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Hotel Olympic (Costa Brava, Spain)

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    3 Reviews
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      23.01.2009 00:22



      Average price, average hotel

      Hotel Olympic

      The hotel is reasonable value for money. You pay an average amount and you get an average hotel.

      I stayed on a half board basis, food is basic and although there is a large amount of food for your evening meal you soon realize the food is similar every night.

      The rooms are clean but the walls are paper thin. You hear ever conversation , every argument and doors slamming constantly!!

      Pool area is large and even during July you can get sun loungers even if you head down to the pool after 10am... but as usual the best spots are occupied by 7am by the hardcore sunbathers.

      The location of the hotel is just set back from the main resort centre so its not noisy, the beach is not too far away either. The only problem I found was that the hotel occupies large grounds and if you left the hotel from the hotel pool area nad gardens it would take you less than5 mins to walk into the centre. However this gate is locked and you have to exit from the reception area... it adds on some distance and at least 3 minutes onto your walk into the centre!!!


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      09.10.2006 17:55
      Not Helpful



      DONT GO

      My Wife and i and her sister and her husband recently stayed at the top olympic. we had read some of the reviews but we had to see for ourselves and boy it was awful the service was terrible all over the hotel in the (restaurant) the (bar) and the (reception) we never even filled in the questionaire they gave us we just wanted to get OUT. that was our first and last.


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      29.06.2006 12:43
      Very helpful



      Hotel not to be stayed in... just sleep and spend the day away!

      When on a school trip, everything is done on a budget but I was rather surprised about the Hotel Olympic on arrival. Having spent 30 hours on a coach from Scotland to Barcelona is rather tiring so finally arriving was a relief! Our trip was 7 days long in October but 3 of those days were spent travelling and 4 nights in the hotel. Just so you know, there were about 30 of us in the group, I was the oldest of the pupils (18) and the others were between 15 and 17 with 3 teachers. The hotel was huge with over 500 rooms and it seemed to be pretty busy when we visited! It was rather disappointing to see loads of cranes and building work 10 minutes from the hotel but it got better as we got closer.

      Address: Hotel Olympic. C/ Benaventes s/n -Zona Riera Faro. CP:08370 Calella, Spain which is on the Costa del Maresme and found in the north of Barcelona.

      We arrived in the foyer which was very large and looked top quality. We were greeted and given out room keys (we only decided who was staying where on the bus). Our rooms were on the third floor and I had a huge case so the lift was the only option. The lift is straight in front of you as you enter but there is a second lift up a flight of stairs to the left… but this only goes up to the second floor (much to our annoyance). The hotel is pretty much like a maze and you have to follow the number signs in the corridors to the rooms. Like most hotels I have been to there is always a problem with opening the doors with the keys but you get used to it staying there for 4 days.

      Room with a view:

      In the room it was very airy. There were 3 of us staying in the same room so we were greeted by 3 single beds all pushed together. These were not that good quality, smaller than a normal bed and seemed more like fold away ones than permanent beds – still adequately comfy though. Being the oldest one on the trip, I somehow ended up with the smallest bed! There was no bedside cabinet but I had a phone stuck to the wall at my head as well as a lamp and picture above the bed. There was a mahogany-effect desk with 2 small drawers, a mirror and two seats as well as a plug so good for drying hair etc. (remember and take an adaptor as this is a Spanish fitting plug). Each of the rooms had a bathroom which was quite small consisting of bath, toilet and sink. Everything was in white and there was the complimentary soap and 4 x fluffy towels (2 small, 2 large). There was also a TV in the room but there was never anything interesting on – think there was only 1 English channel (think it was BBC 1) but it was apparently Satellite TV. There was a huge sliding door out onto the balcony which was quite small and joined onto all the others. The view from the room was quite spectacular – only ruined by another large hotel (Hotel Osiris), but we could see the sun rise and unfortunately there were a few cranes to be seen and the car park where all the buses were kept. The view to the left was of green hills to which was nice as we were not in too much of the city environment. The view to the right was blocked by the hotel which is in an ‘L’ shape. Looking straight down, there is the large Swimming pool, a larger balcony area and up we could see the stories above which were quite dangerous as the German’s a few floors up, always seemed to be throwing stuff down!

      The balcony was quite safe even if staying with children. The bars were close together and made of metal so no chance of a little one trying to get through the bars. There was a plastic patio chair which was generally used as something to stick wet clothes on during the day while it was hot. There were plastic panels on each of the balconies which all seemed to be broken which didn’t give such a good impression. It is possible for people to climb over the metal fence from the rooms on either side (not advised as our whole group was nearly thrown out of the hotel thanks to some of the boys in our group!). But in terms of safety of your luggage, the balcony doors do lock.

      There was a cupboard in the room which had a safe but it didn’t lock so we didn’t use it (one of the girls thought she’d lost her money but it was in her bag – luckily no complaints were made!). We just kept all our clothes in the suitcases and stuck them under the bed. There were metal coat hangers provided (couldn’t be removed from the rail) but as teenagers, most of our stuff was on the floor. Like the balcony doors, the front door also locks from the inside and out for safety during the night.

      We never heard any noise in the hotel (we caused it all!). We knew there were noisy people above us from talking to them on balcony but the floors and ceilings were thick enough to mask any noise. Outside we were not near the main road but faint noises of people ‘cruising’ in their cars and beeping the horn were all we really heard.

      Room Cleaning:

      We never actually saw this being done because we were out everyday but the beds were made and the soaking towels we left on the floor were taken away and fresh ones given – still not enough for all of us staying in the room!

      Swimming Pools:

      A gorgeous pool is what we all expect from large hotels and going out on to the balcony of my room; this is exactly what we found. There are 3 pools – 1 small one at the front of the hotel and 2 around the back (seen from my room). The two round the back – 1 again is small and for children but the second is very big and round with a bridge in the middle. The pools can be entered either through the dining room (not advised!), by going round the side of the hotel or by going on a maze walk through the hotel to find the back entrance. This is locked at times. There are sun loungers but we were never there during the day to see if these were used a lot. We normally arrived back at the hotel and had something to eat at 7pm so didn’t get swimming until then. Of course, the sun had set and it was very cold – freezing! There was no one attending the pool at this time so we were putting ourselves at risk and no one even came to tell us to get out. The larger of the 2 pools at the back was impossible to swim in because it was so cold – goose pimples as soon as you dipped a toe in! It was nice going in the big pool then into the children’s one because it then felt like a heated pool – so warm! With the sun during the day, the pool should be much hotter.


      The dining room can be accessed from the foyer which is down a set of stairs to the left (also lift access). We had to line up outside the dining room and the staff would let us in… other tourists were admiring our school uniforms while we waited (if only we understood what they were saying!). We walked in wearing trainers which apparently wasn’t allowed – the staff tried to stop us but there were just too many of us – yet they still let old ladies in wearing trainers – ageist!! When booking in, the hotel staff should tell you dining times which I think were around 7am/8am for breakfast and 7pm for evening meals. The dining room itself was huge and we still found it hard to find a table – the hotel was full at that time. All meals had a buffet self service – breakfast consisted of a huge selection of bread – rolls, croissants, condiments, cereals, fry ups etc. and it was very filling. We only had half board so lunch was not provided by the hotel. Evening meals consisted of another large selection of foods from the traditional Spanish cuisines and other bits and pieces but after one meal there that was enough for me. It was ok but there was nothing that appetising – I am a fussy eater. Quite a few of us felt the same way so made the 5 minute walk to McDonalds for dinner every evening (which we also had most lunch times so we were rather sick of it after 4 days!).


      Some people are just so slow at getting ready so most of our time was spent in the lounge which is found to the right when entering the foyer. In here, there were arcade games, table ice hockey, pool tables and a few gumball machines which kept some of the younger pupils happy! – These do cost money though. Further into the room which seems to get darker are the bar to the left and a seating area to the right. There is a dance floor in the centre which we shamefully used to amuse the teachers. Entertainment was provided some nights but it was a Spanish guy singing children’s songs – apparently he kept asking us why we were not joining in… I wonder!! Not much time was spent there but it was a good area for socialising. We never ordered drinks from the bar so I can’t comment on that but I think they were a little expensive. Surprisingly we didn’t see much nightlife near the hotel. The entertainment at the hotel was not for us yet we couldn’t go wandering without permission.

      Disabled access / children:

      I’d say the hotel is suitable for those in wheel chairs although I know our rooms were far too small to be able to manoeuvre a wheel chair and it wouldn’t fit through the door. Everything is on a flat (ramp at the entrance) and the lift is big enough to probably fit 1 wheel chair with others in. The dining room is down stairs from the foyer but the lift will also go down to that floor as well as going up to all the rooms. If you have kids, extra beds can be put in the room (which was no doubt done for us lot), and as well as the kids entertainment mentioned above, there is also a small kids playground.


      In Spain in October it was still very hot and not nice when we are obligated to wear a school uniform for the visits to La Borsa (stock exchange) etc. and consisted of black trousers, white blouse/shirt and a tie. We were also stuck on a coach for each visit but luckily it had air conditioning. We had to get up at 7am and were able to watch the sun rise which was gorgeous but it was absolutely freezing! Luckily as the sun was in full view, then came the heat.

      The surrounding area:

      McDonalds was a few minutes walk from the hotel… unfortunately! There were other shops as well – as the oldest of the group, some of us went for a wander and bought some stuff to take back home. These were shops selling very cheap tourist tack such as ‘My sister went to Barcelona and all she bought me was this T-shirt’… sombreros, things like lighters etc. It was good to walk around though – everyone was selling the stuff at different prices. One guy had a motorised scooter so we got to play around on that for a while as he tried to flog us from cheap rubbish from his shop. There are quite a few restaurants in the area as well with traditional meals like paella but we never got the chance to try any. The beach was also very near to the hotel (only 350m away) but we only got one visit. There are white sandy beaches which would have been so nice but it was getting cold that day – and one girl fell in the sea so she wanted to get changed. It didn’t seem to have the blue sea that is always shown in the pictures which was a disappointment.

      The main city of Barcelona is a short bus ride away (well about 30 minutes) but we also visited places like Salou for the theme park which was between 2 and 3 hours away. Visits were also arranged for Borsa de Barcelona (stock exchange), La Vanguardia (Catalunya’s largest daily paper), Noucamp Stadium, Torres Wine Growers, the Port of Barcelona and the Olympic Stadium… obviously as tourists some of these ‘attractions’ won’t be high up on the list but we did see La Sangrada Famillia (teachers thought we’d be bored if we went for a visit though) but the Port of Barcelona and Port Aventura are highly recommended! La Rambla is one of the main streets in Barcelona and we were warned that this is notorious for pickpockets so just watch your bag!


      We didn’t use any of the local transport as we had 2 coach drivers to take us everywhere. Just be careful on the roads though if you are walking – the roads are all sandy and some under road passages are quite dirty. There are also plenty of prostitutes on the roadside… much to the boys’ amusement!

      Cost of the hotel:

      As this was a school trip, I didn’t deal with any of the prices – overall we paid £260 for everything which was pretty good value. I had a look for prices of this hotel during the month we stayed and it seems to be around £100 for 4 nights for a single room (double the price for number of adults) on half board. This does seem a little expensive but just eat all you can for breakfast and dinner to get your moneys worth! I didn’t spend any money while in the hotel – the only things that needed to be paid for were the pool, arcade games etc. in the lounge, and the phones in the foyer (which never seemed to take our Euros). Also be careful with the phones – they eat up a euro in no time!

      One site for booking and info:


      The staff were friendly enough and did speak broken English but if like our group, you have some unruly kids causing trouble, they will threaten to throw you out the hotel – luckily that incident was on our last night. We didn’t really see them much but there was always someone at reception just in case your room mate goes off with the key – oops!

      Overall, the hotel did provide for our basic needs – bed, food, and a nice pool but as we were a group that were never in during the hours of daylight, the pool was wasted as it was far too cold in the evening (didn’t stop us). The hotel from an external view looks really nice but when you get to the places that the general public don’t tend to see, it isn’t such great quality. The place was kept clean and tidy though so we were all generally happy. I probably wouldn’t stay there again if I had the choice but if you don’t have a large budget then it does provide. Restaurants and fast food outlets walking distance from the hotel were good and I only wish we got to spend more time at the beach. I will give it 3/5 as it wasn’t too bad but a couple of improvements could be made.


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    • Product Details

      The Hotel Top Olympic is located 300m from the beach and 750m from the town centre. The hotel is situated 44kms from Gerona airport and 72kms from Barcelona airport. All rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, satellite TV, bathroom with bathtub and shower, safety-deposit box, as well as a direct dial telephone. The Hotel Top Olympic offers a mini-club, entertainment, swimming pool, solarium and car rental to its guests. As a special bonus, each guest booked on an All Inclusive package gets one free entry to the Castell Medieval and Lloret Palace (discounted transport is available from the hotel). From the 8th April 06 the hotel will be running a regular complementary shuttle service, providing access to the facilities of other H Top hotels in the area.

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