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Natures Aid Triple Strength Rose Water

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Brand: Natures Aid / Essential Oil

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    2 Reviews
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      03.02.2014 18:59
      Very helpful



      A wonderful product from a UK Company Who care

      Natures Aid Rosewater


      I love Rosewater and it is so versatile, these days I make it myself and it is very easy to make if you grow your own roses. However, I used to buy about a bottle a month and still do buy the occasional bottle.

      I like the Natures Aid version because it is unadulterated and therefore much more useful.

      Beware messed about with versions or those with added glycerine - it will not do the same.

      Rose Water:

      The Rose Water that we buy in the shops is traditionally made from the Damask Rose. The Damask has a particularly strong smell and an abundance of fragrant petals. Most of the commercially sold Rose Water is from the Middle East where it is widely grown and used in cooking as well as fragrances. It is possible to buy British made Rose Water from small artisan sellers.

      Natures Aid:

      Natures Aid is a well known small Lancashire based company and they sell a range of health products. I was first introduced to them by my dad who lives in Southport. Their range is widely available from independent chemists and I buy my Rosewater when I need to from a local supplier.

      Natures Aid have a good philosophy and an excellent reputation they say:

      "Our Philosophy has always been to provide high quality, effective nutritional supplements to help preserve and maintain optimum health"

      You can find out more about their ethos and their range of products here: www.naturesaid.co.uk


      * Air Freshener

      *Cooking such as biscuits, cakes and sweets


      *Fragrance for beauty products

      *Soap Making

      *Candle Making

      *Eye Area Treatment

      * Cleansing


      How I Use Rose Water:

      I have for many years used Rose Water to add to ironing water to freshen the laundry and improve the ironing experience. I cannot remember how I first found out that it was a good idea but it is a habit I have acquired and is especially useful if washing with wash balls or a cheaper less fragranced laundry product.
      After a few years of using it for that purpose, I also discovered that it can be used to fragrance the room by placing into a humidifier and by adding to a spray to freshen the room and upholstery. As well as a general air freshener. Today I use it in a reed diffuser to gently and naturally fragrance the air.

      I use Rosewater a lot in soap making, it seems to have gentle moisturising properties and adds a softness to the soap. However, it is not a popular fragrance.

      I have given some home-made rose water away and had some returned to me as scented candles, it is a lovely gentle fragrance to go with the gentle flicker of the flame.

      I do sometimes use as a toner and if you prefer a softer fragrance it can help tone the skin in the fight against blemishes without the astringent smell and tingle of stronger items such as tea tree. Stored in the fridge and applied on a piece of cotton wool it is a lovely gentle toner in hot weather or climates.

      Rose Water makes a wonderful addition to summer cakes, both in the sponge and especially to flavour and gently colour butter icing and glace icing. A really nice finish to the cake is to sprinkle a few rose petals over the top and decorate with a rosebud. I have used it a few times and it comes under the "Showstopper" section yet is so easy and cheap to use. Rose flavour in flapjacks and other biscuits is lovely and adds a dimension to gentle flavoured biscuits. Of course Turkish Delight is flavoured with Rosewater.

      As an eye refresher or facial spritz, Rose Water can be used straight from the bottle and decanted into a spray bottle for a refreshing spritz or applied via cotton wool or lint to refresh tired eyes. For best results soak some lint in the Rose Water and store in the fridge. I have also used these to help relieve migraine, but because of the coolness not the Rose Water!

      Natures Aid being triple strength can be watered down and therefore lasts even longer.


      Presented in a clear plastic bottle with a white screw top lid. The front label is predictably pink based with the Natures Aid Health Products logo and the text "Triple Strength Rose Water". Mine does not quite look the same as int he photo though. Look for it by name it is a good version.

      Ingredients: "100% Triple Strength Rose Water"

      Price and Availability:

      £1.99 for 100ml bottle from independent stockists where stocked or on-line direct from Natures Aid or from Amazon.

      In Conclusion:

      Yes, I make my own, but to be honest making and using my own harvested rose water is a lovely satisfying experience. The added potency though of this product ensures that I will not be planting any more rose bushes anytime soon. Quality Rose Water as supplied by Natures Aid is a wonderful, uplifting product to use.




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      09.10.2009 00:17
      Very helpful



      A gentle, fresh, toning floral water scented with rose.

      You know when you discover a little "Gem" of a beauty product and it becomes a "must have" in your routine? Well this Rose Water is one such product for me.

      I store it in the fridge which for me adds another dimension to it's cooling, soothing, toning properties. Not only is it extremely refreshing on a hot, sticky, humid day it also zaps your skin on a cold, crisp, frosty morning awakening your skin and senses alike with it's soft delicate flowery aroma.

      I particularly favour this Rose Water as it's triple strength but not triple the price, weighing in at a mere £1.99 for 100mls which lasts approx 6 months, a little does truly go along way. It smells divine, an initial hit of lush rose which rapidly fades to a subtle fresh flowery scent.

      The Company ~

      Natures Aid who manufacture it are based in Preston, Lancashire so I can support a small local business which I always endeavour to do. They started out in January 1981 with 3 staff members selling 6 products and now have 70 staff and sell 160 products~ vitamins, minerals etc..which they sell to over 1,200 independent healthfood stores etc.

      Wherever possible their products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and they use no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. They have reduced packaging and are working on reducing their carbon footprint all very commendable these days.

      Any more information ~ www.naturesaid.co.uk

      I buy mine from a lady who has a stall on Altrincham market, so again I can help someone even more local to me especially as I have all my family and friends addicted to it aswell and I frequently treat them all for Christmas and birthdays.

      Rose Water~

      Rose Water is traditionally made from the Damask Rose as it produces an abundance of fragrant pink petals (usually 30 or more). Initially grown in Iran and Bulgaria but now Spain, France and Italy also. The Middle Eastern countries remain the largest suppliers partly because they use Rose Water frequently in cooking.

      Uses ~

      Cooking and infusing food.
      Sweets ~ used in Marzipan and Turkish Delight.
      Religion ~ certain religions use it to cleanse the body before prayer.
      Skin ~ as a toner or added to creams, cleansers or body lotions.
      Baths ~ a splash or 2 can soften and fragrance your bath water, in Ancient Rome, they bathed in it ( that would be an expensive bath).
      Mouthwash ~ can be used as a mouthwash, lovely if you enjoy Turkish Delight.
      Eyes ~ can be used to reduce puffiness and help relieve dark circles, it's gorgeous to soak cotton wool balls in it and freeze them then lie down with them on your closed eyes for 10 minutes if you can sneak 10 mins peace.
      Pot Pourri ~ a few drops can refresh you pot pourri.
      Pulse points ~ in hot weather, I find it refreshing to apply to your pulse points particularly on the wrists, behind the ears and neck, cooling and refreshing especially the frozen cotton wool trick.


      It comes in a clear plastic 100ml bottle, great so you can see how much you have remaining. It has a white screw top lid and a rose pink and white label which simply states ~
      Natures Aid Health Products. Triple Strength Rose Water.
      Store in a cool place away from sunlight.

      Ingredients ~ Triple Strength Rose Water.

      It's completely clear and looks just like water. Gently sweep across your face and neck on cotton wool, then use a seperate piece for each eye, so not to spread any infections / bacteria.

      Available on line and from independent health food stores.

      The packaging is simple and understated, who needs "fancy flash" packaging? This product delivers in how it makes your skin / eyes look and feel and for me thats why I buy it and use it every day.

      I use it first thing in the morning to refresh and tone my skin, awaken my sense of smell with it's lush deep rose fragrance and "depuff" my eyes, I must admit if I can get away with it I do sneak a crafty 10 mins lying on the settee with the frozen cotton wool soothing my tired eyes, but between the dog nudging me and mithering children, it's not always worth the hassle.

      I also apply it at night after cleansing, I've found with it's anti bacterial and antiseptic properties for me it helps keep my skin relatively grease and blemish free.

      I decant some in a small spray bottle which I carry in my bag, great to refresh yourself ( even over makeup)whilst out shopping or even at work if you melt under intense lights and fabulous to spritz after a gruelling workout at the gym. I can't comment on culinary use as I haven't cooked with it or used it as a mouthwash but I know a lady who does regularly and Loves it.

      On shopping trips with "the girls" I end up with a large queue to spritz ranging from 7 year olds to 60 year olds, they don't like to miss out.....

      So a wonderful pure product, (you can't beat 1 ingredient) for an excellent price with various different uses, I have suffered no adverse reactions in approx 4 years even with applying it to my sensitive eyes, the only negative I can think of is if you don't like the scent of Rose you won't like this.....


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