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Explorers Hotel Disneyland (Paris, France)

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5 Reviews

Address: 50 avenue de la Fosse des Pressoirs / 77700 Magny le Hongre / Paris / France

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    5 Reviews
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      07.03.2014 12:08
      Very helpful



      For people with older kids and lots of money!

      Stayed here in December with my three children aged 7, 5 and 1. The older two were fine but for the baby it was awful, eye's needed in the back of your head! We stayed in the second floor and I was shocked that the huge windows opened fully out with no locks and also radiators right underneath as a handy little step for wee ones, this is a hotel aimed at kids yet having something like this is so dangerous! You couldn't leave the room for a second and on pins all night incase baby decided to explore. Real safety hazard that wouldn't take much to rectify. Have made my experience known to the hotel, yet they have not acknowledged this.
      Another safety element is the kettle, they have this fixed onto a table so when boiling it HAS to be at child height, I have a picture to show how many CENTIMETRES this was from my babys head, one reach out and he would have been scalded for sure.

      The room was adequate accommodation. Broken drawers, tiles milling from bath, no soap etc but beds comfy and tv (finally) worked. Hotel at reception extremely rude, phoned down one evening to say that the soap/shower gel was empty and the reply was ''It's actually a moose'' - helpful!

      To eat in the hotel costs a fortune. We paid for bed and breakfast thinking we would eat out for evening meal but came to realise eating out in the Disney park was not affordable. The hotel has a pizza place, restaurant and buffet dinner, we opted for the buffet dinner in the evenings. Coming to near 80 euro per night for tiny plates of food, you could keep going back but if the plates were normal size this would be better. Bread rolls, salad, chips, reformed chicken, pasta and cakes were the choice. For 80 euro.

      To make use of the hotel facilities READ THE SMALL PRINT! Went to take the boys swimming in the hotel pool and was told we had to buy their swim wear if they did not have speedos - french policy or something - vending machine there where I spent 40 euro on swimming trunks they will never wear again.

      Lots of improvement needed for this hotel.

      Big benefit is their shuttle bus to the park, runs every 10-15 mins and is free, very convenient. If you have a pram though then get on first, regardless of if you have to be rude - if you don't then you simply won't get on. People will not move for you and will very quickly push you, or your children out of the way. After a full day and night of apologising and waiting I soon learnt that wasn't the way!


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        03.11.2010 09:54
        Very helpful



        Not for me, (but I know my kids would go back)!

        This June (2010) we went to the Thomas Cook Explorers Hotel, near to Disneyland Paris. It is one of the partner hotels which you can book through the Disneyland Paris website, as I did. It is a three star hotel on the edge of the park, just a five to ten minute drive away with the free shuttle bus. It has been built as the imaginary explorer's Archibald De Bacle mansion, making it sound fun and full of character.

        Booking the hotel was fairly straight forward. I decided to book through the Disneyland website as the park tickets were included in the price along with bed and breakfast. This made the process much easier and seemed cheaper than paying separately.

        So what made me initially choose the Explorers Hotel? Well firstly we are a large family (there are 6 of us), and this was the only hotel which could fit us all into one suite. It was also in a fair price range, and it looked like lots of fun, with plenty of entertainment for the children. Although I was not planning on spending much quality time at the hotel, as the park was what our trip was all about, I felt that having a pool (a pirate pool with slides) would be some squeezed in extra fun for the children.

        I decided to book a private shuttle for the airport transfer as opposed to the Disney bus. This worked out well as it was more reasonably priced than the official bus as well as the added benefit that we travelled directly to our hotel without the hassle of visiting every other hotel as their guests were dropped off.

        The hotel was most certainly self service in every aspect. On arrival we found our own luggage trolley and checked in for 4 nights with 5 days in the park. This was all very straight forward, after showing the receptionist our e ticket, it went smoothly and we were directed to our room. I can imagine that at times, check in can be chaos, especially when a bus load of holiday makers arrive as they frequently did. They did have a few miniature arcade toys in the reception area, which were run down and shabby. Also at check in we were asked what time we wanted to have breakfast, as this was done in shifts. I actually felt put on the spot, and randomly said a time I thought would be suitable to our family. This put a little bit of pressure on us in the mornings, especially if one, or two were not ready.

        As we trundled down to our rooms, we passed the pirate pool, the large ball bit/jungle gym area and the arcade games room. My boys eye's lit up in absolute delight! Our room, was classified as a crew room (all the wording was in a pirate theme), which included two double beds in the main room, then an extra bunk bed in an annex room. As you can imagine, with any three star hotel with 390 bedrooms, the actual size of the room was on the small side. The room included a bath/shower, a separate toilet, two tv's with a few british channels, a kettle (but you had to buy the tea and coffee), a hairdryer, and the typical hotel safe. I did find the decor rather drab, there was no flamboyant pirate themes to the rooms, or for that fact much colour. The beds were just okay, but after a long day of exploring Disneyland we were all so tired that the comfort of the beds was not an issue due to exhaustion!

        On our first night we decided to eat at the hotel. Now, it advertises that it has two evening restaurants, Captain's Library Restaurant (french cuisine), Marco's Pizza Parlour. There are also the Smuggler's Tavern and Trader's Café Bar. We ate in the Captains Library which served large portions, was generally fast food, and tasted good (all for the hyped up Disney prices!). I felt they did need another waiter as our poor guy seemed to be doing everything, and was not coping too well. We did look at the pizza parlour, but it really was not appealing. The seats were set out more like a canteen, and many tables had leftovers strewn about. You could not call it a restaurant, and I am surprised the hotel gets away with it. There was also a little coffee booth, Brioche Doree, along with a separate gift shop which were both well stocked and reasonably priced.

        Breakfast was quite a manic, busy affair. As I said earlier we had been allotted a set time. On arrival, we handed out colour coded ticket in and went to find a seat. It is a self service buffet, with plenty of continental breads and cheeses. The food was tasty and you could eat as much as you wanted, all set for a day at the parks.

        It is most definitely a family orientated hotel, even to the extreme. As an example the swimming pool was open until 11pm, and it was also in full use with kids charging about everywhere. It is not a quiet or peaceful hotel, but more like a summer camp full of over excited kids! I actually found it too much, and I am a mum of 4.

        The swimming pool itself was made to have fun in, and you can watch it all from the pizza parlor/bar area through a vast glass wall. There are two slides and then a ship which pours water out of various shoots onto the swimmers. You have to hire pool towels, unless you bring you own. One thing my kids did complain about (and they loved the pool) was how hot the water and pool area was in general. Another area for the kids is a giant ball/gym area (up to 11 years). They can rush around and let off more steam, whilst we sat nearby and had a semi-relaxing time (very hard when you have kids running around everywhere)!

        The Thomas Cook Explorers Hotel was functional and fun for the kids. The shuttle bus service to the parks were excellent and ran like clockwork. The staff were pleasant and helpful. However, I personally would not choose to stay their again, as I found it very chaotic in the people sense along with the untidiness in the eating areas. Like most Disney hotels, it has a continuous stream of guests arriving/departing, so is rather robotic and lacks any personal touches. It was an enjoyable holiday, because of the parks, the hotel served a great purpose but in truth just wasn't for me!


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          06.06.2010 20:26
          Very helpful



          Pity the staff let it down but still a great stay.

          On driving in to the hotel you are met by Very impressive Huge Easter island esque statues. The 'explorers' theme continues within the hotel itself with African masks on the wall and a stunning Swimming pool with pirate ship and mermaids.
          If you want you can even pay more for themed rooms which are top to toe in Jungle themes.
          The decor of the hotel is a real feature here which I think is a great thing for the kids especially as it allows them to enjoy the whole stay rather than just the bit in Disneyland itself.
          This is especially important if if like us the 1st day/night is taken up purely by travelling the kids will not be disappointed at all that they have to wait one more night until they get into disneyland itself.
          This is thanks to the decor, the Amazing indoor swimming pool with slides and there is also a nice sized play area near to the pool for the kids.

          Bad points include our check in took over 1hr 20 mins (not what you feel like after travelling all day with the kids!), the staff were incredibly rude, we couldn't find where our room was when we first checked in and the staff that we met along the way whilst trying to find the room ignored us and gave us evil looks for talking to them. The checkin staff were nice but we didn't fancy getting to the back of that queue(!) so we soldiered on until we got there. The staff in the restaurant were also rude but we realised that we wouldn't get anywhere complaining about it so we had to just ignore it.

          We had a crew 4 room (1 double and 2 singles), it is small for 4 people but okay.
          Other plus points were free shuttle buses and the gorgeous buffet all you can eat breakfasts which include croissants, fresh fruit - pineapple, grapes etc

          So although it was not the most luxurious of stays particulary in size of rooms and service it ticked all the boxes for cleanliness, easy for location and shuttle bus & family fun! and yes I would go again.


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            28.01.2010 19:46
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            I MISS IT!

            My original review did not do the hotel justice so I have updated it!

            The Thomas Cook Explorers Hotel is rated 3 stars. It is a situated just a few minutes drive from Disneyland Resort in Paris.

            I visited this hotel in March 2009 as part of my college study visit. We stayed for 3nights midweek. We travelled from our college in Scotland by coach to Hull and went on the overnight crossing to Zeebrugge. We then travelled by coach down to Paris and to the hotel. The hotel is approx 1hour from the centre of Paris and is the furthest hotel from the Disney park in the area.

            *Checking In*

            I was part of a group of 25 students and 3 tutors so check in was handled by the course leader, Mairi. It was quick and simple. We arrived at around 4pm and were in our rooms within 20minutes of arrival. There were 2 staff on the check in desk and they were friendly and spoke excellent English.


            The main reception area is bright and spacious with various seating areas, small children's rides and plants. There is a desk for general enquiries and one for check in/out. There was always a staff member present and enquiries were dealt with very quickly and it without any issues.

            The hotel has a nautical theme and this was reflected in the reception area with various wall plaques. You really feel like you are on a boat. The décor is stunning with marbled floors and bright but not unsightly walls.

            *The Rooms*

            The rooms were set out in long corridors over 5 (I think) floors which are accessed my various lifts around the hotel. We were on the ground level floor and all the rooms for us were in the same corridor. The rooms are situated door a corridor where conferencing facilities are and there are vending machines next to the stairs.

            Our room was known as a Crew 6. We had 2 single beds, a double bed and a small adjoining room with bunk beds. There were 5 of us so I managed to nab the double bed! The room was very clean and a good size. We had a small window which opened and we faced a grassy area at the side of the hotel. In our room there was a open style wardrobe with hangers and a safe in the corner. We stored one of the suitcases there and there was plenty of space. In between each bed was a little cabinet which was ideal for sweets and the likes.

            There was a table with a kettle, cups etc and a television which mainly had channels to promote Disney. There was the facility to watch pay per view movies but we did not do this. The carpet was clean and the bed sheets were crisp. My bed was very comfy and the pillows were adequate. The girls in the bunk bed room had a small unit with a tv on top and the bunk beds were comfy if not a bit small. They are designed for children! There was a door separating us from them which was ideal as I snore and I drove them mad!

            In our part of the room, there were two doors. One housed a rather small enclosed toilet which was clean and well stocked with loo roll. The other was a spacious bath with overhead shower and a sink with mirror and vanity area. It was rather annoying having to do the toilet and then go into another room to wash out hands! Plenty of towels were supplied and they were white and fluffy. The shower had excellent power and there was not a bit of mould in sight! The bathrooms were clean and perfectly adequate. A bin was also provided and complimentary soap.

            The overall décor of the room was bright and airy. There was adequate lighting with the main light and individual lights so as to not disturb others in the room. The crisp white sheets had blue throws which could easily be removed. The temperature was just right though there was a radiator under the window if you became cold. Some interesting wall hangings on the walls freaked us out a bit but apart from that, the rooms were lovely. A hairdryer was provided but we brought our own and Wi-fi is available but we had no need for it as there were computers at the café.

            Depending on the size of your family, will depend on the type of room you are offered as they can sleep from 4 up to 10 people. Themed suites can also be selected but we did not get to experience them. The rooms were cleaned and beds made daily. Towels were also replaced and bins emptied.


            We stayed on a breakfast only basis so I will describe that then offer the other options for your consideration.

            Breakfast is served in the Plantation restaurant between 7am-10.30am. You are given a card with a time slot. The restaurant is spacious with different sized tables and seating areas. The food is through a little walk way and is open planned and well laid out.

            You have the choice of an extensive continental buffet. You can opt for various pastries and cakes available, cheese and meats, cereals and yoghurts. Jams and butters are also available and there is plenty of plates and spoons etc. Drinks machines serving fruit juice are in the seating area and you can also have tea or coffee. A cooked breakfast can be provided at a charge. Fruit is also available.

            We had breakfast each morning and the selection was impressive. I personally opted for croissants most morning which were freshly baked and still warm. I also sampled some fresh fruit with Activia yoghurt from a machine. I enjoyed this. The fruit juice was chilled and refreshing and plates were cleared away once you were finished.

            We did not eat dinner in the hotel as we chose to eat at the Disney Village.

            You have many dining options. The Plantation restaurant is reopened for dinner from 6pm-10pm and offers food from around the world.

            The Captains Library Restaurant is open from 6.30pm-10.30pm and offers various European dishes.

            Marco's Pizza is a pizzeria offering various pizzas, fries and desserts which you can eat there or take away. We passed by here and it smelt delicious but seemed really expensive!

            All of the above restaurants were on the basement floor.

            If you are looking for a quick snack then the Brioche Doree (open 8am-5pm) is ideal. Here you opt for a choice of baguettes with various fillings, sandwiches, pastries and drinks. It comes in the form of a log style cabin and there is a few seats available. I had a delicious cheese and ham baguette and a apricot pastry on the last day and it was delicious and not bad priced. The cabin and seating area overlooked the pool.

            We did not venture into the Tavern bar but some of the girls in our class did and reported it had a cosy and comfortable ambience and served various drinks and bar snacks.


            The hotel is huge and caters for all ages. Here is a run down of the main facilities.

            Indoor swimming pool - this looked like fun but our tutor was under strict instructions that we weren't allowed in it. We did venture down for a nosey as the pool was on the basement floor. It was busy with mainly children and manned by a lifeguard at all times. The water and area looked perfectly clean and tidy. In the middle of the pool was a huge ship inkeeping with the nautical theme of the hotel. At regular intervals, the huge bucket on the ship would fill up with water and tip over anyone who dared go near it! The pool was filled with happy children who took the opportunity to go down a large and smaller slide.

            Playarea - another for the children located on the basement floor. This looked like fun with climbing frames and soft play.

            Arcade - also located on the basement floor. A small arcade with various video games, most of which were operated through a 1 euro coin. We made use of the air hockey machine whilst waiting on the rest of the group to finish breakfast.

            Disney Boutique - this is a small store selling various Disney branded goodies. It is slightly cheaper than in the main park and I bought a few things for my son on the last day to use up some of my euros.

            There are conferencing facilities but we did not have the need to look into them. Toilets are dotted around the hotel and are of a very high standard and very luxurious with all soaps and tissues available.

            There was the option of a laundry service where the company took your clothes away and returned them. This was expensive at approx 10 euros per item so avoid!

            The hotel is suitable for disabled guests. The corridors and lifts are spacious and disabled toilets and rooms are available.


            There is a local shuttle bus which runs between the Disney park and the hotels in the area. Outside the hotel, there is a covered bus waiting area. The shuttle is free and stops at the other hotels after the Explorers Hotel. You are at the park within minutes but the buses do get busy at peak times.

            The address for the hotel is

            50, avenue de la Fosse des Pressoirs
            77700 Magny Le Hongre

            Tel no

            If coming by car or bus : take the motorway autoroute A4 and then the exit for Disneyland.

            By train : the shuttle bus no54 will take you from outside the Marne la Vallee Cheesy Station which is served by Eurostar, TGV, Thalys and RER Lines.


            Our trip was booked by my tutor so I cannot comment on prices but you can book the hotel directly through the website at www.explorershotel.com. You can opt for various board including half board. You can also save money by booking ahead and tickets for the park and other attractions can be purchased. They accept cash, amex, visa etc but do not accept cheques.

            I have conducted a sample pricing for 2 adults and 2 children arriving on the 14th of September 2010 and staying for 4nights. The following prices came up in the results :

            Regular rate with breakfast : crew 4 room at 236 Euro/crew 6 room at 296 Euro/Captains Quarters Suite at 405 Euros.

            Advanced purchase rates with breakfast : crew 4 room at 114 Euro/crew 6 room at 148 Euro/Captains Quarters Suite at 228 Euros.


            I thoroughly enjoyed my 3nights at the Thomas Cook Explorers Hotel. It is perfectly suited to all ages and not just those with families. Our groups had members from 17 through to 40+ and each member had a wonderful time.

            The hotel is stunning and very well laid out. We used the shuttle bus and did not venture around the hotel. A huge lake is behind the hotel and is stunning to view from the hotel. Our room was comfortable and the food and service was perfect. We did not spend time in the room during the day and were normally late back at night. I enjoyed relaxing on the wicker chairs overlooking the pool and watching people getting soaked. If only we had been allowed in the pool!

            The hotel may be the furthest from the park but it is perfectly accessible by the regular bus. It runs up til late and is reliable. The overall hotel impressed me and I was stunned by the well thought out décor and flooring. The attention to detail was immense and there was never a speck of dust or dirt in sight.

            My son is a bit young for Disneyland at the moment, however, once he is a bit older, we would love to go back to the Thomas Cook Explorers Hotel as I believe he will really enjoy it and it would be amazing to revisit it. Compared to other hotels in the immediate area, the Explorers Hotel offers excellent value for money and excellent facilities and I highly recommend it!

            Thanks for reading


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              11.02.2009 18:40
              Very helpful



              A perfectly comfortable hotel for a disneyland stay

              On visiting Disneyland Paris is January 2008, I researched hotel and travel options extensively in order to make sure I got my term-time holiday (the kids being preschoolers) at the best possible rate. Reading up on www.disboards.com and trip advisor this hotel kept coming up as being good value and also being the only one I could find to have a family room with and adjoining children's bedroom as opposed to curtained bunk beds.
              For this reason I decided to book it, at the time it was a reasonable £70 per night for a "crew room" which had a double bed, two twin and bunk beds in an adjoining room. We were provided with a travel cot in addition to this for no further charge. Current rates are vary but start at the £84 rate.

              This hotel is a 3 star one and is situated a short drive from the main park. The hotel is grouped with other similar non-disney hotels and there is a free shuttle bus from the train station and park, which we found was fine. We did not have to wait at any point on our 5 day visit, though of course this may not be true in busier periods.

              The room:

              The room was nautically themed and very clean. The beds were comfortable and the bathroom was fine. There was a tv with a few channels, only two of which were in English but we didn't spend much time watching tv, neither did we avail ourselves of the playstation which was available for an extra fee.
              Our room had one big downfall and that was that it was situated on the side of the hotel and looking over the indoor pool, which would have been fine only there was a water shute which snaked out of the building and right under our window. The pool was open until surprisingly late, around 11pm. Luckily we were tired most nights but still the sound of people shouting "wheeeee" in varying accents every few seconds as they whizzed past your window grated after a while. I think this was probably the case for only very few of the rooms, but still annoying. It was a plus that we didn't have to sit in the dark once the children were asleep due to the adjoining room.

              The facilities:

              Apart from the indoor pool there was a soft play area, two bars, a restaurant, a shop, a sandwich stall, an arcade and also a mini-gym for children.
              The soft play was a little run down but fine, and proved useful at about 3am when the youngest (then under two) decided she was wide awake and wanted to see Mickey some more!
              The other facilities were as you would expect; the pool was quite nice and had a giant pirate ship in it and during our stay it was being upgraded and I think extended to outside. One bar was allegedly English themed, and the other provided chips (good) and oven cooked pizzas (actually warmed up supermarket ready-made style and expensive for what they were). We didn't sample the all-you-could-eat buffet but had breakfast in the restaurant every morning as this was included in the room tarif.
              Breakfast was a bizarre affair. Apart from the fact that the eldest insisted on dressing up as snow white each day, the hotel provided the worst croissants I have ever had in France (cooked from frozen) and also bread rolls and "ham" and cheese. I think maybe they thought that guests would pinch the food for lunch, given the extortionate price of food in the park, so they cut up the ham and cheese into teeny-tiny pieces. This was quite strange really!


              I didn't feel we missed out on the park by staying in a non disney hotel, it was a lot cheaper though did mean we could only enter the park later than disney guests. Access to the park was good, and for what it was the hotel was fine, with a large hotel like this you are not going to get the personal touch, and basically when staying at disneyland you just need a place to sleep at the end of a busy day. This fitted the bill, though I could have done without the water slide!


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