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Hotel Dhow Palace (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

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Address: P O Box 121545 / Dubai / UAE / Tel: +971 4 3599992

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    1 Review
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      18.05.2010 18:09
      Very helpful



      If you're around and looking for a relaxing evening - this place is fantastic

      Once upon a time - when I lived in Dubai, this was one of my more favourite restaurants to visit. I have also reviewed Asha's quite some time ago, which is also excellent, but has a different set up to 'Angan'.

      Angan is set within the Dhow Palace Hotel in Bur Dubai which is the old city area in Dubai. As can be seen from the picture, the hotel stands out - especially in the evening, because of it's gentle blue-ish hue lighting and also being set in the old city, it is quite apart from the other skyscrapers in the Sheikh Zayed Road and Jumeirah areas.

      Free parking is available, but I would recommend taxis just because they are so cheap!

      Upon entry of the hotel, there would always be a huge bouquet arrangement of the most beautiful and gloriously scented flowers. I would walk a little slowly here just to admire them!!

      The foyer is air-conditioned as with every hotel in Dubai, and there are a number of restaurants available, depending on what the customer would like to eat. Angam is one of these restaurants, and has very ornate and decorated wooden doors which lead the way to the seating area.

      Upon entry, we were always greeted by the staff - with smiles and in a very professional manner. It is recommended to book in advance because they do get very busy.

      After a while they get to know you and can recommend special dishes which they know you will appreciate and enjoy. While the food was ALWAYS excellent... the selling point of this restaurant (for me) had to be the relaxed atmosphere while the live entertainment would perform.

      The live entertainment consisted of a husband and wife, who can sing almost every bollywood song ever produced (ghazals), and they always take requests!! They also have a live band. I would often take recordings of them all performing - if I could post them alongside the review I would!!

      We would often conduct meetings here too, and the room has been arranged in a manner where a quiet chat is possible, as is a celebration. It appears smaller and more compact than it is, but that is probably owing to the low lighting which allows privacy amongst tables. The restaurant also never rushes anyone - too often in London and other cities, I have felt that we are being watched in restaurants for when we leave or being rushed along with too much attention. I understand that they would like the table to be free as soon as possible so that they may seat other guests, but it ruins my evening and puts me on edge - so much so that I usually will not bother finishing my food and refuse to go back. At Angan, the waiters stand closeby enough so that should you require them, they will know and attend to you, but not once did I feel rushed, and we would sit there for hours sometimes - listening and requesting music, and appreciating the food.

      It is one of the places I miss the most just for being so relaxing and totally different to most other restaurants I have visited during my travels.

      In terms of food prices - the last time I went there was some time ago, and exchange rates have nosedived with our economic problems but while it was not the cheapest place to dine out - it certainly would not demand the wallet of a multi-millionaire!

      The food was always reasonable compared to other restaurants, but the alcohol would also cost a lot more than one would expect to pay here due to licencing laws.

      On the whole, however, if I could have bought this restaurant back with me then I would have done!!


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  • Product Details

    Hotel includes Dhow Ka Aangan restaurant

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