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Purple Nest Hostel (Valencia)

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Address: Plaza Tetuan 5 / Valencia / Spain / 46003

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    1 Review
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      05.12.2012 23:13
      Very helpful



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      Purple Nest Hostel, Valencia.

      During our summer holidays in Spain we visited a few different cities, the 2nd of these cities was Valencia where we had a two night stay at the Purple Nest Hostel.

      Why Purple Nest?
      As usual we took to the hostelbookers.com website and after searching for hostels in Valencia Purple Nest hostel came up and looked pretty cool. I am a sucker for anything purple and after looking at the photos and reading reviews from previous guests this hostel looked quite fun, well decorated and clean.

      Purple Nest is located on Plaza Tetuan 5 in Valencia, Spain. The hostel is about a 10 minute walk from the main square in the city centre area and around a 30 - 40 minute walk from the beach, if you don't get lost along the way! We arrived in Valencia at about 10:30pm and we followed the directions from the city's bus station which were given by the hostel on the Hostelbookers website. This involved us taking the number 8 bus for around 20 minutes before getting off at Tetuan bus stop which is conveniently right next to the hostel. We quickly learnt that the buses in Valencia only stop at the stops when you press the button to notify the driver that you want to get off so it is a good idea to keep watch out of the window for the stop names and watch the TV screen on the bus which is supposed to tell you the name of the stop.

      Making the Booking.
      As usual, we used the hostelbookers.com website to make our booking with Purple Nest hostel. Making the booking was really easy, we simply selected the date we wanted to stay and which room we wanted to be in. We chose the 8 bed female only dorm with shared bathroom at a cost of £12.13 per person per night this price also included a buffet breakfast. I then entered my card details on a secure page to pay a 10% deposit. There was no booking charge for using my card and hostelbookers.com didn't charge any fees for making the booking on my behalf. The remaining amount payable needs to be paid upon arrival in the local currency, which in Spain is Euros.

      Car Parking.
      Purple Nest doesn't have a car park so if you arrive by car you will need to be prepared to park on the streets. There did seem to be quite a lot of space near by, but as we didn't arrive by car I am unsure of whether it is pay and display parking or any other special terms.

      Check In
      We arrived at Purple Nest just after 11pm. The entrance to the hostel was quite easy to find as I had spotted it before we got off the bus on the right hand side of the street. Upon entering the hostel we were greeted by a friendly girl who spoke good English. She took our name and asked for our passports, after entering our details onto the computer we were given two card with our names and room number on and a key card for the room which we had to pay a 1 Euro deposit for. We then paid the balance for our booking and were given directions for where everything was in the hostel. We were also told to keep our name cards with us at all times as we would be required to show it every time we entered the hostel to prove that we were guests.

      The reception area was quite small and quite noisy, the noise was actually coming from the communal area down the hall which worried us a bit with regards to how much sleep we would actually get here!

      The whole process of checking in took no longer than 10 minutes and then we headed towards the lift to go and find room number 21 on the 2nd floor. The floors can be accessed by both stairs and the lift.

      Room Number 21
      For our 2 nights at Purple Nest we stayed in room 21 located on the second floor at the front of the hostel. The room is accessed by holding the key card against the handle of the door to unlock it. The room itself was of a medium size containing 4 sets of black metal bunk beds with a set of two lockers between each bunk bed. The room was decorated nicely in mainly purple and pink shades and kept nice and clean, the tiled floor was a bit chilly underfoot but it looked rather nice with a black and white mosaic effect. There was also a large window which offered a nice view of the street below and surrounding buildings.

      The room was air conditioned which was really nice after a day in the heat. All of the beds had bed linen folded up in piles at the end of the bed so you could make your bed up. The bed linen consisted of two sheets and a fuzzy blanket.

      The bunk beds seemed nice and secure compared to the last hostel we had been staying in, although the beds were quite narrow. The lockers next to the beds were large enough to fit a pretty big bag inside so ideal for those travelling with big backpacks. You will need your own padlock to be able to secure the lockers but thankfully we had come prepared for this.

      At the time of our stay there were only two other people in the room and all in all the experience of room 21 was a pretty pleasant one and I managed to get a reasonable nights sleep on the first night, the second night was not so good as the noise from people partying out on the street woke me up a few times in the early hours.

      Showers and Toilets
      The showers and toilets on the 2nd floor were shared between all of the rooms on the floor. The facilities are separated into male and female rooms and from our room they were just along the corridor past the staircase.

      The showers and toilets are in the same room and the room itself is quite large, unfortunately though the cleaning standards of the shower room are rather poor. There are two toilets in the room, one small cubicle and one larger one with a shower inside and support bars for wheelchair users. There are also two smaller shower cubicles in the room along with 3 sinks, a large mirror and a hair dryer unit.

      So, lets start with the toilets. The smaller toilet cubicle was the cleaner of the two however the lock didn't work at all and kept falling open every time I turned it to lock it. The bins were open bucket style bins which clearly hadn't been emptied for a while and as you can imagine, this wasn't a nice sight when certain ladies items had been placed in them!

      The showers were not much better with clumps of hair blocking the drain and the floor feeling rather slippery and slimy underfoot. The cubicle walls were heavily stained with dried water and soap stains both inside and outside the showers. All in all I think I felt cleaner before I had showered!

      The showers themselves were easy to use with a simple hot and cold tap to adjust the temperature.

      The sink area was probably the cleanest area of the room and the sinks actually looked like they were cleaned on a regular basis.

      The Common Area and Kitchen
      The common area at Purple Nest is located at the end of the corridor behind the reception area. In this large area you will find a couple of sofas, 4 or 5 large picnic style tables and benches, a couple of sets of bookshelves containing books and games as well as numerous leaflets promoting things to do in the city and surrounding area. There is also a rather expensive bar area in the common area which serves various alcohols at night and doubles up as the area for breakfast in the mornings. Breakfast is served on the bar every morning until 10am. Next to the bar area is a pool table which at 2 Euros a game I somehow managed to resist playing!

      There is a large kitchen next to the common area where guests are welcome to use the various fridges, cupboards and storage baskets to store their food. As we were only here for two nights we didn't use this facility.

      The common area and kitchen are kept surprisingly clean (after seeing the bathroom) and they seem to prove a popular meeting point and every time we were in there it seemed really busy.

      Breakfast Time!
      Breakfast is included in the price of your stay and is available each morning at the bar. The options for breakfast are a simple choice of bread or toast accompanied by tea or coffee. There is butter, sugar and milk available too.

      The bread offered was the nice thick kind and seemed fresh. On the first morning I toasted my bread as there wasn't many people around, however on the second morning the queue was so long to use the one and only toaster which was capable of toasting 4 pieces of bread at a time that I decided it wasn't worth the wait and had bread and butter for breakfast instead!

      The coffee here was nice, which is a nice change compared to our last hostel. However, it might just be me, but for a hostel which has many posters up encouraging people to be environmentally friendly and think of the environment when they use things or charge phones etc, I think it is quite bad that rather than have proper cups for guests to drink from and then wash up they actually provide polystyrene cups which are then thrown away! Surely this is worse for the environment than people washing normal cups ready to be used again?

      Check Out
      Check out from Purple Nest is by 11am. To check out we simply returned our room key card to reception where we were given our 1 Euro deposit back and that was it, we were on our way to the beach before heading to our next destination.

      My overall opinion of Purple Nest Hostel is more negative than positive mainly due to the shower rooms, I can't help it, I can't stand slimy floors which mean I have to shower in my flip flops! I don't care if it is a hostel and cheap and cheerful, there are at least some standards which should be met!

      The location was really good. It took us around 15 minutes to walk into the city centre, 30 minutes to walk down to the famous Science museum and around 40 minutes to find the beach.

      The staff at Purple Nest were friendly and did try to help when I asked for directions but I think I was misunderstood as we ended up with directions to the wrong place!

      I would recommend staying at Purple Nest Hostel if you can put up with dirty showers and only really for one night unless you are in one of the rooms towards the back of the hostel as it would be away from the noise of the street outside and we heard from other guests that it was much quieter at the back.

      2 out of 5 Stars from me, the lost stars are mainly for the state of the shower room and the polystyrene cups contradicting all of their environment posters!

      Thanks for reading :)


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