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Hotel Best Western Gold Rush Inn (Yukon, Canada)

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Address: 411 Main Street / Whitehorse / Yukon / Canada / Y1A 2B6 / Tel: 867-668-4500

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    1 Review
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      09.03.2010 17:48
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      An Excellent Hotel

      As you may already know I recently spent a few weeks in Canada. For a week of my trip I was in the Yukon. Me and my friend spent five nights in a cabin in the wilderness, but after that we returned to civilisation and spent two nights in a nice hotel in Whitehorse, recovering!

      Those two night were spent and the Best Western - Gold Rush Inn. Now Best Western is a chain of hotels that run all over North America, but this is the first one I have ever stayed in.

      On arrival we did have a few problems checking in. They had all our details but when we were asked how we would be paying my friend was confused as we had paid online in advance. Doing this gave us a small discount. It took the best part of fifteen minutes to sort this out, and in the end we could not get it sorted and had to pay again. The woman was very apologetic and was trying to be helpful but it was clear she didn't really know what she was doing. On returning home weeks later, my friend had to get his initial payment refunded which involved more hassle.

      After that early drama things started to look up. The lady on the welcome desk was very friendly and tried to help us as much as she could. We were given our room key cards and told how to use them, and told that we would need them for the lift and gym. So off we went to our room.

      This was quite a big hotel, and I must admit I'm more used to staying little B&B's and have never actually stayed in a big hotel while on holiday. So the size of the hotel struck me, I would say there were about one hundred rooms, which I know is nothing really but it felt big to me. We had no trouble working the lift and it was easy to find our room as everything was well signed.

      We got to our room and went in. Very nice. A big double bed each, plenty of room to unpack if we choose to, (we didn't) a big TV, a nice view over the town towards the mountains and a good sized bathroom with bath, shower and sink. And of course a toilet!

      All the facilities in the room were excellent. There was an area to make coffee in, the TV had loads of channels and was easy to work, the heating system was easy to control and everything was clean a tidy. The first thing I did was have a shower. After 5 days of no running water I can safely say its the best shower I'd ever had! The water was hot, the shower was easy to use and there were lots of soaps and shampoos for me to try. I think I must have spent almost an hour in there!

      After getting showered and feeling human again I went exploring. The gym was only small but had a work station, an exercise bike and a running machine as well as a TV mounted on the wall to keep you entertained. I also spotted a few computers with free internet which were very handy. I managed to report home and assure everyone we had not been eaten by bears while on our wilderness adventure. There were two bars, one that was pretty warm and friendly and the other that was more of a restaurant type place, and was shut. There was lots of information about the town in reception and the lady on the desk was more than happy to talk to me and tell me what was going on in town.

      After a while I went back up to the room to see if my friend was finished with his extra long shower and ready to go find some food! He was so we went down to the bar. We sat down and within about thirty seconds had a beer in hand. The waitress was very friendly and super fast, there were only a few people in the bar at that stage as it was only around 5.30pm.

      We were soon given a menu and had picked our meal. Again the service was very fast and the food was delivered with a smile. We both ordered plenty as it was nice to have a meal cooked for us. The food was really good, I had a big burger with all the extras, it came with fries and salad and was really good. The prices were quite reasonable and we were more than happy with everything up to now.

      As we were eating our meal the hockey game came on. There were screens all round the bar showing lots of different sports. It was clear the hockey was the popular choice and the bar soon starting filling up. The atmosphere soon got lively and I got talking to some locals who were sat across from us. It struck me how friendly everyone was in here, people were really excited to meet English people and there are very few tourists in the winter. We were soon cheering on the Canucks in the hockey game along with everyone else.

      After the hockey was over there was a live singer on. He was actually really good, the bar was now full and there was a fantastic atmosphere. We had a few more beers and then decided it was time to call it a night.

      I had a great nights sleep that night. My bed was really comfortable, and despite it being -15 outside the room was nice and warm. The only slight problem was being woken up at 2am by some noisy people in the room upstairs.

      The following morning we went down for breakfast. We noticed the restaurant seemed to be closed for the winter season so we again opted for the same bar as the previous night. Yet again the service was excellent, I soon had a steaming mug of coffee in front of me and we were given the breakfast menus. There was loads to choose from but I just went for the biggest option.

      This was a rookie mistake. It seems Yukon folk can eat a lot more than an average human! My big breakfast which was only $12 consisted of: 3 eggs, 3 pieces of bacon, 2 sausages, loads of little hash browns, beans, mushrooms, some fruit and 2 thick slices of toast. Now that would be fine for me, but on the side there was a massive stack of pancakes! Now I'm not keen on pancakes and do find them very filling, and I'm ashamed to admit I could not finish the breakfast! I think thats the first time thats ever happened to me!

      As I sat slightly dejected the woman on the table next to me told me she was impressed how much I had managed to gobble down. While I sat feeling rather full the waitress was on hand to keep topping up my coffee. All in all it was an excellent breakfast.

      We were out for most of that day, but upon returning back to our hotel found that we could not get into our room. Our key cards were not working, so yet again we had to go and pester the lady on the desk who apologised again and issued us with new ones.

      That evening we went else where for our meal wanting to explore the town a little. When we arrived back quite late there were warm and friendly sounds coming from the bar again. But we decided to give it a miss as it was late.

      The following day we were checking out. We had to be out of our rooms by 10am but our flight was not till 6pm. The staff were very helpful and gave us a room to lock our bags up in while we went off for the day. They also said we could have a late checkout if we wanted at no extra cost. We decided not to bother with this option.

      Upon leaving the hotel that evening the lady on the desk was again helpful getting us a taxi, she even offered us wedding cake as there had been a wedding that afternoon and there was plenty of cake left over. I really enjoyed my stay at this hotel. The price was quite reasonable compared to others we looked at in Whitehorse. The place was clean and everything was as you would expect.

      Overall I was happy with the service I received here and despite the odd hiccup everything ran pretty smoothly. If you are ever travelling to the North of Canada and decide to stay in Whitehorse, this is a really nice hotel that has everything you need. Its located on the main street so is very central to everything you need and its a great place to meet local people and find some new friends. Highly recommended.


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