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Radisson Suites Hotel Buena Park (USA)

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Address: 7762 Beach Blvd. / Buena Park / California / 90620 / USA

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    1 Review
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      05.12.2008 15:16
      Very helpful



      A fantastic hotel to stay in near two large theme parks including Disney

      Me, my dad and my sister all stayed at the Radisson Suites hotel at Buena Park in Anaheim, California. This was the last of three places we stayed at in USA. Firstly we went to Las Vegas (you can read my review of the hotel Circus Circus we stayed in there), then we stayed in San Francisco, then finally Anaheim.

      Once we got to the airport, we rented a car for the 5 days we were staying there. It was getting late when we arrived so it was going dark. Once we had the car sorted, we had to get to Beach Boulevard which was the road the hotel is on. Of course this is America and this road was miles and miles long with many hotels, shops and restaurants along it, as well as a theme park Knotts Berry Farm. We didn't know the exact location of the hotel so we had to keep looking out either side of the car. It did take us quite a while to find the hotel as it is closer to one end of the road, and we of course came in from the other end.
      We saw the hotel straight away though as there is a large sign out the front which was lit up. The picture you can see above is the actual hotel. It has tall palm trees around it and along the front so it stands out with these alone.

      We parked up in one of the many parking spaces and headed towards the entrance. The entrance is extremely easy to find as it is under the large arch way canopy thing you can see on the front. As you approach the doors, the open for you. They have made it really nice though. Instead of having ordinary sliding automatic doors, these were posh wooden doors that open towards you so we already had a good feeling about this hotel just from the outside.

      The lobby is a great place. When you walk in, along the left is a large check in desk and a couple of computers in the corner for people to use. In the centre of the large room are several sofas and chairs for people to relax on, then at the right of the room was a door to a gift shop where you could buy alsorts of gifts, food, drinks, clothes etc and most of the products actually had good prices. On the wall opposite the entrance was a set of double doors to the outside courtyard and pool, then either side of these doors were lifts. The ceiling is very high in the lobby as the rooms are not above this part so when you look up you see a huge chandelier hanging down as well as several other smaller lights hanging so the room is full of light even at night.

      We checked in, this was done quick and simple and within a couple of minutes we had out room keys and were ready to go. They told us where out room was and which lift to take, though it would not have really mattered which lift we took as they both arrive at the same rooms. When you get to the lift, if it is not in use, it will arrive back at the lobby floor on its own and the doors will stay open until you press a button which is good if you have a load of bags to move around as you can just get straight inside the lift without the worry of the doors closing when you're not all in.
      We were on the third floor (fourth overall level) which was the top floor of the hotel. When the lift gets to the floor, you come out into a hallway type room with a few sofas and chairs as well as a coffee table. Then either end of the room is a door leading out onto a balcony type walkway. These walkways surround the outside courtyard and swimming pool. We walked along one of the walkways until we arrived at out room door. Just a side note, all long i had told my family that we would have a suite and not just a single room like you get with many hotels but they would not believe me, even though this hotel was called Radisson Suites, so they were surprised when we opened the door and saw a living room and small kitchen.
      The doors to the rooms are nice like the rest of the hotel. They look more like a door you would get in your own house, a brown wooden door with full size windows in it, and a small size window to the side. On the inside, there are wooden shutter type blinds so you can stop people looking in as they walk past. When you walk in, on the left there is a good size sofa, and a chair at 90 degrees to the sofa with a table and lamp between the two in the corner. On the opposite side of the room is a good size round table with a large light hanging above it. In the corner near the entrance is a flat screen tv. Opposite the entrance to the right is a small kitchen area. Here you have a counter with a sink and coffee/tea making facilities. Also you good size fridge and a microwave. Along this back wall in the centre is a door to the bedroom and bathroom. When you open this door, there is a small hallway with a sliding door on the left and the bedroom straight infront of you. The bedroom has two large double beds along one side and a large flat screen tv opposite them on a large dressing table. On the wall opposite the door is a large window and sliding door to a small balcony. When you open this screen door there is a mesh screen. This stops flies and other bugs coming in but you can open this if you want to. The bedroom was a good size with plenty of room for all our bags and clothes. There was a good size built in wardrobe as well. In here were hangers, an ironing board and iron, and spare bedding and pillows.
      The bathroom was not the biggest hotel bathroom i have ever seen, but it had everything you could need. When you open the sliding door, to the left is a full size bath tub and shower with good controls. Straight in front is the toilet, and to the right is a wall to wall counter with a sink in the middle,. There was also a hair dryer and complimentary toiletries available. On this counter there is plenty of room to put toiletry bags. You also get two glasses to have drink (there are also more glasses in the kitchen part). Under this counter is a shelf where the maid puts the towels. They usually put four large bath towels, and 4 smaller hand towels. Then 4 face clothes, and on the side of the bath they put a floor mat to stop you slipping. Just under this shelf is the toilet roll holder which is easy enough to reach from the toilet.

      The whole room was very comfortable, it was all very clean and tidy and a cleaner would come in every day to clean it all, put in fresh towels and general room care. Both main rooms were air conditioned and you can control it yourself with the control unit in the bedroom. You get a good range of tv channels including ABC1, Fox and Disney channel. The only thing was with the bedroom tv, the channels were different and not as good, but i don't know if this was the case with every room. You get a telephone in each room (not the bathroom of course) which allow you to phone anywhere in the world with the different codes (prices vary of course, international calls were quite expensive, but there is a pay phone in the lobby which was much cheaper.
      You also free wireless internet so if you have a laptop or wireless device you can access the internet for free. There are also two computers in the lobby but you have to pay to use these.

      When you come out of the room (talking about coming out of our room) you can see the whole courtyard and pool area from the walkway balcony type thing. The whole area looks nice both during the day and at night. There are tall trees around the pool to give it a more natural feel, and at night the place is lit up but not in a floodlit football pitch type way. The trees have gold string lights in them, and there are lamps around the area.
      The pool is not huge, but there is plenty of room to swim. The deep end is fairly deep, more than 6ft deep so if you have young children, make sure you keep an eye on them, but the shallow end will be fine for any age child. There is also a small jacuzzi pool which is lovely and warm. This is nice as the pool is not very warm. Now i was glad the pool was cool as it was very warm when we got there so it was a nice way to cool down, but of course my sister thought it was too cold. All around the pool are chairs and loungers for you to relax on, and a storage unit full of towels so you do not have to bring your towels from your room.

      The hotel also has a restaurant called Capistrano's which has a good selection of meals to choose from, as well as a cheaper early bird selection. They also offer free breakfasts in the morning until about 9:30am on a week day, and 10:30am at weekend. There is a good selection to choose from. They have cereals, pastries, and warm cooked food including bacon, sausages and hash brown. They don't do baked beans though, infact hardly anywhere went to for breakfast even did beans so i missed that, but the rest of it was nice. The restaurant is actually made up of two rooms. The first of the two rooms you enter is the room where you get your breakfast. In this room there are many large round tables so even if there are many people in your group, you will all be able to sit together. The second room which is behind the first room is used more for restaurant meals with smaller tables and looks a little more formal, but during busy times they lay out more tables in the first room. We only had one evening meal in the restaurant but we were pleased overall. When you have ordered your meal, you get a complimentary basket of bread with butter. The bread was just lovely, it was warm and soft so i think they had made it then and there. Another thing i liked was the fact you can see the kitchen from where you sit. Also in this second room, the main restaurant room is a small bar where you can sit and have a drink.

      The hotel also offers a full room service menu. This menu is found in your room booklet and has most food you can get in the restaurant. We never ordered room service but i think there was a small additional charge for this service.

      The service from all the staff was wonderful. Everyone was so nice and friendly, when you walked past the check in desk they would always say good morning or hello if there were not busy. The two members of staff who worked in the shop were lovely as well, infact me and my dad got talking to one of them for about 5 minutes which made a lovely change from the normal '£2.50' 'here's your change' and no smile, it was lovely and made you want to go back.

      We were very pleased with our stay at the Radisson Suites hotel and if we ever go to Anaheim again we will consider staying there again. I couldn't really find many faults with the hotel, and i am the sort of person who finds something anywhere i go. Well ok there was one thing. On each floor, there was a little room with vending machines and ice machines in. Most of the vending machines did not work though, some had coins such in the coin slots, some where just not on at all, and some would eat your money but not allow you to make a selection. This was the case with most of the food machines, some of the drinks machines worked fine though, and most of the ice machines worked as well. And with regards to the food, you get get food from the store in the lobby and it was not any more expensive so we didn't really mind this too much. Overall though we were very pleased and glad we stayed there.
      The hotel is in a great location if you want to go to Knotts Berry Farm theme park as its easily within walking distance as we walked to it from the hotel.


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