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Majesty Club Tuana Park (Turkey)

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Address: Yaniklar Koyu, 48300 Fethiye, Turkey

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    1 Review
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      24.06.2013 14:27
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      One of the best holidays we have been on

      Majesty club Tuana park is very much a family resort mainly catering for families with (or without) children. The reason I state this is that it's a place you would definitely not come across the odd loud or rowdy group or hen or stag doo which is one of the most important things for me when considering where to spend my family vacation. It is an all-inclusive resort so there are no half board/self-catering or bed and breakfast options. The upside to this is that you don't have to wear ridiculous wrist bands which I have so frequently come across at other all-inclusive resorts.

      Club Tuana is situated just outside of Fethiye in Turkey. It's a large family resort, similar to that of a holiday village. Its location is somewhat questionable however as it really is in the middle of nowhere. It's the perfect place to kick back and relax, not so great however if you are looking for a base to go and explore. There are ways to access the local area but the journey is long and it isn't something you would want to do every day.

      There are several busses that come by that can take you into Fethiye and there is also a boat that can take you there plus to other locations such as a boat trip over to Rhodes in Greece but like I said the immediate area surrounding the hotel is pretty much deserted.

      Having booked through Thomas cook we had a transfer ready from the airport to take us to the hotel. We were the only people from our flight that were going in that direction apparently as we had a coach to ourselves (party of 10) and therefore didn't have to make any stops along the way. It took approximately 45 minutes to get to the hotel. After the 4 ½ hour flight however this particular journey seemed much shorter. We arrived at the hotel around midday and was greeted by reception staff who's English was questionable, despite communication difficulties however check in was quick and easy and we were then greeted by some very smart and professional bell boys who loaded our suitcases onto golf buggy's and took us to our rooms, all in all this was an impressive start to our holiday.

      Hotel rooms
      The hotel is rated as 5* and has a quite impressive reputation on trip advisor. It's a large complex with 3 different areas, Park 1, park 2 and the main club area. If you are after a quieter holiday you would be best staying in one of the two park areas, both of which have their own pool and bar. The main club area is situated in the thick of the action right next to the main pool, restaurant, entertainment and a verity of different bars. We stayed in park 1 and spent several days in that area, on the other days we travelled over to the club area which has (in my opinion) a much better atmosphere.

      The hotel is made up of a collection of different complexes, in that it's not one large hotel block. These little - almost houses - are very lovely and make the place look a lot nicer than if there was just one block. Each block has approximately 6 different apartments in them rising only two storeys high. We were situated on the ground floor and this suited us perfectly with a 5 year old.

      The rooms themselves are ok, we have stayed in better but they were adequate enough and ours had a brand new bathroom which was lovely. In terms of floor space, there isn't much - we had 3 beds all in a row next to each other and a dressing table and wardrobe. The storage was plentiful for the three of us however and the beds were adequately comfortable. The room also has a hairdryer, TV, a variety of mini compliments for the bathroom including slippers and boot polish, a safe and also a mini bar which was welcome. The air conditioner was good, usually I find them not powerful enough but this one was more than fine and the temperature was adjustable. Rooms are cleaned daily and towels replaced. The maids are lovely and very friendly, despite my daughter being violently sick in bed on her first night and had a little accident on the second night she still always had a nice smile for us every time she came. She even made pretty designs with the bedding on my daughters bed which she loved. It's safe to say we left her a generous tip when we left for all of her hard work. She even cleaned my daughter sicky and dirty pyjamas which is definitely beyond her job description. We travelled with family and they stayed in a club room because there was 4 of them and despite them paying extra for this room it wasn't much different, just another bed crammed into the corner and there bathroom was rather dated, although there balcony was larger than ours, ours was, although small big enough for two chairs and a small table so just what we needed really.

      Grounds & pools
      For me, the grounds at this hotel are what give it the wow factor. Everywhere was miraculously clean. The gardeners work extremely hard and their efforts really show, with it being such a large complex there is a lot to maintain but that doesn't affect the overall quality of the grounds. The grounds are full of pretty flowers and palm trees, there is also a lovely pond in the middle of the complex with some ducks and frogs. At night time the pool bar lights up and it looks spectacular. As I said previously the grounds are extensive so you are looking at a 10 minute walk into the main area if you are staying in one of the park rooms, it is a lovely walk though so it's not too much of a pain.

      There are 3 pools at this hotel as well as a slides pool. The main pool is the largest and it has a separate children's pool which has a mushroom and a small slide. Both park areas have pools with separate children's pools however these are not as large as the main pool area. Admittedly the water is very cold but as the weather can become very hot in Turkey it does make for a very welcome cool down. Park 1 also has a climbing wall in the pool which was a big hit with the children and it was really safe too. The slides pool was the biggest hit with both adults and children and has 3 large water slides, all of which offer a different experience. Sun beds around the pool were plentiful however beds around the main pool can fill up rather quickly, especially if - like us - you need 8 beds next to each other. The sunbeds were extremely comfortable and if you are lucky to find one there are a couple of extremely large cushions for extra added comfort. Beach towels can be picked up from a stand at the beginning of each day meaning you don't have to lug your own around.

      Food & drink
      This all-inclusive is one of the best buffet style all inclusive that I have been to. The main restaurant is open for breakfast dinner and lunch and there are various snack bars located in the main area and in both park areas which offer a range of different foods. The breakfast for me was the best meal of the day, because I am a fussy eater I often find all inclusive rather challenging so the chocolate covered pancakes that I so feverously demolished every morning was my largest meal of the day. The rest of my party who are not as fussy as I found the rest of the food choices quite extensive and of a good quality. Breakfast choices offer everything you could think of wanting for a full breakfast, the only negative was the absence of bacon and the poor quality of the sausages. There is also the option of every type of fresh fruit, toast - with a variety of condiments, a wide selection of cereals and a wide selection of pastries and cakes.

      There was also a great selection for lunch, you could chose to eat either in the main restaurant area where they serve food similar to dinner or you could eat in one of the three snack bars where they serve full sized pizzas which were delicious. Snack bars also serve burgers and chips as well as cakes and donughts although the opening times for serving differ for each item. Ice cream is also available at the snack bars and come in a wide range of flavours. Personally I didn't like the ice cream, the texture was rather chewy, but they went down a treat with the children.

      At dinner there is a great selection of food to choose from, there are pre-prepared dishes and they also have different food stations where they cook the food fresh in front of you such as kebab's, fish, pizza and a range of different meats such as chicken and pork. Side dishes were plentiful including a very lovely salad bar, chips, rice among many others. The bread and butter selection for me was the best, having an extensive selection of baguettes to choose from you can cut your own slices or even take a full baguette.

      The dining areas were superb, there was plenty of space for us to get a table to fit 10 and you can choose to sit inside or out, tables are kept lovely and clean and the staff in the restaurant are very attentive. There are also three restaurants on site, a Turkish, fish and Italian. These have to be booked in advance but are still part of the all-inclusive. The food was lovely at the restaurants however it's a set meal so you pretty much get what you are given which can be difficult if like me you are a fussy eater.

      So on to the more important stuff - the alcohol! The main reason we chose this hotel was the excellent reviews on the all-inclusive drinks. Most all inclusive's we have been to haven't offered a great selection of alcohol - or normal drinks for that matter. This hotel however didn't let us down, the quality of the drinks were excellent and not like your usual all inclusive's. There are 7 bars in total at this hotel, most of them offer the same drinks however the main pool area ones differ slightly. Each bar has fridges full of bottled water which is on a help yourself basis as well as bottles of wine. There are also a couple of help yourself beer pumps which are mainly Carlsberg, if you want any other drinks you have to ask at the bar. The majority of drinks are branded such as Effes beer which you can get in draft or cans and also the mixers are branded such as coke a cola and tango and Schweppes. The spirits are not branded but it's not the cheap stuff either, all was rather nice and didn't feel as though it was stripping a layer of skin from your mouth! There is one cocktail bar which is located on the beach, this was quite popular in the evenings as it's nice to sit back and watch the sun set. Children's drinks were plentiful, having fruit juices, slushies, milkshakes and children's soft, non-alcoholic cocktails.

      The hotel, being in the middle of nowhere an all, has its own private beach, this however was really the only thing that lets this wonderful hotel down. Being a manmade beach its more rock than it is sand. It's a decent size for the hotel guests to use and there are no shortage of sunbeds but its defiantly not your average golden sands beach, I think Blackpool beach could even top this one! Its saviour however is the lovely jetty which leads from it. From the jetty there are plenty of options to go swimming in the sea with stairs leading down into the deeper water for those that don't want to jump, there is even a diving board right at the end. It's a lovely place to go at the end of the night and watch the sun set over the mountains; it truly is a beautiful setting. It's not safe for children however as there are no railing etc so beware with that, I didn't like taking my daughter on it, even when holding her hand I was on edge all of the time.

      The entertainment, where to start; this hotel must have the most energetic and fun animation team ever. They work such long hours and are always upbeat and cheery. I have never met entertainers like these before and they truly made our holiday wonderful. We were greeted on our first day and they all seem to have an uncanny ability to remember names and faces. They would come and see us every day and have a quick chat.

      During the day there are many activity's going on from 9am around the main pool such as water polo, darts, aqua zumba among many others. The animation team do a club dance everyday round the pool and people are encouraged to join in however they are not pushy about it. This hotel, I noticed is great for teenagers as the teenage club rep Neyo was amazing with them, he would entertain them all day, eat lunch with them and take them on boat trips etc and he wasn't too bad on the eye for us mums to sit and watch him all day either!

      Evening entertainment is varied, some were good, some not so. There is a large amphitheatre where the evening entertainment takes place. It starts with the kids club which all of the children love, and I'm still singing German songs as I'm doing the dishes! As the hotel caters for different nationalities (lots of Russians) the evening shows are expressed mostly through physical performance rather than spoken. Some of the shows included Shrek, grease and there were the usual holiday participation shows such as battle of the sexes.

      There is an evening beach disco which is on from 11pm-2am every night, this was mostly for the young'uns however we decided to venture over that way on our last night and there were some questionable old men 'watching'! The disco was ok, the animation team go every night making me question just how much sleep they actually get with them having to be up and round the pool at 9! The music is ok, and the atmosphere is good, but really it's a place for the teens.

      There are loads of activities on site such as a mini zoo - although this wasn't too good! A tennis and basketball court and beach ball court. There is also a water sports centre although this isn't included in the all-inclusive. It runs activities such as diving trips, fishing trips, island tours, parasailing, speed boats and jet skis. Prices were reasonable and we went on a 7 island tour which was amazing and highly recommended. At around £14 per person we got a 2 hour trip which included drinks, and snorkelling gear. What is included in the all-inclusive are the canoes and pedalo's, which was lovely to take a nice bottle of wine onto a pedalo out into the sea and to relax.

      Busses run regularly into Fethiye and are reasonably cheap. We went on market day (Tuesday) and had a really nice time, the market is one of the best in the area apparently and we were able to pick up some decent things. The only thing to be wary of is the men, one was insistent on marrying my 5 year old daughter! At first it was laughable but when he started kissing her hands I was ready to test out my kung-Fu skills!

      The complex has a small shopping mall offering mainly souvenir type items however there is also a hairdressers, what looked like an estate agents?, a spa and newsagent. They are mainly overpriced but you don't really need to buy much from them anyway. The spa was rather rated by other holiday makers however we didn't use it so can't really comment on that. There are also professional photographers who go around taking your pictures during the holiday and there is a photo shop to purchase them from if you so wish to.

      Overall we had a fantastic holiday and I would definitely recommend it if you are after some relaxation, again I wouldn't recommend it if you are after some Turkish culture as they don't even want paying in Turkish lira here, or at the market for a matter of fact, they much prefer English money. Being out of the way of the touristy things I would recommend a hotel much closer if that's what you're after.


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