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Puku Vai Hotel (Easter Island)

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Address: Av. Hotu Matua s/n / Easter Island / Chile

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    1 Review
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      05.06.2013 22:33
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      A typical Easter island hotel it seems

      Puku Vai Hotel - Easter Island

      We spent three nights in this hotel while we were On Easter island. We booked this as part of a tour through Llama travel and so it was not a hotel we specifically chose but when we looked oit up on the internet it seemed to have quite good reviews so we were happy to go along with the choice.

      When we arrived at the airport we were met and our luggage stowed away. We were given a lae and told to get into the van. Once a few more people had joined us we were taken to the hotel which was about 200 yards away from the airport building!!

      We wheeled our bags in to the Reception area where the owner was waiting. She offered us a welcome fruit juice while we competed the forms for checking in. After the lady told us all about when and where breakfast was, that we could book tours, that they would lend us towels for the beach and so much more she gave us our key and pointed us in the direction of our room.

      The Reception area was the first part of the huge main building that was also the dining room and th bar as well as having a number of nice comfortable seats to sit and relax in while you waited for your tour bus to arrive or enjoy a drink from the bar.

      The large building was rather like a wooden barn with tiled floors and a wooden beamed roof. It was cool, light and airy. Te kitchen was off on one side and there were two toilets at the back near the bar which were clean every time I used them.


      The grounds were lovely tropical gardens with pawpaw trees, and flowerig plants. A large number of beautiful hibiscus I particularly noticed. The hotel was really a long low curved building on single story height. It curved around away from the main building with a pool in the inside of the curve.

      The rooms had their main door towards the main building an dthe bathroom window but they really looked out with double glass sliding doors out towards the pool. The wall on the main building side had carved decorations in Easter Island style on the white painted walls.

      OUR ROOM

      Our initial reaction was wow as it seemed very big with a double bed as well as a single one. To one side of the room was a sitting area with a low table, a sofa with soft stuffed cushions and a chair. There was also a fridge which was a mini bar, paintings on the wall and fresh flowers on the table.

      In the bedroom area was a huge wardrobe whose door didn't shut properly but inside was hanging space, shelves and a coded safe. Sadly there was no kettle as it would have been nice to have a cup of tea when we came back from sight seeing and not have to pay silly money at the bar for it.

      The bathroom was tiled with white sanitary ware , a bath with shower over it and a basin with toiletries and once again nice fresh flowers left on the basin edge. It was quite large and all we needed for the stay.

      We opened the sliding door and the sun was shining , the gardens were beautiful and there was a lovely pool complete with Moai heads at one end and a lovely view beyond. It all seemed quite perfect.

      We unpacked and went to find out if there was any bottle water in the fridge, yes indeed there was a at a price so we made up a supply of sterilised water with our little pills for cleaning our teeth and decided to walk into Hanga Roa to buy some water and have a loo around.


      firstly it got quite cool at night and after we had eaten in Hanga Roa we walked back and really fancied a lie in a relaxing bath. Problem no one was that there was no plug. We fashioned one from a suntan lotion lid which worked but was not great. However we manged to have a pleasant lie back in the bath that night.

      Next morning I let the water run for absolutely ages and gave up waiting for it to warm up, ending up with a very luke tepid to cold shower. I was not impressed. We thought it might be solar but whatever the reason the water didn't get hot until 8am every morning which was annoying as breakfast started at 8am and the tours we had booked were for 9am so we really needed to be having a shower before 8am.

      this was basically a small buffet with yoghurt, strangely with the pots served upside down. Cereal in jars, a small plate of cut up fresh fruit which was a bit on the mean side as I would have served that amount for two people and there were four of us there when we sat down. The fruit juice was pureed fresh and never arrived before 8.15 . As we went to sit down the lady owner came over to ask if we would like scrambled eggs or omelette and would we like ham and cheese in it. My husband said yes to scrambled eggs and as I don't eat eggs I said no thanks.

      The rest of the breakfast offered was a plate of some cheese and cold meat, a small dinner plate size, there was a side plate sized dish of a sort of sweet pie and something else that I forget. My husband's egg - ye one scrambled egg arrived minus the ham and cheese. The following mornings I siad yes and ordered the same and he ate mine as well.

      The fruit juice was nice as was the fruit but there should have been more of it and the same pie came out every day so after day one I didn't have it again.

      If you wanted to eat dinner at the hotel you had to book early in the day. Having experienced the breakfast we didn't bother. They also offered a packed lunch if you were out on a tour for £25 per person. We didn't bother with that either.


      It was too cold while we were there for a swim so can't say what that was like but it did look nice and the chairs around looked a great place to lie and relax.

      We were told that they offered a laundry service and once in the room we read that we were asked not to wash any of our clothes in the room. I checked the prices and at $1 a hanky and pair of socks I decided that I would risk the wrath and wash our socks and undies. If they made the laundry prices cheaper then people might use them but to wash my socks would cost more than the price of my Primark socks!! I managed to dry them over night so no one was any wiser.


      I looked on the tariff board at Reception and discovered that the cost of the room per night was a whopping £240 US per night. I was even more shocked to see they offered an airport transfer one way for the bargain price of $10 US - seriously it was across the road and took two minutes to walk there!!


      Hard to say as all the hotels on the island were in this sort of B&B style and quite homely. This di have free wifi in the room and it worked but that is a lot to pay for a basic room with no hot water in the morning, no kettle and a pretty average breakfast. We have had better breakfasts in the US for under $50 for four of us. There was no complementary bottle of water in the room either. I realise this island is in the middle of nowhere but local fruit and eggs should not cost that much. This was a very expensive island and every time you turned around it cost you money so this was probably an average price for a hotel room here.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same usename.



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