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Nelson Sootha Bryonia Cough Syrup

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Dosage Form: Syrup / Type: Homeopathic Medicines & Remedies

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    1 Review
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      27.03.2011 19:48
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      A homeopathic cough syrup that helps sooth my sons cough in a natural way

      Nelsons Sootha Bryonia seems to be simply refers to as Nelsons Sootha Children's Cough Syrup now. The couple of bottles of this that I have bought have always just been Nelson's Sootha that is suitable for children over 12 months. I first bought this cough medicine in a desperation really when my son was about 18 months old and had lurched from cough to cough with no respite and no visible sign of improvement. The standard chemist cough syrups didn't appear to do anything so I had a look on the Internet at the Nelsons website and saw this medication. The reason I had looked at a homeopathic remedy was that when my son was teething I found their Teetha medicine was the only thing that seemed to settle him. At the time it wasn't available in my local shops so I ordered some of the Website. It is now more commonly available and is found in a lot of Boots chemists.

      What is it?
      This is a homeopathic remedy for coughs it contains natural Bryonia 6c, purified honey and zesty lemon juice. In this homeopathic remedy it is the Bryonia that is the active ingredient. Bryonia is a yellow flowering climbing plant that has been used to treat coughs since Ancient Greeks and Roman times or at least that is what the Internet searches tell me. The cough syrup is also free from artificial colorings, flavorings and alcohol.

      The dose for this medicine is one 5 mls measure three times a day. They recommend that the last dose is given at bedtimes when the cough is generally most troublesome.

      The syrup itself is a dark brown colour that is thinner than most traditional cough syrups I think the reason for this is the absence of glycerin in this syrup. The medicine has a strong smell and taste of honey so is quite sweet on the palate.

      Homeopathy for those who don't know is "Homeopathy is a system of medicine which involves treating the individual with highly diluted substances....with the aim of triggering the body's natural system of healing" British Homeopathy Society

      In use
      When we first used this with my son he seems to like the taste and would readily take the syrup without and problems. I personally when he was younger used to measure all his medication in a syringe as this way I knew it was more accurate and he would happily take medicine this way a bit like a little bird really. The first cough that he had seemed to respond very well to this medicine and within a couple of days of taking it his cough had virtually cleared up. The honey combination seemed to sooth his cough on a night and this alongside some baby Vicks on his chest and a damp towel over the radiator meant that though he coughed in the night he didn't cough so much that he woke himself up which was happening when he took the regular cough medicine. By about 5 days the cough had totally cleared for the first time in months and I was truly amazed by the syrup. We have used this several times since and each time we have generally had the same results that it is visibly better in 2 -3 days and gone in about 5 days. However now that he is older and his palate seems to have developed he no longer likes the taste of the medicine and refuses often to take it even when bribed with a tasty treat. What I have done recently when faced with this problem is to mix the cough syrup in some apple juice a very sneaky mummy I know but it gets the medicine in and we have the same result of his cough clearing up so I assume the apple juice doesn't do anything to harm the Bryonia.

      This medicine is suitable for adults too and though the bottle says it's a children's medicine I have taken this myself at the same dose when afflicted by a cough and found it to be just as effective for myself.

      Warnings and contra-indications
      The reason that medicine is only suitable for children over 12months old is due to the inclusion of honey in it and though very rare honey can contain spores of the bacteria Clostridium botulinum, which can germinate in a baby's immature digestive system causing infant botulism. It is also advised not to take this if you are pregnant or breast feeding and I think the reason for this is the honey again.

      Other Ingredients: Natural honey, sorbitol (E420), water, lemon juice, methylparaben (E218)

      I would definitely recommend this for troublesome coughs in both children and adults it is pleasant to taste and we found it does help clear up coughs in my son and myself. At around £3-4 for a 150 ml bottle depending on the supplier I think it is a good value product and one we keep in our medicine supplies now.


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    • Product Details

      Nelson Sootha Cough Syrup is a pleasant tasting, soothing, homoeopathic remedy. It contains Bryonia 6c, honey, and lemon juice, natural ingredients which help to bring gentle relief to coughs in both adults and children of all ages.

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