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Fafa Island Resort (Tonga)

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“ Address: Nuku’alofa / Kingdom of Tonga / Tel: +676 22800 „

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    1 Review
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      25.03.2010 12:28
      Very helpful



      If you are ever near, you have to visit.

      I visited Fafa Island while on my honeymoon in 2008, it is about a 20 minute boat road from the coast of Tonga and it is paradise.

      Everything about this resort is beautiful. It is so untouched and natural it really takes your breath away.

      It is a long way to go, and I'm sure there are similar islands in places like the Maldives, but if you are anywhere near the South Pacific this is a great place to visit. To get there we flew to Los Angeles first (10 hours) then from there you have to go to Samoa (10 hours) then a flight from Samoa to Tonga is 1.5 hours, then the boat ride to this particular island (20 mins). We stayed in each of the other places though, as we were doing a round the world trip, and they are all great places, and once you get to Fafa you will just be amazed by the sheer beauty of it.

      The resort itself consists of different sized huts (called fales) and we had one called sunset, which was a double. Included in this is a room were a double bed, sofa and coffee table, a bathroom (outside but amazing), another bedroom with a single bed, a deck at the front of the hut, a hammock, and your own bit of beach. (people can walk on your bit but they don't tend to sunbathe on it) I think there are only about 13 huts on the island, so it's quite small and you have to book quite far in advance, but it's really worth it. You also get a flask of hot water delivered to your room every morning at 6am, which is great as there is free tea and coffee in the rooms, so you can get up and have a hot drink and just take in the beauty. In the evenings they come and remove the flask and deliver a lantern (so you can see your way to the restaurant, as it did get dark at about 7pm). As we were on our honeymoon, when we arrived there was a bottle of champagne chilling on our deck, (it was about 8 o'clock in the morning but we drank it anyway.)

      The rates of this vary depending on size of room, and how many people but they start at 156 euros (per night) and the most is expensive is 306 euros (per night). They have two different food options which are on top of that, you can either go full or half board. We chose half as we simply could not eat a huge quantity of food in the heat, but the food there is spectacular.

      I can easily say that the food on this island is the best food I have ever eaten in my entire 25 years of life. There is fresh fish available every day, (that they go out and catch) and they do really lovely accompaniments and they really make a special effort with it. We are vegetarians (but we do eat fish) and they couldn't do enough for us. They also have a massive cocktail menu, which works out quite expensive when you have them every night but they are so tasty, my husband drank their local beer though and that was really cheap.

      The staff on Fafa are some of the nicest people I have ever come across, they are all really friendly and will help you out with anything. They will sit and have a chat with you at the bar and they make you feel really special.

      The actual island itself is very small, you can walk around the whole thing in about an hour, but you can go snorkelling (free equipment if you are staying there) and they do regular boat trips to the main land for free if you do get a bit bored. I think I really enjoyed the seclusion and the peace though, to just be in a warm beautiful place with no phones and internet was really relaxing. Once a week they have a tongan themed night and they have a big buffet, with all the staff doing their local dances from the islands they are from, which was really brilliant. They also have a library full of books that people have donated to them over the years which you can borrow, and I actually left a couple there too.

      There are mosquitos here to watch out for, but as long as you cover well with bug spray you should be ok. There are also lots (and I mean lots) of little geckos everywhere. They didn't really bother me too much in the day, but at night you can hear them scurrying around insid the walls of the huts, but I didn't mind that. If you have any sort of gecko phobia though, I would suggest giving this island a miss. We also had a bird that came to our hut every day to visit, he was completely harmless and we quite liked seeing him, he was a bright blue colour. I'm not sure what particular type of bird he was.

      I can't praise this resort enough, and I really hope that I can go back there one day. (maybe if I write enough reviews!!) Everything about it is just so beautiful, to me it was actual paradise. If you are travelling anywhere near it I would suggest it. It's a long way to go if not, but even then I would make the trip again just to go back there. It is one one the highlights of my life.


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