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Hotel Conti (Münster, Germany)

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Address: Am Hauptbahnhof / 48143 Münster / Germany / Tel: +49 (0)251 84 69 280

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    1 Review
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      02.09.2011 14:18
      Very helpful



      Hotel Conti in Münster

      I travelled to the city of Münster by train and therefore looked for a hotel near the train station. Of course, it's always loud near a train station, but I didn't feel like walking through the streets with my trolley or using public transport or a taxi. I read on the net that Hotel Conti is situated directly opposite the station, that and the special price of 56,05 Euro for a single room/one night made me book a room there (parking space available for guests who come by car). A walk of about 10 minutes takes one to the city centre, another advantage.

      The photo on the homepage of the hotel shows an unimaginative building, it's an eight-storey high box-like structure without any ornaments. But who cares for the outside, the inside is what counts for a passing tourist, isn't it? Entering the hotel one finds a light area with the reception to the left, the luggage room straight on and the lift behind a corner to the right. Directly to the right is the breakfast room. The young woman I met when I checked in was very friendly and helpful as was the young man I saw the following morning when checking out and paying the bill (by credit card).

      The room I got was indeed a single room and not a double room made up for one person as is so often the case (The hotel has 80 rooms in total, 50 of which are single ones). This means it was of rather small proportions, about 5 m long and 3 m wide. Nothing to be said against that, but the room has the charm of a 1950 youth hostel. Four stars, my back bottom! To the right of the door is a big mirror, beside it the wardrobe. Further on stands the obligatory desk all hotel rooms have. It occupies a lot of space, is ugly more often then not and serves for nothing. Why oh why, can't there be a comfy armchair and a small table instead? Nowadays many people travel with their lap tops, a small table would be enough to put it on. The desk seems to be made of light wood but it's really only a plastic cover with a light wood pattern glued on as the occasional bubbles in the surface show. The desk has drawers on the right and on the left side which aren't necessary in my opinion as the wardrobe is rather spacious. It would be a good idea to put a mini bar under the desk, but there is none. The room doesn't have air conditioning, a fan stands on the desk instead.

      When I entered the room, it was quite warm but I opened the window rather than switching on the fan. The window is really three windows side by side. The right one opens to the right, the left one to the left (German windows have hinges, they aren't pushed up or pulled down like English ones). The middle window, bigger than the side ones can't be opened. Why? So that no one can jump out? But the side windows are big enough to squeeze through should a not too fat guest wish to do so. I was on the fifth floor and I must say I was surprised that I could open the windows there. (I wonder if it's also possible on the eighth floor). Of course, if I jumped out of the window to end my life, it would be my loss, but it would also be awkward for the hotel, wouldn't it?

      The bathroom with a shower cubicle was clean and offered soap, shower gel and tissues.

      What I always deplore is that I can't read in bed in hotel rooms because the lamps are nearly always at the side of the bed which means that the light doesn't shine on the book, besides it's also nearly always too weak. The lamp in the room in Hotel Conti looks good, it's fixed to the headrest, is bright and shines directly on the book you're holding in your hands, Alas, the headrest is too low and you have to lie flat on the pillow while reading. This means you have to hold the book up which can get tiring after a while. So nothing is gained by this construction. The bed itself is OK, I slept well, my earplugs blocked the noise from the square in front of the station and from the TV of the neighbouring room.

      What makes the room so simple and uncosy is the cheap 'wood' and the PVC flooring, there isn't even a nice picture on the wall to give it some atmosphere. I found a piece of terry cloth on the bed which obviously was meant to serve as a bedside carpet. One wrong step and the guest slides on it across the PVC flooring and ends somewhere in the furniture.

      When it comes to breakfast hotels earn good money with me because I eat very little. Smoked beef sausage, good God, you would have to force-feed me! I took a slice of pumpernickel, though, after all Münster is the capital of Westphalia and pumpernickel is its most famous speciality. The word has entered the English language but in case not everyone knows it let me tell you that it is "a type of very heavy, slightly sweet rye bread traditionally made with coarsely ground rye. It is now often made with a combination of rye flour and whole rye berries. . . German pumpernickel is often paired with caviar, smoked salmon, sturgeon, and other expensive products of the hors d'oeuvres tray." (Wikipedia) I ate it with curd cheese and jam which was just as well. Under the ceiling of the breakfast room rails are hanging on which a toy train with wagons advertising different beer companies is rattling round in a loop. I don't know if you're allowed to bring your pet in, you can have it with you in your room for 5 Euro extra.

      To come to a conclusion: Hotel Conti is OK for one night. I would advise the management to offer it as a three star establishment, though, that would be an honest rating.


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