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Chaweng Regent Beach Resort Samui (Thailand)

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2 Reviews

Address: 155 / 4 Moo 2 / Chaweng Beach Road

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    2 Reviews
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      07.05.2010 11:09
      Very helpful



      A wonderful beach hotel in the paradise that is Koh Samui, Thailand.

      Hmmm, I think my husband has been taking inspiration from the silver screen, as he whisked me away to Koh Samui in Thailand for part of our honeymoon last year (as in the film "Meet The Parents"). Although I'm not complaining! It was a really lovely place to visit...

      As it was a surprise, I had no idea what to expect, and I upon arrival to the hotel I was confronted with a tropical atmosphere, with wooden beach cottages, coconut trees, lush vegetation, and a nice bit of heat! Heavenly!

      While we waited for our room, we were both given some lovely tropical juice with ice and a cold flannel, which was perfect to help us cope with the different climate. We didn't have long to wait for our room, and once it was ready, we were escorted through the resort and taken there. As my first time to a beach hotel, it is quite a different experience to the plush hotels you find in the cities, and they are not quite as luxurious, but for a beach hotel, the Chaweng Regent is definitely on the higher scale of quality.

      My husband had booked one of the larger rooms, which was the perfect size for us as anything smaller would have felt cramped for a one week stay. The bed was big and comfortable, and when we arrived, they had fashioned two swans out of towels and scattered pink flower petals on the bed (for our honeymoon naturally, I don't think they do that for everyone!!). The room was fully equipped with minibar, TV and DVD player, desk, coffee table, chaise longue and plenty of cupboard space for clothes. The bathroom was decent enough, although it was a bath + shower rather than separate. The whole room was nicely laid out and well furnished, but my only gripe was that it wasn't very bright and airy, which in some ways isn't bad because the room was a bit more in the shade, it helped you keep cool (a blessing in a hot climate!).

      On the evening of our first night, we came back to our room to find a yummy light and creamy cake with some bubbly to celebrate our honeymoon which was a nice touch....needless to say, neither of these treats lasted long and we munched and slurped the whole lot immediately!

      We had a little private decking area at the back of our room which was nice to sit by and read a book in the quiet. There was also a little hanging rail which came in use as i washed some things like swimsuits by hand and then put them out to dry.

      The staff are genuinely very attentive, helpful and friendly, and the location of the hotel is absolutely brilliant as its slap bang on the Chaweng beach as well as close to all the shops and bars on the main road.... The beach is beautiful pale sands, and a nice clean sea, absolutely lovely.... The resort itself is nicely laid out, and is slightly maze like, but its fun as you feel like you're in a completely different place as soon as you step off the main busy road into the hotel complex. It doesn't take long to get your bearings within the place, and the vegetation and coconut trees and ponds make you feel like you're on a tropical adventure!

      There are 2 swimming pools at the Chaweng Regent - one inner one within the hotel complex and one closer by the beach, which were both nice to relax by... even at peak times it was never packed and noisy. Facilities by the pool included a towel counter where you can go and get a towel to use by the pools, pool side showers and a beachside bar/café service where you can get your drinks and snacks... all equipped and serviced very well.

      Breakfast offered a lot of good choices with the standard cooked items, omelettes/eggs cooked to request, cereal, lots of nice tropical fresh fruit, and plenty of other things such as traditional Thai food for breakfast (not quite my thing!)... the breakfast area had a choice of seating where you could either sit inside, or sit more closer to the beach. We mostly sat inside just to keep cool as they had fans in there too... staff would come around and offer you tea and coffee regularly which was nice so you wouldn't have to get up too much.

      We didn't eat at the in-house restaurants, not because they didn't look nice but because we liked going outside instead...we instead mostly visited ninja crepes for some excellent quality and dirt cheap Thai food...!

      If you're squeamish about creepy crawlies, I must warn you about the little lizards that wander about the hotel (including inside your room!), mostly on an evening (it's probably too hot to come out in the day!). I didn't mind them so much though, and they mostly went about their own business.

      At the time we went, there were quite a lot of monsoon showers in the evening, although it would only last for about half an hour. You are given 2 nice big umbrellas in your bedroom which came in useful.

      If you needed them, there was a tourist service within the hotel where you could book tours, and there were internet facilities too. Although for both of these things, we choose to go to providers outside the hotel as they were cheaper.

      We visited the in-house spa (Escape Spa) a few times for some massages and a facial, and the service here was great too.... As soon as you sit down to wait for your massage, they take your shoes off you and give you some slippers and a robe to wear as well as some nice refreshing juice. The rooms are quiet, calm and immaculate, and the massages are expertly carried out using quality products and oils. There's nothing quite like a lovely massage to help you relax.... You can get massages at cheaper places too but we had a 20% discount card for the Escape Spa in our room, so we thought we might as well use it...

      The only thing I cannot comment on was the price of the hotel, as I'm sure my husband must have organised some special deal for the honeymoon as we also visited Bangkok, but there are a range of rooms available so you are likely to find something that suits your budget. They even had some nice little villa type houses by the inner swimming pool which seemed to house families and groups, which must have been nice for them - imagine having a pool right outside your room!

      This was a great beach hotel, and had I booked the honeymoon myself, I probably would have picked that hotel anyway as it seemed to be one of the best in Koh Samui in terms of service, quality and location. I would have no doubt recommending this hotel to anyone visiting Koh Samui. Well done husband!!!!

      The official website for the hotel is http://www.chawengregent.com/

      I have a similar (but shorter) version of this review on tripadvisor.


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      20.05.2009 08:27



      Definitly would recommend

      This hotel would make an excellent choice for families or couples when visiting Koh Samui. This hotel offers great rates and is very good value for money.

      The main difference between the room types differ in facilites (spa bath, balcony) and location. I found that even the run of house rooms were styled beautifully and had all the necessary mod-cons.

      The property is set amongst lush tropical gardens (with a resident chicken!) and has a very popular resturant called the Red Snapper. You can dine on the beach during you evenings which makes or a perfect setting for a holiday.

      This hotel is right in the heart of Chaweng, great spot to be able to go out shopping and experience the nightlife, but to be close enough to your hotel so you dont have to worry about taxis/tuk tuks.

      There are two pools which I was very impressed with, the beach front setting makes for excellent views whilst you are relaxing!


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