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Lemon Essential Oil

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Dosage Form: Oil / Type: Homeopathic Medicines & Remedies

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    7 Reviews
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      12.07.2013 16:47
      Very helpful



      A lot of power in a small bottle

      ~~~Background history~~~

      For the last year or so I have been suffering from catarrh quite badly. At first I thought my symptoms were connected with eating too many dairy products so I cut back on milk, cheese and yoghurt. Then, I read somewhere that one of the main symptoms of a beer allergy was catarrh so I stopped drinking beer for a short while (wasn't happy about that). Nothing changed, I went to my GP here in Warsaw and she gave me a prescription for a course of antibiotics to run for 5 days as she said I had an infection which I knew as my catarrhal discharge was a lurid green. I took the antibiotics under duress, as I am not enamoured to them but was so fed up with my symptoms, I just wanted some relief. The antibiotics cleared the infection and I was catarrh free for about 2 months but then it came back. I didn't want to go the doctor again for more antibiotics as we all know how they can weaken our immune system so I looked in my aromatherapy cupboard for a bottle of lemon essential oil. I keep all essential oils in my bathroom and have used them on and off for over 20 years.

      ~~~Definition of catarrh~~~

      Catarrhal inflammation of the mucous lining layer of the nose and sinuses


      Usually acute infection, more likely when resistance and vitality is lowered


      Catarrhal discharge, the exudate is white, yellow or green, depending on the degree of infection

      ~~~Treatment when orthodox medicine doesn't work~~~

      Lemon Essential Oil

      ~~~How do we recognise an Essential Oil?~~~

      It should be:

      * Thin and watery
      * Quick to evaporate and it doesn't leave a grease mark on paper
      * Very scented when neat, slightly unpleasant - think of smelling salts

      All essential oils including lemon essential oil fall into three categories:

      Top notes - these oils evaporate very swiftly. They are generally enriching and stimulating with a fresh aroma.

      Middle notes - these are used to help with most bodily functions and the body's metabolism.

      Base notes - These are very relaxing, have a calming and warm aroma.

      ~~~ Facts about Lemon Essential Oil~~~

      Do you know that it takes a lot of lemons to produce 1 kilo of essential oil? Sources say that over 3,000 lemons make 1 kilogram of essential oil (http://www.sustainablebabysteps.com/lemon-essential-oil.html). The oil is obtained by cold pressing the rind from the fresh fruits of Citrus limonum from the family Rutaceae which is mainly grown in southern Italy. Hand pressed oil is of higher quality than mechanically pressed oil. Hand pressing involves all the family. After the lemons are picked women and children slice the lemons and take out the flesh, the males do the pressing. The oil is collected into a sponge until it is saturated and then squeezed into a container.

      Colour - pale green/yellow

      Smell - sharp, fresh

      ~~~How to use Lemon Essential Oil~~~

      Lemon oil has to blended into a carrier oil which acts as a base for the essential oil and is an emolient, this makes massage easier and more effective. There are a number of vegetable oils I use as carrier oils; they are all natural, unprocessed oils. My choices are: Soya bean oil, Grapeseed oil, Safflower oil and sunflower oil.


      I generally use four drops of lemon oil to every 2 tsp of carrier oil. Essential oils are very powerful in small amounts. Adding more than a few drops to a carrier oil will not make the benefits more effective. A small amount of essential oil will go a long way.

      ~~~Treating catarrh~~~

      I do two things to try and relieve my symptoms, one is massaging my face and head, the other is to inhale.

      Self-massage is a useful technique and helps me appreciate the way my touch can be healing. After all I know exactly where the pain is and how deep to work on a particular area, in this case my face and forehead.

      After mixing in carrier oil like mentioned above, I massage my face like this:

      1) Stroke all over my face and forehead
      2) Massage my temples with my fingertips of both hands
      3) Gently smooth over my eyelids from the inner to outer corners with my thumbs
      4) Press with my thumbs just below the inner eyebrow corner. Release, then repeat. I do this three or four times.
      5) Stroke down the sides of my face to the jawline
      6) Pinch all along my jawline from ear to ear
      7) Repeat step 1

      Massaging with lemon oil has helped in a remarkable way, I no longer suffer from a blocked up nose, my headaches have gone and I feel I can breathe properly which is something I haven't been able to do for 12 months


      I find lemon oil works well when inhaling. I carry out the old routine that my mother used when we had colds with Friar's balsam or Vick. I add a few drops of Lemon oil to a bowl of steaming water and place my head over it with a towel over my head. This immediately clears the blocked nose. I also inhale the oil from a tissue and put a few drops on my pillow at night. This gives me enough relief to get a good night's sleep.

      After all my research I have found out what the problem is regarding to my catarrh - it is the dry heat in Warsaw so now I have a humidifier as well to help relive my symptoms.

      ~~~~Other ailments Lemon Oil is helpful for: ~~~

      Bites & stings - apply a tiny amount of neat oil on to the affected area.

      Mouth Ulcers - apply neat oil on to the painful ulcer, or make a mouthwash, adding five drops to a medium size glass of water, gargle.

      Cold sores - apply with a cotton bud which has been soaked in 2tsp of boiled water to which 4 drops of oil have been added.

      *When carrying out the above remedies never use on the skin before going out into the sunshine as lemon oil may be hot or sensitising to the skin and irritate. Use only in the home.

      Boils - To relieve the pain and discomfort of a boil, make a small compress out of a cotton wool pad and soak in hot water. Apply neat lemon oil to the boil, and then cover with the hot pad. Repeat applications to draw the pus from the boil.

      Aggressiveness - Lemon essential oil will help tame aggressiveness. Use 12 drops in 100ml of carrier oil for massage concentrating on the solar plexus and abdomen. Also use in the bath, have a long soak and I think you will find this remedy will calm you down.

      ~~~Another tip~~~

      When small children get over excitable or distressed, take the lid of the essential oil and let the child smell the aroma for a quick second. The sensation makes the child focus on other things and in my experience stops hysterical behaviour immediately. I have used this method on my granddaughter several times, it works and within minutes after her smelling the oil she calms down and eventually falls asleep.

      ~~~Beauty Tips using Lemon Essential Oil~~~

      ***Broken capillaries***

      If you suffer from broken capillaries lemon essential oil can help reduce them. Using your favourite unperfumed cleansing cream or milk, add lemon oil. The ratio is 2 drops of oil to every 100ml of cleanser. Clean twice a day, morning and evening.

      ***Oily Skin***

      Rather than use a skin tonic containing alcohol which damages the skin's natural protective barrier and can sensitise the skin with frequent use and cause irritation, I suggest you add 2 drops of essential lemon oil to 100ml of toner of your choice or witch hazel. Apply with damp cotton wool. Gently wipe all over the face and neck, not forgetting the creases around your chin. If necessary, repeat again.

      ~~~Creating a fresh and light atmosphere in your home~~~

      You can also use lemon oil to perfume your home; it has a light and fresh perfume. The simplest way is to add a few drops to a small bowl of water and then place over a radiator. You will find that the oil will float on top of the water and slowly evaporate into the air assisted by the heat.

      A more sophisticated method is to use an oil burner or vaporiser but to remember not to let these burn dry. Used this way lemon oil can remove stale smells and help with conditions like headaches, blocked noses, colds and insomnia.

      Another way to make your home perfumed is to make your own pot pourri, or liven old pot pourri up by adding lemon oil.

      ~~~How to store Lemon Essential Oil~~~

      Lemon Essential oil is generally sold in tinted glass bottles. This is because it is special oil and needs care. The oil can be damaged by light and should always be stored in a dark, cool place. Always keep the lids tightly screwed on or the oil will evaporate into thin air!

      ~~~Shelf life~~~

      Lemon essential oil has a shelf life for 8-10 months only


      I do not recommend anyone to take lemon oil or any other essential oil internally. It is common practise in France (where aromatherapists use the treatment this way). I think it is quite hazardous to use aromatherapy oil orally. They work efficient enough when applied to the skin.

      ~~~Where to buy Lemon Essential Oil~~~

      Lemon essential oil and other oils can be bought from health food shops, some supermarkets, and chemists and online.

      I buy online from http://www.essentialoilsonline.co.uk/acatalog/Organic_Essential_Oils_.html

      Here are some other links:


      Price: I pay £2.55 for a 10ml bottle, other prices for larger bottles are: 30ml - £6.89, 50ml - £10.20, and 100ml for £17.87.

      There are all sorts of deals out there so it's best to shop around, just be careful to check you are buying the real 100% essential oil, not perfumed oil.

      There you go, that's all I know about Essential Lemon Oil, I hope you find this helpful. I recommend it 100%.


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        11.09.2010 22:55
        Very helpful



        My review

        I have never been one to take pills or medication i like natural products and have been recintly been trying them out, we live next to the findhorn foundation in scotland where they make their own pure essential oil and sell them very cheaply in little brown glass bottles.

        Last week i paid 80p for a bottle of lemon essential oil as i had been told it was good for skin and nails so wanted to try it.
        The oil i got comes in a small bottle and has 5ml of pure lemon oil.
        I used two small drops of the lemon oil in my bath as it was to strong to rub on my skin, after my bath i felt totally refreshed and my skin felt softer and had a nice colour about it left me feeling amazing. Lemon oil can be used for cleaning, wakening you up, helps with mouth ulcers, helps healing cuts, energy, and infections.

        There is loads of different uses for the oil and many ways in witch to use it.
        I got a sheet with mine explaining what to do with it, for energy, depression, flu, rheumatism or stress you should mix a few drops in a hot bath and have a good soak, i don't have any of these and i know how wonderful i felt after the hot bath.

        For mouth problems you have to mix one drop in water and use as a mouth wash within two days the problems should have cleared up.

        The lemon oil can be used in burners and diffusers. The oil is light green in colour and smells very strong from the bottle hence you have to dilute with water unless using a burner.

        I am having more and more faith in essential oils and love learning all about them.
        You should give them a try inexpensive and one small bottle lasts forever as only a small amount needed for anything.

        I highly recommend the lemon essential oil.


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        31.08.2010 21:39
        Very helpful
        1 Comment




        Being a bit of a Lush addict and having a close friend who dabbles in bath and body lotions and potions I tend to pick up a few cosmetic and beauty tips and one of them is for the use of the Lemon Essential Oil.

        Lemon Essential oil can come in use in a number of ways for skin care as long as it is diluted. I cannot stress enough that you should never put undiluted essential oils directly on to the skin unless the directions say otherwise.

        I tend to purchase my Lemon Essential oil from Holland & Barrett which at the moment is on offer at £4.39 for a 10ml bottle.

        Lemon oil has a number of uses which a few are:

        *Skin Cleanser
        *Refreshing fragrance for the home if used in an oil burner
        *Excellent for nails and cuticles
        *Cleans stained hands

        To use diluted it is a case of adding a couple of drops (no more than a couple of drops to a water based solution. If you want to use it as a skin cleanser (which it is fantastic for as it gets rid of spots and oily skin) then all you need to do is wash your face as you would do normally and then add two drops of Lemon oil to the water and mix the water around a bit. Once you have done that it is just a case of dabbing your face with the mixture you have created and then wiping dry again. The lemon oil only works so well on spots and oily skin because it is a drying oil so your face will feel very dry after use so a little bit of moisturiser will be needed though preferably not one that is oily otherwise you will just be wasting your time!

        To moisturise dry cuticles and awful looking nails, I add 2-3 drops of lemon oil to baby oil and then gently rub the oil into my fingernails. It feels lovely especially if you hav someone else doing it! I also recommend this is you have acrylic nails which are starting to grow off as the lemon based oil will make them look fresh again and not look so bad in that growing off "I need to be filled" stage.

        It is also fabulous for just burning as an undiluted oil in an oil burner. ou need an oil burner and you just pop a little tealight candle underneath and add 2-4 drops of lemon oil depending on how strong you want the scent and just let the oil burn. The smell is very refreshing and leaves the house with a lovely clean smell. It is really lovely.

        To use it to clean hands, I tend to mix it with a little bit of dispensible soap for when you just have those awful stains on your hands which will not budge. I add 1 or 2 drops depending on the severity of the stain! But it really works and gets rid of the stain easier than soap does.

        As with any product you try. I do recommend that you try a small patch test first to make sure you do not suffer any sort of reaction.

        A highly recommended oil


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          07.01.2010 00:46
          Very helpful



          Can be used for many thing and blends well with many other essential oils

          I am fascinated by aromatherapy and I have a wide selection of essential oils at home of many brands that I incorporate in my life when needed from cosmetics use to treating certain illnesses, washing machine instead of conditioner for clothes and deodorizing my clothes.
          This is some of the knowledge I have acquired over time by using them, hope it helps, I am not a trained aromatherapeut or anything like that but I do have a huge amount of books and this is the best way I can think of making an introduction about them from the knowledge I have personally acquired.

          Latin name: Citrus limonum

          Note: Top

          - is a small green tree that grows only to 6 meters high. The tree has small white-pink flowers and green fruits that ripe into an bright yellow colour.
          -it is grow mostly in the Mediterranean countries.

          Extraction: is extracted is by cold pressing the skin peel. The colour resulted is pale greenish yellow

          Composition: it is formed mainly out of limonene up to 90% and cital.

          Scent:: tangy, citrus, light, fresh, penetrating, sour

          Warning: this is a photo synthetic oils, to be on the safe side do not get exposed to the sun prior to 17 hours since you have last used it. It can cause irritation.
          This oils does not have a long shelf life: between 6 to 12 months,
          Keep at cool room temperature out of sun in a wooden box or cupboard
          Never use undiluted on skin.
          Don't use while pregnant.
          Do not take internally.

          Therapeutic properties: highly antiseptic, astringent, stimulating, astringent, deodorising,

          Use: must be always diluted in a carrier oil
          - oily skin, acne, blackheads, cellulites, boils, athlete's foot, psoriasis,, dandruff, excess perspiration, insect repellent, poor circulation, veins, asthma, bronchitis, colds, massage.

          For face use dilute 0.75% that is 18 drops per 100ml in a carrier oil
          Bath: 4 drops

          Blends well with: basil, bay, bergamot, cedar wood, citronella, eucalyptus, frankincense ,geranium, lavender, lime, ylang-ylang tea tree, sandalwood, rosewood, rose pine, peppermint, patchouli ,orange, neroli


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            29.09.2008 18:47
            Very helpful



            Excellent alternative to spot creams

            I use lemon essential oil for one thing only. As a diluted skin wash. A few facts first, it should never be applied to the skin undiluted, don't get tempted! And it is photosensitive which means if you use it then go out in the sun it can react with the sun to irritate your skin so it's best to use it at night if you're a sun lover.

            I don't go out in the sun anyway due to an allergy to sunlight, yes you heard me right! So I use this in the morning sometimes too as I have to wear high factor skin cream every day anyway.

            It's purpose as a skin wash is to dry out excessive oil. I have skin that reacts to weather changes, at the onset of summer if becomes very dry and as we head into the cooler months I have a few weeks of oily and spotty skin. I'm currently in the oily, spotty phase.

            To use this just wash your face as normal, rinse with warm water then fill your sink with cold water. Add 2 drops of lemon essential oil and swish it round in the water then splash your face several times with your lemon rinse. Pat dry.

            It really is very drying so if you need to apply some moisturiser afterwards it won't hurt (unless you pick a really oily one that puts the oil right back of course!). I always find within a few days the oiliness of my skin has reduced and the spots are well on their way out. It's not necessary to use it constantly, just during a bout of spots or if you always have oily skin a few times a week.

            If you have oily skin on your body you can also add 3-5 drops to your bath or apply the rinse with a cloth after a shower.

            It smells lovely and fresh and dries out oily skin quickly. I buy mine on ebay for about £1.50 for a 10ml bottle and it lasts a year each time due to the small amount needed and my infrequent use of it. Brilliant for oily skin!


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              22.09.2005 13:51
              Very helpful



              Easy to use

              Lemon essential oil is a common essential oil which most people have heard of or tried at one time or an other. It can be bought at all health shops and in some of the supermarkets for around £2.40 it comes in a little brown glass bottle with a twist off lid and you use about put two or three drops of the oil each time.

              Essential oils are made from the extracts of plants and any part of the plant can be used, from the leaves, stems, flowers, roots and fruits. There are lots of ways of using essential oils and the most common way is to put a few drops of lemon oil into your bath water before getting in. This will immediately scent the room with the fresh scent of lemons.

              You can also use a couple of drops of lemon oil in an oil burner in any room, put two or three drops in the top of a burner light the candle below and the room will again be scented with the aroma of fresh lemons.
              If your looking to tone the skin with lemon oil then adding a few drops of the lemon oil into a base oil, which can also be bought at the health shops, can then be used for massage or nourishing the skin.

              As a massage lotion this is great to get you closer to your loved one and will ease away the stresses of the day, lemon oil is great for refreshing the mind and uplifting the spirit.
              You can also add lemon oil to any cream or oil which isn’t already perfumed and can even mix it with vegetable oil for the complexion, but only a little is needed on cotton wool for the removal of make-up and for toning the skin.

              It can be used in a foot bath too when you’ve had a long day on your feet or after running if your into this exercise. You have to remember thought that essential oils are not to be used undiluted as they can irritate, it is always best to use them in a base oil or in water.
              Most of the essential oils can be used at home and without a trained aromatherapist but always read the leaflet which comes in the box with the oil as it will tell you what it is suited for and the ways to use it and the dosage, some oils are two drops others four or more.
              On the whole though essential oils are safe to use but must be kept out of the way of young children as the tops only twist off and can be opened by them, with the oils being concentrated they can sting if they get in eyes or irritate if they become in contact with the skin undiluted.

              I think the best ways to use lemon oil is in your bath, it isn’t oily and doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily but begins to work as soon as it hit’s the water, scenting the room, refreshing the mind, uplifting your spirit and easing tiredness.
              As for a massage it completely relaxes and refreshes you not to mention getting you in the mood with your loved one.
              Lemon oil will last for quite a while once opened as most essential oils last up to two years without going off but once you mix them with base oil they only last a few months. Lemon oil isn’t good to use if your going out in the sun to sunbath as it will make you burn quicker. It is however great for oily skin, stimulation of the mind, asthma, bronchitis and catarrh.
              As a cosmetic it’s also great for the skin.


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                06.10.2001 02:05
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                Lemon essential oil has a sharp, clean aroma. It makes my mouth water when I smell it! The oil is steam distilled and expressed from the fruit of the Citrus Limonum tree (lemon tree). The latin family name of this plant is Rutaceae. The biggest commercial producer is California, USA. It is useful to know the family name when purchasing essential oils then you can make sure that you are getting the right thing. It is also useful to know that oils with the same family name share similar properties. USES ++++ Cleanses skin, Refreshes skin and the air if used in a diffuser or on a lampshade ring, Tones and conditions nails and cuticles, Will lighten stained and dull hands, Blend well with other oils, especially camomile (it takes away the sweetness). Antiseptic and soothing for oily and blemished skins. How to Use ++++++++++ Use in a warm bath to refresh the body and uplift the spirit, (2 drops only or skin irritation may occur.) Use as a room air freshener by putting a couple of drops on a terracotta ring which sits on top of the light bulb in a lamp, Rub a couple of drops of oil onto a cold bulb if you don't have a ring, it will diffuse into the air as the bulb warms, Put two drops of the oil into a bowl and add hot water, lay a flannel on top of the water so that it soaks up the oil, use as a compress or hang over a radiator to diffuse into the room. Blend with other oils for different effects. Goes well with neroli, orange flower and violet. Warning: ++++++++ May irritate very sensitive skins. Always test first if you are unsure. Never add more than a couple of drops to a bath. Don't take internally and keep away from eyes and mucous membranes. Keep away from children as this oil smells as though it would be very tasty!!! Do not use on skin before going into direct sunlight as
                you may get a reaction. Dilute to 1% (with carrier oil) before putting on the skin. Verdict: ++++++++ Excellent for cleansing skin and refreshing if used in the bath. I love the smell of this and find it stimulating. A good choice of oil for use in the sick room during the day. I found that it made the 'patient' feel more lively and cheerful during the day which of course helped with sleep at night time.


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                Aroma is similar to fresh lemon rinds except richer and more concentrated.

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