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Nelsons Rhus tox 6c Russ tox

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/ Type: Homeopathic Medicines & Remedies

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    1 Review
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      16.11.2004 20:05
      Very helpful



      Rhus toxicodendron

      These little pills are very good for the treatment of lots of ailments which we will go into later on in the review.
      They come in a little light blue see through plastic container which will cost you from £3.75 to £4.20 depending on which health shop you go to.
      The pills are little white one’s and can be taken straight away when purchased, it is always best to find out what dosage you are supposed to take and this depends on which illness you are taking them for as these little beauties are great for lots of things.

      It will tell you on the packet what the dosage is, or you can get hold of a homeopathic book which will guide you if you are treating yourself.
      I always think it is best to consult a trained homeopathic doctor before taking this kind of medicine, as in my experience there are so many different types of homeopathic tablets which can be sometimes taken for the same illness as another type of homeopathic medicine.
      Once you know which one is best suited to you then it’s easy to remember the name and top up at the health shop for when the ailment comes back.

      Rhus Toxicodendron comes from a plant which is a shrub grows in fields, woods and along fences all over North America. It trails along the ground until it finds something to climb up, either a wall or tree or whatever and the plant produces a milky juice which turns black when it comes into contact with the air. This is highly poisonous, which also gives the plant it’s common name of Poison Ivy.

      It also goes by other names, like poison vine, poison oak and poison ash. The first time this plant was used was as a remedy for a rash and then for rheumatism, but today it is made into the tablet form for use on many ailments.
      The leaves of this plant are chopped and pounded to a pulp then they are left to stand in alcohol to release all the juice, after this the liquid solution is strained and the remains left to dry and then made into tablet form.

      These tablets can be used to treat the symptoms of :-
      Cold Sores
      Eye Inflammation
      Stiff Necks
      Chicken pox

      We were staying at a farm one year doing the hop tying and my youngest daughter came out in spots, to me it looked like chicken pox as they alw3ays seem to start with a cold and get the spots behind their ears and on the stomach and back first, before breaking out on the arms and legs. It’ always strikes me as funny how measles come out arms and legs first, anyway there was a young girl there who was doing a gap year from university and she was studying to be a homeopathic nurse.
      When she saw my daughter she offered to treat her and gave her Rhus Tox, my hubbie wasn’t to pleased as she wasn’t qualified and the next day when my daughter was absolutely covered with spots he took us to the doctors.

      The doctor said there was nothing much he could do and that it was chicken pox and was surprised at how quickly the spots had come out, virtually over night. I told him she had been given homeopathic medicine the day before and he said that some people don’t think they work, but it could be why the spots have come out so quickly.
      He told my daughter not to scratch the spots and that I could give her paracetamol if she started to get hot. My daughter seemed to be alright apart from looking spotty and after two weeks all the spots were gone. They didn’t seem to itch her that much either as she has no scarring, which is really a surprise to me as I have a scar on my arm from a chicken pox which drove me mad when I was little and I just had to scratch it, which left a tiny faded pox mark.

      I know some people say that homeopathy isn’t real medicine but I have used it for years and have seen it in action, not just on myself but on my children and my friends children when they have been ill.
      I would recommend you read up about it before using any medicine and if you can get advice from a trained homeopathic nurse or doctor then all the better.

      I hope this has been helpful in some way.


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      Nelsons is Europe?s oldest and the UK?s largest Brand of homoeopathic medicines. In response to consumers? growing awareness of, and demand for, homoeopathy we conducted extensive research and development

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