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Hilton Sharks Bay (Sharm El Sheikh)

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5 Reviews

Hilton Sharks Bay Resort / Ras Nasrani / Sharm El Sheikh / South Sinai / Egypt.

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    5 Reviews
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      07.11.2012 21:21
      Very helpful



      The Other Side To Egypt

      My boyfriend and 3 friends stayed in the Hilton Sharks Bay hotel in Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt in May 2006.

      This hotel has been awarded 4 * and has 317 rooms.
      We mainly booked this holiday to complete our PADI open water diving course as The Red Sea is meant to be one of the best places to do this, and we found that it was reasonably priced to stay in the Hilton so off we went...

      Travel Time from The UK
      We flew from London Gatwick and our flight took just over 5 hours which I consider to be a relatively short flight to get to somewhere so hot - not like my last flight which was 16 odd hours! Hilton Sharks Bay is very close to the airport and it took s about 15 minutes for the transfer which was included in the price of our holiday.

      We paid £575 per person for 11 nights on an all inclusive basis which I thought was very reasonable. We were originally looking to go for a week until we decided that we wanted to do out diving course and we were surprised to find that an 11 night stay was only a tiny bit more expensive than 7 nights so this is definitely something to consider when booking.

      Arrival And Check In
      We were greeted by the very friendly staff once our coach arrived at the hotel. The staff were only to keen to carry your luggage for you and welcome you to Egypt.
      In the reception area there is a metal detector which you walk through and the luggage you are carrying (not your suitcases though) are checked by the security guard who is sat to the side of the metal detector.
      The staff at the reception desk were very friendly and during check in, they informed us of their bus time table which ran to Naama Bay and back to only £3 per person.
      After a very quick check in, we were escorted to our room by a very friendly member of staff who took us in a little golf buggy (as our room was a little bit away from the reception).

      The Staff
      All the staff at the hotel exceeded our expectations. They were extremely helpful and very well mannered. They looked very smart in their various uniforms and I couldn't help thinking that they must get awfully hot in their uniforms. They all speak a high level of English so there is no language barrier.

      The Room
      When we arrived at our room, the first thing we noticed was how clean and spacious it looked. We actually booked a room with a king sized bed but we were given a room with two Queen sized beds which wasn't the end of the world so we decided not to say anything and were still more than happy with the condition and lay out of the room.
      The beds were large and smelt very clean. Each bed had a pillow on it and we were also provided with extra pillows if needed (these were kept in one of the cupboards)
      In the room, there is a TV (with quite a few English/American channels as well as German and Russian channels) a fridge, a 2 seater sofa, a dressing table, chest of drawers, a large wardrobe with a free safe inside (which we thought was a nice touch as normally you have to pay extra for a safe), there is a bedside table beside each bed, with a small bedside lamp on each one.
      The bathroom was fairly spacious and consisted of a large walk in shower with a decent power shower inside. There was also a sink and mirror area which was fairly large and plenty of room to store all our toiletries. There was a hairdryer attached to the wall in the bathroom so I wouldn't bother to take your own if you are staying here.
      The hotel provided us with fresh, clean towels every day and these were left on the towel rail in the bathroom.
      Also in the bathroom was a small rack on which free toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner and shower gel were provided by the hotel.
      Our room had a great little air conditioning unit which also had a remote control! I was pleased to see that the air conditioning unit was fairly quiet when switched on as in some other hotels, the air con can be quite noisy. We found the air con was very useful during early evening when we came in from the pool and needed to cool down.
      Each room has a balcony or a terrace and I should imagine that most room have a scenic view, we overlooked one of the 4 pools which was nice. There are sliding patio doors which lead out to the balcony, also meaning that plenty of light was let into the room. Our balcony was furnished with a small table and 2 chairs.
      The rooms are cleaned to a very high standard and towels and bed sheets replaced every day. One thing we I thought was a very nice touch was that the cleaners make pretty designs from the clean towels, for example, during our stay we had towels in the designs of swans, crocodiles, boats, little men etc.

      There are two restaurants in the Hilton Sharks Bay hotel as well as a bar which serves a few snack food at lunchtime so there is a fairly good choice of food and it is available from 7am until the early hours of the morning.

      Mahfouz Restaurant
      This is the largest restaurant and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is the only restaurant that serves breakfast which is served from 7am - 11am. Breakfast is self service in the form of a buffet. Breakfast was one of my favourite meals here, purely because there was so much choice - cereals, large selection of fresh breads, cakes, croissants, fruit, yogurt. There is also a counter where there are chefs behind coking various items fresh. These items included fried eggs, waffles, omelettes (various varieties) and pancakes. There was a selection of fresh juices which you could help yourself to. As well as all that, there was also a hot selection in the breakfast area which consisted of items such as scrambled egg, toast, sausages, beans, tomatoes and fried potatoes.
      As I already mentioned the selection is huge for breakfast and the food is kept nice and hot despite the fact that it is buffet.
      On entering the restaurant for breakfast, a waiter will seat you and will offer you tea and coffee throughout your breakfast.
      Lunch starts at 12.30 and finished at 15.00. Lunch is served in Mahfouz Restaurant where is it self service again. Attached to Mahfouz restaurant is a BBQ area, which is on the floor beneath the main restaurant. This consists of picnic tables for you to sit at and there are various tables so you can choose whether to sit in the sun or the shade. This restaurant also serves lunch and food items consist of fresh cooked burgers and sausages, jacket potatoes, chips, bread rolls and a large selection of salads.
      In Mahfouz Restaurant food items for lunch include fish cooked in sauce, chicken cooked in sauce, rice, pasta and vegetables.
      Dinner is served between 19.00 - 22.00 and this is served in Mahfouz Restaurant as well as in the other restaurant Il Rustico. In Mahfouz restaurant, dinner items include pasta dishes, rice, loads of salad items, fresh bread, fish, chicken, 2 varieties of food so as you can see, there is plenty to choose between.

      Il Rustico
      This restaurant is beneath the main restaurant Mahfouz. This restaurant is somewhat smaller but still serves a good variety of foods. There is a pizza counter here where the chefs make up any variety of pizza you could ask for. I loved this pizza and have to admit to eating them a lot!! They are made on thin bases and have extremely tasty toppings and the best part is you can literally ask for them to put anything on it for you. Also in this restaurant were a large variety of salad items as well as a few pasta and rice dishes.
      Outside in the BBQ area, they serve Mediterranean cuisines and about 4 different varieties of curries etc. I never actually tried any of these as I am vegetarian and I was unsure whether they contained meat or not. That would be my only complaint with the food, it was not labelled very clearly and I would have found it very useful if they had stated which dishes were vegetarian and which weren't.

      At lunchtime, the Sunset Bar (more about this later) serves sandwiches, crisps and hot dogs so if you only fancy a snack or are down near the beach and don't fancy the walk to the restaurant then you are able to get some food from here also.
      On Wednesday nights, the hotel hold an 'Oriental Night' where all the tables are laid out around the main pool and all the restaurant are shut. The food is cooked and served around the outside of the pool and you are treated to some traditional entertainment such as belly dancing and traditional dances. There is a great variety of food on Oriental night and the best thing to compare the food to is Indian but its not as spicy.
      The waiters serve you red or white wine or you can get your normal drinks (cocktails, beers etc) for the poolside bar.

      There are four bars at the Hilton Sharks Bay.

      Poolside Bar
      This, as you would imagine is by the main pool. The bar is fairly large and always well staffed so you are served very quickly. One side of the bar, you are able to walk up and order your drinks and the other side is the side of the pool and the only was to reach it is to swim up to it. There are several seats in the pool which are this side of the bar.
      As we were staying on the all inclusive basis, there were only certain drinks which we were allowed to have. These included all international soft drinks coke, sprite and fanta and well as local rum, whisky, vodka, brandy and gin. It was only the international drinks such as Jack Daniels etc that you are required to pay extra for so we just stuck to the local brands which were fine.
      There was also a list of cocktails which we were allowed to choice from which we included on the all inclusive basis which I thought was a really nice touch as normally cocktails are extra. This list included cocktails such as Vodka sunrise, Pina Colada and Cubans (my favourite!)
      The poolside bar is open from 9am - 2am.

      Beach Bar
      This bar is the smallest of the lot and serves all the drinks mentioned above. This bar is located on the beach so is good for anyone sunbathing in the beach area as it saves a walk to any of the other bars. This only downside to this bar it that it is only open until around 5-6pm.

      Sunset Bar
      The Sunset Bar is located down near the Beach and was quite popular as it always seemed to be busy although not unpleasantly so as people tended to talk quite quietly so things were never too loud. This bar had entertainment some nights which consisted of someone singing on the little stage and they also played English music on nights that they didn't have entertainment.
      The Sunset Bar had a fair amount of tables with wicker chairs with soft cushions which were very comfortable.
      There is also an upstairs to the sunset bar which offers great views across the hotel and beach. Also upstairs is the Shisha Tent which is a great place to chill out in the evenings.
      In the Sunset Bar a man walks around asking people if they would like to do a Shisha Pipe. We had a few of these pipes while we were there and I have to say they smelt lovely and didn't taste to bad either. The pipes are filled with totally natural ingredients and include flavours like strawberry, cherry, apple, lemon etc - there are many flavours to choose from and they are only £1.60 per pipe which lasts about 30 minutes. The best part was that there is no nicotine in the pipes so I didn't need to worry about getting addicted to cigarettes again! The man gets the Shisha pipe ready for you and gets it smoking and them brings it to your table and leaves you with it until it is finished, this was certainly an experience.
      The Sunset Bar was open from early morning (the earliest we went there was 9am so it might possibly open at 8am) and doesn't close until 2am!!

      The Chill Our Bar
      The Chill Our Bar was open from 6pm until 2am. Drinks are the same as the drinks served in the other bars but they also have a large selection of international alcoholic drinks for you to buy if you wish to.
      The Chill Our bar is located underneath reception and has full air conditioning which is very welcome after a day of sunbathing in 40 degree heat!! The Chill Out Bar is definitely the classiest of all the bars and is furnished very tastefully with nice wooden table and comfy sofas. There is a small wooden dance floor in the middle of the room and also two large plasma screen TV's on which they show football matches and music videos. There is English music that is played in here most nights and some nights they have entertainment such as singers and one night they had a Comedy Night in there.

      The Beach
      The Hilton Sharks Bay hotel actually has its own private beach which can only be used by guests staying at the hotel. The beach is reached by walking down quite a few steps or a winding path down hill from the main pool area. There are loads of sun loungers with umbrellas. The beach has split levels with lots of beds on each level and steps between the levels taking you down further. Eventually you reach the bottom level which is the main beach and where the jetty of located.
      The beach is a bit rocky and due to the protected corals, the only way you are able to enter the sea is from the jetty and not from the shore but this didn't cause any problems. The jetty is located over the top of the coral and there are metal stairs which allow easy access on and off the jetty. The water is so clear that even just walking along the jetty you can see a whole array of marine life lurking below. Many people scuba dive or at least snorkel from the jetty.

      Swimming Pools
      There are four swimming pools located at various places throughout the grounds of Hilton Sharks Bay. The biggest pool would have to be the main pool which has the swim up bar. The pool are fairly big and well decorated with bridges and small islands in the middle of the pool. There are loads of sun loungers with big umbrellas to ensure people that want shade can have it. This area seemed to be very popular and was always busy with young people (20-25) and also the families.
      Another pool is nearer the beach and has a small wooden bridge going over the top of it. This pool was quite near to our room and was one of our preferred places as it was much quieter than the main pool and generally people who wanted to read and just chill out tended to lay by the pool. Again, there were plenty of sunbeds here although we did tend to reserve our sunbeds with our towels before we went to breakfast just to ensure that we would definitely get beds together.
      The third pool is located near reception and this was the quietest pool by far. The pool itself was quite shallow and had small stepping stones throughout the middle of it. This pool is also located fairly near to the restaurants. I would have thought that this was a child's pool, due to the fact that it is so shallow but then it tended to have older people who read and sunbathed all day rather than children.
      Finally, the last pool, the fourth one was located very close to the restaurants. The pool was a fairly good size with a shallow bit and also a deeper section. This pool was quite scenic and had a waterfall in the middle of the pool along with a waterslide which was great fun. I think this was meant to be the kiddies pool but to be honest it wasn't that busy with children although sometimes the slide could get a bit noisy! We also sunbathed here for a couple of days and it was peaceful enough with plenty of sun loungers to choose from.

      Towel Station
      There is towel station which is located near to main pool. Once you arrive at the hotel, you are given a welcome pack which is full of information about the hotel facilities. In this pack, you will be provided with 2 towel tokens (which are similar to a credit card) If you hand these tokens into the people behind the towel station then you are given a nice dark blue towel to use for the pool and the beach. You can change the towels everyday and then on your last day, just exchange the towels for your tokens which you will need to hand back into reception when you check out.

      Family Friendly
      I did notice while staying at this hotel that it would be a great place to take children (as long as you take great care to protect their skin from the 40 degree heat).
      The hotel caters for children very well with lots of children areas such as a kiddies area where they can play with toys, watch videos, colour in etc all under the supervision of the hotel staff so you know they are in safe hands.

      As mentioned earlier there is a kids pool which will certainly keep them entertained for a while.
      I also noticed that in the restaurant there is even a kiddies section where they have children's table and chairs and even a selection of food to choose from.

      Dive School
      As I mentioned earlier, myself and my boyfriend completed our PADI open water scuba diving course while we were in Egypt. We completed this course through the Sinai Dive Club which is a dive school that is located within the grounds of Hilton Sharks Bay. They are a fantastic dive school with very friendly and efficient staff and I would certainly recommend them to anyone wishing to learn scuba diving. Considering they are an onsite dive school I considered their prices to be fairly reasonable and it was so handy them being located within the grounds of the hotel.
      Other Hotel Facilities

      Health Club
      This hotel has a lovely little Health club with a sauna, steam room and hot tub. Unfortunately men and women's areas are separate so I was unable to go in with my boyfriend but it was still a nice experience all the same and free to top it off! I was amazed at just how clean the health club area was and would definitely recommend it to anyone staying here.

      There is a fully air conditioned Gym onsite at the hotel although I have to admit to not using this (I don't use one at home so certainly not using one while I am on holiday)

      There is a hairdressers onsite which offers many services such as hair cuts, hair colouring and hair braiding.

      Massage Parlour
      This was located near to the Health Club. All massages cost extra but they were all fairly reasonably priced with a 30 minute massage costing about £25. There was a large selection of treatments that could be bought from here so this area is well worth a look for anyone one likes massages!

      Shuttle Bus
      There is a Shuttle bus service from the hotel to Naama Bay for about £3.00 per person for a return journey. This needs to be pre booked at reception though. I would certainly recommend a trip to Naama Bay one evening.

      In Conclusion
      I would certainly recommend this hotel to anyone wishing to visit Sharm El Sheikh. It is in a great location, near to the airport and near to Naama Bay offering a bit of variety rather than spending all your time in the hotel.
      The all inclusive basis is definitely worth the money as you have a great selection of food and drink. The facilities are clean and modern and certainly meet the expectations you would have of a 4* hotel.


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        10.03.2011 18:33
        Very helpful
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        Don't stay here!

        Before I begin, parts of this review are posted on the trip advisor website under the same username.
        The Hilton Sharks Bay resort is 4* hotel located in the Sharks Bay area of Sharm El Sheikh. The hotel itself is split in to two sections, there is a the older part of the hotel, which is close to the beach, and the newer part of the hotel, a ten minute walk to the beach and located close to the runway of Shark El Sheikh airport. Both hotels operate under the name of 'Hilton Sharks Bay', and visitors can use facilities at either sides, with the hotels only separated by a small road. We booked to stay at the Hilton Sharks Bay Deluxe, aka the new part.
        According to the Thomson's website the hotel consists of 629 rooms, with 7 swimming pools.

        The hotel is only a short transfer from the airport. As I mentioned, the newer side of the hotel actually backs on to the runway. However, if you are using your holiday companies shuttle bus you are probably looking at a 30 minute journey.

        Both Thomas Cook and Thomson sell package holidays to the airport, and the Hilton also offer the option of booking direct.

        Myself and my boyfriend visited the hotel in July/August 2010, paying around £1100 each for two weeks all inclusive.

        Check In
        We arrived quite late into the evening following delays leaving the UK. However check-in was swift. Prior to leaving the UK, we had registered for the Hilton's loyalty scheme, Hilton Honours. During check-in we were asked for our membership numbers and given a special HHonours wristband to wear for the duration of our stay, with staff telling us this meant we were VIP's.

        We were then taken via golf buggy to our room.

        Our room was in block 2000, room 2101. We had requested a room in this block prior to departure as we were informed this was furthest away from the run way. The room was spacious enough and had everything we required.

        Inside the living area of the room was a huge flat screen TV, a good amount of storage space, a dining table and two chairs and a king-sized bed. Tea and coffee making facilities were also available in the room, as was a hair dryer.

        The bathroom was lovely, with an enourmous shower, as well as a full-sized bath. The balcony was of a reasonable size, with a small plastic patio table and two chairs. However we rarely used the balcony because of the huge amount of ants. It was only on the final day we actually found an ants nest on our balcony. There were also at least two lizards living on our balcony which freaked me out but I suppose this is to be expected in Sharm.

        The rooms were cleaned daily by two male maids. During the beginning of the holiday our room was cleaned very early in the day, which was great as we returned to clean towels. However, during the second week of our stay the maids started arriving later and later in the day. Although this was not a major problem we did feel like we had to disappear when the maids were there, and this did sometimes disrupt our afternoon naps. More annoyingly, after a late afternoon clean we were often left with no towels until around 8pm, which is irritating when we were waiting to shower. Towels and bedding were both in need of updating. They were often stained and just looked as if they needed binning.

        One incident I feel I should mention happened near the end of our holiday. At around quarter to one in the morning somebody was pushing the door handle on our door trying to get in, and then started knocking loudly. By the time we got to the door there was nobody there, and we have no idea who it was, but it was pretty scary, and I was glad not to be alone or holidaying with a group of females.

        The hotel is located in Sharks Bay and around a 10 minute stroll from Soho Square. I thought the location was pretty good. Soho Square is a lovely little shopping area, and a nice place to have a walk around on an evening. The dancing fountains are fantastic. Naama Bay, the main area of Sharm, was around 20 minutes away on the hotel shuttle bus which cost 15 Egyptian pounds each, each way.

        We didn't experience any problems with having the airport runway just behind the hotel. Yes there is a little noise, but it did not bother us one little bit. When lounging around the pool it was nice to see the planes every now and again, and we did hear a few rumblings in our room, but absolutely nothing that in any way effected our holiday.

        I read reviews about the quality of the food at the hotel prior to departure, and honestly thought people were been picky. It wasn't until I got there myself that I realised how bad the food actually is. There is no variety whatsoever. Rice and potatoes for lunch, rice and potatoes for dinner, accompanied by some type of vegetables and meat, day in, day out. By the end of the two weeks we were literally sick of it. Some days the food was bearable. The hotel would hold themed nights, and the English, Italian and Spanish themed evenings were okay. Generally the food at lunch was the worst, and we did dread going in there and trying to make up a plate of food we could attempt to fill up on. The puddings were pretty unimpressive. Some of the soups were nice, and I often ended up filling up on these. The chicken used in the food is not pleasant. It was like the rubbish bits of a chicken that you would give to your dog.

        Breakfast was by far the best meal of the day, so we found it best to try and fill up then. However the last few days of our holiday even the food in the breakfast buffet went downhill. I had pancakes every morning, and they were completely undercooked. In the reviews I read beforehand, many people mentioned sickness from the food. I was ill for pretty much the entire holiday, however my boyfriend was completely fine. We ate pretty similar things, if anything he was more adventurous in the things he ate, so I think my sickness was probably down to the heat rather than the food.

        There is an Italian restaurant located on the old side of the hotel, which we visited this a few times and found to be just okay. The pizzas are quite dry, and they have the oddest combination of toppings from you to choose from. The pasta's available again were just okay, and many of them were already available in the buffet restaurant anyway. The Italian seems a bit of a missed opportunity to us, as it could be so much better. For example if the hotel had dishes of different toppings so you could select your own combinations this would give holidaymakers much more choice.

        The service we received from staff at Hilton Sharks Bay was on the whole very good. Amr in the new side buffet restaurant was absolutely fantastic, and often went out of his way for us. The assistant manager who often worked in the restaurant was extremely rude however. If he was on the door taking people to tables he would just point at you and then point to the table you should go to. He never said a word to us, and the only people we ever saw him talking to was the Egyptians. The Egyptian tourists did cause a few problems with other guests. They refused to queue in the restaurants, just walked past and straight to a table, and staff would let them do this. At pool/beach bars and the pasta station where food is served to you they would receive much bigger portions. At the pool bar we was lucky to receive a handful of chips, whereas the Egyptians automatically got a plate full. Service at the pool bars on the new side was pretty rubbish, we was often waiting a very long time to be served, and the Egyptians would come along, say something in Egyptian and get served straight away. Very, very annoying. The service in the Italian was at times very poor. One evening we ordered three sets of drinks, and each time the drinks were brought the order was wrong. There were only two drinks in each order so it wasn't difficult to get right.

        Hotel Facilities
        The pool area of the new side is gorgeous. You could always get a sun bed, even when we had done a trip in the morning and got back in the middle of the afternoon we were still able to get a bed. There are plenty umbrellas available, and every day we were able to find beds with an umbrella. The beach towels were available from huts dotted around the pool, though they were often very dirty. One thing I disliked about the pool area was the amount of people who wandered around the sun beds constantly trying to sell things. There were people selling newspapers, magazines, boat trips, other excursions, and then there were staff from the spa and House of Asia restaurant trying to get bookings. It was pretty irritating when all you wanted to do was relax on your sun bed.

        We spent very little time on the beach, but it is pretty rubbish to be honest, and not at all what I was expecting. The sand is more like building sand. However the snorkelling is fantastic!

        There are numerous shops dotted around the complex, as well as a bank. We booked trips with the company located in the 'shopping arcade' on the old side of the hotel. Although they were far from the cheapest, and you could get cheaper in Naama Bay, we felt safer booking through them as they were on site should any problems crop up. They were much cheaper than the tour operators, for example we paid £130 each to go to Cairo on plane, and Thomas Cook wanted £175 each, so quite a considerable saving.

        Overall, I was pretty disappointed with the hotel, and was expecting much, much more. The rooms are nice, but you don't go on holiday to stay in your room. The food is the thing that really lets the hotel down. I didn't believe it myself until we got there, but it really is so, so poor. I wouldn't recommend staying at the hotel. It isn't one of the cheapest in Sharm, and I'm sure for the quality of food, which lets face is counts for a big percentage of your holiday cost when going all inclusive, you could get a much cheaper holiday in another hotel.


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          27.10.2010 12:51
          Very helpful
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          Brilliant Hotel, lovely people and well worth a visit

          I recently went away on holiday with my sister and we stayed at the Hilton Sharks Bay Hotel at Sharm El Shake in Egypt. The Hotel is a four star all inclusive and was absolutely wonderful.

          The hotel consists of 6 swimming pools scattered around the hotel and it even has its own private beach which is great for snorkelling but not very good for swimming due to the surrounding coral, but to snorkel and see all the different types of fish its just amazing. The beach is also not great for sunbathing as it is shingle sand, but there are a few sun loungers to lie on. There is a small shop and bar on the beach and also a place to hire equipment for snorkelling which you just need to pay a deposit and they will give you a mask, snorkel and flippers (I will say that it is quite expensive but you do get your money back and you do get the equipment all day).

          The hotel has two parts the older part and a newer part, which before we went we were told that if possible to pay a little extra and upgrade to the new part as it is more modern. The new part of the complex has two large swimming pools one side is for family's with children as the pool has a slide and a small man made beach its also not as deep as the other side. The two pools are divided by a bar where you can swim up and have a drink or you can sit at a table, this bar does lunch time meals like burger and chips, hot dogs, pasta dishes etc if you don't want to walk to the restaurant and eat. The other side of the bar is an adults only pool which if you don't have children is great as its so quiet, there are plenty of sunbeds all around both pools and most of them have umbrellas for those that like a little shade. Pool towels are provided as part of the all inclusive which I think is great.

          All the rooms in the new part overlook the swimming pools so every room has a nice view, the complex is very well maintained with surrounding gardens that are always being looked after and everywhere is very clean.

          The room my sister and I was staying in consisted of two twin beds which are slightly larger than our average single beds, it had a large screen TV with quite a few English Channels to watch which not many hotels have. There was a separate bathroom with a large sink area a walk in shower a separate bath and of coarse a toilet, I'm quite funny about bathrooms in foreign countries in case they aren't very clean but this hotel was spotless the room was cleaned everyday and the cleaner even made the towels into funky shapes one of the days it looked like a crocodile. Our room was on the ground floor so we had patio doors that led out onto a small veranda which was about 100 yards from the swimming pool it was great.

          The hotel had two restaurants one in the old part and one in the new, which did buffet meals but also chefs were there preparing whatever dish was on offer that night. The food was very satisfactory but I thought there wasn't an awful lot of choice but then I'm greedy. You also had the option to pay extra and go to the Chinese/Indian/Japanese restaurant but again I looked at the menu and the prices were rather high so we didn't bother but walking past it smelt wonderful.
          In the evening my sister and I just went to one of the small bars near the restaurant and sat outside working our way through the all inclusive cocktail list which was very nice.

          I can't really tell you anything about the hotels evening entertainment as we never went to look, but they always advertised different things each night.

          The complex is rather large but to get to the beach and to get from one part to the other they put on a free bus with a very chirpy driver, they also had golf buggies which if you asked them they would drive you round the complex.

          All in all I really enjoyed the holiday the staff where friendly the hotel was very well looked after and clean and I would definitely go back.

          I will just point out one thing the hotel is very near the airport so you do get quite a few planes taking off and landing during the day but I never once heard them at night and they never bothered me at all.


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            24.02.2008 19:03
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            Lovely Hotel

            I stayed here with my mum and dad for a week in January 2008. We were slightly nervous having read some negative reviews of the hotel on other websites. But our fears were totally unfounded so we need not have worried!
            I can honestly say the hotel is amazing, I would recommend it to anyone!
            The food is definitely of above average standard for all inclusive. The wine was of a good quality aswell.
            The staff could not do enough to help you, a little tip goes a long way and once you tip your waiter they really look after you.
            The pool area was lovely and clean, plenty of sunbeds when we were there but i can imagine it gets quite busy in the summer!
            The beach is small and man-made but it's perfect because of the jetty which leads you right into the Red Sea. The snorkelling is fantastic and there are a whole array of fish to see!
            Our family room was spacious, clean and well-equipped with everything we needed
            Sharks Bay itself is quiet and a bit off the beaten track, but I think this is a good thing because Na'ama bay is quite tacky!
            I would go back tomorrow without any hesitation at all :)


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              23.02.2007 15:19
              Very helpful



              An excellent hotel.

              We have stayed at the Hilton Sharks Bay 3 times now and it's like a home from home. We usually pay about £430 each for 7 nights all-inclusive stay. We normally book via teletext and we stay in June which mean the temperature can be 40 degrees plus. The hotel guests are mainly British. (Not yobs!!!) Of all ages.
              There was/ is building work going on next door but it did not spoil the holiday which has been there each time we have stayed there.

              Travel Time from UK

              Around 5 hours flight time from London. 30 mins transfer time in coach. You can get a taxi but the drivers rip you off and demand around £25. We got them down to £10 then they wouldn't budge down any less so we paid that. Its £6 from Hotel to airport!!! It only takes about 15 mins in a taxi as there are no drop offs /pick-ups.


              The rooms are spacious and very clean. They have a Queen / King-sized bed or singles depending on what you have booked. There is a TV (with limited stations) fridge, a spacious marbled bathroom with large shower area and the usual free toiletries and fluffy white towels. There is a large wardrobe with free in room safe and a dressing table with a few drawers. There is a bedside table each with drawers and lamp on each. There is efficient air con in all rooms. Sliding doors to balcony or terrace depending on where your room is based. The views from the room also vary, some overlooking the various pools and other rooms overlook some of the gardened areas. Some have sea view.
              The rooms are cleaned to a high standard and towels/sheets replaced daily.

              Food & Drink

              The food is of a very high standard and is virtually available 24/7. There are two restaurants in this hotel and also a bar that serves sandwiches and crisps at lunchtime. Breakfast from 7am is self service in the buffet restaurant where there is a choice of cereals, huge selection of fresh breads, cakes, fresh juices, eggs cooked to your liking, sausage (not English sausages though), beans, tomatoes and fried potatoes and toast. The waiters serve tea and coffee and you can have as much as you like. Lunch from 12.30 is served in the self-service restaurant again. There is also a BBQ area at the bottom of this restaurant with picnic tables for you to sit at. There are jacket potatoes, burgers, chips, and salads at the BBQ area and full lunch in the self-service restaurant. You can also have sandwiches at the sunset bar located near the beach. Dinner from 7pm is usually based on a themed night e.g. Italian, Mexican etc served in the self-service restaurant or El Rustico Restaurant, which are adjoined. Here you have a choice of buffet or a set three-course menu in El Rustico. In the self-service there is always a roast every night, fish, vegetarian choice, pastas, selection of vegetables, salads, fresh breads, soups and a choice of deserts. The best night is the Oriental night where all the dinner tables are laid up around the main pool and dinner cooked and served here. This is the best food of the week (bit like Indian food) and really good entertainment too. The waiters serve Wine/Drinks or you can visit the bar yourself. There is also a small selection of sandwich and nibbles in the Chill Out bar from 11pm onwards. Drinks are all international soft drinks and local rum, whisky, gin, vodka, brandy that are all included on the all inclusive basis. You can also get tea, coffee and water from all the bars. There are four bars, The Sunset Bar is located near to the pool where you can sit on comfy chairs and watch the sunset. The Pool Bar is obviously located near to the pool. One side of the bar you can walk to and the other side you can swim to it. The Chill Our bar is located underneath reception and has full air conditioning which is very welcome at times. This is open till 2am. There are discos and also a big screen for watching football matches. The last bar is located nearest to the beach and is only open until the early evening (closes around 5-6)


              There are four pools. One is the big main pool with a swim up bar and small islands in the middle along with a big wooden bridge. There are plenty of sun beds and umbrellas. This area is popular with families and can be very busy. Another pool is located near reception and tends to be a quieter pool for people to chill by. Another pool is near to the restaurants; this has small slides and again is good for families with children. The last pool is towards the beach and has a small wooden bridge. This is a quiet pool and tends to attract people wishing to read and sunbathe all day. There are plenty of sun beds and as you choose your lounger, a member of staff will bring you out a soft mattress for your bed. There are also towel stations where you can hand a ticket in and collect a clean towel each day. There are free ice creams at the main pool and the bar nearest the beach you can help yourself to during the day.

              Beach area
              There are plenty of sandy sun terraces with loungers and umbrellas located from the sunset bar to the beach. The beach is reached by walking down a few steps one side or a path the other. The beach is a bit rocky (No long stretch of sandy beach) The sea is ok for a paddle if you want to swim you can walk on the blue plastic pontoon which stretches out over the coral where you can jump into the sea or climb down the little steps into very deep but fantastically clear blue warm sea which is simply alive with marine life. If you are nervous about being out of your depth you can hire floatation jackets for kids & adults alike from the dive school. This is why you come to the Red Sea to see the marine life. You must snorkel or dive.

              Dive School

              Sinai Dive Club located at this hotel is a very well run dive school with friendly instructors and well-maintained equipment. They are not the cheapest but very handy as located at the hotel. I can certainly recommend them.


              Staffs here look after you so well and are polite. I have seen lots of staff that are here year after year and always remember you by name. They sure earn their low wages.

              Other Info

              Health club with sauna, steam room and hot tub. Free. Separate areas for men and woman. Little used but lovely after a day on the beach.
              Air-conditioned Gym & Squash courts again free.
              Shuttle bus to Namma Bay for about £1.50 per person that you need to pre book
              There are some excursions you can book although we have never done any, as we are divers and spend our time in the sea..


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