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Hotel Sea View (Zakynthos)

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Address: Alykes Zante / T.K. 29090 / Zakynthos / Greece

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    1 Review
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      28.09.2009 18:18
      Very helpful



      Great hotel for familys clean and quiet

      I stayed at the Seaview hotel in Zante or Zakynthos as it is known to the locals, which is an Island in Greece. The Seaview is in the resort of Alykes which is one of the quieter resorts along with its very very close neighbour Alykanas.

      I booked the Seaview hotel with Thomas Cook going on the 30th July and returning on the 13th August for which we paid £1900 just over with £200 off as Thomas Cook had a deal on holidays to Greece. We went from Leeds Bradford and Gatwick was much cheaper at £1500 but had sold out by the time we wanted to book. The Seaview is a Manos exclusive hotel.

      The first thing to say is do not be alarmed when driving up to the hotel it is there especially if you go when its dark as it is a little bit of a walk from where the bus drops off however our rep did go up there with us. However the hotel was the second one to be dropped off which was nice however we were the first to be picked up but that did mean we got to sit where we wanted.

      The hotel consists of 23 rooms, 6 studios and 16 apartments. When looking at the hotel the rooms at the front with a straight on seaview are the studios and the ones on the side are the apartments. There is one 2 bedroom apartment in the hotel as well which is also at the front of the hotel. I stayed with my family in a one bedroom apartment and therefore this is the one I will be reviewing. The one bedroom apartment can accommodate 4 people with 2 people in the bedroom which has 2 twin beds which are pushed together and the living room which has a sofa bed. The room was good for the price and I had very few complaints about it. In the bedroom there was the balcony which looked onto the gardens and you can see the sea. When looking out the balcony you can see the hotel next door but they are not too loud there building work was going on at a nearby hotel however we could never hear anything and only knew they were doing work when out in the sea. The bedrooms have a free TV but you can only get the world new channel and a dresser. In the living room I found the layout to be a little bit weird when you walked through the front door the first thing you saw was the wardrobe which was a little bit out of the way and I would have personally put in the bedroom. The kitchen was very small but adequate for what we cooked in there just soup and sandwiches usually but there was little workspace which I didn't like as the hot plate took up most of the room. When we arrived we only had 3 dishes but they quickly got us a 4th one. The sofa bed was out when we arrived and we actually never put it down as it was stiff and meant we had somewhere to sit. There was also a table in the living room. There was a safe in the wardrobe which was Euro10 per week. In the bedroom there was air-conditioning which seems cheap at Euro5 per night however in the living room you cannot get the air-conditioning unless you leave the door open, we rented a fan from the Sydney House Supermarket up the road which was Euro15 per week to put in the living room. The only other dispute I had with the room was that there was no natural light in the living room when you had all the doors closed and therefore I used to bump into things on the night on my way to the bathroom. The bathroom was clean and fine for what it was, there was no bath just a shower but one plus was the shower curtain as they are rare in Greece. Of course as most people know there is also a bin to put your toilet paper down as it doesn't go down the toilet so the bathroom sometimes smelt. By the end of our holiday though we were left with so many towels because of how many times they were changed but we used to put ours outside so she never used to take them away. I never saw the staff very often but I did hear them as they were a big family and all used to eat together down stairs outside the balconies. The balcony was nice to sit out and read on and play games and have breakfast however there were only 2 chairs on the balcony so we had to take the dining rooms chair out there which we did not like as they were annoying to move and I expected a room for 4 would have 4 chairs.

      The rooms were exceptionally clean and tidy with the cleaner coming in everyday however she spoke very little English and then there was one big clean twice a week. Overall the cleaner did an excellent job and was the extra on the holiday which made it great.

      The hotel does not have its own pool however you can use the pool next door at the Paradise. The paradise pool was nice and you could go down at any time of the day and get a bed and it was quiet in the first week anyway. In the second week some people came who were very loud and so that was not nice and they would splash about and people besides the pool on beds would get wet because they were messing about which was not possible in such a small space. We only ever went to the pool during the first few days and then our last day (read later in the review about why) and most of the time would go in the sea which was so much fun and roomy and was shallow to so you could go quiet far out and not drown. The sea was right on the doorstop to so you could easily take your blow up stuff and balls with you.

      Now back to the reason we were buy the pool on the last day is that we had know where to go as you had to be out of the room by 12 which meant there was nothing to do and we were not been picked up till 5pm. Make sure you get a good flight if you go to this hotel.

      This hotel is very much for families and not for people looking to party as there are virtually no bars and even those they have are quiet and it is generally restaurants. The Seaview hotel is a little bit away from the resort but still in walking distance which was nice as then you did not get the noise of people going home after a night out. Be warned though that is virtually impossible to get breakfast out before 9.30 at the earliest as nothing opens they do not have siestas though but Zante Town does (don't go its boring no shops at all). Anybody looking for loud bars should go to Laganas.

      There is a reception area however we only went in there to check in and out as you can just go straight upstairs to your room without entering the reception. The couches in the reception are old but ok for their purpose. The hotel does not have lifts however there are only 3 floors but for anybody with difficulty with stairs I would not recommend this hotel.

      The hotel did not have its own restaurant but the Paradise did where the pool was but it was only adequate nothing special. We ate one night at the Paradise restaurant which has nothing to do with the Paradise hotel which is just as you enter the main part of the hotel. The owner gave us free drinks when we told him we were staying at the Seaview as his good friends run it which was great so I recommend going there if you want a free drink.

      I would recommend this hotel but only with a good flight as some people were not flying till 3.00am but had to be out of there room at 12pm the day before and that was a waiting time of 15 hours. There is know where to put suitcases either and can be left in reception but of course anybody can come and get them as they are not supervised. For anybody with a family this hotel and resort are great as it is quiet and very suitable for families with young children just be careful with them near the sea as the beach is pebbly and it hurts feet. This hotel was amazing and would go back again just not to soon as I do not like repeating countires.


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