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FSC Formula 600 Plus Men

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Brand: FSC / Dosage Form: Capsules / Type: Homeopathic Medicines & Remedies

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    1 Review
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      27.11.2010 19:19
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      Health supplement that includes saw palmetto, a good prostate health booster for men

      Since I started working out again in June of this year, I've resisted the opportunity to stuff my body with every supplement and potion going. There's a huge market out there for men's body building products and, to be honest, it's really difficult to know where to start. I use a daily protein shake that contains creatine, because this supplements muscle growth and I've found that I've managed to put on about 2 stone of lean muscle in that time. Due to my height, that's a reasonable achievement (it's far harder for tall men to build up due to the size of their muscles).

      A friend of mine who has been into fitness for years recommended me FSC's Formula 600 Plus supplements. He knew that I wouldn't be keen to stuff my body with anything too synthetic but has found good benefits himself from taking this supplement. I've been taking Formula 600 Plus for around two months now.

      The main ingredients are:

      Vitamin B6
      Saw Palmetto

      Vitamin B6 is a vital nutrient. It plays a major role in our immune systems and contributes to the in the production of serotonin in our brains. It's therefore considered beneficial in dealing with stress as well as helping maintain general health.

      Saw Palmetto is a very interesting substance. The extract comes from berries of small palm trees found in North America and comprises different fatty acids and sterols. Saw Palmetto has a number of reputed health benefits. It's used to treat prostatic hyperplasia, a serious condition in men where the prostate gland becomes swollen and inhibits the flow of urine. It has a number of other reputed benefits including help to prevent male pattern hair loss, treating bladder infections and helping with bronchitis. It's marketed specifically at men as boosting sex drive but more crucially, it helps build muscle tissue.

      Zinc is one of those all-round minerals that seem to be good at everything. It helps boost your immune system, is good for your digestion, helps wounds and acne scars heal better and more besides. It's also really good for maintaining healthy skin. I'd figured that I might have a zinc deficiency purely due to having lots of white spots/marks on my fingernails.

      Formula 600 Plus also contains a host of other amino acids and natural plant extracts. It's entirely suitable for vegetarians and vegans and only contains traces of protein, fat, carbohydrate and energy so can be taken without interfering with any kind of diet. It's also suitable for people with allergies to dairy, soy, gluten, wheat or corn. It's not recommended for children, but is otherwise pretty much suitable for everyone.

      The capsules are relatively large and it is recommended that you take one or two daily with food. I tend to take one with my breakfast and then sometimes one in the evening with dinner so my dose wavers between one and two per day. The capsules are relatively easy to swallow with water. They don't really taste of anything except, perhaps, that 'capsule' taste you get for drugs in little plastic caplets. In the jar, there's a moderate, slightly herbal smell but nothing particularly distinctive.

      So what has my experience been of taking Formula 600 Plus so far? Well, there are definitely some areas if improvement that I would attribute to this supplement.

      The zinc content certainly seems to have seen benefits. Those white marks on my fingernails have pretty much cleared up completely so I'm satisfied that I'm getting enough zinc now. My skin is looking pretty good too. In fairness, I spend a lot of time on male grooming products and moisturise, cleanse and exfoliate pretty much daily. However, I was previously still seeing the odd pimple or spot on my face and I think there is a definite improvement.

      I'm seeing reasonably good results from my attempts to gain muscle. I've started to see a notable increase in my upper body over the last few weeks. Of course, this is largely due to the exercise that I'm taking, plus the protein supplement but it's possible that the Formula 600 Plus is helping too. I'd probably reserve judgement on this until I'd been using it for longer than eight weeks though in fairness as there are a number of other factors to consider. But so far, certainly, so good.

      The most striking thing is that (touch wood) I seem to be almost entirely immune to colds at the moment. All of my friends and colleagues have recently been struck down with one cold after another and are largely astounded that I've not yet followed suit. I've read a lot of studies that say regular exercise helps keep colds and flu at bay, plus I paid for a flu vaccination, but that would still leave me susceptible to colds. Indeed, I've even slept with somebody who had a really bad cold and I didn't catch a thing.

      The other health benefits of saw palmetto are harder to comment on. I don't suffer from an enlarged prostate but of course with these regular supplements I may now help reduce that risk. I'm not really losing my hair either so no comment on that one. Sex drive? Maybe - I've certainly been 'up for it' a lot more lately, but I've always found that going to the gym makes me really horny so I'm not sure there's a link there.

      A bottle of 120 of these capsules retails for around £18 on the high street but you can get that for £13 if you hold a Gold Card in GNC (which is currently free). There are no significant potential side effects highlighted with Formula 600 Plus and I certainly haven't seen anything untoward since I've been taking them. I'm definitely happy to keep taking the product. I'm pretty convinced I've seen genuine benefits from this and I'm coming up that age when men become more prone to prostate problems. I'd certainly rather go down the prevention route than be faced with having to cure something.



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    • Product Details

      Rich in zinc and the amino acids glycine, alanine and glutamic acid, the formulation also contains the herbs Saw Palmetto, used traditionally by herbalists to tone the male reproductive system

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