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Cynthiana Beach Hotel (Paphos, Cyprus)

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Located 7km from the Paphos city centre. Tel: +357-26933900

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    1 Review
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      12.05.2010 18:16
      Very helpful



      Avoid at all costs. Paphos is a great place but this hotel will ruin your holiday.

      We were put up in the Cynthiana Beach during the volcanic ash crisis after having our flights cancelled for the second time (yes second). Previously we were put up in the Imperial Beach down in Pafos town which was a gorgeous hotel. After another cancellation we were put here. We stayed one night, and went back to the airport to get a different hotel as it was totally unsuitable. Disgusting in fact. I cannot understand the 5 star reviews here.

      First of all location - the hotel is in the back end of nowhere. Its 7km from Pafos village and harbour with the shops and bars and restaurants, and its also several km from Coral Bay. Don't be fooled into thinking Coral Bay is round the corner - it isn't. Not that there's much there anyway. If you go to Paphos, you want to stay in Kato Pafos as this is where everything is. Anyway. The main road cuts off onto what I can only describe as a dirt track, and up here right on the edge of the cliff is the Cynthiana. its in a place called Kissonerga (avoid as its back end of nowhere) which is basically inbetween Tomb of the Kings (3km from it) and Coral Bay. Nearest chemist is down by Tomb of the Kings so we were told, and launderette wise (which we needed since we were stranded) was down in the village - 7km away!!!

      The hotel shop had closed down. Not sure if it was going to be open in high season, but the shops shelves were empty. A sign on the door is apparently too much to ask. So therefore to buy anything (water, soft drinks etc) you have a choice of extortionate prices from the bar, or walking all the way up the dirt track where there is a small over priced supermarket (and other than a car hire place, there really is nothing else).

      So once we'd checked in and got to our block, we discovered that even though there is a lift, the lift starts on the first floor. You still have to climb one flight of stairs to get to the lift, Not great if you are disabled so beware. So we get to the top, and walk along to find our two rooms (next to each other). The blocks are depressing. Its like a youth hostel I don't know how else to describe it. I have stayed in lots of self catering apartments much cheaper than this and they've been much cleaner and nicer. This place had damp on the ceilings, peeling paint and a very odd smell. The rooms are fairly big I suppose but they looked nothing like the pictures in the brochures or on the internet. They must have been taken about 15 years ago I reckon.

      The only good thing about our rooms was the view. Absolutely breathtaking - it was like looking at a postcard. Views of the coastline and mountains. Then we turned around and saw the state of the room. It clearly hadn't been cleaned. There were food crumbs and bits all over the carpet, the curtains were totally stained by rust from the patio doors, the patio doors didn't actually lock either, we peeled back the bed covers to discover hairs and someones pair of shorts under the pillow!!! Someones old makeup bag was also lying underneath one of the 2 camp beds which had been left up (proper campbeds as well, nasty metal things). The balcony chairs were yellowed, paint peeling off the balcony, and we had a lot of ants in the room and on the balcony too. We were disgusted.

      We went to reception to get them to come and clean the rooms and watched as the cleaner changed the sheets and kind of hoovered the room with a Henry hoover, but still left crumbs all over the floor. She didn't speak English either which didn't help. The hotel was fully booked because of the volcanic crisis, so we couldn't change rooms to one where the patio doors locked. I would not have felt safe being there for a week or more. So we decided first thing in the morning we were going back to Paphos Airport to change hotels as it was not acceptable. I felt like sleeping in my clothes the place was that filthy.

      As we had to be put up full board as part of our air travel rights, we went down to the restaurant for dinner. We had reservations already, but as we arrived, we saw all the tables set out as if you were at school - long lines of tables so you had to share your every meal time with someone you didn't know. Not exactly great for a holiday is it? As 3 young girls we didn't want to be sat with an elderly couple, but when we asked to sit somewhere else, we were rudely shouted at and told to sit down. Clearly the hotel (or bedsit to give it a better name) had never been busy before!

      After being at the 5 star Imperial Beach, we knew what a good full board buffet entailed. This place was below par. How anyone could stay here for a proper holiday and eat dinner there every night I will never know. There wasn't much choice for a full board hotel - pasta, two meat dishes, one fish dish, potatoes and salad. That was it. I bought a sandwich from the local shop as the pasta was bland and had no taste, the sweetcorn was sticky and overcooked, my coke was flat and my friends' red wine was chilled. Absolute disaster. We had walked round the grounds before dinner and seen the bit platter of coleslaw put out (nice! just like being in a school canteen). It was out an hour and a half before dinner started. Nice. I didn't eat any of it suffice to say. Dodgy mayonnaise was not on my agenda. And for that reason I didn't eat the meat. My friend is obsessed with breakfast but didn't dare venture down in the morning for the buffet breakfast. She didn't want to risk her health.

      The grounds - well the pool looked nice enough, but if the hotel is full you'd never get a space round the pool as there were only about 20 sunbeds. They have a childrens play area with a rusting swing and climbing frame. The 'beach' as they call it, is basically rock covered with a small dusting of sand, with dodgy stairs that you climb down into the sea that rock about!!! All looked positively horrific.

      I think I would have killed myself if we'd had to stay from the 19th til May 2nd! So on the 20th we left, dragged our suitcases up the dirt track to the road, waited 2 hours for the bus to the airport and told them it was dirty and unsafe. We got put back in the Imperial Beach in Pafos, and ended up managing to get home on the 25th. But we still got 5 nights in the Imperial - which is such a great hotel. 5 nights I definitely couldn't have managed at the Cynthiana.

      Please - avoid this hotel at all costs. For your money you can get a lovely hotel down in the Pafos town/village where there is life, and shops, and pretty bars to sit in and watch the sea

      Avoid avoid avoid.


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