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Kathy's Prague Centre Apartment (Prague)

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Comfortable flats in the heart of Prague, Czech Republic.

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    1 Review
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      05.12.2008 16:27
      Very helpful



      If all you need is a cheap cenral place to crash then go for this one but if not stay somewhere else

      Before reading this please note that the picture on this review is not the one that I stayed in. Kathy has two different apartments and I stayed in the other one.
      This is the apartment that I stayed in: http://www.kathy-rentals.com/smecka.php

      -The Location and Getting There-

      The best thing about this apartment is its location. It's located just off of Wenceslas Square which is right in the centre of Prague. Within walking distance is the old town and Charles Bridge. So when it says that it's a centre apartment it really is right in the centre.
      Getting there is really easy regardless of where you're coming from in Prague because there is a metro five minutes away. The nearest metro station is Mustek but do be aware that there are at least six exits for mustek. We ended up taking over an hour to walk to our apartment because we didn't realise that there was more than one exit on the first day that we arrived.
      This really is an excellent location, I don't think that you could get much better!

      -The Apartment-
      The apartment is basically two rooms. The first room is a combined kitchen and living room with a little balcony that had a double bed. The second room was a bathroom with a spa bath.
      The apartment was exactly as it was pictured on the website so there weren't any surprises there, which was obviously a good thing.

      My first impressions when I entered was that it was incredibly cozy, a perfect size for the three of us that were staying there and I loved it. It wasn't the most well decorated or tastefully furnished apartment but that wasn't what we were looking for. We just wanted somewhere reasonably priced in the centre of Prague and that's exactly what this was.

      The apartment was clean and tidy. However, when we arrived there was an awful smell of cigerette smoke, particularly in the bathroom and the smell in the bathroom remained throughout our stay. I think it's possible the smell was coming in through the vents somehow because sometimes the smell was a lot stronger than at other times and we didn't smoke at all in the apartment (as we're not smokers). Smoking is allowed in the apartment and ashtrays are provided.


      This apartment was not comfortable. The beds were very uncomfortable. I slept in both the bed and the sofa bed and neither were very comfortable but the sofa bed was particularly uncomfortable. I slept on both sides of it, one slopes so that you end up in the middle of both parts and the other is a lot smaller so it's like you're sleeping in a child size bed. The way that the sofa bed is you can't sleep in the middle because that is even more uncomfortable. It definitely is not suitable for two people to sleep on, which wasn't a problem for us because there were only three of us but the apartment is supposed to accomodate up to four people.

      The apartment was very warm which was excellent considering how cold Prague is in the winter. I thought it was lovely coming back after a cold day to such a warm apartment.

      The spa bath was lovely (and necessary after sleeping in such uncomfortable beds) but unfortunately there wasn't enough hot water for one bath, two showers and washing up. The hot water ran out one night when I had a bath and did a small amount of washing up which meant that no one else could have a hot shower that night. The apartment was supposed to cater for four people and I thought that this was unacceptable.

      This is not an apartment for tall people. Under the balcony sleeping area is the kitchen so the ceiling for the kitchen is quite low. This wasn't a problem at all for me or my friends because we're not particularly tall but I think it's worth mentioning for those who are taller.

      I think that having three people in this apartment was fine. As I said it was cosy and perfect for our purposes but any more than three people would have been overcrowded in my opinion.


      There was a small kitchenette which was perfect for our use. There was a two ring cooker, a kettle and a microwave. I was surprised that there was no toaster but I don't think there would have been room for one so I'm not holding that against the apartment. Everything in the kitchen was in good working order.
      Cooking utensils were provided but there wasn't a tin opener which I thought was a bit strange and a little annoying as we didn't realise before we bought tinned food (that was our fault of course for just assuming that there would be one).

      The living area had a television with satelite t.v which had some English channels and music channels and internet was provided. This made a big difference to our stay because it meant that we could look things up online rather than trecking to tourist information everytime we needed information.
      I wasn't very impressed by the fact that some of the lightbulbs weren't working but that's probably quite a minor thing (and I wouldn't have picked up on it if I hadn't worked in a hotel).

      Towels were provided for us but I didn't think that one bath and one hand towel were adequate for a week and if I had known that we wouldn't be provided with more than one bath towel for the entire week I would have brought my own with me.

      -Customer Service-
      The woman who rented the apartment to us was very friendly and very helpful. She provided us with a lot of information in the form of booklets.
      However, she told us that we could stay in the apartment until four on our day of departure, which was very generous of her and we were very grateful for that. So, we left all of our bags in the apartment and went out to enjoy our last day in Prague. Then at around three she text us to say that she was at the apartment and needed us out of there immediately.
      Needless to say this caused us a lot of stress because we had to rush away from the restaurant where we were eating, without eating the food and with one of us waiting there, go back to the apartment and pick up all of our bags and then take them with us to the restaurant.
      I thougth that this was very unprofessional of her and it really ruined our last day because it meant that we didn't actually get to eat (and I'm awful when I don't eat).

      It cost us £195 for six nights. I thought this was very reasonable considering the excellent location.

      -Would I recommend it?-
      No. In short I wouldn't recommend this apartment but it is possible that I would stay there again. For me the most important factor in choosing an apartment is the cost and locaton. I would much rather stay somewhere that's cheap and be able to go out more in the city than stay in a great five star hotel and not be able to afford to do anything (I'm still waiting for the day when I can afford to do both).
      But there is no way that I would recommend that someone else stay there because apart from it being cheap and in the centre of Prague this apartment has nothing really going for it.

      So, it's one star for a great price and one for a great location.


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