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Country Inn & Suites (Rapid City, USA)

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Address: 2321 North LaCrosse Street / Rapid City / SD 57701 / USA

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    1 Review
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      17.08.2011 14:26
      Very helpful



      This made a perfect base for us to explore South Dakota sights

      Country Inn and Suites,
      Rapid City
      South Dakota

      This hotel we booked prior to leaving the UK through the site hotels.com. This was where we were meeting my daughter and her partner part way through our holiday. They could only have two weeks holiday so they were joining us for the last two weeks of our trip. We knew their flight arrived at 10.30 at night local time but that they were going to have had a 20 hour journey because of flight connections so we wanted a nice hotel close to the airport but handy for visiting Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument, Custer State Park and the Badlands. We decided we would have two nights here so that they had time to recover before packing and driving on.

      When we arrived in the early afternoon to check in and asked if we could check in for my daughter too which they were quite happy with, probably as I had booked both rooms on my credit card. This way we didn't have to hang around late at night after meeting them from the airport. The girl who checked us in was from South Africa and we had a bit of a chat with her about that and travelling generally before she handed us our room cards and pointed us in the direction for our rooms.

      This wasn't a huge high rise hotel and we were on the second floor with a view over the fields at the back. The hotel was next to a TGI Fridays and over the road was another hotel, I forget which one now. It was the standard sort of slightly out of town hotel. In fact we didn't ever go into Rapid City at all so I have no idea what it is like. The reception area was quite small and had a couple of chairs for waiting, the stairs went up through the central area and the lifts were at the back. As you looked into the hotel the breakfast room was at the back on the right and the pool at the back on the left.

      In this area was a table with tea and coffee and a jar of 'cookies' with a small notice saying 'Please don't be a Cookie Monster, one per guest'. There was also a large bowl of mints on the reception desk which I made use of a couple of times.

      We booked two rooms and each had two queen beds in them. The rooms had a connecting door between them so we could get from room to room without having to go outside first. The rooms had large picture windows and curtains which you could fully draw back to let in the light which made the room airy and light to sit in. As there was nothing behind the hotel except fields we left the curtains open through till the time we went to bed.

      Apart from the two queen beds with lovely big comfortable pillows there was a big desk and flat screen TV and a set of drawers and wardrobe. With all the furniture the room did seem a little smaller but there was still plenty of space for our cases which we didn't unpack as we were moving on again in a day.

      There was free wifi which I always appreciate and the connection was good too. I didn't have a lot of time in the room to use it but it was handy to keep an eye on my daughter's flight as it left Amsterdam got to Minneapolis and then left there for Rapid City.

      The bathroom was quite decent size with a big bath and shower. I do like my bath at the end of a long day travelling, walking and sightseeing so always appreciate a hotel with a nice bath. There were also nice toiletries, shampoo and conditioner and soap and body lotion gel all very nice and a decent quality.

      Apart from the breakfast room there was no restaurant but TGI Fridays was next door so we had a couple of meals there as this meant we could all have a drink as no-one had to drive. The food was pretty good in there and not silly enormous portions either. My husband really enjoyed the beer too.

      Breakfast in the hotel was the usual American buffet with plastic plates and cutlery. It must create such an enormous amount of rubbish if every hotel in the States uses this system and all those we stayed at seemed to do it.

      Coffee and tea was from the table just outside this room near reception. There were a couple of juice choices, yoghurt and apples or bananas whole and fresh. The cereal was from those dispenser things and I often find them a bit stale so I avoided that. They had one of the 'make your own' waffle machines which my daughter was very excited about. Hot stuff included scrambled eggs and bacon burger type things. As I never eat stuff like that I tend not to take too much notice of the subtle differences in the hot stuff. There were muffins, toast and Danish pastries too. Not the most exciting breakfast but functional and filled an empty stomach and was included in the price so can't be all bad.

      The breakfast room was quite small and on both mornings we found although we got a table it was full and so each time you got up and down to collect food it was tricky. I did notice that some people came down in their night clothes, collected a box of stuff, 'a takeout box' and went back to their room. No one ever took our room number so I guess you could keep on coming down over again at any time between 7am and 10am if you felt so inclined. We got up quite early as we had a busy sightseeing schedule to fit in and didn't hang around too long, we ate and then left.

      The pool was a nice size and there was a small gym too. My daughter and her partner used the pool and said it was quite refreshing, meaning rather chilly so I'm glad I didn't bother. It has to be sunny and hot for me to enjoy a swim on holiday. None of us made use of the gym so I can't comment on what was on offer.

      There was plenty of free parking either in the front or at the back of the hotel. If you parked at the back then another door was available which unlocked using the room card so was quite secure. We discovered that it was closer for carrying luggage if we used the back door as it came in near the lifts.

      Throughout the hotel everywhere was very clean, nicely decorated in simple plain colours. In our rooms were really nice pictures of local scenes framed well. The furnishings were good quality and not at all tacky looking and you felt you were staying in a hotel of a decent standard. I forget exactly what the cost was but I believe it was about $125 US for two nights for each room which included all the stupid taxes that get added after they give you a price in America. Yes indeed I just found our receipt it was $127.92 US to be precise. I think for the standard of accommodation that was a pretty fair price.

      Thanks for reading and trust this has been of some help to someone. Rapid City is a great base for exploring sites such as Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument, Custer State Park, Wind National Park, Deadwood and Tatanka and the Badlands so this would be a good base to explore these places.

      This review may be posted on other sites under my same use name.


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