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Bach Sweet Chestnut Flower Remedy

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Brand: Bach / Type: Drops / Flower Remedy

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    1 Review
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      09.04.2012 13:52
      Very helpful



      Brilliant, this one has really benefitted me and helped me through a tough patch big time!

      When it comes to flower remedies I am quite a fan of them. I like the natural approach to looking after myself as I think in this western society we take far too many orthaodox medicines which actually make us iller in the long run!

      Bach flower remedies are definetely something I'm happy to make my first port of call on for less serious issues. I don't believe that a connoction of these can replace certain drugs and don't advise anyone to go down the natural path all by themselves instead of taking medication from the Doctor and the likes but what I do is take them in conjunction with my 'real' medication from the Doctor and take them in times of stress or feeling low or whatever to help give me a wee boost.

      This one I was recommended by my best friends mum who is really, really into homeopathy and the likes. We were talking on the phone one night about how low I felt with problems with my neighbours from hell (who have gone now by the way!) but I was so stressed and anxious at the time and we discussed this and olive for me to try. Next time I went to visit her with my friend she had been out and bought me a couple of Bach flower remedies to try and help me and of course this was one of them.

      The Packaging:

      The bottlesof this is brown glass and partially see through, only partially as they have a cream coloured labels around the main part of the bottle. On that label we are told that it is Bach 'Original Flower Remedies' Sweet Chestnut 'Castanea Sativa', that it is a 20ml bottle then on the back of it the ingredients are listed (5 x dilution of flower extracts of Sweet Chestnut in a grape alcohol solution) directions for use are given and contact details for Bach are given. To use this it you simply unscrew the top of the bottle that contains a light pink rubber piece and you dip it into the bottle, squeeze the rubber and some of the liquid goes into the glass tube ready to be used.

      What Is Sweet Chestnut For?:

      Well its For extreme anguish and the feeling that one has reached the limits of all that they can take. It tries to help us to believe that change is possible, to trust in ourselves and there are 5 slightly different Bach flower remedies in this catagory which is 'Discouragement'.

      Taking It:

      I felt that I was having a bit of a breakdown, that I couldn't face another day of loud noise and parties from my next door neighbours. At one point I even got into a fight with 5 lads from there and there was drugs involved. I didn't know where to turn, I wanted to move out but had no energy or money to do so and felt so depressed which is why my friends mum chose this one for me.

      To take this it is really simple and all you have to do is pop 2 small drops of it into water and to sip it at intervals (for a one off remedy treatment) or to to take 4 drops a minimum of 4 times a day if you want to take it more long term. You can mix this with other like for like Bach flower remedies if you want to and this is also suitable for children though no age is given on the bottle. Also what is not stated is that you can drop these straight onto your tongue as well which is what I usually do instead of drinking it cos to be fair it really isn't all that pleasant and I like to get it over an done with lol.

      The liquid is a very light golden, transparent colour and is runny like water. It has a slight smell of alcohol to it and by putting it in water you can't taste it very much at all, just a slight bitterness really, put directly onto the tongue it does taste of grapes and rather bitter but it isn't disgusting just not all that tasty really!

      The Biggest Thing Is Though Does It Help?:

      I have over the years tried lots of different flower remedies such as this and have to be honest...they haven't usually worked for me very well at all. Whether thats because I opted for the wrong formula or because it simply wasn't an effective remedy I can't be 100% sure. However this is, up until now the best one I have ever used. Its effective from the moment I take it and like I say I squeeze the required amount on my tonguewith real ease and no fuss at all. Its a handy bottle to take out and about with due to its dinky size and isn't heavily labelled letting people know whay you are taking it which I appreciate.

      I feel more positive and clear of thought after taking this. When the effects wear off after a couple of hours I feel that and simply take some more. Its none toxic, none harmful and I'm not filling my body with addictive chemicals which I appreciate as I already have to take enough pain killers on a day to day basis. and the likes!

      Do I Recommend This?:

      If you feel sorry for yourself and a bit lost and bewildered I certainly really do yes. At around £6.00 a bottle it isn't what I'd call cheap and you do need to make sure this is the best option for you but if it is its really great stuff and because you don't use much of it per dose it lasts ages too and it has worked out to be a little life saver for me and I can't praise it high enough so thanks Liz's mum!

      Available in all good chemists (such as Boots) and from health stores such as Holland & Barrett.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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