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Hotel Sante Fe (Disneyland Resort Paris, France)

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6 Reviews
  • Clean and tidy
  • Nice theming
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    6 Reviews
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      08.10.2015 14:36
      Very helpful


      • "Nice theming"
      • "Clean and tidy "
      • "Great price "


      Great hotel for a good value stay Disneyland Paris

      This is one of the budget Disney hotels located at Disneyland Paris.

      There are 6 hotels on the Disney property and the Santa Fe is one of the furthest away from the Parks.

      There is a shuttle bus to the parks every 10 minutes or so and I have never had to wait long to get the bus and it only takes a couple of minutes to get to the parks on the bus. You can also walk from the hotel to the parks which takes around 15 minutes and is a nice walk past a river and around the lake.

      I have stayed at this hotel several times and I have always found it to be very clean and tidy. The theming of this hotel since it has been refurbished is from the Disney Movie Cars and there is a big picture from the movie at the front of the hotel. The hotel is set in blocks with the reception, restaurant, shop and games room in the main block and the rooms are all in different smaller blocks motel style.

      The blocks of rooms are quite basic looking from outside but inside they have a lovely Cars theme. with traffic cones and pictures on the wall and Cars bedspreads on the beds. There are some lovely big drawers with plenty of space and a hanging area where there is also a safe. The bathrooms have a bath,shower, toiler and sink with a lovely big mirror with lights and also a hairdryer include.

      We go to Disneyland Paris mostly during winter and the rooms are always lovely and warm and quite often too warm and we have to turn the heating down but you control the temperature of the heater yourself so this is very convenient.

      The price of this hotel has always been great value as when booking with Disneyland Paris direct you always get park tickets for both parks for all your stay and breakfast included and it is a great way of going to Disneyland Paris on a budget. The breakfast is a buffet style and has lots of bread rolls, cheese, meats, croissants, pain au chocolat, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and juices. There is always plenty of food but the restaurant does get very busy so I find it best to go early rather than later.

      Another great thing about staying in this hotel and any of the other Disney Hotels is that you get extra magic hours in the park which means that guests staying in the hotel can enter the park early from 8.00am until 10.00am when some of the smaller rides are open and it means there are not too many people there and not so long to queue for rides and you can also meet characters like Mickey and Minnie in the park during extra magic hours.

      I would recommend this hotel.


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      24.05.2012 13:57
      Very helpful



      Not bad but certainly nothing special.

      ~ Santa Fe, Disneyland Paris Resort ~ March 2012 ~


      Santa Fe can be found inside the Disneyland Resort and is the furthest hotel from the Disney parks (excluding the Davy Crockett Ranch). It is situated behind Hotel Cheyenne, next to the Rio Grande River. You can catch the shuttle service to and from the parks which takes about 5 minutes or you can walk it in about 20 minutes.

      ===Shuttle Service===

      There is a free shuttle service which runs to and from Santa Fe and the Disney parks. The shuttles are long yellow buses and come every 15 minutes which means you don't have to hang around long for them. You can catch the shuttle nearby the main block (reception area) of Santa Fe and it drops you off outside Marne Le Vallee train station, which is just a couple of minutes walk from the Disney parks (there are seperate bus stops for the different hotels outside the station to catch the shuttle back to your hotel). The only downside to the shuttle service is that it can get very crowded and you will usually struggle to get a seat, especially in the mornings when the Disney parks open.


      When we arrived the reception and arrivals desk was clearly signed up but we had to queue up for about 30 minutes to check-in. The queue was huge and I found this very frustrating, especially as we were worn out from travelling all day. The staff were very friendly, helpful and appeared to speak a number of different languages. We were given lots of useful information and were asked to choose what time we would like to have breakfast each day. We were also given our room cards, a map of the Santa Fe hotel, 3 breakfast cards for the duration of our stay and an ID card (not really sure what that was for though).

      You can check in to your room at 3pm. We arrived at about 3.30pm and were able to go straight to our room. The reception area was clean, spacious and quite well themed. It also had an information desk, an area for children to play whilst they wait and a stage area where characters come to take photos in the mornings.


      The main block had a neon 'Hotel Santa Fe' sign outside with a huge picture of Lightning McQueen and Sally Carerra from the animated Disney film Cars - I personally didn't see the point of this but the kids seemed to like it!

      In the main block was the reception area, toilets, general store (which had all the essential souvenirs - very similar to most of the other Disney shops), Pow Wow Game Arcade (we didn't visit here but it looked full of arcade games), La Cantina and Rio Grande Bar. You can visit the La Cantina and Rio Grande Bar in the afternoons and evenings for food and drinks, but both are used in the mornings to serve breakfast to all guests staying at the hotel. Again, we didn't visit either of these (except for breakfast) because we chose to eat in the Disney parks and Disney Village instead.

      The hotel was set up in different blocks, with lots of different rooms inside. They only had ground floors so were suitable for those with wheelchairs and pushchairs. You could drive around the different blocks and park your car right outside your room. This had it's upsides and downsides. The upside was that it's handy for anybody driving to Disneyland (we didn't). The downside was that it's quite dangerous, considering most people have children with them. We couldn't let our kids run off ahead of us because we were worried about the roads and carparks - previously we stayed at Hotel Cheyenne which was much better laid out.

      Each morning we met a Disney character inside the main block of the hotel (Mickey, Pluto and Goofy), which my daughter and niece loved. You could take photos with the characters in front of a Santa Fe backdrop.

      It was a lot bigger than I expected but thankfully we stayed in a block that was relatively close to the main block so didn't have to walk far to get to breakfast and the shuttle service etc - I wouldn't have wanted to stay any further.

      The hotel had a New Mexico/Route 66 theme. There were lots of tropical plants, such as palm trees and cactus about. There was even a crashed UFO! It was a fun theme, although it wasn't too exciting and could have done with more effort in my opinion. It was quite 'sandy' and I think was meant to look kind of run down, however you could see that it actually was quite run down! The building blocks had uneven and cracked paintwork and the empty river which ran past our block was full of leaves and dirt. Even the front of the main block looked rather shabby. This was disappointing as I doubt it would've been the same case in the higher rated hotels. I did happen to see some scaffolding up and some builders doing some work to one of the blocks - butt cracks, drilling and all!


      Our room consisted of 2 double beds (with Cars bed spread - again, I thought this was an odd choice but the kids loved it!), a mirror, lamp, chair, 2 bedside lamps (wall mounted), bedside table, a phone, television, open wardrobe, cabinet, set of drawers, a safe (very handy and free to use) and a bin. Our seperate bathroom consisted of a toilet, sink, bath, overhead shower, large mirror, bin, towels and complimentary toiletries (Mickey themed).

      The room was very clean and maids came in every day to spruce up our room (make the beds, change the towels, replenish complimentary toiletries, empty the bins etc). The maids never disturbed us or woke us up, infact we never even saw a maid the whole time we were there! Unfortunately there didn't appear to be a hairdryer or a kettle.

      The room and the decor were quite basic (certainly more 'fun' in Cheyenne), but it was fine for us - we only slept there afterall. It wasn't a huge room either but it was adequate for the 4 of us. The beds were very comfy and we all slept well. The room was well heated and there was a fan on the ceiling for if it got too warm. There were a couple of English channels on the television but the majority seemed to be French.


      Breakfast was served between 7am-10am in the La Cantina. Our breakfast came included in our package which meant we didn't have to pay any extra for it. We gave our breakfast cards to a member of staff at the entrance (breakfast cards were issued per room rather than per person) and went through to serve ourselves. Our breakfast cards were for 7am each morning (we wanted to get an early start), we arrived an hour late one morning but the staff were very relaxed about it.

      The breakfast was a cold buffet. You had to serve yourself and could choose as much as you wanted. Food included different cereals (good for kids), croissants, rolls, bread (you had to toast the bread yourself which was abit annoying as you had to find a free toaster and then wait for the bread to toast), yoghurt, cheeses, meat slices and different spreads. Drinks included tea, coffee, hot chocolate, different juices, water and milk. The food was okay and there was quite a lot of choice (especially since you could choose as much food as you like), however by morning 3 I was absolutely desperate for a cooked breakfast! The breakfast was okay, but wasn't brilliant in my honest opinion.

      The main problem I had with the breakfast was that it was packed, at both early and late breakfast times. There was a lot of pushing, shoving and people lacking in common courtesy which really frustrated us, especially first thing in the morning! It was all abit hectic - we had to wait for tables, queue up for the toasters and drink machines etc. One morning the milk ran out and another morning juice ran out. I told my partner and the kids to find a table whilst I got everybodys food!

      ===Check out===

      We had to check out of our room by 11am. Checking out was very easy - is all we needed to do was drop our bags off at the luggage room (nearby reception) and the helpful luggage assistant gave us a ticket with a unique number on. We went off to the Disney parks for an extra few hours and came back to collect ours bags that were safety tucked away in the luggage room. There was also a basket to drop our key cards into.


      Santa Fe is one of the budget Disney hotels and is generally the least expensive. It is a 2 star accomodation - I had doubts whether to book the 'lowest rated' hotel but I had read positive reviews of Santa Fe and it was significantly cheaper than the other hotels (even Cheyenne which is usually not much more) during our stay. Plus we had visited Disneyland Paris a few times previously so weren't too fussed where we stayed.

      The theme of the hotel was quite good (although I preferred Cheyenne's theme) and the rooms were basic but no less than what we expected. It had everything we needed, was clean and we felt comfortable staying there. I'd say it was very good value for money (around £500 for 4 people for 3 nights in term time) - especially as breakfast and park tickets were included in the price. Santa Fe would also be a good hotel to stay at if you are driving as you can park right outside your room. The Santa Fe staff that I came across seemed polite and helpful. The free shuttle service was excellent (but packed!), checking out was quick and easy and the kids loved the character meet 'n' greet.

      I'd say the biggest downsides were that it's too far away from the parks to walk (20 minutes may not seem far but it is when you have children and have been walking miles every day!), it needs some well deserved refurbishment and cleaning up, the roads and carparks are completely unsuitable for those with children, checking in took far too long and the breakfast was hectic and busy.

      Overall we enjoyed our stay at Santa Fe, although I don't think we would stay there again. I'd much rather pay out a little extra and stay at Cheyenne which is still a budget hotel but in my opinion has very few downsides in comparison.


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        01.01.2012 20:57
        Very helpful



        fantastic holiday, we will be deffinatly going again soon

        We visited Disneyland Paris in March 2011. We paid for the express baggage (£15 per adult, kids are free). I must admit it was very good. We spent the day that we arrived walking around the parks and not having to worry about our baggage and having to check in before we can go through to the parks.
        We took the free shuttle bus from the park to the hotel which i definatly dont recommend, people are barging you, they dont care that you have small children and pushchairs and they try to get on as many people as they can, it feels like your in a tin of sardines. My mother in law is disabled and there wasnt any disabled access onto the bus, luckly she can still walk so it wasnt too bad for us but having her back broken she struggles to stand on moving objects i.e buses and trains so it was a bad 10 minutes for her.

        When we got to santa Fe hotel my 4 year old son was amazed. There is a giant picture of lightning mcqueen on the outside on the hotel, one of my sons favourite characters. The hotel did seem a little on the dark side because a couple of lights were out at the time but it didnt really matter because it was still lit enough for you to see comfatably. There is a huge car park outside the front of the hotel but there is also a path so you dont have to walk through the car park however if you want to take a picture of the huge lightning mcqeen picture you do have to stand in the middle of the car park but you have to remember that the french drive on the other side of the road to the english, something i forgot and nearly got ran over.

        The interiour of the hotel seemed very native american. sand coloured walls with patterned floors and they had native american outfits on the walls, they look really nice and it does make you fell like you have just walked into mexico or somewhere like that.

        Checking in was very easy, they had different staff that spoke different languages and they had signs to tell you which language they spoke which was really helpful. Havign no lanuage barriers help alot with and requests that you have. We was given all the instructions on where to collect the baggage from and given everything we needed including maps of the parks and times of when things was happening.

        When collecting our baggage they had a seperate room where they was all stored, they was quick and efficiant, our suitcases were just as we had left them and i was worried about some of the breakables that we had in our bags, i.e my spare glasses, but they was still intact.
        Again when we collected our cases they gave us instructions on what to do when it was time to check out and bring the luggage back so we can make the most of our last day in the parks and it was very easy to understand what they was saying to us.

        The rooms were a little dissapointing, i thought they would reflect a little more disney with pictures on the walls but the only thing that was disney in there was soaps and shampoo bottles and the duvet covers where lightning mcqueen, which again my son loved. We had 2 double beds in the room which was fine because my children were 4 and 2 at the time so they could share a bed however if you are taking children that are older i suggest you get a connecting room so they can have their own beds. There is a television in the room too (around 32inch) however the only programmes you can watch in english is disney and a couple of others like the news. Playhouse Disney and the other disney channels were only available in french.
        We had a connecting room for my mother in law and brother in law and which we was able to lock on both sides which was great for when we was getting dressed and not wanting an unexpected visit.
        We had an ensuite too although we had to tell the hotel that the shower was broken but everything else worked perfectly and was clean and smelt very fresh, there were toilet roll refills and a huge mirror. lighting was a little poor in the bathroom but nothing to really moan about unless your shaving.
        The beds were very comfortable and after a long day of walking around the parks you just have to lie down and your asleep. The furniture was big and chunky mahogany, and there is also a safe which you can programme your own number.

        Inside the hotel there is an arcade although it is a small arcade and when we went in there were quite a few of the machines and games were out of order but if you want to just have a quick play its ok.
        There is also a shop that sells pretty much everything that the shops in the parks sell. It also sells things like playing cards and colouring stuff for the kids because the hotel room can be a little on the boring side of things if your children are at a young age and dont watch the disney channel. Its very expensive though so be prepared to spend a small fortune.
        the restaurant wasnt what i expected, it would be a wise idea to book before you want to go because it does get very busy and you dont want to be stood in a queue with hungry children.
        The food however is beautiful, we went for breakfast most days, apart from the morning we went to cofe mickey and we ate there 2 nights too. There was a buffet both in the morning and in the evening. It can be a little difficult if you have small children because you have to sit down and have one adult go to get the food for the children and then you have to go and get your own. The food is layed out in different sections but its also repeated so they never run out.
        The morning selection you have cereals, pastries, fruits and smoked meats. You can toast your own bread to how you like it and there is a selection of jams and other spreads too. There is tea and coffee machines and juices too which is great but the lines for the drinks can get very hetic so be prepared for a wait. The food at night is gorgeous, it ranges from jacket potatoes, fresh salad, rices and pasta, pastries, different meats and they even have deserts. Im not sure on the price of things because we used our meal tickets for that night and we ordered them with the holiday.
        they also have a bar, it is a very small bar but it sells drinks and thats all you need really.

        At breakfast, in the reception area of the hotel they have a couple of disney characters come out and meet the kids. They are out for about an hour or 2 and each character is out for about half an hour. you gt to have your picture taken with them by someone who works at the hotel and you can buy them but they also let you take your own photos too so you dont have to spend money where its not needed.

        All in all i would recommend this hotel, we really enjoyed out stay here, we stayed for 3 nights and 4 days in total and it was a holiday to remember.
        the only thing i would say to people would be to not take the bus to and from the park, you can walk along the canel that runs along the side of the hotel. it takes 10 minutes to walk and its got lovely scenery. We also managed to have a look around 2 other hotels on the way up to the parks so when we return we might pick another hotel but im sure we will stay at santa fe.


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        03.05.2010 23:06
        Very helpful



        I'd look at other hotels to stay in in future

        I went to Disney land Paris last year with a few friends and two young children, it was my third time staying in the resort and I must say I was very disappointed. We stayed in Hotel Sante Fe and I know I shouldn't moan because we did get a deal on the holiday and the rooms were nice not what I expected at all though. The only Disney item in the room was the soap and little shampoo bottles.

        When we arrived we were all tired from traveling and were getting increasingly worried as we were in the queue for check in and people were leaving the queue as they were being told there was no record of them on the booking system???

        We decided that night to eat in the hotel as the children were tired, there was a limited menu, two of the options were fish and chips OR chicken and boiled potatoes. One of the girls in the group asked if she could have chicken but with the chips, I didn't think this would have been a problem as it was a canteen style meal were you go up and get a tray. However when we reached the till they charged her for the two. Due to the language barrier we could not communicate with the staff and my friend ended up paying for both meals. I wouldn't even say the food was that good, even after we spent time looking for some were to sit. The whole holiday was very expensive as it was but we decided not to eat in the hotel again except for the breakfast that was in the deal. Disney land is a lovely place and a wonderful treat for people of all ages but I think next time I will be staying in a different hotel.


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        14.11.2009 10:48
        Very helpful



        go to america!

        For years I have looked forward to going to Disneyland Paris as it is easier to get to than America but since I went I feel slightly disappointed.

        Here's my experience..

        I have a son who has severe delayed development and needs a wheelchair to get around, my son loves mickey mouse clubhouse so I decided that I should contact Dreams come true charity to see if they could make his Dream come true. It was hard to decide what my son actually likes but every time he sees mickey mouse he smiles so Disneyland seemed like a great idea.

        Dreams come true charity made it possible for us to have a great family holiday and we got the chance to stay in a campsite for a week and then visit Disneyland for the day and stay at sante fe for a night.

        We set off early in the morning from our campsite to Disney as it took us an hour to get there and then we went to the hotel to get our park tickets.When we arrived we saw minnie mouse dancing in the reception area which made us feel all excited to what the day ahead was going to hold,the staff were all friendly.

        We walked outside and then jumped on a yellow bus which took us to the park which i thought was great.
        we spent all day at the park and then went back to the hotel.
        We got our keys and made our way to our room, the key card was easy enough to use.

        The room had two double beds, a ceiling fan,phone,tv and furniture for storage.I thought the bed was comfy I certainly did get a good night sleep but I couldn't help but feel disappointed with the decor.
        With the price they charge I thought that at least the decor should be upto scratch and apart from the mickey shape free shampoo bottle there was nothing to show that we were staying in a Disney hotel.

        There were chips out of the door where it looked like it needed repainting and the mirror frame in the bathroom was badly painted a lot of care and attention certainly hasn't gone into maintaining the theme of the room.

        There is a shop on site and 24hour reception I had the worst migrain ever and the reception couldn't provide me with any kind of pain relief.

        There was an all you can eat buffet which was about 21euros for adults and 13euros for kids. There wasn't much to chose from really as pretty much everything was repeated all around.
        I had chicken fajitas and the chicken had to much powder spices in it which I was disappointed about.I started to feel sick after that so I left my partner to feed the kids whilst I went back to the hotel for a much needed nap to shift my headache, my partner brought me a doggy bag
        of some donuts,bread,cheese and pate which i woke up at 2am and ate the donuts were lovely and so was the bread.
        My partner didn't like the food either i remember trying one of my sons nuggets and they were disgusting the chicken wasn't white it was Grey!

        I do believe this hotel is really overpriced and with what you spend all together going to disneyland paris it is probably best to go to disney in the usa, the dollar is much better than euro to the pound too!

        All that was nice about this hotel is the staff!


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          13.10.2009 08:40
          Very helpful



          A very good Value hotel that ticks all the boxes

          The Hotel Sante-Fe was the first of the Disneyland paris hotels that I stayed in. At the time there was my wife, one daughter (who was 5 at the time) and myself. The hotel has an American South West design to it which works really well with all the neon lights at the entrance to it. There is the distinct impression of new Mexico with the cactus and overall landscape. Overall the feel of the hotel complex is done to a very good level. The hotel is not in the usual style of a hotel building but is a hotel complex which is made up of several smaller buildings each containing in the region of 20 rooms.

          The rooms are decorated with a navajo theme throughout, They are spacious and contain two double beds which is an advantage over the hotel cheyenne as you get the feeling that there is increased floor space and a much airier room. The decor is of high quality and tastefully done and includes a T.V. etc and the usual disney free bathroom accessories such as shampoo, conditioner and soap etc.

          As with all Disneyland Paris hotels breakfast is included and consists of cold meats, cheese selection, rolls, Croissants and spreads. There is also yoghurts and plenty to drink including orange juice and hot chocolate. Breakfast is served in a large canteen styled room and when we went we never had any problems getting a table to eat at as there was always enough room. For any one wanting an evening meal The hotel provides a mexican themed buffet at the 'La Cantina' restaurant . It is reasonably priced and the food is of good quality and suitable for kids, which to be honest is a must at disneyland.

          The hotel complex also contains an outdoor play area for the kids and a games area but to be honest I never saw many people in them as everyone is at the park itself so if you want some quiet time the play area is ideal. The only problem I anticipate for people is that you need to get a bus from this hotel to the park and back again, The buses run very regular and you are never waiting long for one, but they can become a little squashed as so many people try to fit in. You can walk but this will take you about 10-15 minutes.

          My overall opinion of this hotel is that it is the best value for money hotel at disneyland resort paris within the Value range, the rooms are much more spacious than the other value hotel 'cheyenne' and the hotel provides just as much. It was very clean as always and for anyone on a budget it makes perfect sense.


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