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Hotel Riu Cancun (Mexico)

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4 Reviews

Address: Blvd. Kukulcan / Km 9 / Manzana 50, Lote 5, Zona Hotelera / 77500 Cancun / Quintana Roo / Mexico

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    4 Reviews
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      15.05.2012 12:25
      Very helpful



      Perfect hotel for the perfect holiday

      My Partner and I went to Mexico for the first time in January. We chose to stay at the Riu Cancun having stayed at two Riu chain hotels before in two other countries.

      The thing that always puts a downer on my holiday is the transfer from the airport to the hotel. For the first time I actually enjoyed the transfer it only took around 35-40 minutes to get to our hotel but our guide was fantastic there was so much to see on the way to the hotel all of which he pointed out and the place just seemed buzzing. When we approached our hotel we looked at it amazed, it was huge but beautiful at the same time I couldn't believe we were staying at this hotel I felt as though I had won the lottery!

      When we arrived at the hotel we walked through the main reception ( I will talk about this in a moment) we were taken through the reception and out the back doors and up into a meeting room which was located next to the sports bar. As we walked through we were given a fresh fruit cocktail which was delicious and a lovely gesture. The meeting didn't last long as you can imagine after the long flight you just want to get to your room. We were all handed our envelopes which had a door key and a key for the safe in your room which is FREE no deposit required but just don't lose it as they have to drill the lock and you will pay!

      As you walk into the main Reception you have a lovely glass roof. The reception desk is straight in front of you and the staff speak good English and are very helpful. Around the windows of the reception is where each of your Travel reps are. There is also a jewellery shop and a convenience shop (quite expensive though you are best to go over to the indoor market it is half the price) There is also a bar in the reception too. It is also in reception where you will find the table to book for your meals if you would like to try one of the themed restaurants at no extra cost and you can visit these restaurants as many times as you like but it is best to book 2 days in advance as they do get booked up quick.

      We took the lift up to our room as we were on floor 12.As we opened the door to our room we were surprised at how large the room was. The bathroom was very clean and looked lovely. The décor in the bedroom was a little dates but how long do you spend in your room! We were in room 1210 and I have to say although it is very high up it is the most amazing view I have ever seen our room not only looked over the pool and the beach but also over the beautiful sea and was an idyllic picture at sunset.
      The bed was huge the biggest bed I have ever slept in and was comfortable to. There is also air-conditioning that actually works in the room too. Now for the best bit the mini bar! The mini bar is FREE yes FREE you have in the fridge bottles of Pepsi, diet Pepsi, sprite, and water. There are also cans of tonic and soda water. There are also 4 optics on the wall, Vodca, Brandy, Tequila and Whisky. Your mini bar is stocked every 2 days but if you run out before you just call down to reception and they restock it for you.
      There is also an iron and ironing board ( so no need to take your travel iron which means more room for shoes!)

      ** Cleaning**
      The room is cleaned every day and towels and bed covers are also changed daily. We had a number of little animals made out of towels made for us and left on the bed. You will also see throughout the day and night that there are always someone cleaning it is just spotless. Even down on the beach we got down to the beach at 9am and there was a man who cleaned all the sand off of the sun beds and bagged up all the seaweed which had been washed up onto the beach. I got so used to how clean it was that actually when we came back to England I realised how dirty our country is. In Mexico there are even ladies out sweeping the car parks!

      WOW!! we usually go all inclusive but this really is all inclusive the cocktail menu is pages long! As soon as your drink is empty the staff are there straight away topping your cup up! I have to say to any chocolate lovers out there please try the FUNKY MoNKEY it is gorgeous this soon became my drink of the holiday! The all inclusive is full 24 hours and when you go down to the beach a waiter walks along and takes your orders so there is no reason for you to move.

      I hold my hands up and say I am one of these people who usually go away all inclusive for 2 weeks and by the second week I am bored of the food. This wasn't the case at the Riu Cancun in fact I would say I could have stayed another 3-4 weeks and still not have got around to trying everything!
      *Breakfast- Hot counter - Fried egg, Omelette, scrambled egg, sausage, tomatoes. beans, eggy bread, bacon, mushrooms
      -American counter, Every pastry you can think of and pancakes and donuts.
      -Smoothie counter- 10 different fresh smoothies available every morning,
      - cold counter- cold meats, yogurts and fruits
      -bread counter - a variety of different breads and cakes
      - toast and cereal
      Mexican- wraps and tacos (yes for breakfast!)

      Lunch- You have two options for lunch you can go to the main hall but you can not go in swim wear or you can go to the pool bar we tried both and there are similar things in both
      -chips, burgers, sausages, pasta, pizza, toasted sandwiches, flavoured chicken
      - nacho's, tortillas
      -salads and fruit
      - icecream

      Dinner- Each night is a THEME and you will find when you go into the dining hall that as you walk in there will be a counter with the themed food on i.e Mexican night will be a huge wok with chicken and peppers or on Spanish night it will be a hug Paella. Similar to breakfast each counter offers something different and these are available every night. There is a Mexican counter which has your nacho's, tortilla, tacos and enchiladas there is also an Italian which has pasta and pizza, there is a fish counter which has different fish course each night and then the traditional English counter which has roast chick, lamb and beef, chips, vegetables, rice. There really is something for everyone and if anyone cannot find something they like I will be amazed as I am the worlds fussiest eater and I was in heaven!
      The waiters are very friendly we tried to keep to the same waiter as tips are a big thing in Mexico and so rather than give a tip each day we gave a large tip at the end to our waiter Hernandez.

      There are also the a la carte restaurants we tried the Japanese restaurant which was amazing. The ambience in the restaurant was great I quite forgot I was in Mexico!
      Also if you are going out for the day pop up to the sports bar as they have pre-packed lunch in the chiller cabinets.

      There is plenty of entertainment if you want it but for us this holiday was about pure relaxation. The main pool which is located outside the food hall is where all the entertainment takes place so if you don't want to be hassled go to the pool around the other side of the hotel. You will get asked down on the beach but just say no and they leave you alone. there is also evening entertainment every night which was great and well worth seeing some night were better than others but again if this is not your kind of thing there is low live music in the lounge bar in reception.

      One word PERFECT!
      Everything you want is in walking distance and if there is somewhere further out you want to see jump on the bus you can't get lost as they just go round in a loop and they only work out around 50-60p
      As you come out of the hotel straight in front of you is a large shopping mall but it is very quiet. There are shops such as Lacoste, DKNY. If you walk over the road behind this mall there is a large Market shop which is where you need to go for any of your day to day things or chocolate and some gifts it is the cheapest place to go. If you come out of the hotel and go left after 4-5 minutes you will come to the indoor market they love to haggle in there and I must admit I found it a little overwhelming but if this is your kind of thing this is where you will pick up your gifts to take home. Just past this market is where the night life is Coco Bongo is the main attraction and well worth a visit you pay for your ticket and drinks are all in. There were many families in here to so don't be put off.
      One more thing if you love crocodiles you need to stay at this hotel as behind the mall opposite the hotel is Crocodile creek go over and take a look but don't get too close!

      Like I said before there is a convenience shop in reception but they also have evenings where the Mexicans have stalls in the hotel so you can buy your souvenirs without leaving the hotel should you wish. There are also Looky looky men down on the beach who will walk along to try and sell you there items but just remember to haggle with them at least half the price they are asking.

      This has got to be the best hotel I have ever been to I cannot find any negatives to say about this hotel it was the holiday of a life time thanks to this hotel. If you are looking for a great hotel with the perfect location and very friendly staff this is the hotel for you I hope we will be able to save and go again in a couple of years.


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        30.11.2009 16:59
        Very helpful



        Go there!

        I and my other half had one of the best weeks of our life in November 2008 in Cancun, Mexico and a lot of this was down to the Riu Cancun.

        We flew with Thomson and booked at quite short notice. I had always wanted to go to Cancun as it looked so fun and beautiful - I wasn't disappointed!
        It was the first time we had ever gone All Inclusive, which we were expecting to hate, as we love going out and exploring and didn't want to be stuck in a complex all day every day. However, with a place like this you cannot complain.

        Our flight was pretty much pain free and flew by quick enough for us. Watched a couple of films, few comedy shows, had a bite to eat and that was that. My partner slept the majority of the way; I haven't managed to pick up the knack of sleeping on a plane yet! When we arrived, we caught our coach to the hotel, crossed our fingers and hoped for the best.

        When walking in to the reception/lobby area, we were already blown away! We had never stayed in a 5star hotel before and must've stuck out like two sore thumbs! This did not bother us in the slightest. We were made to feel warmly welcomed and were asked to go for a meeting in the downstairs lobby area. This is what we were afraid of - a scheduled holiday that looked relaxing on the tin, but in reality were timetables and boring talks and meetings. We then stood corrected.
        We picked our seats and settled down as we were pretty tired by this point. When over walked a waitress with some fresh tropical juice and a nice big cocktail. The staff introduced themselves to the group and were all friendly and funny. We had a quick welcome talk, were given our room keys, wrist bands etc and we were off!
        First ones to the elevators, on the top floor (15th) with a gorgeous view of the beach below us - we'd definitely hit the jackpot. The room was nice enough - nothing too posh like you'd imagine in your head a 5 star hotel would be like - but this was top drawer for Mexico. One thing I would say is great is the mini fridge in your room gets replenished every day. Bottles of water, sprite, coke, diet coke, you name it and not to forget the all important Corona. We also had four optics of Vodka, Brandy etc... which we heard would also get replenished - we never made it to the bottom to find out. The room had all the basics you would need and the cleaners definitely earned their tips, the place was spotless.

        For two people who said they didn't want to be stuck in a complex all day, we certainly did a good job of it! Time would fly by. How can there be a problem when you are laying on a bright white beach, with beautiful blue waters. Imagine relaxing in the heat on your sun lounger and a lovely waiter/waitress bringing you over you're requested cocktail so you don't have to move - I got accustomed to this is no time!

        The hotel has four pools, one even has a swim up bar in it, this was usually pretty full, but with the seats & tables built in to the swimming pool, you could still grab a seat.
        The beach area was clean and had the softest sand I have ever walked on. For those who prefer the shade, the beach is dotted with these wooden beach hut type umbrellas, complete with table for your drinks.
        The Riu also has a few bars, one that also serves snacks during the day. The Sports Bar can be found upstairs, near the conference rooms - word to the wise - do not attempt that flight of stairs if you've had a couple! The Sports bar is opened 24/7, however we went there at 3pm and 5pm on different occasions and there were no staff to be found. I'm not complaining as they could've been in the toilet for all I know, just something to remember if you're craving a daiquiri on your way back from the clubs!

        The Riu lays on entertainment in the lobby most nights, they also have nachos that you can self serve along with the melted cheese to top it off, you can beat it.
        There is also a theatre, where they have performers or a show of an evening, which is very big and has its own bar. There is also a club Pacha, which we never made it to. I know it was free entry for All Inclusive people but I'm not 100% sure if it was free inside or not, but I would imagine so. You could also use the second Riu hotel next door, your wrist band counted there as well.

        I suppose I should mention the food and drink, seeing as this is always a selling point for us. With going All Inclusive, there is always the danger that you will be left hating the food and hungry or ill every night. You have no worries at the Riu. From the breakfast, lunch to the dinners - they were all superb. We were left stuffed after every single meal and thoroughly enjoyed the lot of it. From traditional Mexican meals, to a roast dinner or pizza - they had anything you can think of. My other half especially liked the self service ice cream machines, he was like a big kid! The drinks, no matter how many you wanted or how often you fancied them were all free and never too much hassle for the staff. One day at the snack bar we actually worked our way through the whole cocktail menu and instead of being rude about it like you would imagine bar staff being over here, the barman (Luis if I remember correctly!) was actually encouraging us!

        Thomson offered us a whole list of excursions to fill our time. We picked a few that sounded like the best value for money. We went to snorkel in the middle of a lagoon in the ocean (tip - get a cheapy cheap underwater camera for this!) and the instructors were amazing. They took us further and further out, got us to touch coral and all sorts.
        We also rode our own speed boats, which was so exhilarating! Our most interesting day out was a twofer (two for one) we spent the morning in a lagoon park, it was the most gorgeous place I have ever seen. The water was blue and went on for miles and miles, yet it was all a lagoon for snorkelling in. They gave us breakfast and lunch, which was nice as it was also All Inclusive. We held parrots and big bright colourful birds and had our pictures taken which was a great experience. Unfortunately everything else that attracted us to the park was charged extra, there was absolutely no mention of this beforehand and we had to go without, as we couldn't afford it.
        The afternoon was spent in an ancient town were they had Mayan ruins. We had a tour guide take us around in a group and it was so interesting and educational, it was a great change of pace.
        One of the excursions we didn't choose was Chichen Itza and we have regretted it ever since. It sounded to us like it was an old Mayan pyramid and we thought we were getting better value for money with the Mayan village tour. However we have since Wiki and googled it and it is currently one of the 7 wonders of the world and I really feel like we missed an opportunity to see it.

        Although the Riu Cancun is like a mini little world, you really good stay within the complex for the whole time and not run out of things to do. As they have the spa (make sure you book in advance - we got the whole place to ourselves by doing this!) and games around the pool areas. I would still recommend that you go and explore the town and go to a few of the legendary clubs - as they will be nothing you have ever experienced before. Senor Frogs - has a water slide in it! Coco Bongo - the most amazing place ever (YouTube it - trust me!) which is also owned by Jim Carrey, if I am not mistaken. There are some nice restaurants in the area, Hard Rock Café, Rainforest Café and Hooters for example, however they recommended that you don't eat in any of the local food places, as you are likely to get a bad tummy, the food is so different, I'm sure it will take a while to get used to!

        So on the whole, you should most definitely shell out the extra money for the comfort and service you will receive from the Riu Cancun - I would most definitely give it the 5 stars it holds.


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          22.09.2009 23:13
          Very helpful
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          Expensive but different and value for money

          I went to Riu Cancun in June 2008, it was absolutely amazing, i loved it so much i've booked for 2010.

          I paid £1200 all inclusive and even though its slightly out of my price range it was well worth saving up for. The rooms were very big and comfortable 2 double beds and the mini bar stocked daily with Water, Pepsi and of course Corona along with three bottles of Vodka, Gin and Rum(i think) which went down a treat when getting ready to go out.

          There was great entertainment during the day in the pool and waterspouts on the beach for a reasonable price to entertain, there was no excuses for being bored. Saying that i was normally lay on my sun bed nursing my hangover all day to do it again at night time.

          I've read reviews that its a 18-30 hotel, which to an extent is true, but the hotel is massive and there are places to get away for peace and quiet and there is even staff on the beach getting you drinks.

          The night time entertainment seemed to be catered for the Americans and it wasn't really my thing.

          The staff were great and never asked for a tip, however they do appreciate it and you do get bigger measures and quicker service if you give them a few dollars every now and then. However in the clubs they would only really serve you if you give them a tip which isnt too bad as you pay $40 and all your drinks was free with a dollar tip.

          Compared to a european all inclusive this was 10 times better, the food pretty much anytime you want it and there was plenty of choice, with 4 different restaurants.

          The only really down point of the holiday was our plane got delayed for 14hrs which wasn't anyone fault really and was soon forgot about when we arrived.


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            14.01.2009 18:38
            Very helpful



            Worth a squirt!!

            Paradise in Mexico! The Riu Cancun is an amazing hotel, the location is great, the service is great & the people/staff are great.

            The Riu Cancun is in Cancun, Mexico. It is situated about 20 minutes from Cancun Airport. This is great as transfers are easy and not too long, especially after a 10 and a half hour flight. The airport is a reasonable size and very modern. The Riu Cancun is located in the heart of the resort of Cancun in the 'hotel zone', but not too close that all you can hear is constant music/noise/drunks from the hotel. The main club/bar strip is only a 5 minute walk from the front door of the Riu.

            The Resort.
            Cancun is known for its party atmosphere, spring break and that general 18-30's atmosphere. If this is what you think, you are completely wrong. Although Cancun has great nightlife it also has a quieter side to it. The clubs mostly cost an all in price for entry and free drinks all night (not very European, they don't like to bar crawl so much). This is great unless you decide you've had enough and want to leave, after $40-50 you'll think twice. Cancun is very safe and the locals are all friendly, saying hola and smiling, even those who ask if you want to buy any cocaine or ectasy will quite happliy take no for an answer and move on, no hassle. The resort itself is probably less suited to couples/friends who like walks and cafe/bar/restaurants to visit, as there are not many at all.

            The Hotel.
            The hotel are All Inclusive and boy that is what it is. With 4 1/2 restaurants to choose from. One Mexican, one buffet style with rotating themes, an oriental and a Grill and buffet housed in one space. The hotel also has 2 indoor bars and 2 outdoor bars. One nightclub again with a bar. All alcohol is free and you try drinking them dry.

            The hotel is situated right on the beach front and has 3 pools, kids pool and many jacuzzi's to choose from (look out for the one on the smaller buildings roof).

            All bedrooms have sea views. The hotel is the shape of a large V and all rooms are on the side facing the Caribbean Sea (none the other side). There are 15 floors in the main building and 6 in the smaller building. The hotel has a total of 569 rooms all are complete with unique amenities such as a mini-bar (fridge) and alcohol dispenser (bar) with Vodka, Whicky or Brandy, Tequilia and another spirit which is topped up every other day, as well as the Corona, Pepsi's, Sprite and Bottled Water in the fridge.

            You get a safe key ($50 if lost) on arrival (free of charge) for your in room safe, a towel card that you must exchange by the pool for your towel and to return the towel ensures your card back ($20 if lost). There is also a Spa and water activities at extra costs. Although some watersports are free.

            The Mexican people/staff in the hotel are great, over accommodating, friendly and very helpful. The guy on reception who checked us in asked where we were from and all holiday he called us the 'London Girls', which was nice to know he remembered us. Bar staff and restaurant staff will also ask your names, it is to personalize your stay, and it does.

            The other type of people are the tourists themselves. American's you will love it, completely americanized and full of fellow americans. For those of you Europeans looking at this (like myself), it can be a bit brash and loud for our liking but in all is good fun, the American's are friendly and love to talk (even if it's too much), no-one can say they are unfriendly like us miserable sods from Europe.

            The only complaint about the Americanism of it, is the hotel doesn't have enough outside for my liking, in terms of bars, the American's all sit inside in air-conditioned bars (great, except i'm in Mexico and it's gorgeous outside)!!

            Cancun is a great central location for many things, visiting the Mayan Temples of Chichin Itza or Tulum, perhaps you want to swin with Dolpins? It is all possible here, i would definately recommend and go back (which i do not tend to do).


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