rescue Remedy and I did indeed find some of the individual remedies useful. I also found that I could buy the remedies cheaper via Boots than by going direct. I knew other people would buy direct from Boots rather than obtain a diagnoses and buy from me, eventually my stock of individual remedies dwindled down to a few that I used on my own animals and blended free for friends and of course the one I used myself.

            Jump forward a few years and an important event that I was running was threatening to engulf me. Off I trotted to Boots, however rather than blend my own remedy from several different bottles it would be much cheaper to give the Rescue Remedy a try as it meant just buying one bottle. Before work the next day, I dropped a couple of drops onto my tongue and swallowed the subtle tasting liquid. To begin with I did not feel any different, however I persevered increasing the dose to the recommended four drops for an adult and with regular use it did seem to take the edge of my nerves. I am not a smoker, but wonder if reaching for this remedy can become a bit like reaching for a cigarette at times of stress, that becomes a habit. I got through the lead up to the event with just enough nervous energy to ensure the adrenalin was pumping and I was on top of my game.

            The little bottle became a constant companion in my bag and I next used it leading up to a job interview. Again, I do think the remedy took the edge of any nerves whilst not inhibiting my performance.
            As I have become older I have become calmer and learnt methods to remain serene and confident in most situations, however I would gladly use this remedy again if I felt the need.

            My most recent use, however has been for a dog. Some readers may recall previous reviews where I have mentioned my travel sick dog. After all else failed I turned to Rescue Remedies , having bought products on-line not realising they were similar products to the Bachs, when they did not work it renewed my memory to the Bachs Remedies and I bought a little bottle of magic again.

            I put it into the dog's water for a couple of days leading up to a journey. I then also administer a couple of drops onto a ginger biscuit about an hour before travelling. By keeping everything calm and serene around the dog the problem is not yet cured, but greatly improved. I also find that different cars affect her more than others and having the radio on seems to make her sick (sorry Graham Norton - last time we switched your show on in the car the dog threw up).

            Price & Availability:

            Widely available these days from Chemists and Supermarkets as well as on-line outlets. A 10ml dropper bottle is around £6.00 whilst a 7ml spray sells for around £5.50 at the time of writing.

            Conclusion & Stars:

            I recommend Bachs Flower Remedies Rescue Remedy without hesitation. However, one size does not fit all and for on-going problems I recommend you consult a practitioner for a blend or single remedy.
            "People like yourselves can help yourselves either in illness or to keep well and strong. It requires no science, only a little knowledge and sympathy and understanding of human nature, which is usual with almost all of us" Edward Bach

            Do not be seduced by lower priced alternatives, whilst the methodology of Flower Remedies is a straightforward distillation process, today Bachs remedies are backed by the years of devotion and research of that one man in the early 1900's. Edward Bach.

            Definitely worth consideration if you suffer from the problem of nerves leading up to and during important events. Take frequently leading up to the exam/text/interview/etc and about one hour before.

            My ethos of "first do no harm" fits the remedy - it will not harm you - so worth a try.


            I am only awarding four stars, as I do believe that this remedy will not work for everyone all of the time. A personalised remedy for the problem would work 100% of the time. Whilst I believe this remedy is too generic.



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          • Product Details

            Bach Rescue Remedy is the original. To use simply dilute four drops of Rescue Remedy in a glass of water and sip at intervals and replenish as necessary.