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Playamar Hotel and Apartments (S'illot, Majorca)

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Address: Rosa De Los Vientos 7 / S'Iliot, 07687 S'illot / Majorca / Spain

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    1 Review
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      19.12.2011 13:48
      Very helpful



      Don't go there!

      During the summer, me and my boyfriend decided that we were going to book a last minute on the cheap holiday. I am a university student and live off the earnings from a part time job, therefore we did not have a great deal of choice when it came to hotels to suit our budget. We knew it was not going to be complete luxury, however we thought it would be worth it to catch some much needed sun. We ended up going for the Playamar which is situated in S'illot in Majorca.

      You can stay at the Playamar for an extremely reasonable price, and we ended up paying around £330 each for a last minute all inclusive package. You can find better deals from certain travel providers, but we found that the best was Travel Republic. You can not go wrong for £330 as this is an extremely reasonable price for accommodation and flights for a week long stay so I was impressed with this.

      My favourite thing about the Playamar is its beautiful location. It is situated in the little town of S'illot which is just off Sa Coma. It is quite a small town with a decent spread of restaurants and bars as well as a couple of nightclubs, but nothing too special in the way of nightclubs. If you want to experience decent nightclubs, I would recommend getting a taxi for around 3 euros up to Sa Coma, or you can even walk it as it is only a ten minute walk. My favourite thing about the location however had to be the closeness to the beach. S'illot beach is wonderful, the sand is soft and it is a really child friendly beach. If you walk five or ten minutes up the road, you are also right next to Sa Coma beach which has a little more going on such as watersports if you are interested in this kind of thing. S'illot is a lovely town with friendly people and a good spread of a restaurants and is perfect for those looking for a quieter getaway and an area which I would really have to recommend!

      We had booked a transfer to the hotel with a coach company and I was a little apprehensive about how it was going to turn out. We did not arrive until around 2am so you could barely see much when we turned up to the hotel. We got to the reception to receive our keys and our all inclusive wristband. Staff seemed okay, yet not particularly bothered about your requests, however one older man did offer to show us to our room. This is where things started to go downhill...

      The reason we got our room so cheap was because we booked very last minute and ended up with an 'annex' room. There are apartments available (which are the most sought) or you can stay in the hotel. I assumed the annex would just be a little building attached on to the Playamar but oh was I wrong. The man led us two streets away from the hotel to a dingy buildings. The lights did not come on for about five seconds as we walked down the corridor. It really looked like something out of a horror movie! Our room happened to be on the top floor at the very end of the corridor, and please note that there are no lifts in this building! As he handed over our key I was mortified at what we were given. The room was roasting hot, yet so unbearable that I had to instantly go out into the balcony. After cooling down, I had a proper look around.
      The beds were okay, comfy enough to sleep on for a 2 star hotel so nothing to complain about there. However, the room itself was extremely outdated, the wardrobe was falling apart, there were stains and marks everywhere. The bathroom shower did not work properly and you had to hold it as you used it. You did not receive any complementaries, but this is probably expected for a 2 star hotel, but a fan might have been nice considering the heat of the room. You do get the tiniest, pokiest balcony as well which is nice to cool off on, however it overlooks a little club and it is constantly noisy outside, and don't even think for a minute you get a table with your balcony, just the chairs which is absolutely no use.
      After a good fifteen minutes of weighing up whether it was worth staying, we decided to go to reception and see if we could get a fan. They were of no use, but a lovely bar man that worked down the road at 'Bar Lago' lent us a fan for the week, I would really recommend visiting there as Miguel is lovely. After the fan had been put in place, the room became at least bearable, so I thought I would see how the day goes and I slept on it.
      You should also note that of the people we spoke to whilst on holiday, those staying in the apartments really enjoyed it and said that it was great for families, whereas those who stayed in the hotel despised it, and you should have seen the number of mosquito bites all over people!

      We did choose to pay for all inclusive, and as we are young and on a budget we are not all that fussy about food. We knew going for this option meant that we would probably be getting much of the same thing. I woke up for breakfast on the first morning quite hungry, so it was good to see what there was on offer. I was happy to see bacon and beans, therefore I thought I can get some good English grub to perk up my mood. The bacon was disgusting and the beans were ice cold. Every day of the stay. So in the end I opted for bread rolls and butter and some cereal just because I knew what to expect with these. If you are all inclusive, you are pushed to one end of the dining room, which is stupid as the majority of people there go all inclusive so expect to be crammed in!
      Lunch was a slight improvement, but sometimes happened to be leftovers of the previous nights dinner. You often get some kind of meat dish, fish dish and pasta dish, as well as a small selection of ice creams and puddings. The food is not particularly tasty, but kept us full for the day.
      The most important meal for me is dinner, and this is because you want to sit down and enjoy it so it sets you up for the evening. There was not a huge variety in the dinner options, however there was always enough to cater for everyone's needs, including children, vegetarians and picky eaters. Similar sorts of foods to lunch including pasta, meat and fish. It was okay, but we did end up eating out three of our seven nights there.
      Although the food was edible, the one thing which really got to me was that you had to clear away your own food in slop bins. It made me feel sick with the amount of staff walking around that you were expected to empty your plates and put them into one of these bins. It was extremely unhygienic and I was not happy with this at all.
      There are some lovely local restaurants around serving all kinds of foods to cater for everyone's needs. We ate out at a place called Bi Ba Bo which was lovely, and there's a strip on the beach front consisting of a range of reasonably priced restaurants which are much better than the Playamar's offering.

      As we went all inclusive, we got our drinks free during the hours of 10am - 10pm. This was excellent for in the day as you could stock up on cups of water or soft drinks for by the pool and keep hydrated. You do get served quite quickly, but they can be quite strict on their rules. For one, sometimes they do only allow you to get one drink at a time, meaning on some occasions I had to go up and get my own when it was fairly obvious I was with my boyfriend. The second is that you can only drink their local spirits, which is not too bad as they taste fairly good. Do note that they put in quite extreme measures of spirits in the drinks, a benefit in some ways I suppose! Finally, their third rule is that they do close dead on the dot of 10pm. Just before 10pm we started getting loads of drinks and stocking up the table as there is always a queue at this time. You do only get the drinks in tiny plastic cups meaning they are gone within seconds, but they are free so you can not complain that much!

      ***POOL AREA***
      My favourite part of the hotel had to be its pool area. As you can see on the image, that is classed as the kiddies pool. It is a decent size and you are allowed inflatables in there. There is a smaller pool attached to it for the even younger swimmers, and kids seemed to really enjoy their time there. Just above some steps from this pool area was another pool which was just your standard rectangular pool and tended to be more quiet. This is perfect for adults who want a leisurely swim. Both of the pools were extremely clean, and I did see them being cleaned within the mornings. The area is safe and there are a decent amount of sunbeds.
      One thing I was not happy with was that although it was easy to grab a sunbed, half of them were completely broken down the middle and they were also extremely uncomfortable! Another negative of the pool area was that although there is a lifeguard, he also doubles up as a barman so how can you be sure he is keeping his eye on the pool at all times?

      As far as shows of the night go, they are poor. Incredibly poor. We saw a flamenco dancer and a karaoke night and they were awful. Some people got into the spirit of it but we just couldn't. So we ended up going to Britannia, which is a bar not too far from the hotel which consists of tribute acts which are enjoyable to watch.
      As far as entertainment in the day goes, there is nothing such as aqua aerobics or anything. There is pool and air hockey and that is about it. A computer with internet is available in reception for 1 euro for about ten minutes if you want to get in contact with home which did prove useful.

      For a budget holiday it is okay. This is only because we got a fairly good deal, and the only thing which really made the holiday worthwhile was its location to lovely beaches and the fact that the pool area was lovely. It is great for those looking for a budget, relaxation holiday however there is not much to do other than soak up the sun at the Playamar. However, I could not give the hotel itself more than two stars as it was very poor, the staff were rude, the rooms were disgusting, the food tasted like dog food and it was just not a nice experience at all.
      I may be being over critical of my stay here, but I have really never experienced anything like this before, and the fact you have to clear out your own food is just awful! I would completely recommend S'illot of an area in Majorca which you should visit, however please just do not stay at the Playamar! Thank you for reading and I hope this helps.


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