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Rangemaster LEIHDC90BC Chimney Cooker Hood 64940 BLK 90cm

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Brand: Rangemaster / Kitchen Hood Type: Convertible / Design: Island Chimney / Canopy / Air Moving Speeds: 3 Speeds / Height: 120 cm / Width: 89.8 cm

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    2 Reviews
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      06.09.2012 11:28
      Very helpful



      Great looking hood for a 100cm cooker.

      We built our kitchen just over 3 years ago and everything was planned meticulously. We needed a hood to cope with the demands of our new range cooker. We also had to plan how we were going to extract the cooker fumes from our kitchen. We decided on this Rangemaster hood simple because the manufacturer have an excellent reputation. Although when I rung one shop to order it, they insisted that before purchasing it they'd have to send a rep out to us in order to go through the purchase. I have no idea why this was so. I eventually found a company that sold them ordered and paid for it and then took receipt of it.
      Get a qualified sparky to do this, although if you are good with electrics then you're probably capable of doing it yourself. You need to think about extraction - although this type of cooker hood will let you either use external venting or reticulate the fumes back into your kitchen, we didn't take this option we had to vent it out through our garage - lots of pipe work required.
      It's a sexy little design and has a good quality satin finish to compliment our range oven It's made of course from steel. It's powered by a 145 watt motor, has 3 speed settings and a couple of 28 watt halogen bulbs. On the underside there are 3 metal grease filters which can be removed very easily to be cleaned. Airflow rate is 480m³ per hour no idea how that is measured but I'm reliably informed that this is very good.

      When in use the cooker hood does it's job, but it's very loud. I have noticed that the smoke alarm hasn't sounded when I've been cooking sausages since the purchase of this hood, so it must be working very well.
      We've had no problems whatsoever with this hood, although it can be hard to clean the grease off from the actual hood. The filters also need replacing on a regular basis - every 4 months so I've been led to believe. The filters are expensive to replace, but obviously a must have for it to run effectively.
      PLEASE NOTE: No ducting kit is supplied with this cooker hood.
      Purchased from Amazon for £379 inc del.


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      23.04.2012 20:51
      Very helpful



      A classic cooker hood, designed to a high standard for efficiency and ease of use.

      When choosing the cooker hood for our Rangemaster Classic 90 Cooker I remember feeling somewhat frustrated with the limited information available online. A cooker hood is a fairly basic item but I almost felt I was buying blind and pretty much had to wait and see what the Rangemaster LEIHDC90BC cooker hood was all about when it arrived. I will endeavour in this review to provide as much description as possible.

      My husband fitted our cooker hood although an electrician is normally required for the task. It is usually essential before purchase to establish how you require a cooker hood to vent air, whether it be to outside through a wall or recirculated into the kitchen. With this particular model both options are possible as the ducting cover has a vent on either side to allow filtered air back into the kitchen. The ducting cover which can be adjusted to size has a maximum drop of 102 cm.

      ~ Description ~
      This cooker hood is made from steel with a satin black finish. The widest edge at the front is 90cm, the depth is 49cm and the height of the hood measures 27cm. The ducting cover is 21cm x 21cm. It has a classic and straightforward hood shape which I think complements the Rangemaster 90 cooker perfectly. As previously mentioned there are two air vents either side of the ducting cover, these are black plastic and blend in well, so much so they are hardly noticeable in our kitchen. We went with the option of a Rangemaster badge for the front of the hood.
      On the underside of the hood are three aluminium grease cassette filters and at the front there are two oval domed clear plastic light units. Two 28 Watt halogen light bulbs are required for these and were supplied with the hood. The lights are either side of a black plastic bar control panel where there are three slider switches, the first to operate the lights, the second to turn the fan on or off and the third has 3 speed settings for the fan.

      ~ Our Thoughts and Use ~
      We were immediately impressed with the general feel of quality to the hood and felt it was in line with the high standard in build and design of our Rangemaster cooker.
      I switch on the lights almost every time I use the hob as the cooker stands at the darkest end of our kitchen, they create a very clear and useful light over the whole hob as well as an attractive extra warm light in the room.

      I generally use the highest setting for the fan whilst cooking dinner especially if boiling pasta or using two or three hobs. This maximum sound level is 64 dB. I find this quite loud but my husband tells me it is actually fairly quiet for an extractor fan with a 145 Watt Motor. When using the fan I do not notice any build up of condensation around the kitchen so am very pleased with its performance. On the odd occasion I have forgotten to switch on the fan there is a considerable amount of condensation across our kitchen window and the walls closest to the cooker. The maximum air extraction rate is 450 cubic metres per hour (this is the 'maximum' figure taken from the booklet, figures given online vary and this can be misleading). I use the middle or lowest settings when simmering or cooking with only one saucepan. The lowest setting is also very useful for when the oven or grill is in use as it creates only a gentle sound and removes any steam escaping from the back of the oven as well as strong and long lasting cooking smells from the kitchen. As far as I'm concerned the aroma of baked bread or biscuits can linger throughout the home for ages but not so keen to smell grilled fish or vegetable lasagne for the remainder of an evening and night.

      The three aluminium filters release from position easily and are washable under a tap with hot soapy water although on occasion they have been placed in the dishwasher on a 40 degree cycle. I tap them at an angle onto a tea towel to remove excess water and then they locate quickly and securely back into position. The hood itself although black doesn't seem to particularly attract or show up dust, it is simple in design without any unnecessary crevices or ridges so again easy to keep clean.

      ~ Summary ~
      Overall, we have been very pleased with the quality and efficiency of this cooker hood. It is designed well throughout, straightforward to use and has performed reliably for almost 5 years.
      Currently available with a free 2 year guarantee from Appliance world at £279.71 or John Lewis at £309.00. I highly recommend.

      Thanks for reading x
      This review may also appear on Ciao.
      © Lunaria 2012


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    • Product Details

      / The Rangemaster LEIHDC90BC Chimney Cooker Hood 64940 is a great way to complete your kitchen installations. This black coloured chimney hood can efficiently rid your kitchen of cooking odours, grease and grime. The Rangemaster LEIHDC90BC Chimney Cooker Hood 64940 has 3 fan speeds. It comes supplied with both charcoal and washable aluminium grease filters and has extraction rate of 480m3/hr. This chimney hood also has two lamps to light up your hob, and easy-to-use button controls. With all these features, Rangemaster LEIHDC90BC Chimney Cooker Hood 64940 will be a welcome addition to any kitchen!

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