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Weleda Homeopathic Medicine Sepia

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    1 Review
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      29.12.2003 22:51
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      My sepia story, this is my experience and how Sepia has helped me to get my life back on track and balance out the mind, body and soul. It's no joke being female and having all these hormones runnng around your body, sometimes there are too many other times there are too few, an inbalance of our hormones can have devastating effects not just for us personally but sometimes for everyone around us, men children and even friends have been known to be caught up in the monthly whirlwind of the dreaded PMT. It's not just the PMT either I'm now heading into the naughty forties, I'm just gone 42 and have three children to who have grown up and left home. I only have my 15 year old daughter here now. I was told after having my second child that I shouldn't have any more children as I had problems in childbirth and the doctors said it was not safe to have any more, being only twenty at the time of my second child I thought this didn't matter as I had a loverly little boy and a loverly baby girl. when my relationship broke down and I met someone else we planned to have another child, I was 27 by now and my two children were at that age where you might consider having another or just to leave it. I got pregnant and had a miscarraige at about three months term, some months later I got pregnant again, this time I carried the baby and had a healthy little girl. I didn't go to the doctors untill I was six months pregnant as I knew that he'd go mad. I had already been told that the safest thing was to get sterilized, so when my new baby arrived we considered her to be a little miracle. I knew that to get pregnant again would just be stupid and booked myself to be sterilized. My third child was four months old so my partner looked after her and my other two while I went in. All went well after the operation untill about four months later, when I was pre menstrual I got the feeling that something wasn
      9;t right I didn't feel good. I had hardly ever suffered from PMT before, I had had stomach and back ache before but nothing like this. I was tearful then angry, then tearful again I felt really down in the dumps, insecure and ugly and unloved. The worse thing of all though was that me and my partner started to row, not just bickering but full on slamming door rows, I was shouting and crying and then when I'd calm down sometime later I didn't really know what was the matter. It felt like I was going mad. This is when I realised something had to be done, off I went to the doctors who told me I had a hormone imbalance, he offered me the pill to regulate my moods and periods, but these didn't help much. I have tried evening primrose oil and other health products over the years for this hormone imbalance and the best thing I have come across its Sepia. I am now into my early fourties and am at the hot flush stage of the change, a bit early to be going through this, but some women who have been sterilized young can hit the change of life early. Sepia is helping me through it. Sepia comes from cuttlefish, it is the dried ink of the cuttlefish, made into a homeopathic tablet which can be bought at most health shops for around £3.00m a bottle. It's made by Weleda and can be bought at most health shops. You can take a tablet straight away to ease symptoms of hot flushes, cramps, and pmt. I take two tablets a day about a week before my period and then stop taking them about two days after and I can feel the benefits of this. The rows have stopped in our house it is a much calmer enviroment to be in and I owe it all to these little white pills. This can be taken during pregnancy and after you have given birth. Sepia is also great for other symptoms. It can calm you down if you are an argumentative person........ Great for teenage girls... LOL Can help ease backache, it can
      be used for treatment of cold sores, bloating of the stomach, coughs, cystitis, exhaustion, faitness, hot flushes, fevers, headaches, hair loss, Insomnia, nausea, period problems, thrush, travel sickness and toothache. I think this has really changed my life and helped with the condition I suffer with. If like me your going through the change or just get really bad pmt, then give yourself and partner a break and try this.


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