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Holland & Barrett Eucalyptus Pure Essential Oil

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Brand: Holland and Barrett / Dosage Form: Oil / Type: Essential Oil

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    7 Reviews
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      02.02.2014 17:25
      Very helpful
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      Many uses to aid health and wellbeing. A great oil!

      Holland &Barrett Eucalyptus Oil

      Eucalyptus Oil is produced from the Eucalyptus tree, more precisely infusions from the leaves. Indigenous to Australia Eucalyptus is actually a genus of trees with over 700 variants. The oil that we buy and use is refined from the leaves by steaming and is used for cleaning, deodorising, in food supplements and decongestants. Eucalyptus oil is also a useful insect repellent and has been used by the Aborigine's of Australia for many hundreds of years and they call it "Mallee". The general name by the white settlers being "Gum Tree" as generally the Eucalyptus ooze copious amounts of sap when damaged.

      Using the Oil:

      Anyone who has bought a vapour rub will be familiar with the smell of Eucalyptus it is the strongest smelling ingredient in the rubs we buy to treat chest infections.

      Many readers will also be familiar with Olbas Oil, yet not be aware that Eucalyptus Oil can be used in exactly the same way to unblock a stuffy nose and sinus'.

      Used extensively in cough mixtures and cough sweets there is no doubt that Eucalyptus Oil is a useful aid to easing the symptoms of colds and flu.

      How I Use Eucalyptus Oil:

      I use the oil in a few ways:

      *As a addition to soap (home-made)
      * Decongestant
      *As a cleaning deodoriser
      *Insect Repellent
      *Bath Soak to relieve aches and pains
      *Instant Relief additional to Emu Oil

      Let me explain:

      I tend to make my soap based on Aloe Vera for its cleansing and healing as well as moisturising properties. However, Aloe Vera has very little smell, so I add fragrance either by infusion or by adding an oil. Personally I like rose and lavender but for a more masculine fragrance I have been experimenting with a little eucalyptus oil as well as sandalwood. With wonderful results I might add.

      I have also used it with liquid soap myself as a soothing addition to the hot shower when I had Bronchitis. The vapours surrounding me as I washed helped me enormously as a multi sensual aid to easing the problem.
      As a decongestant, for the price I need to pay for oil and Vaseline (or generic petroleum oil) and now that I know about Asda's Vapour rub it is cheaper to buy a ready-made rub than make my own. I did however successfully mix my own for a little while. A small bottle of Eucalyptus oil goes a long way, so whilst I have it in stock I make the most of it.

      Eucalyptus is a lovely deodoriser and being natural it is nice to use diluted about 50:1 with warm water for deodorising indoor cages as well as effectively cleansing them it neutralises the nasty niffs that can occur.

      I have been experimenting with making natural insect repellents and one of the products I use is Eucalyptus Oil.

      Added to the running water of a hot bath about 4 drops of Eucalyptus Oil and a handful of Epsom Salts makes a soothing and healing bath soak after a hard day.

      I add a little oil to some Emu Oil if I have a surface pain as well as the deep seated ache. That way the Eucalyptus immediately helps the surface problem, whilst the slightly slower acting and deeper reaching Emu Oil works on the deeper and bigger problem.

      Any Negatives:

      None that I am aware of. However, do ensure you take care with the natural oil on sensitive skin as neat it can cause sensitivity and it can make my eyes smart too.

      Ensure you buy the 100% Eucalyptus Oil as a "Fragrance Oil" will not necessarily have the healing benefits.

      Price & Availability:

      From Holland & Barrett on-line and in-store at around £4.00 full price for 10ml and £6.00 for 20ml. Sometimes on offer in the Penny Sale or 3 for 2 offers.


      Due to the buying power of the large companies, generally it is better value to buy a ready-made product. However, if like me you make soap or other products, this is a useful addition to the oil collection and does make a nice cost effective bath soak when mixed with other ingredients.

      The main active ingredient in many health products.

      I buy Holland & Barrett and otehr Eucalyptus Oils. But always make sue it is 100% oil.




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        22.05.2012 10:20
        Very helpful



        Versatile oil

        I bought this a while ago from Holland a Barrett for around £4 for a 10ml bottle when I had a cold and sinus infection.

        It is always recommend that you read the label before using the oil and I would also recommend reading around the subject of aromatherapy if you want to get the best out of them.

        In aromatherapy, this Eucalyptus oil helps to clear the mind and focus concentration, while reducing swelling in the mucus membranes. It is used in fighting respiratory problems and the inflammation of sore muscles, rheumatism, headaches and nervous exhaustion, while boosting wound and ulcer healing and soothing skin eruptions.

        Eucalyptus has a very clear, sharp, fresh and very distinctive smell, is pale yellow in colour and watery in viscosity.

        Eucalyptus oil should be used with care and people with high blood pressure and epilepsy should avoid it. Excessive use of this oil may cause headaches.

        The therapeutic properties of eucalyptus oil are analgesic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-neuralgic, anti-rheumatic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral, astringent, balsamic, cicatrisant, decongestant, deodorant, depurative, diuretic, expectorant, febrifuge, hypoglycaemic, rubefacient, stimulant, vermifuge and vulnerary.

        Eucalyptus oil blends particularly well with benzoin, thyme, lavender, lemongrass, lemon and pine.
        I use Eucalyptus oil in a number of ways. If I have a sinus problem then I will boil the kettle, pour the water into a large bowl add a few drops into the water and cover my head with a towel, whilst I gently inhale, I do this until the water stops steaming. I find that it is natural way of decongesting me and the steam also helps to clear out any impurities in my skin. I also add it to an oil burner with a few drops of lavender oil and this helps to relax me and also assist in relieving me of any sinus issues. Finally I add a few drops of the oil along with lavender oil to a carrier oil, Almond usually as that is what I tend to use, and rub it on sore muscles, this helps to relax the muscle and sooth any tension. I have also used it on my travels as an insect repellent, by sprinkling a few drops around where I am staying or a few drops onto my clothes, it seemed to work.

        Overall I would recommend Eucalyptus oil to others, it is a great versatile oil that really helps to relieve sinus congestion and is well priced.


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        15.02.2012 19:17
        Very helpful



        An oil I like to keep in the house.

        I do have quite a few bottles of essential oils around the house which have various uses, one of which is Eucalyptus Pure Essential Oil which I purchased from Holland and Barrett, I actually purchased this a while ago when I had a cold, I had been suffering with a blocked up nose at night and someone recommended that I give this a go to help relieve the blocked nose and help me sleep.

        The Holland and Barrett Eucalyptus Essential oil comes in a small brown glass bottle which comes inside an orange and green box, it has the name of the product (Eucalyptus Essential oil) written on the front of the box and the Holland and Barrett logo towards the top, it has also has the word refreshing written at the bottom of the box inside a green rectangle. The packaging is quite plain really, the only sort of design on the packaging is a leaf style pattern going down both sides of the box. The glass bottle which contains the Eucalyptus Oil has a label around the middle of it which contains the name of the product but most of the information appears on the outer box. The bottle has a small plastic screw on lid which is very easy to remove and replace, on the end of the bottle and covered by the lid is a small plastic dropper, this allows the oil to be released very slowly one drop at a time, you do not need much of the Eucalyptus Oil at one time so the dropper allows you to control how much you pour out.

        The Oil
        The Holland and Barrett Eucalyptus Essential Oil looks just like any other, the smell of the Eucalyptus Oil was quite strong, you could smell the fragrance inside the bottle but the true strength of it was more apparent once I poured a few drops of the oil out of the bottle, the fragrance of this product is so strong that you really do not need a huge amount of it at a time, just a few drops is enough. The fragrance of Eucalyptus is quite distinctive and Holland and Barrett describe it as earthy and woody, I'm not sure if I would say it had a woody smell to it but the Holland and Barrett Eucalyptus Essential Oil definitely has that strong distinctive fragrance that all brands of this particular oil has.

        Uses of Eucalyptus Oil
        As I have mentioned I purchased my bottle of Eucalyptus Oil to help relieve a blocked nose following a cold, however this is not the only use that this particular oil has, after a bit of research to see what else I could use my essential oil for I discovered that it had several uses.

        *Breathing Problems - This is basically the reason I purchased the oil, inhaling the vapours/ fragrance of the oil can help relieve colds, coughs, runny noses, sore throats, nasal congestion, bronchitis and sinus. Eucalyptus Oil is an antibacterial, anti contestant and an anti inflammatory which makes it ideal for treating respiratory problems. With my eucalyptus oil I simply applied a few drops onto my pillow before I went to bed so that I could inhale the vapours throughout the night, you can mix the oil with warm water to make a gargle to help sooth a sore throat, this is one thing I haven't tried as I do not fancy seeing what it tastes like. When my mum was little her mum used to give her eucalyptus on a spoonful of sugar, something else I wont be trying.

        *Wounds - Helping with healing wounds is another use for Eucalyptus Essential Oil. Eucalyptus makes an excellent antiseptic and can be used on common wounds such as ulcers, cuts, burns, abrasions and sores. This essential oil can also be used on insect bites and stings. I have tried this on the odd occasion when I have run out of my regular antiseptic cream and have found it to be quite effective. You can apply a few drops of the oil onto a clean piece of cotton wool and then apply it to the effected area/ wound in order to help the healing process and prevent infection.

        *Mental Exhaustion - Eucalyptus Essential Oil is said to be good at relieving mental exhaustion and treating stress, it is described as being cooling and refreshing and helps to remove mental sluggishness. To be honest I have not really used the oil for this sort of treatment so cannot comment on whether it works well or not, but should I need something to help pick me up I would consider giving this a go.

        There are many other uses for Eucalyptus Essential Oil if you do a bit of research online, however whether they work or not is a mater of opinion, it seems that some people find it successful in treating some problems. disordered whereas other people do not. The main two reasons I have used this particular oil from Holland and Barrett for is to help relieve a blocked nose and I have used it on cuts before when I have run out of antiseptic cream.

        When I used mine to relieve a blocked nose at night I just applied a few drops to my pillow so that I could inhale the fragrance throughout the night and decongest my nose. As I inhaled the vapours from the oil I could feel it gradually clearing my nose, the fragrance is very strong and as my nose cleared I could feel the fragrance getting stronger, it did actually make the inside of my nose feel cold as it decongested it , however this was not unpleasant, for me the main thing was that it was gradually getting rid of my blocked nose, it also helped me to fall asleep easily. After inhaling the oils fragrance for just a few minutes my nose was considerably unblocked compared to what it had been so the Eucalyptus Essential Oil really did work and help to relieve my blocked nose.
        I also use the oil in my oil burner, instead of the usual scented wax I put some water in the little dish and add a few drops of the oil. Once the tea light is lit the water and oil warm up and the eucalyptus vapours soon fill the room making it easier to breathe.

        I have also on occasions used eucalyptus Oil on minor cuts as an antiseptic, I tend to only use it in this way if I have run out of antiseptic cream, I simply apply a small amount to the affected area and allow it to dry, to be honest it doesn't really have any soothing properties and does not get rid of pain caused by a cut, however it does work at keeping the wound clean and preventing infection, it helps to kill germs in the cut allowing it to heal, on the occasions that I have used it I have found that it works so would definitely consider using it in this way again in the future.

        Price & Availability
        Obviously this particular Eucalyptus Oil came from Holland and Barrett and is one of their own brand products in their essential oils collection. I purchased a 20ml bottle and it cost me £8.99, this is a bit on the expensive side for a small bottle, however it is within keeping of the price off essential oils as I never find them particularly cheap to buy, also Holland and Barrett own brand of this oil is a lot cheaper than other brands I have looked at. However although this oil does sound quite expensive for a small bottle it is very long lasting, as I have mentioned you literally only need a couple of drops of this at a time, I have used the essential oil on several occasions and it appears that hardly anything has been used from the bottle. In my opinions this oil is worth the money, for me it was worth the money because it helped to relieve my congested nose when i had a cold and I have used it in this way on more than one occasion, even my husband has used it in this way, however I would also say it is worth the money because it is so long lasting, so although it is expensive to purchase in the first place it does work out cheaper in the long run.

        Overall I would definitely recommend Holland and Barrett Eucalyptus Essential Oil, in my opinion it makes an excellent anti contestant and also a very good antiseptic for minor wounds. Whilst the initial price is a bit on the high side it works out worth the money in the long run, and for me the main thing is that it works. I do quite like the fragrance of the eucalyptus oil so for me using it as an anti contestant is not a problem, however if you do hate this particular fragrance then this would not be the best product to buy as the fragrance is very strong. You do need to make sure that you do not use too much of the oil at once as the fragrance is very strong and over powering. I would certainly recommend any one has this particular essential oil in their bathroom cupboard as it does have a lot of different uses, and Holland and Barrett own brand of Eucalyptus Oil is just as good as the more expensive brands, I would certainly buy this product again in the future.


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          20.08.2010 22:47
          Very helpful




          I am always burning an oil or a wax tart in our house. I love making the house smell nice but I wanted something to burn that would be good for when the house was full of our colds. My mother-in-law actually recommended Holland & Barrett's Eucalyptus oil to me as it is a pure oil which will burn with a full exposure of scent. After getting a little lost in Holland & Barrett (I never shop in there usually) I managed to find the oil which cost just over £4.00 for a small 10ml bottle though a bottle of oil in this size will last you a good while.

          Now before I start reviewing this item in full, it must be said that this product is 100% TOXIC if it is taking internally. You are not supposed to drink this oil. It is purely for burning uses only.

          To burn the Eucalyptus oil, you will need an oil or tart burner. Either one will be suffcient. To use you simply put a few drops in the bowl of the burner and light a tealight underneath it to start to burn off the scent. The bottle from Holland & Barrett has a little droper inside the bottle and is easy to dispense the oil. Don't use too much because this is a really strong scent!

          Eucalyptus is an antiseptic scent which is one the best scents for colds and viral infections. It is also great for blocked up noses.

          I put this oil in my oils cupboard ready for use when we undoubtedly would come down with colds. When the moment did arrive (and lucky me, I was the one with the cold!) I remembered I had this and immediately put it in the burner. My nose was sore and bunged up (this was before my husband's purchase of the Vicks Vapor stick!) and there is nothing I hate more than not being able to breathe through my nose. After a few minutes of it burning, the room was engulfed in the lovely Eucalyptus scent and I could feel my nose starting to clear and run a little bit. I left it burning for as long as the tealight would stay alight. It does only work for a little while though and the effects of your binged up nose do return.

          I find my nose is worse at nighttime just before I am going to sleep so I would light my tealight for about half an hour before going to sleep so that I could breathe easier. This was a good idea on my part as I fell asleep quicker and didn't have that not being able to breathe feeling.

          The scent does burn off quickly which I find a bit disappointing.

          I would recommend this oil as it does work but it doesn't have lasting effects. If you use too much it is far too strong. If you do buy this please do keep it out of the reach of children.


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          26.06.2010 13:05
          Very helpful



          I wouldnt be without at least one bottle in the house.

          I have been using Eucalyptus oil for a number of years now after doing an aromatherapy class at college and would not be without it in the house. The Holland and Barrett version is a good product as it is reasonably priced and pure.

          Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses volatile plant materials, known as essential oils. It is a form of complementary therapy which is used to treat the whole person and not just the symptom or disease and works by assisting the body's natural ability to balance, regulate, heal and maintain itself. It can be used by aplying it directly to the skin (or if it a strong oil should be mised with a carrier such as a moisturiser or rape seed oil) or it can be used in an oil burner and inhaled. It can also be inhaled by putting a small amount on a hanky and smelling.

          Ecalyptus Oil
          Ecalyptuc oil is woody and earthy with a strong initial aroma which smells very clinical. When I use it I often mix it with another nicer smelling oil to mask the smell (such as orange or lavender).

          Ecalyptus oil has many uses and these include acting as an Insect Repellent,helps to heal cuts, wounds, burns, athletes foot and dandruff.
          It is very good for unblocking suffy noses when burned in an oil burner and also helping with the imune system. Whenever there is a sick bug going round school I burn the oil at home and my kids never get sick.

          Ecalyptus oil varies in price quite dramatically due to its strength but Holland and Barret do it for around £6.50 (at present there is a deal on where you get two for £10 which is a very good price.

          I would recommend that everyone should have a bottle in their home as it has so many uses, there are hundreds, I would be here all day if I were to list them all.


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          26.01.2010 14:03
          Very helpful



          An excellent essential oil from Holland & Barrett which has changed my life to a small degree

          I have struggled with asthma all my life, although a chronic condition it's controlled extremely well thanks to the wonderful team of my GP and a plethora of hospital consultants. The problem being that I have several other conditions, all of which need medication, so very often the side effects of taking so many different tablets each day are more wearing than my actual illnesses. One such problem at the moment is a continually stuffy nose and sinus twinges, a common side effect of a certain type of medication I am currently using.

          For this reason I have been buying Holland & Barrett Eucalyptus Pure Essential Oil, and I must say it has been money well spent as the unclogging properties of this essential oil are second to none. Please bear in mind that this is an essential oil, not a Eucalyptus fragranced oil. You may not think there is any difference, and indeed they may smell very similar, but it's the vapours in the essential oil that will aid any problems and these vapours simply aren't there in basic oils such as you would use in an oil burner.

          Of course, you can use this in an oil burner and I regularly do. A few drops mixed in with some warm water will not only scent your rooms with the fresh scent of Eucalyptus but also works to clear your head with each breath you take. I like to position my oil burner so that it's near me but not too close as the air immediately around the heated Eucalyptus oil becomes rather dense with the aroma and vapours, to the point of making my eyes water should I stand too close for too long.

          It's completely up to you as to how you want to incorporate the Eucalyptus oil into your daily routine. My stuffiness gets worse during the night so I sprinkle no more than two drops underneath my pillow, the smell is too strong to actually put it on the pillow as you would with Olbas Oil but I find using it underneath allows me to breathe the vapours during the night and aids a restful sleep.

          Another use I find helpful is to add a very few drops to an unscented shower gel on your sponge, wash as usual and you'll be inhaling the Eucalyptus oil in the shower steam. The smell isn't strong enough to be noticeable on your skin after you've gotten out of the shower, but I do find this method keeps my head and sinuses clear for several hours afterwards. I have sensitive skin and have never had a reaction to doing this, however I do recommend testing on a patch of skin before using on your whole body as it is a very strong oil.

          The main benefits of this Essential Oil from Holland & Barrett are the relief it provides from a stuffy nose, asthma and sinus trouble. As I have all three of those symptoms I think I am in a very good position to advise you that it does actually work. Since I began using it I have seen an improvement in my sleeping patterns, as you probably know sleeping with a blocked up nose is a stressful affair, and my asthma also seems to be much calmer during the night. Without wishing to sound like a complainer, I struggle for breath throughout the day and my asthma does get worse at night-time so to find a small modicum of respite in such a simple product as pure Eucalyptus Oil is wonderful.

          I can only recommend this oil to anyone who suffers with any of the conditions I have mentioned above. A small 10ml bottle currently costs £4.09 and is, of course, available only from Holland & Barrett shops or their online store. The bottle may look very small but it lasts for an awfully long time as you literally need just two or three drops each time you use it, in fact using too much is counterproductive as the smell will become far too intense and will in all likelihood cause you to get a headache.


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            08.11.2009 13:22
            Very helpful



            Brilliant versatile essential oil

            Right, I have tried lavender for the past week, and although I am feeling the benefits I am still getting a blocked nose. As i also purchased Eucalyptus essential oil, I thought for some serious sinus relief I'd use this in combination with the lavender.

            The actual word Eucalyptus has Greek origins, meaning 'well covered', in reference to the cup-like membrane that shields the flower bud. Australia being the native home of Eucalyptus stands as the home of well over 500 species of this tree. The leaves were initially used by Australian Aborigines to cover and protect serious wounds. Europe was introduced to this healing oil in 1788 by Dennis Considen and John White whilst treating marines and convicts on the First Fleet.

            I had purchased this along with lavender and peppermint oil, so, technically, I got one of these for absolutely nowt! From Boots it cost £4.29 (with their 3 for 2 offer) for a 10ml bottle. (I know this review states it's for Holland & Barrett, where it's currently priced at £3.99, but as I'd already purchased it, I am reviewing it here). The packaging is a tidy little box that's a camouflage shade of green on the bottom half and primarily white at the top. There is the image of a plant on the box, which emphasises The Power Of Plants ethos.

            It has a strong, medicinal scent which can be overpowering - for my purpose it appears to have done the trick. It is commonly used for its decongestant effects and is found in many over the counter lozenges and inhalation vapours. Due to the presence of various colds doing the rounds, I have resorted to pouring a couple of drops on a handkerchief when I go out Occasionally i will take a deep refreshing breath from this and it just helps to clear my head.

            It is a key ingredient in alot of mouthwashes and gives you that minty freshness as well as assisting in reducing dental plaque (Listerine). As it contains eucalyptus, it is not recommended that you swallow the liquid as this can cause multi-organ failure. If a minute amount is swallowed whilst gurgling it is not as dangerous, but nonetheless, should be avoided. If you have bleeding gums there is a mixture you can make to get some relief at http://www.ehow.com/how_5559827_make-natural-mouthwash-bleeding-gums.html.

            For dandruff, forget Head & Shoulders, use 10 drops of Eucalyptus oil with your usual shampoo and massage into your scalp for a couple of minutes. Rinse with warm water and you'll be left with a head that feels refreshed and is evidently dandruff free. I have in the past used this a few drops of this oil mixed into a carrier oil (typically Almond/Jojoba) and applied to my hair for the refreshing sensation it gives me. I tend to leave it on for an hour or so, then thoroughly wash out.

            It can also be used as an all purpose cleaner around the home. A few drops added to a vaporise can annihilate insects. ¼ tsp of the oil in a pump spray bottle (your average sized bottle 500ml filled to about half with water). Turn the nozzle to a fine mist setting and spray your carpet, furniture, pet's beds etc with this concoction. Fleas are renown for despising this aroma and will escape from your house. The mist that emanates from the bottle dries pretty quickly, meaning that you can simply perform this 'magic trick' and get on with your day. My house has been left with a fresh scent that you can get from your average air freshener, but with the added disposal of any remaining unwanted guests. It is essential that you hoover a couple of hours after using this potion as some of the evil cretins may leave some undesirable remnants behind.

            In the car, if you have an air freshener that has lost its mojo, it can be reawakened by a couple of drops of eucalyptus, giving you a fresh scent in your vehicle.

            I have a mate who's got cat problems and I suggested this, once i'd been researching this oil. Her cat has a tendency to pee everywhere but where it is expected to i.e. it has managed to ruin her bedding and various parts of her carpets. It was getting to the point where it was the house or the wee, defenceless, cute cat ;-). So, having read that someone accidentally came across the powers of Vics Vapour rub in combating this problem, I suggested a couple of drops of eucalyptus (it being the main ingredient in vapour rub) and she has been pleasantly surprised by the results. The smell of the oil repels the cat and so he does not urinate in those areas. RESULT!

            Possible side effects
            If taken by orally there are various reported side effects, which range from nausea to muscle weakness. These effects can potentially be deadly, so it is not advised that the oil is taken by mouth. There may also be interactions if you are already taking other medications, such as Lorazepam, codeine or even amphetamines. If you are taking any other meds it is strongly advised that you seek medical help before self medicating with essential oils.

            This oil is not suitable for babies or young children and is not recommended to be used by pregnant women or people with sensitive skin. It should not be used neat with the skin as this can cause irritation. It should be mixed with a carrier oil.

            Something I discovered is that Vets make use of eucalyptus as well - horses with flu like symptoms, dogs with distemper and for other animals suffering from parasitic skin conditions. Again, a multi-purpose essential oil that I would recommend you have in your medicine cupboard!

            Thank you for reading!


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          • Product Details

            Eucalyptus Oil will relieve the symptoms of sinus, asthma, colds, sore throat, back and muscle aches and other respiratory problems. It sooths and penetrates the skin to bring quick relief to arthritic and rheumatic sufferers. Eucalyptus Oil can also be used as a vaporizer in a steam bath.

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