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Brand: CDA / Non-Vented

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    1 Review
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      15.06.2010 14:50
      Very helpful



      Looks good and has a practical application.

      For the last 12 years, I plodded along with an old cooker, which had an eye level grill. I'm sure it was probably second hand when my husband bought it, and I don't know how long he had owned it before I moved in. I just know that it didn't work very well. If anything started burning it would inevitably set the smoke alarm off and we would end up dancing around it trying to stop the noise. Oh, for the luxury of a cooker hood!

      Now times have moved on, and when we had the new kitchen installed back in December, I managed to get a new cooker with an integrated hob and an extractor hood, which hopefully meant no more noisy smoke alarm!

      We got the fitter to mount the hood to the wall and connect it to the mains, which seemed to be relatively straightforward (for him!), although I wouldn't have wanted to do it myself, as I am useless at DIY.

      The design of the hood is very simple and it has only five buttons, which run along the front of the hood and are easy to reach. The first button controls the light (2x40w bulb), which provides a nice ambience in the kitchen during the darker evenings, and makes your kitchen look quite posh! The second button turns the extractor off, and the three buttons next to that control the power at which the fan is running.

      The hood comes with a charcoal filter and two washable grease filters that can be put in the dishwasher. I have had the hood since December and the filters are still nice and clean, so I imagine that they don't need to be washed very often. The charcoal filter can be replaced if necessary, although I haven't had cause to do this either, although the leaflet recommends every three months if the cooker is used frequently.

      The hood can be installed with an exhaust pipe to the outside or, as in my case, the air is recirculated by the carbon filters, which transforms the hood into an air purifier rather than a traditional extractor. I find it very useful when frying foods on the hob or cooking chips, as well as when cooking foods that smoke easily such as bacon and sausages.

      The hood is stainless steel and easy to keep clean, although due to it's position it can get a surface layer of dust on it. I find the best way to keep it clean is by applying a thin layer of baby oil and rubbing it in with a cloth, which makes the hood shine like new and protects it from dirt. It can also be cleaned with a mild liquid detergent.

      The lightbulbs are easily replaced by removing the back panel and replacing with a bulb no more than 40W.

      The CHX7 is an attractive kitchen feature which looks stylish when mounted on the wall as well as having a practical application of removing cooking smells. It is easy to maintain, and the addition of a backlight helps to create a nice ambience in the kitchen. A hood retails from between £110-£140. No more dancing around the smoke alarm for me!


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    Short name: CDA CHX7

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