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Hotel Plainbrucke (Salzburg)

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Itzlinger Hauptstrasse 91 / 5020 Salzburg / Austria.

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    1 Review
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      17.01.2012 21:37
      Very helpful



      Hotel Not So Plain - Brucke

      I stayed in Salzburg, Austria in January 2006. I booked our stay at this hotel through www.tripadvisor.com which I found through the Google website, when I typed in the search option of Hotels in Salzburg.

      The reason I booked Hotel Plainbrucke is that it looked nice from the pictures, the location seemed pretty central and the cost was affordable.

      Hotel Plainbrucke is located a 15 minute taxi journey from Salzburg Airport. We paid for a taxi when we arrived and it cost £15 euros. On the way back we decided to make use of the tram system which meant that our journey was free. The hotel is located about a 7 minute tram journey from town (bearing in mind there are lots of stops on the way). The hotel is the only hotel in the area of Itzling West (Plainbrucke) and is situated between a large café/bar that has a bakery attached and also serves a variety of foods. On the other side of the hotel, is an Italian restaurant. About a three minute walk from the hotel, was a large Spar shop where you were able to buy all the all the usual groceries etc.

      To book this hotel for a 4 night stay for both of us in a double room, cost me £208.34 which was 316 euros. I think prices would vary depending on the time of year you are booking as the 'season' in Austria runs from May - October so prices may be more expensive during this time.

      Arrival and Check In
      We arrived about an hour before our check in time and we were planning to ask if we could leave our luggage somewhere and have a coffee while we waited to check in. However, as we explained our plan to the receptionist, she told us it was no problem if we wanted to check in early which we thought was a really nice touch. Check it was very prompt and the receptionist was very efficient and spoke very good English. She explained breakfast times, which tram lines we would need to use to get in and out of town and also explained to us about the Salzburg Card which was extremely useful to us during our stay. The lady then led us to our room, and showed us the various facilities in it.

      The Room
      The room was lovely. We had a large 4 poster bed (which I had asked for) along with a double wardrobe and a chest cabinet. There was an area underneath the window where there was a table and two chairs. There was also a bedside table either side of the bed. There was a large window which allowed plenty of sunlight into the room. We were on the side of the hotel so unfortunately only had a view of the building next door but we didn't find that a problem.
      There was a lamp on each bedside table and also a main room light and obviously a light in the bathroom. The work the electricity, we were given a card similar to a credit card which we had to put in a slot just inside the door to turn the electric on.

      There was a television on top of the chest cabinet which had the usual basic channels of which only 1 was English but to be honest, we didn't go on holiday to watch TV so again this wasn't a problem.
      The only grumble we had with the room was that it didn't have tea and coffee making facilities. We assumed it would have and were slightly disappointed as we would have taken a travel kettle had we known - that'll certainly teach us to check before we leave!
      The room was decorated in a very homely and warm manner. The walls were cream and the furniture was what I can only describe as a 'cottagy' feel. It was green, with floral patterns and the furniture matched the décor of the bed. Please see my photos for a better idea of what I mean as this is very hard to describe.

      The bathroom was of a reasonable size with a cream tiled floor. It had a large sink area with a small shelf above which was great for putting all our toiletries on. There was a large mirror above the sink. In one corner was the toilet which was very clean, and in the other corner was a walk in shower with a pull round door. The shower was very easy to operate and had an adjustable shower head. I am a bath person but I have to praise this shower as it didn't just dribble out water like a lot of showers do, it was a power shower and lived up to its name. Although we didn't have a bath in our room, there were plenty of rooms with baths, the reason we didn't have one, was because I specifically booked the room with the 4 poster bed.

      The Facilities
      The hotel had a 24 hour reception desk. If the desk wasn't manned then they left a notice up with a number you could call to speak to a member of staff which was extremely useful to us.
      There was a medium sized room which served breakfast in the morning. Breakfast was included in the price of our stay and consisted of a choice of cereals, toast with jams, marmalade and chocolate spread. There was a dish of different meats and cheeses to choose from, which I assume were to have on toast or to eat by themselves. On a couple of mornings they provided sweet pastries such pan o chocolate. There was also a big dish of yogurt which you could help yourself to.
      Breakfast was served between 7.30am - 10am and on most morning we arrived for breakfast around 9.30am and were very pleased to find there was still a great amount of choice of breakfast items. Some people came down to breakfast a 9.55am and the lady serving breakfast was still putting out fresh items which I thought was extremely good as many places stick to their breakfast times and would only allow these 'late-comers' to pick from what it left. With breakfast, we were given a choice of tea, coffee and three different fruit juices, one of them being fresh orange juice. There was a smoking and non-smoking section and these were kept totally separate which is nice for any non-smokers.
      The hotel also had a large restaurant which for some reason we never ate at. We did have a look at the menu and they have a wide choice of traditional and western dishes. The prices were very reasonable for a hotel, ranging from 4 euros for a snack and 15 euros for a main meal.
      There was seating areas dotted around the hotel, where you could sit and relax and enjoy the views out the window.

      The Staff
      The staff at this hotel were beyond helpful, we literally asked them questions about things every day and they were always more than willing to help us. The hotel offered trips which personally I thought were a little overpriced so we decided to do the trips off our own backs and needed to ask the staff for information such as how to get there and how much it would cost and they were always very friendly and helpful. If it wasn't for them, then we wouldn't have managed to do half the trips we did. Another very nice touch to this hotel was that our flight did not leave Austria until 9pm and check out was at 12pm. We asked the receptionist if there was somewhere we could leave our luggage for the day and she informed us that we could have our room until whatever time we left for the airport. This was very useful as it allowed us to grab a shower and store out luggage securely while still looking at the sites of Austria.

      The Hotel In General
      I must admit then when the taxi dropped us off at the hotel, there was a moment when I though 'Oh no, this looks horrible, what sort of place have I booked?' This was because, from the outside, the hotel looks a bit like a tacky B&B; it's painted a sort of off orange colour and doesn't really look as big as it was. This is because the hotel has a further building behind the main entrance which is also full of rooms. My fears soon disappeared upon entering the hotel as inside, it was very modern and decorated very tastefully. I feel this hotel would give a better impression to people from the outside if it was painted a different colour as from the front, it doesn't look very impressive.
      The only problem with this hotel is that there was no disabled access. All the rooms were on the 1st floor so I am not sure how they would cater for anyone if a wheelchair and there were no lifts.

      Bus Routes
      This hotel, although not walking distance from town, was still in a great location as the bus route to get us into town was literally a 2 minute walk from the front door of the hotel and it dropped us off in the same place.

      If I were ever to visit Salzburg again I would 100% book the same hotel. We were very impressed with everything the hotel had to offer, from the excellent choice at breakfast, the lovely rooms and the efficient staff. Anyone looking for a hotel in Salzburg should definitely consider Hotel Plainbrucke.


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