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Brand: CDA / Design: Chimney Hood / Integrated

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    1 Review
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      05.03.2012 23:22
      Very helpful



      Works with the CDA cooker I reviewed earlier, and will perform well with other cookers too!

      CDA cookers and hoods are an obvious pair waiting to be combined - though they are most often sold separately, perhaps due to the companies tendency to try and make as much money as possible from the under-dog consumer. Though this is something exercised by most businesses (often as a legal requirement by investors), it still annoys me slightly - you get the feeling you're being ripped off a tad.

      As with the cooker I reviewed earlier, this CDA hood is made from an identical stainless-steel compound, and the width and depth of the extractor fan surround at the bottom of the product is a constant 60cm.
      The chimney breast of the hood raises roughly 100cm above the fan and the whole contraption has to be set 65cm above the electric hob of the CDA cooker - if the cooker is a gas model, this must be 75cm.
      All these measurements ensure the set up of an ideal cooking environment the majority of UK citizens are used to and tend to enjoy.

      The CDA chimney hood utilises two 40W halogen lights directed down over the cooker hobs which add additional artificial light to an already usually well lit area. Because there is often sufficient lighting available in the kitchen, the lights of the hood can be switched off via the flick of a button in the centre-middle of the device. Accompanying this button are four others: maximum fan power, middle fan power, minimum fan power, and the disable fan button. This cluster of controls makes up all the hoods capabilities. I like the system used to control the hood, however just as with the CDA cooker I reviewed previously, the buttons do collect grub and muck easily from greasy fingers.

      The extractor fan seems to collect smell, smoke and steam from the room excellently. When on full power this action is carried out best (and the technical spec of this and other bits is typed below), but the noise from the device when performing in this region is high. It will sound over the usual volume of the TV and disrupt conversation, and the sound seems to become greater and greater as the machine ages and its hours of use increase. Overall the fan is a good example of extraction, but the filter does need replacing every now and then, another hassle (shared by all models).

      The device is easy to clean and maintain on the outside and can be wiped down with the help of cleaning products to give a professional shine. The glass sheeting on the under-side of the hood can be cleaned easily, though this does collect a substantial amount of grub and muck over time which becomes stuck, more difficult to remove.

      Technical Specification (http://www.appliancesdirect.co.uk):

      - Required height over gas hob: 750mm
      - Required height over electric hob: 650mm
      - Outlet diameter: 120 mm
      - Noise level: 55 dBA
      - Extraction rate: 358 m³/hr
      - Rated electrical power: 240 W
      - Power supply required: 3 amps

      Overall, this hood performs well against other extractor fan appliances I've had the pleasure of using. It removes smell and steam/smoke well and helps to keep the kitchen free of stale air, circulating it back outside. The thing is expensive for what it is: £145 from www.appliancedirect.co.uk, but these appliances do carry a price, just as they do when installing - ducting and pipe-work must take air outside the building, a system which doesn't work in all buildings depending on the location of the kitchen and type of external wall about it. All in all a 4/5 product well recommended.


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