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Disney's Hotel Cheyenne (Paris, France)

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4 Reviews

Address: Address: B.P. 115 / 77777 Marne-la-Vallée / France - A two star hotel in Disneyland Paris

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    4 Reviews
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      24.10.2011 21:52
      Very helpful



      One of the Disney budget options

      The Disney Cheyenne Hotel was an upgrade to a very good offer we found for a 3-day trip to Disneyland Paris. Originally the offer included accommodation in the Disney Santa Fe Hotel but at only £ 6.00 more we thought that the expense for having a bunk bed for the children next to a double bed for us, instead of two queen size beds, was money well spend.
      To find the hotel was easy. Once you reach Marne de la Vallee all you need to do is follow the signs along the way. With Disney being THE attraction in the area all that has to do with the theme park is very well signed out, and the danger that you are getting lost is minimal. If you are arriving by Eurostar you'll find the bus terminal from where the shuttle buses to the hotels depart right in front of the exit to the station, and if you want to take a train from the airport you'll also arrive here. Once you reach the hotel by car you will have to pass from the check in where you will have to show your reservation papers. The guy we met here was a very friendly and cheerful chap and within a short time we were making our way up the driveway to the Cheyenne Hotel

      The hotel is designed in a Wild West Style. You can't drive up directly to the entrance, this area is reserved for coaches, there is a small parking lot opposite of the entrance to the reception area where you can leave your car while you check in. The shuttle buses stop around 100 metres from the entrance and porter service isn't privided, you'll have to manage your luggage yourself.
      The reception area is large and the Wild West theme continues with lots of wooden beams, the odd Native American Indian model, wagon wheels and the likes.
      We where lucky to arrive at a time of day where the reception wasn't busy and only had three more families in front of us. Nevertheless, the waiting time was around 15 minutes and is sluggishly slow. I feel sorry for all those who arrive in huge groups or at very busy times but it gives you a very good impression of what will await you during your stay in Disneyland: queuing, queuing, queuing
      The receptionist was very friendly and explained all the offers that were available to us like early entrance to the park, booking dinners, etc. At this point we didn't pay too much attention but wanted to get to our rooms, get rid of the luggage, freshen up and finally get to the park and maybe meet Micky .
      The hotel is fairly big and consists of many separate buildings, all two storey high and with Wild West related names. We were assigned to "Sundance" which is located at the far end of the hotel complex. Good thing I did pay attention when the receptionist explained the way to get there. There is a large
      parking lot all along the hotel's buildings and we managed to find a space directly in front of "our" building which turned out to be a white wooden structure that could have been the pride of every Clint Eastwood Western Movie. Opposite to the entrance there is a small square with a small park which is probably very nice during the greener months as there where plenty of roses.
      Once entering the building you'll find out that there isn't a lift, no big problem with only one flight of stairs to climb - and the explanation why such a lot of push chairs are parked in the hall way. The Wild West theme continues in the design which includes some photos of the most "wanted" men, all actors who have played Wild West villains, but it is also fairly worn and the space under the stairs is used as a storage area for neon lights and other items that might need to be replaced in the rooms. On the landing of the first floor there are some tables and chairs, very saloon like, that came handy when we wanted to have a drink when the kids were already in bed as there is no separate living area in the room

      Entering the room you'll find a hanging rail and a shelf in the hallway, the bathroom also leads from here. The room itself isn't small at all but with the double bed, the bunk bed, two chests of drawers and a desk area it is fairly cramped and there is hardly space to swing a cat. We made sure to keep our luggage out of the way, solved the dispute which of the girls would sleep on the upper bed, found the room to be hot and sticky and opened the window, which wasn't as easy as it looked like. There is a TV with some local French channels and the Disney Channel in several languages, not a service we used a lot. The room was clean but the furniture again a bit tired and worn and the bathroom could have done with some sprucing up as. there were some cracked tiles. As this is one of Disney's budget offers we didn't expect all that much, besides, if you come to Disneyland you'll probably not spend a hell lot of your time in the room, at least not while you are awake.
      The beds weren't the most comfortable I've ever slept in but for a short trip they were fine. Not so sure if I would have liked to sleep for a whole week or so in them but most people won't stay for that long anyway.
      On the plus side everything was spotlessly clean and the room was tidied up daily, empty soaps and toilet rolls were replaced.
      In the bathroom we found some soaps with Mickey Mouse wrapping and shower gel and shampoo in little bottles with Micky Mouse screw tops which we weren't allowed to use as our daughters wanted to take them as a souvenir. We'd brought our own so no big deal and both kids were happy to take their Mickey shampoos back home.
      There is no possibility of room service, no coffee/tea making facilities and there are also no machines in the building from which you could have got a small snack or a hot drink. This was the only real downside of the hotel as the bar/restaurant were quite a bit of a walk away and we'd have loved to have a cuppa in the morning while we all got ready for breakfast.

      The hotel offers a restaurant where also the breakfast is served, and a bar. All meals are taken in buffet form and you can book an all-you-can eat dinner at a reasonable price at the concierge desk if you wish so.
      The choice at breakfast was good although there wasn't any cooked breakfast, which means no eggs, bacon, beans and so on. There were enough cereals, cheeses, jams, cooked meats, fruit and a large variety of baked goods to keep us happy and we didn't really miss a full English breakfast. If we'd stayed a few days longer we would probably have wanted a larger choice but for just two nights it was perfectly fine. Drinks can be found in the dining halls (no joking, these are really halls with room for large amounts of people) and there was a variety of fruit juices, coffee, tea and milk.
      The ambience again was Wild West Style, even though the size of the rooms would have exceeded the odd saloon by a mile.
      After enjoying our breakfast we took a coffee outside where you can find some wooden tables and give the kids a chance to play in the playground - while we had some peace.
      We booked the all-you-can-eat dinner on our second evening and here you will have to expect to queue up for ages for your food - and in a very hot buffet area ! The selection is good, there are several starters including soup and salads, a huge variety of main dishes that should suite any taste, a fantastic desert buffet and lots of cheeses.
      From what I remember there was grilled chicken, salmon, curry, pasta with a variety of sauces, Boeuf Bourguignon, chips, rice and lovely pizzas.
      It took ages to get what you wanted though and the kids started to eat halfway through and were nearly full by the time we got back to the table. The desert buffet is really worth mentioning as there was a fantastic selection of cakes, tarts and puddings. We couldn't really decide what to try and thus ended up filling a big plate with a variety to share. Cheeses included brie, camembert, blue cheese and goat's cheese.
      The dinner offer includes one drink only and instead of ordering another one we decided to move on towards the bar to have coffees.
      The weather was uncharacteristically mild during our stay so we decided to sit outside and I didn't see much of the bar. From what I could see through the window it offered several TV screens and was much smaller than I'd expected from a hotel of this size.
      The overall ambience of the restaurant is clearly not romantic. For the amount of people these halls take, there were two of them, connected by saloon style swinging doors, the noise level was surprisingly low and tables were cleared fast and efficiently. During breakfast there was a bit of a problem with milk and juices running out and it took some time until they were refilled but the organization of feeding so many people at the same time was rather admirable and I'll happily forgive them for having to wait 10 minutes for my refill of orange juice when all went that well for me and hundreds of other guests at the same time.

      Other facilities:
      There was a nice shop with lots of Disney items (what else ?) which was well worth checking out. We found a T-Shirt for our little one that was actually cheaper than in all the Disney shops in and surrounding the park. The staff here is extremely friendly and was very helpful when our older daughter fell down one evening and we were in desperate need of some plasters. In the end we bought most of our souvenirs here, not because we couldn't have got them anywhere else inside Disneyland but because the staff was really exceptional.

      There is a concierge desk where you can book special activities like dinners and shows. We used this to arrange the all-you-can-eat buffet dinner on our second evening and found the staff to be very helpful, friendly and well organized.
      There is a play area outside that our kids used during the stay. They do offer pony rides in the morning. Not an offer we took on as it involves extra spending, 5 pound for each child for a short ride up one of the "streets". Not that I'm stingy but there are so many better ways to spend your money in Disney. The kids liked the ponies (surprise, surprise!) and also had fun in the games arcade we visited in the evening. Here you can find table football, pin ball and so on.

      The shuttle service to the park was a great help and absolutely reliable. The buses do get very crowded during the "rush hours" and no driver seems to care about overfilling the bus, so hold on tight. The journey from the Cheyenne to the park takes about 3 minutes and buses depart every 10-15 minutes from the hotel and back. This makes it very easy to reach the parks and the station.
      Disney Characters show up daily and you can find them outside under the cover of the entrance in front of the big post wagon. We met Goofy and Pluto and the kids, although they surely would have preferred Mickey and Minnie, were absolutely OK with this. No clue how well the more expensive hotels are served but I suspect that your chances to see the "A-List celebrities" are better there. The queues to have your photo taken with the Disney character are much smaller than in the park and both of our girls got enough time for a big hug from both characters.

      Overall this hotel is a fantastic budget choice for families. It is absolutely geared for the family market and I don't think that's probably what they are doing best. If you are after a more romantic break or just want something more upscale than a good working basic accommodation you will be better off at one of the more expensive Disney Resort Hotels.
      We booked this hotel at a special offer for £ 300.00 for the whole family including a 3-day pass to the park, really exceptional good value for money. Disney only does such cheap offers way out of season but we were lucky with the weather and had, apart from half an hour of rain over 3 days, bright sunshine. So it was well worth the gamble and you'll never have any guarantees for sunshine, no matter which time of the year you go.
      My only real problem with the hotel was the lack of coffee anywhere near the room, which probably isn't a big deal for most but this cat doesn't work properly without a cuppa in the morning ! Not that this would stop me from returning to the Cheyenne hotel, I'd go back any time, but bring a kettle.

      This review has also been published on other websites.
      Thanks for reading !


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        30.05.2010 16:52
        Very helpful



        A great lower-cost option for Disney lovers

        For our long-awaited trip to Disneyland Paris, we decided to stay in the Hotel Cheyenne. This is one of the cheaper hotels on the Disney Paris site but still offers all the benefits that you get from staying on site at Disney, such as all-inclusive park tickets for the duration of your stay, free shuttle buses to the parks and early entry to the park and some rides through 'Extra Magic Hours'.

        ~ General Hotel Information ~
        The Hotel Cheyenne is a Wild West themed hotel which has been designed to look like an old Western town. The rooms are in blocks named after famous characters from the Wild West such as Calamity Jane and Billy the Kid and these blocks are set along the dusty streets of the 'town'. There are various pieces of Western theming around the site, such as the old stagecoach outside the main building and all the blocks have wooden verandas outside. The main building houses the Reception area, a well-stocked gift shop, a games room with a variety of different arcade games, the Chuck Wagon Café (the hotel's restaurant) and the Red Garter Saloon (the bar). It is about a 15 minute walk to the park along a canal, round the lake in front of the Hotel New York and through the Disney Village. Alternatively, you can get a shuttle bus which takes 5 minutes.

        ~ Checking In and Out ~
        We arrived at the hotel late morning and there was a very long queue at Reception for people checking in. This was one of the few issues I had with the hotel - it is difficult to make over-excited children who are absolutely desperate to get to Disneyland wait for almost an hour before they can leave the reception area. Given that the queues were so long, it would have been helpful if they could have anticipated this and opened up a couple more arrivals desks. However, on reaching the front of the queue, the check in was a relatively painless process and we received our park passes and were told to return later for our room keys once our room was ready. There is a left-luggage room which we used on both the day of arrival and day of departure. Checking out was a much smoother process, we simply had to drop off the room card and we were ready to go.

        ~ The Rooms ~
        Each block contains a number of bedrooms on ground and first floor levels. We had a ground floor room in a block relatively near the main building. The rooms continue with the Western theme of the hotel with horseshoes on the door, cowboy boot shaped lamps and cowboy-themed décor. Each room has a double bed, a bunk-bed, bedside tables, wall-mounted bedside lamps (including separate lamps for each level of the bunk bed which my three-year old loved as he could turn his own light on and off!), a large mirror over the dressing table, drawers and an open wardrobe and a TV. We also requested a cot for our three-month old baby and this was provided in the form of a travel cot. There was a large window at the front which was easy to open and a ceiling fan to circulate the air. The bathrooms were relatively spacious with a full-sized bath, wall-mounted shower coming from the taps, sink unit and WC. Toiletries were provided and were Mickey-themed, although I took my own stuff so can't really comment on the quality of them.

        They are not the biggest rooms in the world - I have previously stayed in the Sequoia Lodge where the rooms are enormous - but they were definitely big enough for our family of four, especially as we were too busy exploring the parks to spend much time in the room. The beds were very comfortable and my three year old loved the bunk beds, even if he did complain bitterly when we made him sleep on the bottom bunk!

        ~ Eating and Drinking ~
        The restaurant at the Hotel Cheyenne is the Chuck Wagon Café. We only had breakfast here (as that was included in the price) but it also has a Western-themed buffet in the evenings. The breakfast was a continental-style buffet with cereals, croissants, rolls, toast, various cold meats and cheeses, tinned fruit salad, yogurts, jams and spreads. There was also tea and coffee and a variety of fruit juices. We were happy enough with the breakfast and I especially enjoyed the croissants, but it would have been nice had the buffet included a bit more fresh fruit as it's very difficult to get fruit and vegetables into your child at Disney and breakfast would have been a good opportunity to do this. You have to request a time for breakfast on arrival and you are then issued with a 'breakfast card' for your room - we had breakfast at 7am both days and the room was relatively uncrowded at that point. We also took advantage of the breakfast buffet to make up rolls to take into the park for snacks during the day - and were definitely not the only people doing that, a reflection of the high food prices in the parks maybe?

        The bar at the Hotel Cheyenne is the Red Garter Saloon. This seemed very busy early on in the evening but when we went in for a drink at 10pm it was relatively quiet. They had a reasonable range of bottled beers, wines and cocktails - including something called a Glowtini which was bright blue and had a light in it! I wasn't sure whether I was brave enough to try that one or not but they seemed very popular! Prices were relatively expensive - 4 euro for a very small glass of wine - but that was consistent with the rest of the park.

        ~ Other Information ~

        Disney Characters - There were characters at the hotel every morning posing for photographs in front of the stagecoach at reception. When we arrived, Jessie from Toy Story was outside and we also saw Goofy and Chip and Dale. There was an official photographer taking photos which were available to purchase at the hotel but they were also happy for you to take your own photographs.

        Shuttle Buses - The shuttle buses left the hotel for the bus station outside the train station about every 10 minutes, although we were lucky with our timing and usually ended up running for a bus instead of having to wait for one! They were relatively crowded and some people had no concept of queuing or waiting for other people to get on, so it tended to be a bit of a scrum every time a bus arrived. The journey to the park took less than 5 minutes though so a bit of over-crowding wasn't a big deal.

        Extra Magic Hours - Staying in a Disney hotel means that you can get access to the main Disney park two hours before it opens to the general public. This meant we could get into the park at 8am and take advantage of very short queues for some rides. However, only a limited number of rides are open at this time and these were all in either Fantasyland or Discoveryland - not that it mattered as the children just wanted to go on the Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast over and over again!

        ~ Overall ~
        I really enjoyed our stay at the Hotel Cheyenne and would definitely recommend it. The only real downside was the length of the check-in queue at Reception on the first day. There was also a bit of an issue with noise outside the room in the early part of the evening (when we were trying to get the children to sleep) which I think was down to the design of the hotel as there were a lot of passers-by heading for the main building. It was not a big issue though and probably only because we had the windows open. We were happy with everything else and the hotel added to what was a very positive Disneyland Paris experience.


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          28.03.2010 00:40
          Very helpful



          A nice little hotel in Disneyland Resort Paris.

          ~ Hotel Cheyenne, Disneyland Paris Resort ~ March 2010 ~


          Hotel Cheyenne can be found inside the Disneyland Resort and is the third closest hotel to the Disney parks (the Disneyland Hotel is the closest and the New York hotel is very slightly closer than Cheyenne). It is situated between hotel New York and hotel Santa Fe.

          You can catch the shuttle service to and from the parks which takes about 5 minutes or you can walk it in about 10 or 15 minutes.


          There is a free shuttle service which runs to and from hotel Cheyenne and the Disney parks. The shuttles are long yellow buses and come every 15 minutes which means you don't have to hang around long for them. You can catch the shuttle nearby the main block of Cheyenne and it drops you off outside Marne Le Vallee train station, which is just a couple of minutes walk from the Disney parks (there are seperate bus stops for the different hotels outside the station to catch the shuttle back to your hotel). The only downside to the shuttle service is that it can get very crowded, especially in the mornings when the Disney parks open.


          When we arrived the reception and arrivals desk was clearly signed up but we had to queue up for about 20 minutes before reaching the desk. The staff were very friendly, helpful and appeared to speak a number of different languages. We were given lots of useful information and were asked to choose what time we would like to have breakfast each day. We were also given our room cards, a map of the Cheyenne hotel, a Disney badge for my daughter, 3 breakfast cards for the duration of our stay and an ID card (not really sure what that was for though).

          You can check in to your room at 3pm, however we arrived about an hour early and they allowed us to check-in early without any problems.

          The reception area was clean, spacious and well themed. It also had an information desk and an area for children to watch some Disney TV and do some drawing whilst they wait. There was country and western music playing throughout.


          The hotel was set up in different blocks, with lots of different rooms inside. Each block had upstairs and downstairs rooms.

          In the main block was the reception area, toilets, general store (which we didn't visit so I can't comment on), Nevada Game room (we didn't visit here either but it looked full of arcade games), Chuck Wagon Cafe and Red Garter Saloon. You can visit the Chuck Wagon Cafe and Red Garter Saloon in the afternoons and evenings for food and drinks, but both are used in the mornings to serve breakfast to all guests staying at the hotel. Again, we didn't visit either of these (except for breakfast) because we chose to eat in the Disney parks and Disney Village instead.

          There is also an outdoor play area for kids called 'Fort Apache' and a laundry service, neither of which we used so I can't comment on. There are also pony rides for children in the warmer months.

          Each morning we met a Disney character outside the main block of the hotel (Mickey, Pluto and Goofy), which my daughter loved. There was a photographer that took photos infront of a big old wagon with the characters (you could view and purchase the photos later on at the hotel) but we were also able to take our own photos.

          It was a lot bigger than I expected but thankfully we stayed in a block that very close to the main block so didn't have to walk far to get to breakfast and the shuttle service etc.

          Each block had a different western themed name which was clearly stated on the front of the building (Calamity Jane, Jesse James, Billy The Kid, Wyatt Earp etc). The hotel village was themed like an old western town and was very impressive. The village had a dusty floor and the buildings were all different pale pastel colours - blue, green, yellow, orange etc. The village also included a sheriff's office, a bank, a jail, a well and a number of white picket fences and wooden deckings/balconies. The hotel is themed very much like Frontierland in the Disneyland park.


          Our room consisted of a double bed, wooden bunk beds, 2 wooden mirrors, a boot shaped lamp, 2 bedside lamps (wall mounted), bedside tables, a phone, television, open wardrobe, cabinet, set of drawers and a bin. Our seperate bathroom consisted of a toilet, sink, bath, overhead shower, large mirror, bin, towels and complimentary toiletries (Mickey themed).

          The room was very clean and maids came in every day to spruce up our room (make the beds, change the towels, replenish complimentary toiletries, empty the bins etc). The maids never disturbed us or woke us up, infact we never even saw a maid the whole time we were there! There wasn't a hairdryer (I packed my own) but there was a kettle (particularly handy for those who need to make up bottles of milk) with a note attached informing us that we could hire a tea basket from reception for 6 euros.

          The room had a western/cowboy themed carpet, wallpaper, beds, curtains, lamps and mirrors. We were all very pleased with the room and my daughter was particularly impressed, especially with her bunkbeds. It wasn't a huge room but it was adequate for the 3 of us. The beds were very comfy and we all slept well. The room was well heated and there was a fan on the ceiling for if it got too warm. There were a couple of English channels on the television but the majority were French.


          Breakfast was served between 7am-10am in the Chuck Wagon Cafe and Red Garter Saloon. Our breakfast came included in our package which meant we didn't have to pay any extra for it. We gave our breakfast cards to a member of staff at the entrance (breakfast cards were issued per room rather than per person) and went through to serve ourselves. Our breakfast cards were for 7am each morning (we wanted to get an early start) but we all slept through until 9am on one morning - the staff let us straight through and told us not to worry.

          The breakfast was a cold buffet. You had to serve yourself and could choose as much as you wanted. Food included different cereals (good for kids), croissants, rolls, bread (you had to toast the bread yourself which was abit annoying as you had to find a free toaster and then wait for the bread to toast), yoghurt, cheeses, meat slices and different spreads. Drinks included tea, coffee, hot chocolate, different juices, water and milk. The food was okay and there was quite a lot of choice (especially since you could choose as much food as you like), however by morning 3 I was absolutely desperate for a cooked breakfast! The breakfast was okay, but wasn't brilliant in my honest opinion.

          The main problem I had with the breakfast was that it was packed, at both early and late breakfast times. There was a lot of pushing, shoving and people lacking in common courtesy which really annoyed us (I must say that the English were the best behaved from what I could see). It was all abit hectic - we had to wait for tables, queue up for the drink machines etc.

          CHECK OUT

          We had to check out of our room by 11am. Checking out was very easy - is all we needed to do was drop our bags off at the luggage room (nearby reception) and the helpful luggage assistant gave us a ticket with a unique number on. We went off to the Disney parks for an extra few hours and came back to collect ours bags that were safety tucked away in the luggage room. There was also a basket to drop our key cards into.


          Hotel Cheyenne is one of the budget Disney hotels and is the second least expensive (Santa Fe is the least). It is a 2 star accomodation which really put me off - I had second thoughts whether to book it or not, but after reading lots of positive reviews I decided to go for it. I'm glad I did because we had a brilliant holiday and I had no real complaints with our hotel. I would certainly give it more than 2 stars.

          The western theme was really well done and is a great choice for kids and families. It is located close to the park and had everything we needed, especially since we spent such little time there. The shuttle service and luggage room was also very handy. The staff were all very nice and helpful and the cleanliness of the hotel was very good indeed.

          The only real downsides is that the rooms were pretty basic and the breakfast could have been better. It would have also been nice if the hotel had a swimming pool (although I'm not sure if we would have had time to fit swimming in anyway) and I also thought that they should have opened a few more arrival desks to avoid queueing to check-in - it's not a fun way to start your holiday, especially when you've just spent hours travelling.

          If you plan to visit Disneyland Paris I highly recommend this hotel to you. I will not hesitate to stay here again next time we visit.


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            09.03.2010 17:04
            Very helpful



            FANTASTIC .

            We stayed in Disney's hotel Cheyenne for three nights during the Feburary half term. Here is what we thought of it.

            Hotel Cheyenne is one of the Disneyland Paris on site hotels, it is one of the cheaper on resort hotels but suited our needs very well.
            From the hotel you can walk to the Disney parks and Disney village, it takes about ten - fifteen minutes along a pleasant riverside walkway. If you don't fancy the walk the hotel has a bus stop right outside where shuttle buses run all day, every day from 6:30 A.M - 11:30 P.M. They run every 10-12 minutes so you never have to wait long, journey time is about two minutes and it takes you right into Disney Village.

            The hotel is based on a wild western town, the streets are made of sandy gravel and the buildings look like they are straight off of a cowboy film set, with terracotta slatted panels and shutters at the windows.
            The main part of the hotel has a large reception area, information desk, childrens play area with T.V, colouring pages and lego type bricks. It also has a Disney shop selling all the usual Disney paraphernalia along with some other non Disney essentials like toothbrushes and shampoo. Next to the shop there is a games room, this has arcade style games, pool table and one of those air hockey tables. You have to buy tokens to use the machines and these cost 2 Euro each.

            The restaurant leads off of this main building, It is called Chuck wagons, this is where breakfast is served. You need to specify a breakfast time between 7-10:30 A.M when you arrive and you will be given time allocated tickets, that you present each morning. Breakfast is a choice of cereal, yoghurt, tinned fruit, pastries, rolls, ham and cheese. There is water, apple and orange juice available also milk, tea, coffee and hot chocolate these are from self service machines located around the restaurant. I thought the breakfast was nice and a good choice for a value hotel but I heard lots of people grumbling about choice and variety, I'm not sure what they were expecting.
            Chuck wagons also serve dinner, this is a buffet style with chicken, ribs, burgers, rice etc. It costs 20 Euro for adults and 10.95 Euro for children, you must book this in advance. We didn't eat dinner here so I can't comment on food taste or quality.

            The rooms are split into several two storey blocks they have themed names such as Calamity Jane, Sitting bull and Billy the kid.
            Each room is identical with a double bed and wooden bunk beds. There is a cowboy themed wallpaper border, curtains and lamp.There is a TV, wardrobe, desk and large chest of drawers. The room was quite small for four of us, but we really didn't spend much time in there so it didn't cause a problem for us.

            Service in the hotel was fantastic every member of staff I came into contact with was cheery and happy to help, they chatted to the children and seemed like they wanted us to have a fabulous holiday.

            There are outdoor attractions like a adventure play area, horses and tepee tents but as we went in winter these were not open.

            Fantastic themed hotel, you don't get a pool or luxury room but you do get fun in bucket loads. It was the ideal choice for my family, especially my little boy who loves being a cowboy.


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