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Bhanuswari Resort (Ubud, Bali)

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Address: Jl. Tengkulak Ubud

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    1 Review
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      24.01.2013 10:23
      Very helpful



      a very well kept hotel in Ubud

      As I have mentioned in past reviews, I recently went on a trip to Bali where I saw a lot of it doing a guided tour. On the last night we had an extra night to stay in Bali and could choose wherever we wanted to go so I had decided to stay in Ubud as this place had a lot to offer. Now, upon choosing a hotel for the last night it was a hard choice as Ubud has so many great places to stay but I had noticed some were quite pricey for what they were offering. I actually decided to go on lowcostholidays.com in the end where they were offering better priced rooms and I could check Trip Advisor to see if these hotels were as good as they were saying.

      The Bhanuswari Resort and Spa caught my eye, I did notice it was a little bit out of Ubud but it had such good comments and when I clicked on their website it was a professional looking website which seemed important to me. Looking at the images and what guests had said this sounded too good to be true for the price. They have the option of a standard, deluxe or superior room, I opted for a superior being the last night but they do also have the choice of private villas, it all depends on what you want. I made my booking and was actually quite excited to finally get here and see what the hype was about especially for what had been paid.


      On our taxi to this hotel, it was a drive through a lot of small villages and the taxi driver had not heard of this place before, I was starting to panic the more narrow the roads were getting into the hotel, it surely couldn't be here? I saw a run down building and panicked but after the taxi driver asking if it was nearby, he directed us and when we pulled up I was in shock. It was gorgeous and I was a mix of relief and excitement, a member of staff greeted the driver and instantly took our bags up into the marble hobby where all staff were so polite and helpful. Check in was from 2pm but we were early and still they had the room ready for us, there were a lot of leaflets at reception and comfortable chairs to sit on too.

      You can see leaflets on activities, spa treatments, etc but you will get all of these in your room anyway so not to worry. The reception is tied in with the restaurant where meals are served and lots of staff are working so it is very clean upon first impressions. Once checked in, staff took our bags to our room, you turn out of reception and down a path with palm trees and rows of hotel rooms, it is almost like a small village but very posh, it looks out onto the rice paddies and there are two swimming pools, we got to our room and had a ground floor one which has a small porch to sit out on with chairs and a table and a light, it is very nice and I was glad we didn't have an upstairs room, I think these are standard rooms.

      Once sliding the doors open to the room, I was amazed it was beautiful, almost 4 star quality really and we paid so little for it. There was a four poster double bed with draping net curtains, a small side tablet with tea and coffee making facilities, some treats and fresh towels made into animal shapes. There was room to leave cases, a tv with cable TV and a DVD player and film choices if you want to pay, it was spacious and I loved the room and it had air conditioning as well which was nice. The bathroom to the back is a big sliding wooden door you open it up with a wet room shower in the corner and large bath in the centre of the tiled floor, it is all open plan and has a mirror and sink there too.

      The bathroom was gorgeous and toiletries were in there as well as more freshly cleaned towels, an economical toilet and a large window which it is not possible to be seen in. The bath was spotless as was the whole room really which made a change and also there were Balinese flowers left everywhere to add a touch of colour. There were some DVDs left in the room and a leaflet for room service meals, spa treatments and a history of the Bhanuswari logo which I thought was a nice touch. There is a phone in the room also where you can get a wake up call and can dial room service or reception. There is also free wi-fi which is a great connection throughout the resort never faultering.


      So, being the last day of our holiday I wanted to try out everything Bhanuswari had to offer, there were a lot of Ubud activities that could be arranged but I had been here before on the tour and done a few, so I didn't do anymore. Instantly I went to the infinity pool, this was lovely, very clean and there was a little bar area that was shut, it is right on the rice paddies so very tranquil and there is a small circular pool here, it goes quite deep and is just relaxing. There are sun loungers and towels can be picked up for these too. I loved how peaceful it was here and it looked very well kept which was nice, a few others were lying here too.

      Now, the room service menu is a fantastic facility, normally room service is expensive but not here and the choice of food is brilliant. There were Western food choices and typical Indonesian choices. I chose a few Indonesian and a club sandwich, you just needed to ring from the hotel room and they even brought it out to the pool area and took it away once finished. An average wait of about 20 minutes for food wasn't bad at all and food averaged at about £4 each meal. The next day I ordered again for lunch before leaving and again had lovely food here, they cook everything so well and this was some of the nicest food I had on my stay.

      The breakfast was also very nice here, this was included in the cost and you could choose whatever you fancied. I went for pancakes which became a favourite of mine while here as they serve them a lot. These were lovely, nice and sweet and fresh juice served with them, the restaurant area is very nice and has no glass windows, it is all open so you can hear the sound of the surroundings. Again, staff at breakfast were very friendly and the tables were very clean here too. I only ate at the restaurant for breakfast while here but was very happy with what I was given and wish I could have had even more food.

      Next, the spa was another thing I tried out, treatments weren't the cheapest but I booked in for a massage and just had to ring up and book in. They came to the room to get you for the massage and it maybe cost about £10 for an hour which seemed like slightly less but it was that good, I won't complain. It was very relaxing and there was a small room for spa treatments, they also did nails too and offered a good range of treatments. Nothing beats a massage here, what a nice end to a holiday and all equipment was kept very clean, I know I keep saying it but in a place like Bali you don't always get spotless clean rooms so it is nice.

      Now, the other great perk of this hotel which made me choose it in the first place was that they offer a free shuttle service to and from Ubud. You just ring reception and book it in and will be taken in a people carrier to wherever you need to go, he will pick you up also if you arrange a time and place and it kind of adds to their service being slightly out of town as this makes it good to stay here. On the way back we wanted picked up earlier and rang the hotel and he still came and got us and took us home, it was roughly a 15 minute journey but the guy was lovely so it didn't seem that bad. I liked this idea of the shuttle it was so easy to do and they always seemed happy to take you in.


      I had a great sleep at Bhanuswari and left feeling refreshed, watched a few DVD's and just took it easy in the quiet surroundings. Upon check out we were meant to check out at 10 but we weren't leaving until 2 and asked at reception if they could extend our room until then. Most hotels normally charge extra for this or would decline but they were lovely and checked they availability for the day and just moved who was meant to be going into our room so we could stay until 2, it was very kind of them and I appreciated it so much. They didn't have to do this but they went the extra mile which is why I want to write this review to say how impressed I was by their service.

      The facilities here go far beyond what the price entails and they really should get more recognition but I feel being slightly out of town may make people unsure. There were a mix of nationalities staying here and a lot of rooms seemed occupied so a lot of people must be hearing about the Resort & Spa. The staff couldn't have been any better, so friendly, helpful and attentive and I'd definitely go back here and recommend a stay to anyone visiting the area. It isn't the easiest to find but the room was lovely, luxurious and hot water wasn't a problem here, every single detail was thought of to add to a comfortable and carefree stay.


      I booked my stay here on lowcostholidays.com where they charged £23.50 for a standard room with breakfast or £27.50 for a deluxe room with breakfast so it is all very reasonably priced.

      The official Bhanuswari website is http://www.bhanuswariubud.com/ where you can also make bookings and see pictures.


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