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Hotel Fron (Reykjavik)

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Address: Laugavegur 22a / 101 Reykjavík / Iceland

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    1 Review
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      09.03.2013 20:35
      Very helpful



      A good value hotel in Reykjavik

      Hotel Fron, Reyjavik

      We recently spent four nights in Reykjavik in this very central hotel. We didn't actually choose the hotel as it came as part of a deal I found on the internet. We didn't buy the deal as it was but contacted the company offering the deal and tweaked it to suit us. The company we dealt with was called Iceland Pro Travel and we were very impressed with the deal they gave us.

      We checked on Tripadvisor and the hotel seemed to have pretty good feedback so we accepted their choice. W e always look for a hotel that is central when visiting cities on short breaks and this appeared to be pretty much as central as you could get so we were happy with that.

      We arrived in the early evening but that was dark in Iceland so when we were dropped just on the corner and the hotel pointed out we walked the few yards and found the entrance which looked pretty basic from the outside.

      Once inside the lobby area was quite welcoming with a few leather sofas and a rather African sort of theme which was odd but I think maybe it was cow hide. On the wall was a huge metal sculpture with Icelandic implements incorporated into it. There were a couple of displays with booklets and tourist information and the desk where we were welcomed with a friendly smile.

      We were informed that we were in the building behind which was part of the hotel but accessed through a separate door. We had to go out in the cold again and through a door which we opened with our room key card.
      Once inside there was another sofa and then a glass wall behind which were room doors but we made our way to the small lift and went up to our floor. We had a bit of a problem as my husband decided we were one room number and in fact after trying several times and failing with the key card we looked up the bit of card and found we had been trying the wrong room.

      OUR ROOM
      Once we had actually established the correct room number and returned to the door almost opposite the lift we did achieve opening the door.

      The room was actually a self catering room with a mini kitchen area. I can't describe it as luxurious, more functional and a bit like a basic motel in the USA or Australia.

      The floor was a hard floor which had had some wear. The kitchen has a sink, coffee maker and microwave with basic crockery and cutlery. Had we known we were having one of these rooms we might have brought some tea bags! The units were clean and laminate so not fancy but serviceable.
      At the far end was a large picture window which looked out over the car park and the back of some building so far from a great view.

      There was a TV with some English programmes, a sofa and a chair. I believe the sofa became a bed as this was a family suite we were in.

      The bed was actually two singles pushed together with two single quilts which made it look very lumpy when made up. However they were actually far more comfortable than they looked initially so no complaints there either.

      We had a safe with a four number code in one of the kitchen cupboards and a mini bar in the fridge which we didn't touch but prices were not totally stupid we thought.

      There was a wardrobe and further hanging area for coats as well as a couple of drawers in the kitchen area o we had plenty of storage space for our four nights.

      This was clean, white units and pretty small with a basin, toilet and shower only. I was disappointed that we had no bath as I do like a bath after a day walking and site seeing but I did know that before we left the UK as I had checked. Basic shampoo and shower gel and small soaps were provided as well as two bath towels and two hand towels but no bath mat so one hand towel became the bath mat.
      I did love the hanging card that told us we could re use our towels to save washing with a line drawing of an old lady in her dressing gown and shower cap or similar!!

      The TV had some English programmes and there was free wifi for the time we were there but it did run out on the last night so there was a time limit to the offer included.

      This was included in our tariff and was served in the bar /dining area which was off the main Reception area. Both fronted on to the road so the bar area was beside the reception and joined by a narrow corridor.

      On the bar we found the juices and glasses. The rest of the breakfast was laid out along the wall on tables. You could choose from fresh apples, bananas and oranges as whole fresh fruit, a plain and a fruit Icelandic yoghurt which is a bit thicker than our yoghurt and not a thick and creamy as fromage frais, it was not sweet when plain and a bit more like a quark I guess.

      There was also a range of cold meats and cheese as well as rye bread and other breads which too could toast. Jams and spreads were also there but that was about it. I was quite happy as I don't really get too excited by breakfast and my husband has come to accept that Continental breakfasts are of a kind.
      We didn't use the bar or the restaurant apart from for the breakfast and we never really saw it busy at any time we passed it so I am not sure what the food there is like. You can't really go wrong with a cold breakfast which is all we had there.


      Yes although this is no luxury hotel the staff were all helpful and friendly and of course all spoke excellent English. Our room was spotlessly clean if a little tired and the bed was comfortable which was all that was needed; we didn't spend a lot of time in the room really as there was so much to see and do in the city and beyond.

      The hotel was in a great central location and we could walk to everywhere we wanted to see in Reykjavik and there were a number of cafes, shops and restaurants within a very short walk from the hotel.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same username.


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