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Hotel Safari Park (Nairobi, Kenya)

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2 Reviews

Address: P.O. Box 45038 / 00100 Nairobi / Kenya / Africa / Tel: (254-20) 3633000

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    2 Reviews
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      28.10.2009 21:56



      The perfect start to a perfect honeymoon!

      I stayed 2 nights at Safari park Hotel as part of a wonderful honeymoon in 2009. . The staff are lovely people, friendly and efficient and the grounds are immaculate and restfull with heaps of pools which I didn't have time to access but just looked wonderful. The whole place had a very oasis type feel to it and was just pleasant to wander slowly around and soak upo the atmosphere.

      For us it was the place we stayed for our first night in Kenya and made a great introduction to Kenyan service which is just perfect.

      The rooms are old colonial style - wooden floor, four poster bed with mosquito nets and the bathrooms clean. Water sometimes is slow and lukewarm but a minor problem, given what the locals would probably put up with. The breakfasts are 5 star, and the strange but wonderful BBQ restaurant is a delight to enjoy - even the camel was delicious!

      Just be warned - it takes anywhere from 1.5 - 2.5 hrs to get to the airport - the traffic is chaotic so leave plenty of time!!!


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      19.10.2009 15:48
      Very helpful
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      Highly recommended hotel, something for everyone, supporting the local economy!

      We stayed at the Safari Park Hotel for two nights during our recent honeymoon in Kenya. We stayed there for our first night of the two week trip, and for the last night before our homeward flight. The Safari Park Hotel is based on the outskirts of Nairobi - the opposite site of the capital city to the airport.

      First Night:

      We arrived at the Safari Park hotel after a bumpy and 'enlightening' drive through Nairobi on our first morning in Kenya. Having taken a night flight, it was still quite early. The Safari Park Hotel has a wonderfully large inviting reception area, with a large elephant model stood slap bang in it's centre. We approached the desk, were asked to sign in, and were offered a cool drink and hot flannel to refresh ourselves. Immediately we were allocated our room, and the porters took our bags to it, us following behind marvelling at the amazing well kept and lush grounds of the hotel. The rooms are in 'blocks' in and around the hotel grounds. Make no mistake, this is a LARGE hotel. We arrived at our lovely room, admired the view over the hotel's large pond, and collapsed for a few hours sleep to recover after our journey.

      We awoke at about 11.30am giving us time to have lunch and explore the grounds of the hotel before our pre-arranged trip to the local Elephant Orphanage later that day. With 5 restaurants to choose from (International, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and of course African,) we decided to play it safe first thing and try the Italian. Excellent food, and at an excellent price. We then wandered around the rest of the grounds. This hotel has been designed not just for holiday makers, but also for conferences. We saw conference rooms everywhere we went. The site also had a number of well designed swimming pools, a club, bars, and along with the hotel's own gift shop (located in reception) there was also a shopping 'village' of small craft shops owned and run by locals. An excellent idea as it really helps the locals establish themselves and provide a living for themselves and their families.

      After returning from our trip to the local Elephant Orphanage, we changed and headed off to the African restaurant - Nyama Choma Ranch. We had planned from the start to have our first proper evening meal here. We'd seen on the website before hand that it was basically a giant BBQ with many different meats, and a dinner show. Little did we know! The menu was immense. You simply paid a one off price and you were offered a starter of soup (Pumpkin the night we were there!), followed by mini baked potatoes and salad to accompany as much meat as you could eat. The meat was brought around by the chefs on giant swords, and the meat was carved directly onto your plate. The meat included: pork sausages, chicken wings, ribs, lamb, steak, goat, crocodile, camel... Amazing selection and you could choose to try as many or as little as you liked. Then the show started - an amazing array of male and female dancers wearing wonderful traditional outfits. And then they stunned us even more as the men started performing the most amazing acrobatics on stage. For a hotel restaurant (and one of 5!), we highly recommend it. We decided there and then, as long as we had enough left over cash at the end of our two weeks, we'd eat our last meal in Kenya there on our return.

      After a very restful night (we didn't hear anything of the club - such as is the size of the hotel grounds!), we woke to breakfast in the International Café where a full breakfast buffet is served. Everythign you could imagine was available - cereals, fresh fruit, yogurts, sausages, bacon, and eggs. This is the wonderful discovery of Kenya, and something I'll probably mention in every review I do of a Kenyan hotel! The eggs are incredible. Not just because they're fresh, but because there is a chef there ready to cook your eggs in exactly the style you want them! Be it omelette (and you can choose your fillings - normally things like onions, chilli, peppers), fried, scrambled, pancakes... it's amazing and simply a wonderful way to start your day!

      Soon after breakfast we headed off on our 8 day safari. But after two weeks enjoying Kenya (including 6 days at a beach hotel) we returned to the Safari Park Hotel for our final night.

      Second night:

      We arrived, after an efficient flight from Mombassa to Nairobi and a scary drive through Nairobi in evening rush hour, back at the hotel at around 7pm. We were taken to our room (a more spacious room, but the location wasn't as great - view wasn't as good and was further away from amenities. But hey, it's a BIG hotel!), we changed, and headed to the shopping village. We had decided during our two weeks in Kenya that there were some certain mementos that we wanted to buy, but wanted to buy them from not only last minute (to save with lugging them about!) but also from the shopping village where the money went straight into the hands of the locals. Unfortunately, the shopping village had closed a few hours earlier, so we had to make do with the hotel shop - which, considering it's small size, was very well stocked and we were able to buy the key items we really wanted to purchase as mementoes of our wonderful honeymoon. After spending far too much money in the shop, we decided to forego the African BBQ for a slightly cheaper Italian - whose standards were again excellent. It was romantic, quiet and the perfect way to end the honeymoon.

      We had a VERY early pick up for the airport the next morning (4.30am!) so tried to get an early night after ordering our room service breakfast. The room service was a little disappointing - because of the location of our room, the hot food my husband had ordered arrived cold. Fortunately we'd also ordered fruit, so we filled ourselves up on that before heading off.

      Overall, a very efficient and welcoming hotel. Restaurants were excellent - Nyama Choma Ranch is definitely worth the slightly higher price! - grounds were gorgeous and rooms comfortable. It can get busy especially at meal times, but with 5 restaurants it takes the strain off slightly. Some of the conference attendees also seemed not to care about where they smoked (even inside the breakfast buffet restaurant - when spotted the hotel staff quickly moved them out!) - but that's not exactly the fault of the hotel - there's signs everywhere! Compared to other hotels and lodges we stayed at it was not as personal an experience, but considering its size and efficiency, it's not surprising.


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