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Camp Davy Crockett (France)

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    6 Reviews
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      12.04.2013 21:15
      Very helpful



      Perfect for larger groups visiting Disneyland

      Checking in and out

      We stayed at the Davy Crockett ranch the last week in March. While this is still classed as off season, with the Easter weekend the following week it was an extremely busy time and the whole ranch was actually booked up. We could have stayed at a partner hotel, but we were interested in staying at a Disney related hotel really, but this was the only one that could accommodate our party size. We had three adults, two children and two toddlers in our party. The cabins can hold up to 6 people, but as two of ours were toddlers we were able to stay. As with all Disney related hotels it has a theme. This was a western theme with wonderful tepees and logs everywhere.

      On arrival we passed the entrance gate showing them our reservation letter to gain entrance. We were then directed to a small building on the left hand side to collect our key. We arrived at 3.20 and the earliest you can check in was 3pm so we did hit the afternoon rush. I stood in line for around 20 minutes despite there being four different staff attending to other holiday makers. I finally reached the front of the queue and was greeted by an overly excited gentleman. As soon as I said hello he swapped from French and began talking to me in English. He then took my reservation letter, and asked me to fill in a form which included my details and passport number which was all very simple and took only five minutes. He then began to run through all the extras I had booked with our stay.

      I was given a quick summary of the park facilities, handed my keys and told which path to follow to find the cabin. Then we headed towards yet another gate where we needed to input a code to gain access to the trails to. This needs to be done each and every time you want to access the roads that lead to the cabins. All of the cabins are separated into different sections so they are very easy to find. Ours was the bobcat trail so we were towards the start of the camp. Everything is well signposted so we knew exactly where to go. Checking out is a breeze. Simply vacate the cabin by 11am on your last day, and drop your keys into a small key box on the way out. If you have borrowed any of the extras provided simply pop back into the reception to receive your deposit back, and drop the keys while you are there. If you do not drop your keys in by 11am they will charge you for an extra nights stay so it's better to be a little early if you can.

      Getting to and from the parks

      This for us was a nightmare. You do need a car to stay at the ranch as it is a 10 minute drive away from the parks, and getting to your cabin itself is a 10 minute drive. The thing is each and every time we returned to the ranch we became lost. The roads were very confusing and the sign post is not marked the exit before but two or three ahead so even with three adults trying to follow directions we found ourselves lost. Then there is nowhere to turn around for miles as it is all motorways so we had to continue for a while before we could head back. It was not until the last two days of our visit we managed to find ourselves back without it taking half an hour. Getting to the parks was a doddle. With one main road and then one exit it actually took five minutes max to get to the Disney parks. Once you reach the car park you need to pass through a barrier where you can gain free entry with your hotel ID pass. This saves you paying the 15 euro's that is usually charged for using the parks car park. This was valid until the day after we left the hotel and saved us a lot in the long run.

      The cabin

      The cabin is actually more of a caravan with wooden cladding stuck to it. It is set out on a lovely scenic trail, and while you do have other cabins around you it definitely feels very secluded and relaxing. I was relatively surprised with the size and up keep of the cabin. I had no choice where to stay if I wanted to take my children to a Disneyland hotel as for our party size of seven only the Davy Crockett ranch was suitable for the size of the party. I had read reviews before I went and it had stated the cabins were dated, sometimes unclean and just very basic so I have to admit I was a little worried turning the key and peering inside. Yes the cabin is dated with yet more wooden cladding everywhere, and has a real old feel to it but this is all fitting with the western theme. It was in no way untidy, everywhere was spotless and there were even small miniatures in the bathroom for us to enjoy.

      When booking Disneyland were aware that there would be three adults, two children, and two infants. While my son is classed as an infant he was only three months away from being classed as a child, so it was explained there would be a pull out bed for him. When we arrived we found there was a main living area made up of a sitting area and an open plan kitchen area. Then there was one bedroom with a large double bed and lots of storage including a dressing table. In the second bedroom was a set of bunk beds, and finally in the front room the sofa pulled out into a double sofa bed.

      We had brought our travel cot along for my youngest daughter but upon inspection there was no pull out bed for my youngest son. I suppose we could have phoned reception and queried this, but as we were on holiday he was actually really excited about top and tailing with my eldest son. My husband and I needed to take the sofa bed as there was barley room to walk around the double bedroom let alone put a travel cot up in there.

      The kitchen area was made up of a hob with four rings, a fridge, a toaster, a kettle, a dishwasher and a microwave. Luckily we had purchased the half board dining plan so never really made anything apart from toast and eggs in the morning, but it is lacking somewhat for something described as a self catering holiday. If you were planning to save money by eating in the cabin it would be difficult to put a decent meal together. Also while there was plenty of basic cutlery, and of course a cork screw, we did find that a tin opener and knifes again were lacking. This is something I would suggest taking along if you are thinking of actually using the cabin to eat and prepare meals in.

      The bathroom was very clean and although small fully functional. There were towels provided along with soap and some small miniature shower gel bottles. We had taken our own toiletries but did take them home for a keepsake. There is a bath and a shower so perfect for either and everything was perfect for the small stay we were there. Opposite the bathroom was the toilet which is in separate room. This is handy when more than one family are sharing, and this is also were the small supply for cleaning supplies were kept.. You are given a map of the camp which can be exchanged for a cleaning kit at the village shop, but to be honest it is written so small we did not notice this until the day we left. We purchased dishwasher tablets at £2 as they had washing up liquid but no sponges.

      It does not have a huge amount of space and with so many of us inside it could feel very small at times. Saying that we barley spent time in the cabin so this really did not bother us; we used it purely for getting ready in the morning and sleeping. Most nights we did not return until past nine, by which time my children were ready for bed. The bunk beds provided a good night sleep for my children, and my sister in law was happy with the double bed in the room. I have to say our sofa bed was lacking comfort, with a dip in the middle made it rather uncomfortable, but we were expecting this with it being a sofa bed. It was clean and all the bedding fresh but it certainly was not 5 * comfort. The whole area was very quiet despite it being mainly families with young children staying in the nearby cabin they were spaced well enough to provide a quiet night's sleep. The curtains could be drawn to block out all light and generally we were able to rest well. There is a Tv that has a few Disney channels and you can turn the language to English which was perfect for our small children. For adults it was a little lacking with news channels, and a guide on how to get the best out of the park but that was all.


      As it is a self contained cabin we had little contact with the staff, but that we did have was perfect. Firstly our storage heaters in the cabin decided they would pack in half way through our stay. We rang reception using the phone in the front room, and within 10 minutes an engineer knocked the door and fixed the heaters. This was all done very efficiently despite it being past midnight that the problem occurred. Next our car decided to make a horrible grinding noise, as it obviously did not like the huge drive from Scotland to Paris. We phoned reception and they gave us a list of garages printed out in English on a sheet of paper. They were very helpful each and every time we spoke to them. You can ask for the housekeeper to come and give your cabin a tidy while you are at the parks through the day. This is a free service, but we decided against it as it was only little bits that needed done so i would do that in the evening.

      The village

      Other than access to the parks the ranch has its very own mini village. To be honest we did not use it all that much as we tended to only return to the cabin to sleep, but from what we did see it was very convenient. We were advised to take our car if we were visiting the village as it is a fair walk from our cabin. This was about a 5 minute drive away so we could have walked it if we had liked but as we only visited on a few occasions this did not really matter. There is a restaurant which we dined at one evening, and is a buffet style service. This was perfect after a long day in the parks and we just wanted a little quiet time rather than trying to beat the crowds. The food was not fantastic, but it was still ok. It certainly matched the budget site well. There is also a swimming pool that is open 8am-10pm. We never made it round to using it although we had planned too as the parks just took up all of our time. The restaurant acts as a viewing gallery to the pool and it looked very impressive. A great size with a wave machine and hot tubs, and we would definitely make the effort to use it if we ever visit again.

      The shop like most Disney stores is dominated by merchandise rather than grocery supplies. They do have a lot of essentials like milk, brad juice etc but as you would expect for the convenience it was all overpriced. The few times we visited goofy was also there dressed in his western clothes to match the theme of the ranch. He just tended to move around the shop causing trouble, stealing my chocolate bar. He was brilliant at entertaining the children while I picked up a few bits. I will say that there is a large shopping centre (Val de Europe) about 10 minutes from the ranch which we used a lot more. There are a huge amount of shops, and a 2 story supermarket which was much better value. On the ranch there is a small play area for the children, a petting farm where there are pony rides ($6 for the pony rides), and a large adventure activity park for the adults. Everything is included in the price you paid for your cabin excluding the adult's adventure land there is a fee for this, and you need to book ahead. All of the activities said weather permitting, but I am guessing they mean rain as it was freezing cold while we were there and it was all still open. Finally there is a bar if you fancy a quick drink in the evening it is open 6pm-11pm.


      To be honest I thought at first we would have preferred to stay in a Disney hotel rather than the ranch itself as they are more conveniently located. After staying there I actually found it perfect to wind down, and it was the perfect break from everything Disney that is thrown in your face all day. You do need a car as there are no shuttle buses like the other Disneyland hotels, and it is a fair drive so taxis everyday would not be a great option. The cabin is more of a caravan with cladding stuck to it, but the extra space compared to a hotel room was perfect. It is not a 5 * resort and while it is a little dated it all adds to the western theme they have running. The cooking facilities are a little rubbish, but we had booked the half board meal plan with our package anyway so this really did not matter to us. If you are planning to cook I would take extra bits and bobs like a tin opener and sharp knives.

      The cabin was clean and fresh, the living area a fair size and even with the bedrooms being a little small it was perfect for the short time we were there. You can hire a hair dryer, an iron and other bits and bobs from the reception for a small deposit. It was quiet enough so that we could get good night's sleep and it really is a nice quiet camp. There is a bench outside with a barbeque, but to be honest it looked like it was 10 years old, so even if the weather had been nicer we wouldn't have used it. We managed to book while it was on offer at 40% off which means we paid close to £600 for 4 nights and 5 days. This includes park tickets for 5 days, the cabin itself with use of all of the facilities in the village, and free parking for the parks. Although we booked this ranch as we had no choice because of our party size, we found this price to be extremely cheap compared to the hotels. It is a self drive self catering holiday but we added a dining plan on top of our basic package. We would return in future as it was reasonable for the price we paid, but after the extras of the Disneyland parks we will be saving for a good while yet : )


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        03.06.2010 21:47
        Very helpful



        We will be returning

        Just for the sheer knowing the baby (and us) would not be awoken by late night revellers stampeding outside our hotel door at 2 in the morning followed by coachloads of foreign kids with no notion that we might want to actually sleep after a day of travelling or a day or Disneyland (not sure which is the most tiring of the two?)
        For the privacy, for the space - for being able to walk more than 2 steps in one direction in your highly priced accommodation.
        For being able to chill out in a lounge with a bottle of wine after a hard day(!) rather than have the choice between having to go to sleep because the kids have, going to the hotel bar/lounge and either leave the kids upstairs (not something we could do) or have them run around beserk downstairs until someone falls over (possibly me!)
        For all these reasons and more this place is BRILLIANT and we will most definitely be returning.

        We had a 2 bed 'cabin' (yes it is a mobile home that has been pimped to look like a log cabin - but THIS IS DISNEYLAND!)
        We stayed in the depths of Winter and we turned all our radiators up scared that we would freeze to death but it was boiling we had to turn them down again.

        For breakfast you are given a token and a map and you drive or walk (depending on how close yours is) to your pick up point where someone fills all your fresh continental breakfast bits up in a carrier bag which you them take back to your chalet.
        Each time we got a baguette, 1 litre of orange juice, 1 litre of milk, nutella, milkshake sachets, butter, cheese and croissants - there was loads for us.

        The restaurant there is also very good - it is an all you can eat dinner buffet and the food is very nice with lots of french meals, the swimming pool looked lovely and had we the time or an off day we would have gone but we just did not get round to it.

        All in all I really recommend, unfortunately the only thing that put us off before was friends who went and hated the place. I've also read reviews saying how dirty the chalets can be, Ours was lovely but there is no smoke without fire so just be ready to complain if this is the case and demand an upgrade (there are 8 different groups of chalets each with 50-100 chalets - we stayed at Bobcat which was perfect!)


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        10.10.2009 20:56
        Very helpful



        A great hotel and a great base from which to experience the full Disneyland Paris package!


        After visiting Disneyland Paris about four times previously and staying in the hotels Cheyanne and Santa Fe, this time we took my sister and my nephew with us, which meant that we needed a larger accommodation (if we had stayed in a hotel we would have had to have paid for two rooms between four adults and a child which would have made it more expensive, etc)

        So we booked for 27th September - 1st October 2009 in The Davy Crockett Ranch, as we had always wondered what it was like anyway. We booked online, which was very simple and straight forward; the most diffcult thing being deciding when to go and trying to get as many deals on the price as you could, which of course varies depending on what week you go, etc. We were then sent a confirmation letter by e-mail and that was it.

        This hotel is self drive, and you have to drive yourself to the park and back every day (there is no shuttle bus like with other hotels). You should get european breakdown cover obviously and you're also supposed to put speacial headlight convertor stickers on your car headlights to stop them dazzling other drivers in France. These can be purchsed at most car shops like Halfords and are also available on the P and O ferries. We only fitted them in France (it was quite complicated), although most people don't seem to bother. It is the law apparently though, and we would also be driving at night, but our left one came off on the first night anyway! There are also other things you need like a high visability waist coat in the car and certain spare bulbs, etc, so check that out before you go!

        Check In

        We were told that our cabin would be available from 3pm and so we timed our journey there to arrive in the afternoon. We drove it (taking the ferry at Calais) and arrived at about 1pm. We went to reception and my mum was slightly anxious that we didn't have any other paper work than this e-mail they had sent us, although she had phoned them before we set off to make sure they were expecting us! But all we had to do was show the girl behind the desk our e-mail and she immediately started to gather our keys and tickets, etc.

        After speaking in French to the couple before us, she immediately converted her speech to English for us and spoke it so well; I really do admire people who are good with languages! There was a short (only a short) queue but they weren't exactly quick at getting through the people. This isn't a criticism though because the reason it takes them quite a while to serve people is because they spend so much time with each group of guests checking in, making sure you know everything you need to know such as where your tickets are, what the number is for the security barrier getting in to the camp, how to contact people in case of a problem (missing tin opener, etc.) where your key is and how to find your cabin. She also told us how to acquire breakfast (more on that later!) and also told us of activities and shows and gave us a leaflet to find out parade and show times in the parks. Also, our cabin was actually ready straight away!

        One final note on this was that we needed one passport from the party to check in, so make sure you have them handy, and they also gave us a pass (a little rectangle piece of paper) which you will need to gain access to the camp on returning from the park, etc (as well as the code for the barrier whcih was written down for this and apparently changes at the beginning of every week, so if you go over a weekend like us, you'll get the new code which starts on Monday too). You also need your pass to get free car parking at the parks; just show it on your way in to the car park. Good stuff!

        Finding Our Cabin!

        So back in the car and it was pretty simple to find our cabin; driving on the right on-site isn't so bad in the camp as most roads are one way until you get on to the main road of the camp. The only thing which confused us was that our cabin was supposed to be 204 but the caravan said 219 on it. However, it's the post outside the caravan, where you park your car, which corresponds to the number on your key, not the number on the caravan itself, so not a big problem.

        The Cabin

        I say caravan, because as many people in other reviews I have read around the internet have said, rather condemningly, they are simply caravans with a wood exterior, and not actual log cabins. However, we didn't mind because we got the idea and the atmosphere of what Dinsey were trying to create and we thought the cabin was pretty great! It was not brand new, but it was very comfortable and in good working order and they are obviously well looked after; everything was neat and well preserved, although of course some things are made up to look antique!

        The kitchen has a good fridge and dishwasher (I think they were both whirlpool. One of them definitly was anyway!) as well as a basic microwave and two electric hobs for cooking on. There was also a barbaque outside, and the weather was very nice too, but we didn't use this. It did look a bit manky, as they are uncovered and kept outside, but it would be okay with a disposable barbaque on top of it, and then there is a picnic table outside too. It was all very idyllic really as the site is in the forest and therefore surrounded by trees and birds, etc. Even the outside bins are made to look like tree logs.

        As said before, there is a parking spot outside each cabin for one car. We heard a nasty story before we went about some British cars having their tyres slashed but there seemed to be no trouble at all while we were there.

        All pots are provided and you get pans and cutlery, etc. There was obviously no dishwasher tablets or washing up liquid but while we were there, if you took your check-in leaflet to the trading post (on site shop) you get 2 free dishwasher tablets. There was also no tin opener, but we had brought our own just in case, as I had read of other cabins which hadn't had one. However, I'm sure they would have been only too happy to provide a tin opener if we had asked, as I have read also in other reviews.

        There was a living room in the same main body of the cabin as the kitchen with an arm chair and some spare chairs, a TV, which has channels in several languages. The English ones were: one with details of the main parks, like new rides, etc, and the other was the Disney channel, showing Hannah Montana episodes, etc, which wasn't ideal as non of us really watch those Disney Channel shows! But with nothing else on, I found myself watching them! There is also a sofa which pulls out into a sofa bed (some cabins are 2 bedroomed for larger parties of 6, and I believe more updated, but ours was a single bedroomed cabin). There is a dining table separating the kitchen from the living room which seats four. There was a phone on the wall and spare plug sockets (don't forget your european adaptor plugs!)

        The bedroom had a double bed and a bunkbed (the quilt covers were the same as they were when we stayed at the Cheyanne - bedding is provided but we took some extra pillows). There was plenty storage in all the rooms. The bathroom was nice and clean with a bath, sink and toilet and spare toilet rolls in the cupboard and the obligatory shampoos and soaps! Towels were provided and there was a large mirror.


        There is NO OVEN, which is important to know as the camp is self-catering, so that sonewhat limits cooking. However, we managed with sandwiches for dinner and things like noodles, soup, all day breakfasts, pasta, etc, etc.

        I'm not sure what the rules are on bringing food in to France really, but we mostly took tins and no body asked to search our bags or anything with regards to food.


        Breakfast was rather a new experience, which I'm sure is popular with all the children who stay on the camp. There is a breakfast hut on each section of the Davy Crockett camp (we were on the Big Wagon Wheel section) and we were quite close to the breakfast hut, which is a rather small unassuming cabin with curtains, etc, and a member of staff behind the counter. Breakfast is served between 7 and 11 in the morning (as I remember). You show your pass (the same as for the car park and the camp, etc) and they ask for your cabin number. Then they pack a disney paper bag and a cardboard box for you which everyday include: Croissants (which the take out of the oven for you), brioche, coffee and tea as requested, quite a lot of jams and nutellas (in little boxes), a large baguette and a small baguette and a litre of orange and a litre of milk and some nesquick milkshake saches (vitamin plus ones which I suppose is good as it can be hard to make sure kids get the nourishment they need on holidays like this and this may help slightly! I think the amounts of food given depend on how many are in your party. You can then take your haul back to your cabin! I've also kept the Disney boxes for gift boxes :)

        We, like many others apparently, made sandwiches with our baguettes and took them into the park for dinner. The park asks that people don't picnic in the parks but there is a special picnic area outside the parks. However, no one said anything to us about eating our own food inside the main parks, and there seemed to be many people doing it - the food is just so expensive in the park; it was about 7 or 8 euros for a burger! We did try to be discreat, but on one day, we had a picnic at one of the cafes in the park as it was closed for at least that day and many people were picnicing on the outside tables, which made for a great atmosphere - there was even mood music!

        They do search your bags going in to the parks, but, although I did try to cover the picnic and make it less obvious, they didn't seem to be bothere about that, it seemed to be more safety they were concerned with, which was obviously good, and I saw people with tin foil wrapped food literally flowing out of their bags and they got in too, so...

        Park Tickets

        So included in the deal was tickets which could be used as many times a day as we liked for all the days we were there and gave us entry into both the main Dinsey park and the Studio parks, tickets which in themselves are worth alot of money! (37 euros per day I think)

        Getting To The Park

        Getting there once you get the hang of it is easy - my dad's a very competant driver, but I wouldn't have liked to have driven it. You go round the same roundabout you use to get into the Davy Crockett Camp and get back on to the motorway and come off at the next exit. There was another way which avoided the motor way but we weren't sure enouh to find it again (we went that way when we weren't really sure what we were doing and it seemed to avoid a lot of traffic).

        Car Park (don't forget your pass!)

        The day we got there was Sunday and was very busy, and so the car park was also quite full and can take quite a while to get to the park entrance depending of how far back you park! But there were moving sidewalks to help you! Other days seemed to be far less busy!

        On-site Camp Facilities

        As far as on site facilities at the Camp Davy Crockett, they have a swimming pool, which looked great with whirpools and a waterfall and everthing(!), but we aren't big swimmers and so didn't use that. They have a tennis court, a place to do archery on certain days, which I believe is free (although not sure), many wigwams spotted around the camp which are traditionally erected and decorated, trails you can walk, or you can also hire a quardri-cycle also had an activity area in the forest called 'Treetop Adventure' which consists of ropes and trees to climb as well as zip wires, etc. I think you have to pay for this, but you we got leaflets on all of these things upon check in, but we were too busy and then too tired with the parks to really get involved with anything else, even though we were there for four nights.

        For most of these activities (archery, cylcling, swimming pool, etc) you need to drive up to the Davy Crockett Village. It is only a short drive within the camp and there is a car park there. In the village is also the restaurante, where you can get an all you can eat buffet for about 21 euros if you have a reservation (again, food isn't cheap). There is also a saloon where they have karaoke and country music on certain nights, and there is also a stage out side, although we didn't actually see this in use. There are toilets just opposite the saloon too. There seemed to be quite a nice little atmosphere in the evenings.

        In the village is also the Trading Post, which is the shop. They sell all the usual suvenirs; pin badges, soft toys, plate and cups, sweets, etc, as well as basic food as he camp is self catering. They sell things like bread, eggs, meat and pizzas, which seemed pointless without an oven, potatos, onions, etc. We bought some potatoes for 3 euros 49 , I think, and some eggs for about 1 euro 99 cents, which wasn't too bad, although we forgot to bring the potatos home with us - oh dear!

        They also had a little farm, which was lovely, and we all loved the ponies, who ranged from small shetlands to large horses and I believe were available at certain times for children's pony rides, and were all very nice tempered and characteristic and had lovely names like Tao and Apache :) They also had some piglets and bunnies when we were there as well as a beautful Jersey cow who was so tame and lifted her head to my sister could give her a long and clearly long awaited scratch under her chin! It says you're not supposed to feed the animals, but we picked up grass from the ground and gave some to the ponies as they were just out of reach of it! Poor things! But they seemed to be well looked after and the staff seemed very nice, walking the ponies out affectionatly, etc. The cow didn't need any help though as she had plenty of hay.

        Some reviews I had read reported rat sightings, which didn't really bother me, but I didn't see any anyway, except a dead rat just next to the pony enclosure in the farm.


        Charcters do visit the camp; I saw Mickey there having photos taken, which they sell in the shop, and Goofy, who came running up to me like a long lost friend (he must have remembered me!). It is nice though that they realise many of the adults love the characters as much as the children! The characters usually have various costumes for different hotels too, which is a nice touch. In fact, there seemed to be alot more characters in general (in the parks, etc too) than I ever remember before, so it seems the site is constantly improving.

        Finally, while we were there, there were many cabins which kept appearing on the exit road of the camp; I think they were getting rid of some of their older cabins and maybe getting some new ones?

        All In All?

        All in all, we had a fantastic time; Disney just seem to know how to do it, from getting the big things like the cabin and the service right to all the little details they put in. For example, next to the group of wigwams we saw, which you could look in, etc, there was also a rock with the head of an eagle carved into it, which most people won't even notice. However, this attention to detail is what makes Dinsye stand out for me.

        That said, being on the Davy crockett Ranch, you can feel a bit cut off from the rest of the complex, and I missed being within walking distance of the other hotels. I used to love getting back from the park, having something to eat and then going back out for an evening walk around the other hotels and the village and then getting one of the free shuttle buses back. However, from Davy Crockett, being self-drive, there is no shuttle bus, and being quite tired from a day in the park, no one really felt like turning out again, especially not the driver. Although you don't get a farm at the other hotels so I guess you have to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages!

        I also loved the breakfast at the hotels because it was a buffet breakfast, and call me sad, but it was all very exciting with a much larger variety of food on offer (cheesed, yohurts, etc), and you could sneak extra food and orange away for later, but then again you coulnd't cook your own meals like at the Davy Crockett, which means you would have to spend quite a bit on food if you wanted to eat a bit healthy and were there for quite a few days.

        So we did have a great time, and I love that we have now experienced the Davy Crockett Ranch, however, I'm not sure whether we will stay there again, although I would certainly miss the farm if we didn't! A great fun, friendly, family orientated camp.


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          12.11.2008 23:32
          Very helpful



          Great value for money as long as you don't mind 5 min drive to disney

          I have been to Disneyland Paris a number of times in recent years and have stayed all but twice at Davy Crockett. It is the only place I would ever consider now. Instead of a hotel you stay in a log style cabin which features a living room/kitchen/diner and then either 1 or 2 bedrooms. The bedrooms have a double bed and bunk beds in so ideal for kids. In the living area there is also a sofa bed. We comfortably slept 6 in our cabin the last time. Each morning you go to the breakfast cabin at the enterance to your 'street' to collect breakfast which consists of french bagettes, coffee, orange juice, jam, croissants . You can then eat in the comfort of the cabin rather than fighting through the masses as at the other onsite hotels. Outside the cabin is car parking a bench set and barbeque. The whole camp is set in a forest and is actually quite picturesque. There is a town square where there is a shop selling basic groceries, which are quite expensive. There is also an indoor swimming pool features whirl pools, a lazy river and slides. There is also a nice restaurant and grill which does a great grill. There are also playgrounds and a small farm with horses and goats. A great family place to stay.


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          03.08.2008 20:53
          Very helpful



          great pool, good cabins and great deals available

          I went to Disneyland last week with my family and stayed there for 3 nights at the Davy Crockett Ranch. I have now visited Disneyland Paris 6 times and have also been to Disney world in Orlando as well last year. However I have stayed at the Disney hotel and a few of the others but I have to say that Davy Crockett ranch has to be one of the best ones there and certainly my favourite as it has so many great features and offers much more as well as being more free.

          The Accommodation:

          When you stay there you will be put in a small wooden cabin in a particular area which are all named such as Tomahawk or Bobcat. Each small 'camp' includes about 50 to 100 cabins all with separate parking spaces and outdoor bins. Inside you have a choice of either a one or two bedroom hut and all of them can sleep up to 6 people, with a double bed, bunk beds and also a sofa bed available. The hut is all self catering with an oven, microwave an dishwasher. There is also a separate toilet and bathroom with a bath shower facility. The cabin are very spacious and have a lounge kitchen area with a table and chairs as well as a sofa along with a tv with all the Disney channels.
          The cabins are great for a family providing the extra freedom as to choose when to go in or out and when to have meals - none of those meal times in a hotel. They are really comfortable and spacious and do not get too cold or hot - just perfect for summer or winter (as i have been both times).
          There is also an outdoor bench and barbecue for those warm summer evenings outside every cabin.
          Another great feature is that breakfast is provided and can be collected from a small hut located in each area where you will get a small breakfast basket with baguette, croissants, rolls, hot chocolate, tea or coffee, milk and orange juice - all that you will need for a fun day at Disney!


          In the ranch there are loads of other facilities available all free to people staying at the ranch. The whole are of course is styled in the old wild west style and every fits in perfectly and plays the piece including all staff and characters and even the music as you walk around the main area.
          This ranch includes the best swimming pool out of all the disney hotels boasting a water slide, a large pool with a bridge over the top, a waterfall and rapid river and even 3 jacuzzi pools! The pool is great fun for kids and adults alike with indoor and outdoor sun beds as well as a cafe and large changing rooms. Towels can also be hired from the pool.

          There is also a large restaurant which has indoor and outdoor seating and offers a great western style dining with an evening buffet of all you can eat for only 23 euros.
          There is also a large shop which offers all the Disney clothes and merchandise as well as food and other things you may need in your cabin.
          There is also a small farm with a variety of animals which can be seen as well as a park area and a games room, and a table tennis table.
          Many Disney characters can be seen at the ranch with special meet and greet times in evenings and during the day where you can see the likes of Goofy and Chip 'n Dale.
          A new addition to the ranch is the Treetop Adventure which is a high ropes activities in the forest where you climb wires and zip wire through the trees. I didn't have enough time to do this with so much else to do but it looks great and I am keen to return and try this when I have more time.


          This ranch is the furthest from the Disney parks which is a bit of a downside as you can't just walk but have to drive - yet it is only 15 minutes from the park and you get free parking in the large car park all through your stay. Of course you can get a taxi to the park and order this through reception at the ranch.
          Other hotels are closer and you can walk to the parks but this ranch has much better facilities on the whole.

          The ranch is in the forests and set back in over 500 acres of land, but is still very close to many main roads and is very easy to get to and is also close to the local airport. Many package deals can be bought with good travel options.

          At the reception of Davy Crockett staff are very useful and will tell you anything you need to know about the ranch or the Disney Parks and other local information. They can speak a variety of languages so there will be no trouble at all!


          There are a variety of different deals which can be bought through many companies in which you can get your accommodation at the ranch as well as Park tickets and travel.
          it will all depend on who you go through but a cabin for a night can cost around £200 or so.

          It is definitely worth getting park tickets as well as this is what it's all about.

          When i was there I tended to spend the majority of time in the parks on rides, shopping or eating out. I did also spend a bit of time in the pool at the ranch, but all that was done at the cabin was to eat breakfast and sleep!


          A great fun filled family friendly ranch with loads of great facilities and extremely friendly staff ands atmosphere.
          In my view the best Disney hotel to stay in despite being further away from the actual main Disney resort.


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            30.05.2008 17:25
            Very helpful



            A good choice for everyone.

            I stayed at the Davy Crockett ranch in December 2006 with my husband. We booked the whole package together and we paid £560 for 2 adults including the return ferry, our cabin with breakfast, our Disney passes for 4 days for both parks, the Buffalo Bills and 2 days meal vouchers for planet Hollywood.

            The hotel:
            I say hotel but this particular Disney themed hotel is actually set out so that all the rooms are individual cabins. These are set in different areas that are all linked by the road running through it and each area has about 40 cabins. I would say there was about 8 or 9 different areas too from what I can remember so overall quite a lot of cabins.
            The reception is at the front as you enter the resort from the main road and this has a barrier system in operation so they can check as you arrive if you have a reservation. There is a car park here. The resort is a Disney resort hotel so sometimes you will see characters around and so you have the bonus of the extras such as extra magic hours in the parks and being able to park free at the parks and hotel as you are staying in a Disney hotel.

            Check in:
            Upon arrival we were a bit early to normally check in but the hotel mustn't have been full so we were able to check in straight away. We did travel on a Wednesday, however we noticed nearly every cabin had people in at the Friday and Saturday so if you want to avoid the crowd go mid week. Reception staff were excellent as they spoke a multitude of languages so every one was happy! The reception was exactly as you'd expect too for the theme of the hotel with a log fire and the whole cabin was made from wood. As it was Christmas season too it was dolled up with tinsel and playing carols etc and even had a log fire so really felt very christmassy!
            Anyway, as we showed the lady our reservation she gave us our keys to the cabin, advised us what area it was in along with our Disney passes and our tickets for our Buffalo Bills show which are always given out at your hotel if you are in a Disney hotel rather than being sent with your other documents in the UK. She advised about breakfast times and where to get it and told us that if we needed anything we could ring them from our cabin or come and speak to them and they could also arrange reservations for the restaurants too if needed.
            Overall a very nice smooth check in and a pleasant start to our stay.

            The ranch isn't as far from Disney as it seems from the way it is worded in a lot of the UK travel brochures. As you come out of the ranch there is a roundabout which takes you onto the motorway and then you come off within a minute or two at the next exit! This then takes you straight onto the main road into the Disney resort area and so you just follow it for the car park It definitely didn't take us 15 minutes to get to the parks - less than 10 minutes more like! So don't let the sound of it being away form the parks be too much of an issue - obviously you cannot walk as it is across a motorway but if on a self drive holiday then it is a good choice of hotel. Parking is free at the Disney parks for Disney hotel guests - just show your pass as you get to the entrance to the car park.

            The hotel has swimming pool which unfortunately was closed for maintenance while we were there but is pretty big with a slide and is all indoors. There is also a shop which sells food and souvenirs although there isn't the widest choice for people who do want to use the self catering facilities in the cabin. They have a restaurant which we didn't eat in but I spotted a lot of people in it on the evening I went up to this area to use the pay phone. Prices seemed pretty reasonable for a hotel restaurant too. They have a small farm and you can do loads of activities like horse riding, adventure trail, etc. They also have a small arcade with a few classic games like time crisis and pacman. We did actually book to do the adventure trail but unfortunately it got cancelled due to weather! Typical - can't escape the weather! It would have cost us 55 euros for the two of us but you can book it in the UK with some operators before you go and the cost is roughly the same. This adventure trail consists of the climbing the assault course and zip wires so is pretty good fun for older children and adults.

            As mentioned each room is an individual cabin that is made for 4 passengers plus infants. The cabin we stayed in was a 1 bedroom cabin which was more than adequate for just the two of us. This consisted of a bedroom that had a double bed and a set of bunk beds in along with a open plan kitchen and living room and a separate bathroom. The living room area had a sofa and TV and the kitchen area had a fridge, microwave, a table with 4 chairs and a cooker along with plenty of cupboard space and utensils.
            The bathroom had a bathtub with an overhead shower, toilet and a sink. There was a couple of soaps provided but the bathroom was on the tiny side. Not really an issue for us but possibly tiny if a family was in the cabin!
            However for bigger families there are 2 bedroom cabins which are the same in terms of facilities but have the added space of the extra bedroom. These can fit 6 people in plus any infants.
            Each cabin has the space outside to park a car and they also all have a barbecue with a bench. My husband would have loved to have used this for tea if we'd have been there in the summer so a great bonus of staying here if you ask me! I personally loved these cabins and would love to go back.

            Food and drink:
            As mentioned before they have a restaurant, which anybody can eat in not just hotel guests but you'd have to make a reservation as it did seem busy. Breakfast was included in our stay and this was continental. Each morning the cabin at the front of each section of the area you were staying in would open up from 6am and guests could go and collect their breakfast. You would have to take your card with you that you received at check in so that they could cross off that mornings and they would give you the croissants along with your choice of tea or coffee and which jam you wanted all in a box. For us it was really convenient as our cabin was the first in the area so we were always first in line! It was nice actually being able to eat in your room without having to eat in a breakfast room with a load of strangers in the morning so I thought this was a nice touch.

            Other things:
            This hotel can only be booked as a self drive package due to it's location. Or alternatively, you could book just the accommodation and then arrange car hire from the airport. However if you are thinking of staying on a self drive basis this hotel is pretty cheap compared to some of the other Disney hotels.

            If you are driving it takes approximately 3 hours from Calais to Disney and there are tolls on the way so bear this in mind and have some change to pay for them!

            Overall opinion:
            We both loved this resort for a variety of reasons. The cabins were really nice for a start especially as it felt like you had a lot more privacy than being in a conventional hotel and the fact that it was actually set away from the other hotels meant that as 2 adults travelling to Disneyland it felt a bit more relaxed away from lots and lots of children! At the same time however we still got the bonus of staying in a Disney hotel such as the free parking at the parks and the extra magic hours so it was the best of both worlds. This place would be amazing in the summer especially with those barbeque's although even staying here in the winter was great with the log cabins and the decorations everywhere. The amount of facilities this hotel has compared to a couple of the lower end Disney ones that are nearer to the parks is also an added bonus. For example for the price we paid you would expect to pay roughly the same for the Santa Fe or the Cheyenne and yet these do not have swimming pools or the extra stuff to do for children so this is worth considering when looking at Disney hotels.

            I would go back to this hotel in an instance and thinks it is the perfect hotel for adults on their own or families who want a lot to do apart from just the parks.


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